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Issue 2Issue 2Issue 2Issue 2 Fábio Ochôa @FabioOchoa🔁 Creative process of my cover for Dan Dare issue 2:
Chris Murphy @ChrisMurphyCT🔁2/ After health care, guns was the second most important issue to voters who turned out yesterday. Mattered more than immigration, taxes, or abortion.
John Schindler @20committee🔁Hey peeps -- I've been investigating the "Trump tapes" issue for 2 years. I'm about to drop my preliminary findings. Get ALL the popcorn.
Issue 2 Richard C. Young @Richard_C_Young🔁You've Read the Last Issue of Intelligence Report: Back to Investors Yield -
Adam Milstein @AdamMilstein🔁 refuses to issue visas to Israeli Judo delegation, blocking the team from competing in World Championships.
Jay @UrAPeasant🔁I 100% agree! Resources is what they need most = $ + volunteering.

Only having 1 of the 2 won't fully solve the issu e

Luigi Magpantay @roiji🔁 Pixel 2 microphone issue has a bizarre Nintendo-inspired fix (Update: Galaxy S8, Note 8 too!)
MiX @MisreadPoet🔁Also, fans don't go to games to see rapist, abusers (of all kinds), felons, or even teams that only get 1 - 2 wins a season because they REFUSE to put the BEST players available on the field. But keep thinking protesting is the issue. Watch the numbers keep going down.
SurfaceTech @MACSCORPION🔁AndroidAuth: Pixel 2 microphone issue has a bizarre Nintendo-inspired fix (Update: Galaxy S8, Note 8 too!)…
Nick Howes @NickAstronomer🔁Dear @TheFCA Could you intervene in to why it takes @GWRHelp and @ArrivaTW over 2 months to process and issue a refund cheque
Android Authority @AndroidAuth🔁 Pixel 2 microphone issue has a bizarre Nintendo-inspired fix (Update: Galaxy S8, Note 8 too!)
Wayne Local Schools @wayne_local🔁From DDN, “2-vote margin: Waynesville anxiously awaits decision on $26M bond issue.” See the full Article:
Pulse Wear @PULSEWEARUSA🔁Tax Question #2
How quickly will I get my refund?
We issue most refunds in less than 21 calendar days.
Amazon Help @AmazonHelp🔁I'm sorry for this issue with your shoes. Were they shipped and sold by Amazon or a Third-Party seller? Please use th is link to check: ^DO
Shishir Jhaveri @shishirsj🔁There is a practical issue of what to teach in schools - that could remain KhadiBoli, but the use of the others should be encouraged. A dry official Hindi will just get replaced by English over time, it needs the dialects remain alive 2/2
skye @skye__winters🔁Good clients do this:
1) Reads info on my site
2) Follow directions
3) Replies quickly
4) Have no issue with tribute
5) Are prompt
6) Respect rules & boundaries
7) Bring tribute gifts
Justice @lettheirbejust🔁Hi Sophie, I need to speak to a manager asap or complaints department asap. My issue from yesterday is still outstanding
2 hrs reply NOWAY
Marina Pavlović @pavLAWich🔁2/2 big loss for Canadian consumers. Lack of sustainable funding is an issue affecting all Canadian public interest organizations. We ought to find a way to keep public interest participation in policymaking.
Marina Pavlović @pavLAWich🔁2/2 big loss for Canadian consumers. Lack of sustainable funding is an issue affecting all Canadian public interest o rganizations. We ought to find a way to keep public interest participation in policymaking.
JioCare @JioCare🔁@TKprajapati_ make & model, is the issue with single website or multiple websites (name of any 2 websites), latest speed test result,(2/5)
Grahak Suraksha @GrahakSuraksha🔁Satmola/vivek bandhul HR Complaint - Selery issue -
Be social. Share this complaint with others.
Geek Support @g33ksupport🔁"What is identified as the over-riding issue in economic policy is now the exclusive preserve, not of elected governm ents, but of unaccountable officials." (2/2) - This was written by the Guardian in 2008
LanieSlim @LanieSlim🔁1/ I give out what is just the tip of the iceberg of information about this very complex issue! I’m glad it helps! These roundups have been ongoing 4 decades, and so many have fought for them 2 little avail. What the House version of 2018 Interior Budget did was leave out
Henry K. B. @HenryK_B_🔁1.Coal generated electricity emits more Carbon Dioxide than Nuclear generated energy

2. Coal Generated energy increases the amount of greenhouse gases, Global warming is an issue and South Africa is part of COP21 Agreement

3.Nuclear Tech is ready, no need to develop 👊🏿

JioCare @JioCare🔁@ajadvikramsingh complete address, websites visited, date & time of issue along with the latest speed test results to assist you - Moin(2/2)
Roogs @Roogs209🔁@bradmackey my wife & I have not had car Pymts for prev 5 years, been driving paid off cars, and one had major issue so had to get new 2/2
HDFC Bank @HDFCBank_Cares🔁Hi, Let us look into it for you. Please share your Account No. with registered contact info, transaction details, da te/time of trnaction, merchant details & the issue on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mention this Ref No. TW0911173006 in the subject of (1/2)
Thomas Cook Cares @ThomasCookCares🔁issue, but if it's pre-travel then please DM us about this. The team can take up to 28 days to get back to you about your complaint. 2/2 ^Ed
Upitt_plants @PlantsUpitt🔁November issue is out! PEN3, xylan, toma to ripening, transgene silencing, rice yield, embryo atlas, EBF1/2, etc...
Cyrus Law Group P.C. @cyruslawgroup🔁Should Trump issue blanket pardons in Mueller probe? 2 BigLaw partners back the idea
An Unnamed Source @oneRogueSource🔁But you have a boat and looks like 2 trucks. How can you be a dem? LOL. Wouldn’t the water be an issue in your boat with all those batteries?
Janett Wawrzyniak @wawrzyniak9🔁Terral’s Black Star Newsletter Volume 6 Issue 44November 2, 2017 .
A R @abdur_jamal🔁Our November issue is live! Read this month's Editorial, Research, News and Views & more at
★GokuMega★ @MegaDojima441🔁Not to seem rude, but it's been 2 days now since Forces came out and all of us in Europe still can't play Episode Sha dow. A progress report would be nice, figured the issue surely shouldn't be this complicated.
NYCT Subway @NYCTSubway🔁@tweetlyn610 Thank you. We have forwarded your report to supervision so they can look into the announcement issue you experienced. (1/2) ^BD
Emma Smith @Emmererr🔁. Borders rail service is a joke, 2 carriages is not enough. I only use the service a few times/year, can't imagine c ommuter frustration. This has been an issue since the line started, paying customers deserve a better service
DeSha-Justin's momma @desha1🔁I feel ur [budget] pain! When there is $2.00 left @ the end of my month, the 1%er's DON'T HAVE A CLUE about living OU R life. YES, ur assessment is spot-on; 'a symptom of a much larger issue that isn't always so simple'. However, THERE IS A SOLUTION!
Divya Arjun💕Divz💕 @DivzArjun🔁

I was afraid to take curry & pickles along wit my rice 4 lunch.Always had issue of spillage into my bag.So Used 2 take extra paper & plastic cover 2 put my lunchbox.Still lunchbox will b wet & it makes table also wet which need to b cleaned😖😖😖

Christopher Allen @tekkie1618🔁The issue is that this game was in early access for 2 years or something. The amount of bugs in the full game is redi culous, and they've already released a paid DLC? That's my issue.
Dr C Richards @CRichardsPsych🔁Special Issue of Psychology of Sexualities Review on Bisexualities co-edited by & now available from the BPS online shop
Arvind Singh Jadoun @arvindsjadoun🔁Yet to receive resolution for my issue even after more than 2 months of raising issue with Idea. Is it the service l evel you're providing to general public
Valiant Comics @ValiantComics🔁First look at BLOODSHOT SALVATION #3! Don't miss issue #2 on stands now!!
Shane Harris @aiglos78🔁We'll see. It's my understanding the governor cannot issue a veto against a ballot initiative. So, the legislature w ould have to vote - 2/3 of each chamber - to veto the result. LePage does have other means to try not to implement it. Perhaps he would issue a line item veto? 1/
James Schumacher @3JamesPositive🔁 That's the whole issue thosugh that poeple have put me through in the various parts of Los Angeles I have been in, a nd in Santa Ana at that shelter, various places... It was a conitnuation of the hell from Iowa, but paloes in comparison to 34+ years in Iowa (2+ out)
Arvind Singh Jadoun @arvindsjadoun🔁@VodafoneIN Yet to receive resolution for my issue even after more than 2 months of raising issue with Vodafone
Russell🇺🇸🌜Thomas @MrMeritology🔁Dear tweeps please webscrape responsibly to be a good citizen 😇 & to get zero legal issue 😥. How? Read this post by 🤓 and... (1/2)
gabrielle joy @GabbieSeiwert🔁Up to 85% of young Black men in Chicago are 1) put on this list, 2) assigned a high score that's 3) visible to every CPD officer, despite 4) pattern/practice of unconstitutional (including deadly) force.

How the algorithm crunches numbers (albeit poorly) is not the core issue.


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