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Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁#Titans RT Jack Conklin (knee) won’t return vs. the #Patriots. That hurts.
Sean @eGOmarine🔁 7 sacks means jack Conklin is the league MVP
Ben Volin @BenVolin🔁Backup Dennis Kelly is warming up to go in at right tackle for the Titans. Would be a big loss if Jack Conklin can't twitter.com come back. Great young tackle
Cameron Wolfe @CameronWolfe🔁Ben Jones, Jack Conklin and Brian Schwenke with their weekly barefoot walk during pregame. It’s 27 degrees and windy twitter.com here in Foxborough.
New York Sports Guys @NYSportsGuys5🔁As it turns out Jack Conklin made difference for Titans in this one turning their offense to 0. Giants wish he was there to take over Apple
James ++ @Jayovo_🔁 Prayers for Jack Conklin and Jonnu Smith 🙌🏼
Will McAfee @Will_McAfee🔁 We’re really seeing how solid and dependable Jack Conklin is. Underappreciated.
Adam Foxcroft @ADFoxcroft🔁@MarcSesslerNFL Jack Conklin going down helped
Brad Wingo @ChiefVolFan20🔁 I think I underestimated how important Jack Conklin has been to this offensive line
Two Tone Fanatics @twotonefanatics🔁I think I underestimated how important Jack Conklin has been to this offensive line
4️⃣3️⃣ %🔥 @mikeypredsfan🔁7 sacks means jack Conklin is the league MVP
Jonathan Hernandez @Jhulk15🔁Mariota needs to be protected... Jack Conklin’s injury was detrimental to the Titans tonight. I wouldn’t be opposed i twitter.com f we drafted a lineman in the first round. Also, the Titans coach sux. Never been a fan of Mularkey.
💯 SMOOTH [FORREAL] 💯 @smoothforreal🔁@DIMEx619 my fault the jack conklin i had was 95 not TOTY one but the rest yea lol
Popp’InFresh💰🤴🏾💰 @MontanaMaxx25🔁The Importance Of Jack Conklin was huge
Dave Chuck @redwingsfan2003🔁@joerexrode That’s because jack Conklin is better
Jarvius Washington @ScoopHuncho1🔁 #Titans RT Jack Conklin (knee) won’t return vs. the #Patriots. That hurts.
Nathaniel Tolliver @NTolliver1987🔁Yes the refs were bad, but stop it.

Did the refs sack Mariota non stop?

Were the refs letting Gronk run wide open? twitter.com

Were the refs letting the RBs run rampant?

Did refs burn all their timeouts and call a horrible play on 4th down?

Did the refs injury Jack Conklin?

Andrew Barge @abarge🔁Jack Conklin getting hurt was a big deal, the greatest NFL mind of all time out-schemed a Tight Ends coach, and Mario twitter.com ta was solid in the playoffs overall
TWFCO @IWinYouPay🔁Without those calls, and a healthy Jack Conklin they don't lose by more than 3. Conklin didn't even look hurt. He w twitter.com alked off fine.
Jesse Grove @grovejesse🔁@bykevinclark Jack Conklin for MVP?
Nicholas Russolillo @daschnozz42🔁Jack Conklin is missed at the moment.
Rich Bonsall @RichBonsall🔁Losing an offensive lineman in the middle of a game is is rearing it’s head for the . Jack Conklin makes a pretty big difference.

Also - a Ricky Jean Francois sighting…

LTFF @LTFFNews🔁Titans RT Jack Conklin suffered a knee injury in Saturday night's Divisional Round game against the Patriots and will not return.
Charlie White @c_write🔁 Fifth time Mariota has been sacked tonight. And Romo saying #Titans' right side being shredded without RT Jack Conklin.
Super-great take, friend. @NotFinnishStu🔁So, the Titans will be without Jack Conklin and Jonnu Smith for the first part of next season, but at least they’ll have Mike Mularkey.
Dan @FatEfron🔁This game was over when Jack Conklin tore his ACL
Thomas Carrieri @Thomas_Carrieri🔁The loss of Jack Conklin absolutely killed the Titans.
RC Maxfield @RCMB323🔁Losing Jack Conklin and 3 bad calls have really hurt the Titans. I’m not saying they’ve played great at all but those twitter.com things really killed any momentum they had after that impressive 95 yard TD drive.
Kass L. @klongie2014🔁The greatest players in NFL history, in Tony Romo’s opinion:
1. Jack Conklin, OT, Tennessee Titans
Robert Zeglinski @RobertZeglinski🔁Wait I wasn’t even paying attention that much earlier: did Tony Romo really say the Titans wouldn’t miss Jack Conklin twitter.com that much (to some degree)?
Because holy shit that is Simms-esque.
Where you at babygirl? 😫🙇🏻‍♂️ @faris_mahar🔁 Flood gates been open for Patriots pash rush since Jack Conklin got injured
Steve Palazzolo @PFF_Steve🔁Both starting right tackles injured tonight.

Jack Conklin for Titans
LaAdrian Waddle for Patriots

Kill That Noise @_KillThatNoise🔁Didn’t think the absence of Jack Conklin would make such a huge impact... Patriots getting to Mariota at will... twitter.com
Joshua McBride @JJM93🔁Jack Conklin is the best RT in football and his absence is showing
TKW @TheKyleWells🔁I miss Jack Conklin!!! #TitanUp
Titan Sized @Titan_Sized🔁We’re really seeing how solid and dependable Jack Conklin is. Underappreciated.
#BeatthePatriots @jhm8806🔁Flood gates been open for Patriots pash rush since Jack Conklin got injured
Jay Sarkar @WLNSJaySarkar🔁Tony Romo points out the Titans O-Line has (predictably) been struggling since Jack Conklin exited the game with an ankle injury.
Teresa Walker @TeresaMWalker🔁Fifth time Mariota has been sacked tonight. And Romo saying #Titans' right side being shredded without RT Jack Conklin.
Alec Richardson @AlecRich21🔁Jack Conklin might be our MVP
Doug Moore @DMooreNFL🔁CBS revealed #Titans RT Jack Conklin (knee) has been ruled out for the rest of the game.
shirley aguilera @shirleyaguileraTough news for the Titans — 🔁 tnne.ws
Lauren Moore @lomosports🔁Prayers for Jack Conklin and Jonnu Smith 🙌🏼
Harmanjit $ingh @Singh1Harmanjit🔁Jack Conklin and Jonnu Smith hurt😔😔😔
Jon Butler @DadSox🔁#Titans Jack Conklin officially ruled out. He will have all off-season to recover.
Cstuart @_CarolStuart🔁Man Titans injuries killing them in this game too ... first Jack Conklin, now Jonnu Smith
Tannor T. 🔵⚪️ @DatSportsDude78🔁@colin_dunlap Jack Conklin is now on the Pats payroll, since he won’t return, right?
D Stroke @Dez_Elliott🔁First Jack Conklin now Jonnu Smith..
Nick Schreck @nickschreckVia Rotoworld - "Titans 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/952383901175091200" target="_blank">twitter.com


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