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James Fields SEVHN @OfficialSEVHN🔁James Alex Fields Jr is the TERRORIST that murdered 1 and injured many in #Charlottesville
James Fields Matt Pearce @mattdpearce🔁The jail just sent me this mugshot of James A. Fields, accused of murder in today's car attack in Charlottesville.
James Fields Danielle Paquette @DPAQreport🔁 These few grafs from @BuzzFeedNews, tho.
James FieldsJames FieldsJames Fields Gorlomi @Max_D_tho🔁 I think we know what side James Alex Fields Jr is on
Jack Gillum @jackgillum🔁My reporting tonight: car in #Charlottesville crash registered to 20yo James Fields of Ohio; man w/ same name, age, town booked for murder
Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁James Alex Fields is the Charlottesville driver.
20 years old
Maumee, Ohio
Here's his mugshot.
He looks EXACTLY the w ay I thought he would.
Queen B✨ @Merbie_Merbsz🔁A Daily News photog spotted James Fields (center) clutching a shield with a hate group’s insignia before the attack.
Michelle Rhodes @chelrhodes113🔁All patriotic Americans want to know: Why didn't James Alex Fields' Christian family and pastor inform authorities of his radicalization?
SOFT @marlouthe13🔁What we know about about James Alex Fields Jr., who is charged with murder in the Charlottesville car killing
Eilene B @ebrocenos🔁Jeff Sessions Opens Probe: "We must find out why that gal James Alex Fields hit was jaywalking."
abdullah solaiman @shiblybd1🔁 Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally
Axiom Throgmorton @geniaphobic🔁"Shocking revelation" - nobody. Anywhere. #Charlottesville
Sandra Oh @TheRealSandraOh🔁James Alex Fields is the Charlottesville driver.
20 years old
Maumee, Ohio
Here's his mugshot.
He looks EXACTLY the way I thought he would.
Vincent Stehle @VinceDaily🔁Here's the killer, James Alex Fields, Jr. (left) at the Unite the Right rally earlier that day, before he mowed down Heather Heyer.
Khalid Eldoud @keldoud🔁Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally
Rachel @kamearachel🔁His Facebook page includes Pepe, swastikas, Bashar al-Assad (called "undefeated") & a baby picture of Adolf Hitler
Alexander M4Milton @thedealwithalex🔁When Donald Trump went to podium yesterday, James Fields was already in custody and Heather Heyer was already dead. Trump knew this.
The Perceiver @Perceiver1219🔁The face of American terrorism.

James Alex Fields, Jr.

A murderer radicalized by the American President. He worships Trump.

J Mom @coloradomom2011🔁Just talked with Brian Moran, Virginia Sec. of Public Safety. Of James Alex Fields, he said: "He was a terrorist to do what he did."
SuzyQ resists! @usasuz1🔁James Alex Fields is what happens when stupid people are fed 20 years of Fox etc. propaganda, teaching them that half of America is evil.
Chrissy B @Kivrin01090708🔁James Alex Fields' FB had this image of Trump on a throne. This movement has blood on its hands. 45 refuses to stop it from getting worse.
Monique Lowther @MoniqueLowther🔁Charlottesville, Va. Police: James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio charged with second-degree murder in crash at rally.
Myles🇭🇹🇯🇲 @mcandre24🔁James Fields' mom reacts to son's alleged terrorism: "He had an African-American friend so...."
BAYGUI @baygui🔁Driver in alleged Charlottesville car attack ID'd as James Alex Fields
Corla Reeves Jackson @officialcorlaj🔁NEW: Victim of attack in has been identified as Heather D. Heyer, 32, Charlottesville police say
Chuck @Semprini15🔁Start calling these people out by name. His name is Peter Cvjetanovic, and he marched alongside James Alex Fields, who killed three people.
Eli Yokley @eyokley🔁NBC News: James Alex Fields Jr., age 20, has been charged with second degree murder in connection with the car ramming in Charlottesvile.
Pat Croft @croft_pat🔁Car that plowed through Charlottesville crowd, killing one, registered to James Fields, 20, of Ohio
Dr Kathe Kain @CrayKain🔁Surprise, surprise: Cville killer James Fields has connections to white supremacy group Vanguard America
SMR @smrichman🔁@huffpost @abcnews @cnn @msnbc @cbsnews @nbcnews @ap Charlottesville suspect James Alex Fields is an Antifa rioter & black rights protester!
Black Rose @TheBlackrose2🔁Is the mother of James Alex Fields Jr beginning to join the dots together?
Debbie Ahern 🇺🇸✌🏼 @savetheturtles2🔁James Alex Fields
Domestic terrorist
White Supremacist
Murderer of Heather Heyer
Deserves no fame
No picture post.
Let justice be swift.
⚰️⚰️cholo dad⚰️⚰️ @dad_end🔁This is terrorist suspect James Alex Fields & the rest of his white supremacist organization he was with in .
Rabiya Javed @RabiyaJ🔁 Being held without bail on murder, other charges in Charlottesville hit-and-run: James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio.
Comic Diva @Comic_Diva🔁James Alex Fields Jr. 20, has been charged with 1 count 2nd degree murder & other charges in the Charlottesville attack by car.
Janet Carr @CarrJmom🔁All I've got on James Alex Fields Jr., car killer suspect, is his address, social security number and party affiliation - republican.
Tiffany @TiffaniiTaylor🔁James Alex Fields Jr. identified as terrorist who plowed through crowd in Charlottesville, Va
Filip ∆ mvb @dablinmg🔁A picture posted on the Facebook page of James Fields who ran his car through the crowd in Virginia today.
Angie Babineaux @AngieBabineaux🔁I wonder where and how James Alex Fields, Jr, alleged murderer of Charlottesville, was radicalized...
james richardson @outofideas4anam🔁 Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally
David Simpson ❄️ @adviserdavid🔁James Alex Fields seems affiliated w/ Vanguard America. Why else would he hold their shield in ?
Reyna Gonzalez @rcg_reyna🔁UPDATE: James Alex Fields, Jr. is also facing 3 counts of malicious wounding & one count of failing to stop. He's from Maumee, Ohio.
Mrs L @chiarabell78🔁Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally

The New York Times @nytimes🔁What we know about about James Alex Fields Jr., who is charged with murder in the Charlottesville car killing
Scott Jones @ScottJonesy🔁Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally hahhaahhaha

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André Luiz Figueira @andreluizfn🔁Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally
My Info @beatlesjad🔁Charlottesville: man charged with murder was pictured at neo-Nazi rally
micki bauer @mickib14🔁JUST IN: James Alex Fields Jr, 20, of Ohio being held on suspicion of killing a person by ramming car into Charlottesville, Virginia, crowd
snooky @SnookysCorner🔁"...a government based in the natural law must not cater to the false notion of equality..." 😠 #VanguardAmerica...


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