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Jacob Zuma Joel Okwemba @JoelOkwemba🔁 #ZumaCharges - Jacob Zuma in court. LIVE on #DStv403 now
Jacob Zuma The Big Boss @Elysium_inc_🔁 Black Twitter already have a prison uniform for Jacob Zuma on standby. #ZumaCharges #JacobZuma
Jacob Zuma Hyve.ng @HyveNigeria🔁Jacob Zuma Appears In Court To Face Corruption Charges hyve.ng
#vendafollowtrain @allowliber🔁 I missed this😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️😍 Jacob Zuma singing Umshini wam #ZumaCharges
Nombasa @Mbasi_19🔁 I missed this😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️😍 Jacob Zuma singing Umshini wam #ZumaCharges
Jacob Zuma Tebogo @ttbogoshi🔁 Jacob Zuma in court. #ZumaCharges
Jacob Zuma Third_Dimension @qaroliner🔁 Jacob Zuma in court , power is not everlasting.
Jacob Zuma Man's Not Hot @ANEOKm🔁 I never thought I will live to this day I'll see Jacob Zuma, Msholozi in a dock. #ZumaCharges
Jacob Zuma Dozen Odedina @dozenhost🔁South Africa’s Jacob Zuma in court to face corruption charges - tinyurl.com
ANN7 @ANN7tv🔁WATCH: Former President Jacob Zuma sings his signature tune 'Umshini Wam' | #ZumaCharges #HandsOffJacobZuma
Donald B Kipkorir @DonaldBKipkorir🔁Life After Presidential Power:
1. Pres. Lula de Silva of Brazil begins prison term of 12 Years.
2. Pres. Jacob twitter.com Zuma Of South Africa is appearing in Court to be charged with 16 Counts Of Corruption.
3. Pres. Park Geun-hye Of South Korea is jailed for 24 Yrs for Corruption.
ANN7 @ANN7tv🔁WATCH: Former President Jacob Zuma addresses his supporters outside Durban High Court. twitter.com
Major General @mthandazon🔁 has withdrawn application for leave to appeal against judgment lodged by Jacob Zuma, incl application re personal costs order
Tracy Haggai @Haggai_tracy🔁Life After Presidential Power:
1. Pres. Lula de Silva of Brazil begins prison term of 12 Years.
2. Pres. Jacob Zuma Of South Africa is appearing in Court to be charged with 16 Counts Of Corruption.
3. Pres. Park Geun-hye Of South Korea is jailed for 24 Yrs for Corruption.
maxwell david @macdavinsy2k🔁The criminal trial of Jacob Zuma, former President of South Africa started less than a month after his resignation on Feb. 14, 2018.

In Nigeria, our amazing crime fighter thinks publishing the names of suspected corrupt politicians, not charging them to court equals Justice

Byany Daily News @ByanyNet🔁's : Despite being charged with corruption, former South African President Jacob Zuma still has his loyal sup twitter.com porters.
Enemy of progress @kasie_thami🔁But guys why can't we just forgive Jacob Zuma like we did forgave FW de klerk and his fellow white comrades

Leon Uys @leonuys🔁And this is how President Ramaphosa's lawyers left Jacob Zuma to fight his State Capture legal bill on his own.....
Adrian Walder @TieandSocks🔁Colleague: 'Why is Jacob Zuma being tried in Devon?'
Me: 'I think you'll find its Durban.'
Colleague: 'Ah right. Makes more sense.'
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Park Geun-hye
Jacob Zuma
Thika Road

Delani Mdunge @MdungeDelani🔁The Jacob Zuma trial has brought us new faces, the walking wounded like Hlaudi, Carl, Faith, Des etc. Then the so called political parties like BLF who though support other ex presidents of other parties & Then this lady! Who reduced the YL to small lions! I can’t 🤣🤣🤣😬
Sir Neyo @OneNeyo🔁South Africa's Ex-President, Jacob Zuma, 75, appears in court to face corruption allegations that forced him out of office.

Oliomogbe HJ @holiomogbe🔁Jacob Zuma of South Africa faces trial on multiple coruption and money lundering charges.

Me: Okorocha spent tax p twitter.com ayers money to errect statute of corruption🤧

Rodgers Tom @mjakanese🔁Kenya should learn from South Korea who have just jailed their former President Park Geun-hye for 24 years due to corruption. Jacob Zuma of SA is also in court for corruption. We cannot continue to allow people steal from us and go untouched.
Kayeli @Kayeli_🔁

⒍ Thika Road
⒎ Jacob Zuma
⒏ Park Geun-hye
⒐ China
⒑ Martin Luther King

2018/4/6 17:26 EAT

Nhaudza2016 @NhaudzaSimoyi🔁
They betrayed Mam Winnie when she was still alive, they betrayed Chris Hani when he was still alive, they betrayed the most fearless Harry Gwala when he was still alive, they betrayed Peter Mokaba when he was still alive, now they betray Jacob Zuma alive.
Zenzelebryanngwenya @Raszen🔁@Mngxitama But why are you supporting Jacob Zuma though?!
FREEDOM @Horriyah🔁 Jacob Zuma faces 16 charges, including fraud and money laundering, linked to a decades-old arms deal on.wsj.com
South Africa First @SouthAfrica_1🔁 Breaking: massive crowds occupy Durban in support of Jacob Zuma.... twitter.com


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