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#JCPS 15th District PTA @KY15thDistPTA🔁 Good bye 2016-17 school year! #StuartStrong bids adieu! @ladalton66 #JCPS
#JCPS Toni Konz @tkonz🔁Fairdale High graduation is up next at Broadbent Arena @Dawgs_Athletics @PrincipalFHS #JCPS
#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS Gilmore Lane Elem. @GilmoreLaneEl1🔁 Our Winn-Dixie dioramas in the works! #reading #gilmore #jcps #hardworkers
#JCPS 15th District PTA @KY15thDistPTA🔁 Retiring ARK principal looks on as a 5th grader addresses his peers during graduation. #JCPS
#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS Computer Ed. Support @JCPS_CES🔁Join @JCPS_CES at the #JCPSDL for multiple sessions! #WeAreJCPS #JCPS
#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS Lisa Revel @ljohns13🔁 Join @JCPS_CES at the #JCPSDL for multiple sessions! #WeAreJCPS #JCPS
#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS Brady School Board @BradyJCPSBOE🔁Congrats to @FernCreekHigh Class of 2017! You're the reason the Creek keeps rising. #JCPS #FCProud
#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS#JCPS ameldina @shesforeigntho🔁 Congrats to @FernCreekHigh Class of 2017! You're the reason the Creek keeps rising. #JCPS #FCProud
Toni Konz @tkonz🔁Congratulations to and - very proud of you & your classmates. Thanks for the invite! 🎓
Donna Johnson @DonnaJohnsonLMS🔁For Louisville families whose kids need lunch this summer, text FOOD to 877877. You'll get a text w/a nearby location .
Brady School Board @BradyJCPSBOE🔁Although is 1 of 173 KY school districts, it educates 1/6 of KY students and 1/2 of the state's AA students.
Krista Ford @mrsfordsclass🔁First day without students and we are already putting in work for next year! RP/PBIS training
Lisa Proulx @geminisallday🔁KY Students in need of a meal this summer, text “FOOD” to 877877 & get a msg back w/a location for a free meal. #summermealprogram #JCPS
Dr.Marcia Carmichael @mainmarcia🔁RT: Kids in need of a meal this summer,text “FOOD” to 877877 and receive a msg back of closest location to get a free meal #JCPS #freelunch
Toni Konz @tkonz🔁Bevin: "It's the bureaucracy, the protection of the hierarchy and the same old status quo. That's what has to be chan ged."
Brady School Board @BradyJCPSBOE🔁#JCPS graduation highlights from @BTHS_Bears, Fairdale HS, @FernCreekHigh, and @LMHSInfo. @JCPSKY @Dawgs_Athletics
Tully Elementary @tullyelemjcps🔁One reason why needs summer vacation. Barely out of school and is already in the middle of a big remod.
Brady School Board @BradyJCPSBOE🔁One reason why needs summer vacation. Barely out of school and is already in the middle of a big remod.
danahi @danahicruz1🔁NEW MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON!!

Toni Konz @tkonz🔁For those you who missed those comments from @GovMattBevin re: unmitigated disaster and #JCPS, here's that story:
15th District PTA @KY15thDistPTA🔁Lots of cameras and tears this morning 5th grade promotion celebration. 'mNowAMiddleSchoolParent 😳
Westport Orchestra @WestportOrch🔁NEW MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON!!



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