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Just Mavid @DarkMavid4492🔁 Me: Come over.
Him: I can't. I'm practicing Android 16.
Me: Broly was just announced.
JUST ANNOUNCED MENNNTT MEEENNNTTTTTT 🏍 @LSS_LO🔁 New bail policy in Philly just announced. No cash bail for:
Flutterbug @doseOFdays🔁 Me: Come over.
Him: I can't. I'm practicing Android 16.
Me: Broly was just announced.
JUST ANNOUNCED dfwconcert @dfwconcert🔁😎
Just Announced: @FlatbushZombies w/ @KirkKnight & @NyckCaution
6/9 • @HOBDallas Scoremoreshows.com

Hannah Adkins @nanners_j4🔁@BroadwayGR just announced what plays are coming next year and I already know I’m gonna be so poor next year
Live Nation @LiveNation🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: is heading out on tour with and . Presales start 2/20 at 2pm local time.

Get more info here: twitter.com

SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁This Just In: Adam Silver announced Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fined $600,000 for public statements d twitter.com etrimental to the NBA.
Target News @TargetNews🔁Target just announced its newest home brand, Opalhouse, and we’re sharing a sneak peek of the new collection! twitter.com
People For Bernie @People4Bernie🔁.@jessforcongress, who, under the new PA maps, lives in a district that will make it HARDER for a Democrat to win,… twitter.com
stephen @spboswell1🔁Just weeks after Theresa May to much fanfare announced a Fake News instant response unit.. She stood in Parliament “our democracy” making a joke about horrific lies and propaganda spread by her Party Ministers MPs+media against her opposition.. She’s a Basketcase no other word
Bioscience @BioscienceBio🔁 ATUM and Just Biotherapeutics Team Up to Accelerate Drug Discovery - ATUM licenses Companys LeapIn Transposase Tech twitter.com nology to Just Dedicated to creating technologies and tools to improve peoples' lives ATUM today announced a patent licensi...
Jarek Bentz @Jarekbentz22🔁This Just In: Adam Silver announced Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been fined $600,000 for public statements detrimental to the NBA.
Jen Fox @J_Fox🔁Wow! Just announced! There will be a panel of SECTF champions! We have , , and !! So much awesomeness in one place!!
Nicole @nicks_nack🔁@ImpassionedDias If she had nothing to say she could have just announced the nominees. What a waste of everyone’s time
Amy Brady @AmyBrady67🔁Omg I'm so weak @elliekellymua just announced she's coming to cork😭😭😭😭
Joanna Lavan @ConnectChinaUK🔁With just 1 month to go until the GREAT Festival of Innovation kicks off in Hong Kong, have a look at some of our speakers that have already been announced ➡
Tim Bousquet @Tim_Bousquet🔁Q: what's this about minors applying for citizenship? Hussen: we just announced that yesterday, there's now an as a right process.
Karen @FiveFastCats🔁BREAKING NEWS- Rachael Maddow- As Mueller is still negotiating terms of Manaforts bail, he has just announced that he now has evidence against Manafort of bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy!
The List Game @TheListGame🔁See two amazing Fringe WIP shows before anyone else!
& Christopher double bill just announced!
Edinburgh 25/4
Looking Glass @thechangeiscast🔁Just announced 📣 Beck returns to the September 28, 2018!
Tickets & info: beck.to
Chill Russell @TheChillRussell🔁Just Announced: We’re kicking off week at the 's on Saturday, March 10th with and ! Part of the Second Play St twitter.com age, free show.
TC.AYıldız1903 @AYildizTC1903🔁UK friends - stay tuned for more cities and dates! We’ve announced Cardiff, Glasgow, and Basildon is just in! Grab Tickets here 🇬🇧
Prof. Woods @Bwoods25🔁@Catheroniiiiii Exactly! It’s just weird they announced it months before the second movie 😂
OCL @oncampuslive🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: Blackbear will be here for a free show in Alumni Hall at 8PM on Thursday, March 15th! UPark Student ID required!
Renmiri @renmiri1🔁One thing Trump regularly does is move up the date of good news to make it sound more recent.

This time, he claimed Apple announced its investment "2 weeks ago" (3 weeks and 5 days) and that the record-low black unemployment was "just announced" (5 weeks prior, no longer true).

Controversial Call @CCSports17🔁 The NBA just announced that Mark Cuban has been fined $600,000 for his comments about the Mavericks tanking.
Me retweet hot news @newsRetweeter17🔁The NBA just announced Mark Cuban has been fined $600,000 for his comments on Dr. J's podcast about how tanking is the right thing for the Mavericks to do this season.
oh it's Oliver @Ollie_Apples🔁Just announced DEATH OR GLORY with at and here is a big interview with a ton of crazy great art:
rosa @vevostyle🔁They just announced that voting is closed :(
Em • EMSEOK4EVER💘 @latina_BTS🔁@Huntress1293 @BTS_twt Yup. Billboard just announced #BTSARMY @BTS_twt #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards
Andrew M. @anmalek🔁The NBA just announced new defensive metrics, including box outs. Guess who leads the league in box outs per game...by far...

Steven Adams.

I’m shocked.

FamousPixs @FamousPixs🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: is returning to the stage on the EVOLVE Tour with !

Register NOW for presale:

QC River Bandits @QCRiverBandits🔁ALERT: Just announced the River Bandits 2018 Promotional Schedule! Over 50+ promotions, including fan-favorite Friday twitter.com Fireworks, bobbleheads and more this season at Modern Woodmen Park. For more information visit
Spider One @therealSpider1🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: POWERMAN5000 () at on May 1st! Tickets go on sale Friday at 12PM:
Business Wire-Health @BW_Health🔁ATUM and Just Biotherapeutics Team Up to Accelerate Drug Discovery: NEWARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)----ATUM today ann twitter.com ounced a patent licensing agreement giving Just Biotherapeutics access to the company's Leap-In cell line development tools.
cris vinson @cris_vinson🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: ​ bring their EVOLVE Tour with ​ to Mississippi on July 8th! Tickets for this Concert Series show go on sale March 3rd at 10am on .
Register NOW for presale:
DisabilitiesRedefine @TruettLeeVaigne🔁The announced this year's flu vaccine is just 36% effective. urges the best protection is still to get the shot.
— lexia hugged liam!!!! @giveIiamagrammy🔁 no matter what happens tonight when the winner is announced liam, just know YOU DA BEST and i'll always support you twitter.com and do my best for you to win next time!!!!
ScotPopMusicExCentre @HistoryofSMC🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: The seminal experimental metal band GODFLESH come to this July - tickets now available.

'two musicians who seem to be incapable of creating anything short of exquisite' - Exclaim

Tickets //

Remi Kalir @remikalir🔁“ has announced its latest surveillance product set to arrive in the latter half of 2018”. Nice article which also covers strategies for designing-out plagiarism.
ɒɔɔəqəɹ @rjgstone🔁 . @philadao has just announced that their office will no longer ask for #cashbail for low level offenses.
RMC Blog @RobinMCouch🔁Just announced! brings the spice of life to for TWO electrifying nights this June!! Use code BOOGIE Thursday at 10 am for early access to the best seats!
Manuel Saavedra @therealmanny2🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: is heading out on tour with and . Presales start 2/20 at 2pm local time.

Get more info here:

AnalogBKNY @analogbkny🔁Just Announced!
After a long history with Made Event, join us in Brooklyn on April 28th. Sign up for first access to tickets at
Richard Emery @UrbanWordsmith🔁Two bands I've wanted to see for years have just announced Southampton dates...
Papí Ri @riley__lamb🔁Rush shirts just came in rt the post below for a chance to win a free rush shirt winner will be announced Friday ! Happy Wednesday!
Comedy Records @ComedyRecords🔁🙌JUST ANNOUNCED: The JUNO Comedy Show featuring , and + host Graham Clark on March 23rd at in ! 🎉

Tickets are on sale NOW! 🎫➡️

Elias Tammisalo @Neikaani🔁🚨COMPETITION TIME!🚨

Signed JOE CALZAGHE glove 🥊

Comes with COA 📜


Free signed delivery ✔️

Winner announced 9pm Sunday night!

AV Industry Pros @AVindustryPros🔁Product Announcement: Complex just announced the availability of a new 24-channel small-diameter tactical fiber cable twitter.com series for harsh environments where size and weight are concerns.

Product Announcement: Complex just…

steph ♡s actor zhu @ZHEN6TING🔁aah i've seen some of them too! but i don't watch the anime version hfjdhdb one time i was planning to watch your li twitter.com e in april (anime) when the live action was just announced, but i didn't have time to watch it so gdjsgs i haven't seen both yet 😣😂


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