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Jacoby Brissett Broncos Fan @TheBroncoFans🔁Jacoby Brissett shows some promise, but Colts still miss Andrew Luck #DENBroncos
Jacoby Brissett Denver Post Broncos @PostBroncos🔁Jacoby Brissett shows some promise, but #Colts still miss Andrew Luck
Connor White @ConnorVVhite🔁 Jacoby Brissett to Andrew Luck ...
Taylor Rigdon @RealTRigdon🔁 Love watching Jacoby Brissett play. Slice me off a piece
Michael Anthony @M_Newby07🔁 Jags fans looking at Jacoby Brissett
Jacoby Brissett Bill Melville @broncos_bill🔁Jacoby Brissett shows some promise, but #Colts still miss Andrew Luck #Broncos
Jacoby Brissett TwitKing @TwtKing01🔁Jacoby Brissett shows some promise, but still miss Andrew Luck
Michael David Smith @MichaelDavSmith🔁If a QB knowing the system is so important how does Jacoby Brissett just walk into Indianapolis and immediately run the offense like this?
Adam Rank @adamrank🔁So ... trade Andrew Luck and keep Jacoby Brissett?


Pat McAfee @PatMcAfeeShow🔁Jacoby Brissett has a cannon
Teresa Walker @TeresaMWalker🔁 Jacoby Brissett shows some promise, but Colts still miss Andrew Luck. @stevemegargee
Mind Yo Bizness @salamkane🔁I’ll tell ya what. Jacoby Brissett is as good as BBQ brisket, man. When this guy is on fire, I like to call him Jacoby Brisket. That’s wild
Stiles, Sean @stiles_sean🔁Hello,
Alex Smith
Teddy Bridgewater
Lamar Jackson
Baker Mayfield
Jacoby Brissett
Brett Hundley
Kirk Cousins

Just please pick one

🔥⭐️ @firestargomez🔁 Every time I see Jacoby Brissett I get hungry for Brisket because my brain is small and very shitty
Bradyisgoat7 @bradyisgoat77🔁NFL Week 6: Jacoby Brissett accepts blame for loss against Titans: via @YouTube
Grace Owen @VoletiHari🔁Jacoby Brissett in his first Monday Night Football start so far: 7-10, 77 yards, 1 TD, 125.8 rating. Should be 2 TDs after Moncrief's drop.
Kyle @PATSandJAYS🔁 Adam Vinatieri kicked his first NFL FG on 9-1-96. Jacoby Brissett was 2 years old. @storiesflowcom🔁(The Denver Post) Jacoby #Brissett shows some promise, but #Colts still miss Andrew Luck : The Indianapolis..
Fantasy Sports @FantasySP🔁Jacoby Brissett / Colts | Jacoby Brissett has OK game Monday night #NFL #IND
Alex Smith @WreckitReese21🔁 Serious question....
What could the Colts get right now in return for Jacoby Brissett? 2nd round pick?
Jason Wolf @JasonWolf🔁"You know, 31-year-old still has it." - #Titans LB Wesley Woodyard, after stopping Jacoby Brissett on 4th & 1. @WoodDro52
Scott @scottbvb🔁so why is the Jacoby Brissett thing working, when he's a running QB too?
Best Sports @sportsnews1235🔁There's a lot to like about Jacoby Brissett.

Obviously the natural thought is where he'll be starting next year/what IND can get for him.

Brady 🐐 @mikestaychillin🔁Jacoby Brissett playing on contract he negotiated without an agent, saved $100,000 in agent fees. Wrote about it:
HowTo DIY homeMade @YouTubeHowToDIY🔁 GM Chris Ballard going out and getting Jacoby Brissett from the Pats has to start getting more attention. Kid can play.
HowTo DIY homeMade @YouTubeHowToDIY🔁 So ... trade Andrew Luck and keep Jacoby Brissett?


Dan @1994sucked🔁Jacoby Brissett went to podium and said: My fault. TY Hilton and Donte Moncrief? No idea what they think. We never saw them in locker room.
Trench Gotti ❄️ @fuccsaav🔁 Jacoby Brissett has a cannon
Real Simple News @RealSimpleNews🔁Jacoby Brissett shows some promise, but Colts still miss Andrew Luck
Terrance @ScoutTerrance🔁 Remember Jacoby Brissett impressing me as a high school basketball player. Was a high major prospect.
NFL World @NFLWrld🔁Should the Indianapolis Colts Sell High on Jacoby Brissett?
GC @GeorgeCluster🔁 Jacoby Brissett is the slowest black quarterback of all time
Brian Dunn @BrianDunn1🔁If I'm the Patriots I'd rather have Jacoby Brissett and the first-round pick they could've had for Jimmy G than Jimmy G and Phillip Dorsett.
Cody Felger @CodyFelger55🔁 Jacoby Brissett has only been under pressure on 3 of 18 dropbacks. When blitzed, has completed 5 for 5 for 50 yards.
Beth @MsMediaBeth🔁 Jacoby Brissett. Impressive.


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