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James Chen Trendsmap LosAngeles @TrendsLA🔁James Chen, @jchensor is now trending in #LA


tamarcus ewing @BLUMERCYSTUDIOS🔁I'm calling it now: If Tokido wins , James Chen will use the term "Always a Bride's Maid, never a Bride" to describe Tokido's past.
dong perignon @UnburntWitch🔁James Chen is everyone's dad. Punk is everyone's son.
dong perignon @UnburntWitch🔁I want James Chen and punk to hug until they both are ok again
tamarcus ewing @BLUMERCYSTUDIOS🔁 James Chen is everyone's dad. Punk is everyone's son.
tamarcus ewing @BLUMERCYSTUDIOS🔁 It's not Evo without a Persia and Yipes kiss and James Chen crying.
Minaree3 @Peadevilna🔁 I want James Chen and punk to hug until they both are ok again
Brenticus @BustaDestroyer🔁James Chen is a beautiful soul that is to be cherished. twitter.com
Travis @PerfidiousSinn🔁Time spent on Twitter breakdown:

30% thirst follows/Likes

70% finding, un-retweeting, then retweeting the James Chen "suck my nuts" tweet"

ThatStrange1 @ThatStrange1🔁 @ anyone who makes fun of james chen crying twitter.com
jupiter rain @622Jorge🔁@jchensor Both fight games and James Chen are great
Kevin Lamprecht @humula7🔁I almost cried along with James Chen. I've been a fan of Tokido's for a while, and he always seems to get so close, but never gets 1st place
Lisa Oestreicher @oddbit🔁@my2k It's not EVO if James Chen isn't crying at the end!

But man he really lost it this year. James Chen: Proud EVO Dad.

Springin' Vervloet @PeterVervloet🔁@riningear Someone in chat once described James Chen as the Speedwagon of fighting game commentary and that is just, REALLY spot on.
ArtistLiquid99 @EVO @ArtistLiquid99🔁Shout outs to James Chen on another amazing job this year talking us through these crazy matches, it's not Evo witho twitter.com ut you!
AceKingOffsuit @acekingoffsuit🔁@WatchKassiopia You don't have enough puns in your arsenal to turn into James Chen.
Tom Wright @twright151🔁@Sajam @jchensor james chen is a big lug, he loves fighting games and it shows
gibgun @gibgun🔁At the end of EVO my girlfriend proclaimed "I love James Chen! " Clearly time for me to get more in touch with my em twitter.com otional side! 😂
James Hernandez @Polarbawr🔁@segatapes James Chen best Chen
Ja-wan Jackson @Jay3p0🔁 Man, James Chen is crying, Punk is crying, I'm crying, everybody is crying, fighting games are so great #evo2017
Daniel de Paula @danieldepaula01🔁Thanks James Chen! Here is a fan of yours and a fan of fighting games from Brazil! You're the scene in person! Max re twitter.com spect for you man!
Viva Jag Vegas @TheJagKitty🔁 And then James Chen cried. And I cried. And Itabashi laughed. He's such a little trooper. ;___;
iEmcee iMakeBeats🎤🎶🎹 @NovaDaHaloBlade🔁Me: Don't cry, Kisai. You'll be ok. Yes this is an emotional moment but-
James Chen: TwT
Sol @the_ironsol🔁@wez_02 @Opto_Dayvo dave doing the james chen rn hahaha
Tim Mullin @Huludicidal🔁Love you brother, thank you for showing your true colors every year during EVO. Such a caring and genuine man. LONG L twitter.com IVE JAMES CHEN!
❄greymes❄ @JomesySFV🔁@pooplos_z dude that's exactly how I feel! I felt so roped into everything. also James Chen cried more this year I think that says a lot
🥝kiwi skin eater🥝 @pachyperfect🔁James Chen.. is a treasure
Mason Anstey @HT_Chomps🔁Watching SF5 and listening to James Chen at Evo this year made me remember how great fighting games really are. Expect me at some events 👀
MystiK Spiral @WatchKassiopia🔁@acekingoffsuit You about to turn me into James Chen.
Wrong Bot @yrwrong🔁Everything you know about James Chen is wrong.
Jacob Sheehy @jacobsheehy117🔁The tweet with the most impact of the 'James Chen' Trend, was published by : (49 RTs) twitter.com
SuperHyphy. @Johnneezy🔁"EVO is love if you hold that L." - James Chen #EVO2017
Jadows @Jad0w🔁@extravvy I legit almost cried when James Chen did
Trendinalia USA @trendinaliaUS🔁3 verified accounts helped to turn 'James Chen' into a Trending Topic. These accounts were: @UnburntWitch, @FabioSantana79 & @taylorcocke
LaTaleFan1985 @latalefan1985🔁 wouldn't be an EVO without James Chen getting emotional after finals
Chris @Mormegil84🔁 I love how genuine james chen is. He truly loves fighting games in a way i rarely see.
G-Sports|Grow870 @Grow870🔁"YOU'RE ALL FREE NOOOOOW!!"-tokido said to the u.s. sfv players while james chen whimpers "suck my nuts asshole!!"
Lius NAtion @LiusNAtion🔁I belong to the "Cried with James Chen" club. Will give him a hug next time I see him. #Evo2017
Kurow @ShinKurow🔁 I ❤️#Evo2017 & the FGC.

Also James Chen is a treasure. twitter.com

Nekomomo Not@ EVO... @fleskjerte3🔁So watching SFV top 8 on TV was probably not as great of an experience as being able to hear James Chen, good to know.
Jimmles @ EVO @PuppyLicks🔁Man, James Chen is crying, Punk is crying, I'm crying, everybody is crying, fighting games are so great #evo2017
Steven Monroy @SteveMonroy🔁 James Chen for Dad of Esports
Can't Get Right @YungStarscream🔁 If Seth Killian or James Chen ain't crying, is it really Evo?


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