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James Comey bertha j blanchard @bertha1957🔁 James Comey urges Americans to vote Democrat 12ne.ws
Terrence K. Williams @w_terrence🔁Life Long Republican James Comey? You mean Life Long Liar and Leaker urges people to vote in Democrat.
He mad at Tru twitter.com mp
Jack Posobiec🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec🔁James Comey is so terrified of being under investigation for leaking classified documents he's now out campaigning f twitter.com or Democrats in hopes they will shut it down and let him get away with it
James Comey Stacy Todd Terry @StacyToddTerry1🔁 Former FBI Director James Comey urges voters to support Democrats in fall. abcn.ws
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁James Comey actually just told Americans to, "ignore policy differences, vote Democrat to counteract Trump's power!"
So just ignore that Democrats want to open our borders and raise taxes - vote simply to oppose Trump?

Nope, no bias there.

Bella White 🇺🇸 POS @bellawhite1954🔁 Been a rough run for Democrats. Lost the House, Senate, WH, Supreme Court, and now they got James Comey endorsing them
My Compuceeds World @MyCeedsWorld🔁So according to your actions James, the founders design would be lying,violating national security,covering for criminal politicians,leaking classified info to the left wing press,bringing partisan politics to the and being a sociopathic disgrace? You’re a complete joke 😡
Penny Arcade @pennyarcade7🔁James Comey is so terrified of being under investigation for leaking classified documents he's now out campaigning for Democrats in hopes they will shut it down and let him get away with it
VPutinJr2 @Jr2Putin🔁No Crap! He wants Dem’s in power so he doesn’t go to jail for treason and being ONE DUMB MF’er!!

Lifelong Republican James Comey urges people to vote Democrat in November

LawofKarma 🇨🇦 @SnakeSnitch🔁James Comey is urging voters to vote Democrat.

Amazing how we are supposed to believe that James Comey, with his strong love for the Dem Party and hatred for Trump, was fair and nonpartisan when he was the FBI Director.

Linda Whitted @spotcase56🔁A lifetime Republican FBI Director, James Comey, just told a bunch of people, via Twitter, that they 'must vote for Democrats this fall'.

Let's just let that sink in for a minute.

Jill Nensewitz @JillNensewitz🔁 Lisa Page tossed James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok & Bill Priestap & others under the Congressional bus!
C0Rose 🌊🌊🌊 #HarrisKennedy2020 @rozlang🔁“History has its eyes on us” –Former FBI Director James Comey encourages Americans to vote for Democrats in the midterm elections
Maxime Villeneuve @FriarMaximus🔁James Comey seems rather worried. I wonder what the next IG report will say...
Lindama40887052 @Lindama40887051🔁James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper are loyal to no party.

They're Establishment goons.

President Trump owes the Establishment nothing.

And the Establishment needs some favors.

At this point, only Democrats can deliver.


Their meltdown is glorious.

Teri Saunders @Crowntiptoe🔁Of course James Comey is out campaigning and fighting for Democrats.

If they win the House in the midterms, they’ll shut down the investigation into the corrupt actions Comey made during his time at the Bureau.

Comey isn’t innocent.

Terry Wells @TerryWell4🔁James Comey couldn't even get a Democrat elected when he was director of the F.B.I. How is he going to do it now that he's just an embittered midlist author?
Patrice Devine @Patricemdevine🔁Former FBI Director James Comey called on Americans to vote for Democrats in the wake of President Trump's summit with Russian President Putin, slamming Republicans for not pushing back against the president.
Alfonso @Alfonso06870290🔁 James @Comey urges voters to choose Democrats, warns that 'history has its eyes on us' fxn.ws
Dan Free @Danfreeb🔁It wasn't hard to see that this was coming.

REPUBLICAN James Comey tells AMERICA to vote DEMOCRAT...

CROSSING party lines to cover up CORRUPTION...

Sad... James... Sad...

Jeremey Penn @RealJeremeyPenn🔁Lifelong Republican James Comey tells Americans to vote for Democrats in midterms independent.co.uk
Effy Bardot @EffyBardot🔁Life Long Republican James Comey? You mean Life Long Liar and Leaker urges people to vote in Democrat.
He mad at Trump
Marzena @MarzenaSylvan🔁**BREAKING NEWS**

President Putin released the identities of the Russian spies who influenced & rigged the 2016 election.

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
George Soros
Peter Strzok
James Comey
Loretta Lynch
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
John "Pedo" Podesta
Andrew McCabe

Plus MANY more!

Zepper @Zepper20🔁BREAKING: James Comey Just Told everyone to vote for Democrats this fall


“All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall.”


Wildbill @BillWrh1970🔁Wonder why Comey on a tweet storm? Browder Revelations Scared Him-$400M funneled to Hillary! Did the Deep State Know? Did Putin reveal the depth of the corruption? More to be revealed!

Michael Petrosky @mikepetrosky🔁New: James Comey tweets “Please vote democrat so that I don’t get put in jail for helping to overthrow a presidential election pleasepleasepleaseplease”
psm @psmyrie🔁 James Comey urges voters to support Democrats in midterm elections washingtontimes.com
•Kricket• @kjenn5🔁 "History has its eyes on us," the former FBI director says. huffingtonpost.com via @HuffPostPol
David 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈💙 @davidpsdem🔁James Comey, Longtime Republican, Tells ‘All Who Care’ To Vote Democrat In November | HuffPost
Dave Herculon @DaveEverlasting🔁James Comey says,
if you can admire and respect a corrupt, lying, lawbreaker like me, then vote for the party of corrupt, lying, lawbreakers! Vote Dimmercrat! (The wing of the Democrat party that mocks the party name by rigging elections)
Bill @Bill_Weimer_🔁Comey is taking a page out of Hillary Clinton‘s book. He is continuing his effort to affect another election. Keep ta twitter.com lking James you’re helping the Patriots’ cause. Everyone with an IQ above 25 knows you’re nothing more than a corrupt political deep state swamp rat 🐀!
Sweettooth @SweettoothGU🔁18 months after Donald Trump became president, James Comey is urging people to vote Democrat in the U.S. midterm elections.
Dwight Winthrop @oricalenews🔁Check your registration and be sure to vote in November. It has never been so important. Not just a cliche.
Judy B @jujube23🔁Worth noting that James Comey is currently under investigation for lying and leaking classified information. Under the legal standards of The Resistance, he clearly just obstructed justice by electioneering on behalf of officials who might shut those investigations down.
Ted Ferrell @TedFerrell2🔁James Comey has shown his true colors. In a Tweet, he said vote for Democrats in 2018. It wasn’t to vote against Trump in 2020, it was to vote against ALL Republicans. This is a man that proclaimed to be a Republican while in office. Just like a Democrat, he is a hypocrite.
MTJ Renegade @MTReserved🔁Fired FBI Director James Comey:
[So We Can Impeach Trump]
[Before He Sends Us To Prison]

Andrea❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @Andrea08326674🔁JUST IN: Disgraced FBI director James Comey says Americans 'must' give Democrats control of Congress in upcoming midterms, following his failure to put Hillary Clinton in the White House during 2016 election
Con10tious Covfefe @Con10tious🔁James Comey: “All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall.”

How about that unbiased FBI we have? Totally trustworthy 😑

Malcolm Rawlinson @MJRawl🔁@Comey What are you afraid of James?
Dave Herculon @DaveEverlasting🔁 This is an embarrassment for America. Trump was right to fire him! thepoliticalinsider.com
Mark Tomarelli @MarkTomarelli🔁I would say unbelievable, but it’s completely believable and not surprising. Communist country Chinese ‘assets’ have 30,000 top secret/classified emails on Hillary’s illegal server, FBI knew and covered it up. James Comey later cleared Clinton! Just wow!

Momo 🇺🇸 @SunTzuPing🔁Help Me Lock Comey Up With Citizens Grand Juries! Go to . Also Donate and S FreedomWatchUSA.org hare!
DeplorableTx#MAGA @RickAndKim30yrs🔁Unlike most in the media, I actually served in the intelligence community

And I’m not upset at Trump

I’m upset at Peter Strzok, James Comey, and John Brennan bastardizing the IC into a politicized weapon against a presidential candidate

Ted Ferrell @TedFerrell2🔁It’s clear Russia interfered in the election and they are habitual liars.


That doesn’t make Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok trustworthy.

Miss'ippiQueen @C57Sandy🔁James Comey Tweeted that “All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats. Policy differences don’t matter.” Sorry Jim: our County’s values DON’T include Democrat Policies like Open Borders, High Taxes, endless spending & identity politics
Lee Smith @lf092313🔁“Trump Derangement Syndrome" is also known as the NOT OK with a bloodless coup syndrome.

So now James Comey, a life long Republican, says to vote Democratic. No surprise after Trump displayed treasonous disregard 4 Americans election safety while with Putin.

Mr. Smith @psgitrdun🔁Fired FBI agent, James Comey, comes out of the woodwork to urge Americans to vote Democratic in the fall. To save our country from what? Great economy? Lower taxes? To make the FBI relevant again? To let MS-13 run rampant?


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