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Ivanka and Jared Kjsoon @Kjsoon62🔁 #Ivanka and #Jared - I'm thinking they might
Take off for some country that won't extradite
Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger🔁Notice who DIDNT take WH "advice" not to get separate counsel -- Jared and Ivanka.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁NYP: Ivanka and Jared played golf at Bedminster on the Sabbath.
Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT🔁Ivanka and Jared played golf on Shbbos at bedminster nypost.com
Gene Cowan 🏳️‍🌈 @genecowan🔁 Hello. As does Trump's team, including Ivanka and Jared, oh, and Trump. twitter.com
Abel Ruiz @Melusethia🔁More concerning then the nepotism of Ivanka and Jared is Trump tying McCain & McConnell to his administration by appointing their wives
blplenexa @blp112434🔁Ivanka and Jared don't let Sabbath get in the way of golf (also seen dining at non-Kosher restaurants in DC)
Brooke @MugjointBrooke🔁 Ivanka and Jared played golf on Shbbos at bedminster nypost.com
Jay Gulledge @jboogie_pdx🔁 NYP: Ivanka and Jared played golf at Bedminster on the Sabbath.
Kenny Friedman @KSFriedman🔁Embarrassing @nypost @FonrougeGab piece being McJudgy on Ivanka/Jared's personal religious choices. nypost.com
monte @Monte1Wilson🔁: Donald Trump donated to Democrats (and Jared, Ivanka, Gary Cohn) for years, and his $$ went to Hillary Clinton!
Mary Nagle @marymom46🔁Pence.nephew,Jared and Ivanka. Huckebee daughter Sarah Sanders, Mitch Romeys neice runing the RNC Every one is bought
Natalie Brown @brownien79🔁"Ivanka and Jared have also been spotted dining at non-Kosher restaurants in DC." Post pulling no punches.
Lisa @thecitizeNYFAKE JEWS 🔁 "Ivanka and Jared have also been spotted dining at non-Kosher (cont) tl.gd
Ariane Zurcher @arianezurcher🔁"And speaking of sleazy contacts with foreign investors, last week Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck... fb.me
Japan Art & Design @artsynihon🔁Steve Scalise , Ivanka and Jared , Republicans or Democrats , Gabby Giffords , #FlagDay , #My3WordProtest
Gabe Fisher @gabrielsfisher🔁Muckracking at its finest! In truth, my biggest objection to Ivanka and Jared's behavior is their creation of divots: twitter.com
MG 🌼 @FeministRocks🔁So Ivanka and Jared plays golf while her father keeps ruining our country and her brother Eric keeps stealing money f twitter.com rom kids with cancer
Desiree` @littleboybluesa🔁 Trump, Ivanka and Jared are also big Democrat donors,in fact,they are Democrats. Cultist. twitter.com
Daisy @DaisySchnoodle🔁Oh so you mean Ivanka and Jared are frauds. They make a show of being devout but that sabbath thing doesn't count for golf. Ok.
Gamelia Milton @GameliaM🔁Well Ivanka and Jared threw Booker a fund raiser so guess who's sleeping with the enemy. Sell out. He's lost all resp twitter.com ect and credibility.
NEIL SLOANE @postsloane🔁Ivanka and Jared don't let Sabbath get in the way of golf nyp.st via @nypost
judy @judyvinson612🔁Let's see, trump has been a big democrat donor, even donating to the Clinton's in the past. So are Ivanka and Jared. So your point is what?
RUBYtheCAT @MeowReviews🔁Ivanka and Jared are great names for a twin cat adoption especially if you are of the kind that think cats are sneaky twitter.com 😳
Derek @Derek00884021🔁I dont like "Ivanka and Jared" But Seriously liberals have to whine about everything. Who care where they ate. Go get lives
Dynel Dillard @DynelD🔁I didn't choose for Ivanka and Jared to be Jewish or to follow Sabbath. They did. They are hypocrites for cherry-picking what Sabbath means.
Shut up Trump @NoX2BQuiet🔁Ivanka and Jared...worst Jews EVER!!! twitter.com
Abe Seeman @midtowner33🔁 Hey @corybooker, will you give up the $23,400 you took from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump? d.shpg.org
meaning machine @EricThurm🔁this phrase is heavily overused + abused but Jared and Ivanka are Bad For The Jews
Elaine Taylor @JessesLaw🔁@kylegriffin1 I do not doubt that Ivanka, Jared and her Trump added additional violations of the Emoluments Clause while golfing.


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