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Uncle Al @AlPoppie25🔁Jacoby Brissett!
Jacoby Brissett AJC @ajc🔁Colts QB Jacoby Brissett on failed 4th down conversion: ‘T.Y. [Hilton] got held’ on-ajc.com
Jacoby Brissett All 22 @all22🔁Colts QB Jacoby Brissett on failed 4th down conversion: ‘T.Y. [Hilton] got held’ sptz.us
Jacoby Brissett Colts Report @colts_fanly🔁HIGHLIGHT: Jacoby Brissett takes off and runs for key fourth-down conve... #ColtStrong fanly.link
Herd w/Colin Cowherd @TheHerd🔁. has a theory why the Patriots traded Jimmy G and Jacoby Brissett: "That [Robert Kraft] chose Brady over Belichick i twitter.com t ticked off Belichick and he got rid of the future."
Zak Keefer @zkeefer🔁Jacoby Brissett pretty blunt in his postgame presser. On the last play: "I was going to T.Y., but T.Y. got held." He's not wrong.
Will Reeve Jr. @WillReeveJr🔁Jacoby Brissett injuring his receivers with these wayward rocket balls. Hope Rogers is OK.
WEAPON 0, THE EARTH'S LOST HERO. @juanthedreamer6🔁 Jacoby Brissett's been sacked 50 times this season in 14 starts.
Mike Paris @zyxnix🔁@mikejurecki I think Keim will definitely make a move for Jacoby Brissett. Who do we have Indy would want?
E-Colts @e_colts🔁[NFL: Indianapolis Colts] - HIGHLIGHT: Jacoby Brissett takes off and runs for key fourth-down conversion - ... 7 yard twitter.com s. Advertisement EXCLUSIVE SHOWS FEATURED CHANNELS Recent Cheerleaders Colts TV Gameday Postgame Speech Press Conferences Sounds of th...
Vincenary @GottahBV🔁Brett Hundley and Jacoby Brissett the same QB
Mike M. @mikemeidling🔁With 1:43 left in the game, the bring Jacoby Brissett to the ground.

4th & 10 for the Colts.

📺: NFL Network

John @JLang4486🔁Just remember this: jacoby brissett and Brett Hundley has their teams in position to beat the Steelers, but the raven twitter.com s beat them and it doesn’t matter. Nobody talks about pitt losing to Chicago, almost losing to those two. Nope. Only Baltimore
Gary Suarez @iSuarez32🔁From what I have seen Jacoby Brissett is a good QB...bruh just came into a crappy team late and has been dealing with a shitty offensive line, yet he's still producing and the only reason the Colts look like a competent NFL team right now
When Do We Eat? @Visionary_94🔁I do blame LG for losing leverage here, but still all too common tendency from Brissett: WR has 50 yd TD here if he just pulls the trigger. You have a cannon arm, Jacoby, use it!
Big @bigrboby🔁 Jacoby Brissett injuring his receivers with these wayward rocket balls. Hope Rogers is OK.
When Do We Eat? @Visionary_94🔁Hold on, hold on.

Pagano accepts the penalty, giving Colts 2nd & 7 instead of 3rd & 1, and then ran up the middle. What are the chances they’d gain 6 yards on that carry?

Finish it off with a read-option by sneaky-slow Jacoby Brissett.

RotoWireNFL @RotoWireNFL🔁Jacoby Brissett: Scores in loss - rotowire.com
David Pollina @DavidPollina19🔁If the Colts had any other quarterback in the league playing besides Jacoby Brissett they would have beat Baltimore, twitter.com my goodness that guy is absolutely awful
Kevin O'Shea @KOShea10🔁. has a theory as to why the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett: "That [Robert Kraft] chose Brady over Belichick — it ticked off Belichick ... and he got rid of the future."
Kevin O'Shea @KOShea10🔁. has a theory about why Bill Belichick traded Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garoppolo from the
Lil Jame$ @MiliTheOpulent🔁Matthew Stafford:
Accuracy: 6th
Yards: 3rd
Yards/attempt: 7th
TDs: 5th
Rating: 6th
Deep ball QB rating: 1st

And he's done it while being sacked more than everyone except Jacoby Brissett, plus a running game that averages the fewest yards per attempt.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @EarthIsFIat🔁Jacoby Brissett has zero awareness lmao.
Flulysses 🤧 @y00lz🔁>sitting in Colt’s post-game presser<

Jacoby Brissett: “all right Merry Christmas y’all”

Media: “........”

Brisse twitter.com tt: “You can say Merry Christmas back too...”

Hank Hillary @THE_Smoot🔁@ThePlan9Punk welp jacoby brissett brissetted all over that
✈️ @Captain_Reardon🔁Adam Vinatieri hits field goals for Tom Brady (White)

Adam Vinatieri misses Field Goals for Jacoby Brissett (black)

Get this racist white supremacist out of the league

Randy Beard @Randy_Beard11🔁Colts should have kicked FG to get within 23-19 with 1:38 left rather than going for it on 4th down, then tried onsid twitter.com e kick. Why? Because even if they had scored TD they were going for 2. Then again, we all knew they were screwed with Jacoby Brissett facing Ravens’ defense.
Joshie A. Lopez @NotoriousJoshie🔁

Jacoby Brissett: 16/33, 215 yards, 1 TD
Frank Gore: 86 yards, 1 TD
Adam Vinatieri: 3 FG's

Joe Flacco: 29/38, 2 twitter.com 37 yards, 2 TD's
Michael Campanaro: 1 TD
Justin Tucker: 3 FG's

Jesse Feldman @jsfeldman2🔁A weekend of rooting for Jacoby Brissett and Bryce Petty should be an acceptable form of torture. Buffalo.
lorraine reagan @LorraineReagan🔁The Ravens, who couldn't even sack Jacoby Brissett somehow, only have to beat the worst team in their division next weekend to be a wildcard
tom m. @terps2703🔁So here’s the QBs the have their 9 wins against. Easiest schedule ever. One good qb.

EJ Manuel
Andy Dalton
Deshone twitter.com Kizer twice
Matt Moore
Tom Savage
Matthew Stafford
Brett Hundley
Jacoby Brissett

Big Poppa @DrewBaggerley16🔁 Man, Jacoby Brissett is the best QB in the AFC south
Richie Grogan @Richie_Grogan🔁@AlbertBreer Don’t forget Jacoby Brissett!
FIRE Dom Capers @JustinFerguson1🔁Jacoby Brissett...don't feel bad. Colts fans across the country are thanking you. The loss moves your team one s twitter.com tep closer to removing Chuck Pagano as coach.
Jose Gill @jose_gill🔁Ravens win : "this is the team you don't want to see in the playoffs."

Colts win : "you got nothing for jacoby brissett!"

Boston sports media all set in this one

mark peters @mpp09a🔁Joe Flacco just wissed away the hopes of a city being joe flacco and yet he is saved by the only thing that could sa twitter.com ve his non play making self, Jacoby Brissett who has even less play making ability that he does smh. 4 downs to make a play and he loses yards. Wow, just wow
Joshua @Studhardt22🔁Nice to get to play Jacoby Brissett, Brett Hundley and Tom Savage instead of Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, and Deshaun twitter.com Watson
Bobby Dickerson⚾️☃ @dickerson_bobby🔁You don't throw that ball when your receiver is completely blanketed -- could have stepped up and ran for a first dow twitter.com n. No body within 15 yards. Jacoby Brissett. Hate to see a defense fight all night and the game is lost on some stupid shit.
Dylan Huddleston @dHudds🔁Ravens have been very lucky. Played Texans W/O Watson, Packers W/O Rodgers played the lions with Stafford not being 1 twitter.com 00%. Not the same team that almost beat the pats in 2014. Jacoby Brissett was a missed call from beating them.
Erik Childress @EriktheMovieman🔁Jacoby Brissett is a bad quarterback.
Kevin Joseph @kping87🔁jacoby brissett is a joke
Bruce MacCormack @brucemacc0rmack🔁 Come on Jimminy Brisket (yes that's what I call Jacoby Brissett), killing your team on these throws.
van der Low @vdlow1🔁 Jacoby Brissett fucking sucks 🤦‍♂️
Patriots (11-3) Celtics (26-9) @TheShobs01🔁@NFL @Ravens alright not gonna call a PI for Jacoby Brissett?
Kole Marquardt @kole_marquardt🔁I hate jacoby Brissett
Nathan Pigg @NathanPigg5🔁Jacoby Brissett 🚮🚮
Cameron Brown @golfer4life97🔁Jacoby Brissett is a good quarterback, he just has no help on the Colts.
And®ew @Giants__Pro🔁Jacoby Brissett sucks
Johnny Bring Back the Guillotine @eviss2315🔁Yo Jacoby Brissett is NOT good lol
Kailas K @Kailas215🔁Jacoby Brissett has shown a lot of poise today.
Travis Sills @sillshock🔁Jacoby Brissett is awful #Colts
John Sparaco™ @baseballxpert24🔁Jacoby Brissett fucking sucks 🤦‍♂️
Michael #EvanEngramSnubbed #SnacksSnubbed @MlllKE🔁That’s why this shitty add team loses games. Jacoby Brissett is worse than Jay Cutler and one of the dumbest QBs I’ve twitter.com ever seen. Frank Gore is an old ass washed RB and their HC is ass
GuruQB @GuruQB🔁I like Jacoby Brissett, don't care what anybody says. Colts made a good trade for him. #INDvsBAL


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