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Issue 2 magscomics @magscomics🔁Mombaby — Issue 365, July 2017
Issue 2Issue 2 Thorne in the Side @ThorneintheSide🔁 Brand new issue of @ThorneintheSide out tomorrow @BrentfordFC
40 pager, still £2.50.
Issue 2 Polish Ghoul @savebum🔁 just gonna casually leave this here..... 🙊
(working on issue #2 of #FenceComic)
Issue 2 Joy Wiggins @HelenaHelmnews🔁The Fifth Issue of the Helena Helm is online!
Hillel Neuer @HillelNeuer🔁2. Did you know elected Syria to its human rights committee, allowing the Assad regime to judge complaints?
Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt🔁2/ There are public policies reasonable people disagree on-- things where one group benefits & another doesn't.

CSRs is not such an issue.

Sreedhar Pillai @sri50🔁Talks on 'Double Taxation' issue between Tamil cinema stake holders & TN govt, going nowhere. Govt sticks 2 tax 4 Tamil films but 1/2
HMS - Alabama @mobilebayferry🔁Friday Update - The 2:00 trip will be delayed due to a small maintenance issue.
tammy hubatsek @THubatsek🔁@ava R u opposed 2 any boycott 4 any issue or any person, or r u simply racist 'cuz a white woman (who was a victim) organized 1 for this?
YLWilson @yl_wilson1🔁2 big announcements! 1- got 10 more spots to Windy Gap! Sign up! If $ is an issue let us know! 2-campaigners is moved to Thursday next week!
JioCare @JioCare🔁@RamNarke recent date & time span of the issue, whether the issue is with single or multiple websites/apps (name a few) & the complete(2/4)
lil manic @cutthroatcris🔁Yo i had 2 separate orders one for me and one for my cousin but i only got confirmation for one of the orders is this an issue or no
Nine/None @dTumza🔁1.) The fact that their view is an issue BECAUSE they are at this school is a problem. 2.) The fact that you think they should NOT hold this view because they attend this school is stupid. Finally, the school WAS great before it had blacks with views is interesting.
Fanrule @fanrule1🔁We're almost there to our goal, make this Friday 13th a lucky day for Zombie with a Shotgun issue #2 and back us on
David Hall @QuesTeam🔁@QuesTeam Remember, when America Gets 1% Weaker, All Others Get 2% or more Stronger! This is a major issue. What do you think.
francisco hussein @franciscohusse2🔁Theres no such reverse haters when u are such issue on personal lives on their selections and 2 holes
nicole @ncwtine🔁 It's Friday the 13th 🎃🔪 So... who's ready for Issue 2 of Entranced Media Magazine? It's going live in a couple hours 👀📲
Tonino Ciuffini @LuTonino🔁Sorry thought you would have heard. Yes, exactly as you say, have lost 2 stone! Only issue is getting to Luton on Sa turdays
Dillons @DillonsGrocery🔁@ChadFarber 1/2: Our digital team is actively involved in trying to resolve this issue and we thank you for your patience.
Alejandro Valerio @MVJAVJ🔁Reinventing Authoritarianism in the Middle East
Ishan Girdhar @IshanGirdhar🔁DreamBox BouquetEditor 2.0.0 Cross Site Scripting #infosec #cybersecurity #hacking
Chic @moderndaylane🔁 the interview comes out october 13th, along with issue 2 of our magazine!
JioCare @JioCare🔁@Mgaur92 request you to please update operating system/FOTA to resolve the issue. Please follow these steps to upgrade FOTA: Tap on(2/4)
Sumbal Naqi @ssnaqi🔁Dear , I request u to read ths & raise street harassment issue in Assembly & work with police 2 end it
Joseph Babani @tacnn24🔁Easy 2 judge some 1 over wrong doings but u never know what they're going thru! Addiction is a REAL ISSUE! Love the direction u headed JG 🙏🏾
Eric Alexander @IndifferentLuck🔁1/2 Law enforcement officers don't seem to understand that encryption isn't properly a Fourth Amendment issue. It's a Fifth Amendment issue.
Lisa M Honaker @LMHonaker🔁 Confused by Ohio's Issue 2 on prescription drug prices? You're not the only one.
Blake PDX @pdxblake🔁1) is so disingenous in all his comments abt this; 2) we're going to issue a transit bond to fund highway widening. Exqueeze me?
Mark Pannes @SandyMcFiddish🔁. DEFRAUDED ITS OWN STUDENT ATHLETES 4competitive advantage. 4 2 view this solely as institutional issue misses the point entirely
Henn Griffey @WavyAlLaFlare🔁 🔥 Hot off the press: “In the Arena: Issue #2”
Marie @luandalobito🔁 2/8 You just knew the Hollywood celebrity crowd would jump all over that issue in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.
Entranced Media @entranced_media🔁It's Friday the 13th 🎃🔪 So... who's ready for Issue 2 of Entranced Media Magazine? It's going live in a couple hours 👀📲
Liddle' Lyin' Brutus @oathofbrutus🔁2. But that is unquestionably not a national priority. "We can't say merry Christmas" is more of a shibboleth than an issue.
Artistic Dreamer @cycleofthefates🔁have an issue with me. But you won't keep it to yourselves, you won't keep it out of politics. That's why you have an issue with me. 2/2
Middle Molly @MiddleMolly🔁The issue doesn't seem to be that these people were taking some time off; I'm sure after three weeks, some of them ne ed a break. 1/2
Natalie D @Natoriouz🔁(2) card gets declined bc of the issue w/ the @Visa debit cards. I had to be on hold for 25m for cust.serv. to tell me there was an issue...
Kyle @Kyle84BD🔁Issue is covered but need to ship and find new phone for 2 weeks. Hoped for Best Buy to circumvent process. Will buy from carrier in future.
Bob Hainsey @HainseyB🔁JBO whitepaper addresses challenges in translation of and how to bridge the "valley of death"
🇮🇱 WD 🇺🇸 @RealWeiseDame🔁2. Did you know elected Syria to its human rights committee, allowing the Assad regime to judge complaints?
Strelaman @strelaman🔁how the hell are we supposed to contact you guys with an issue if your chat is never working?!?! your emails take 2-3 days to get a response
Charlene @Shawfan65🔁Last night, the Cubs flight to LA was diverted due to a non-player health issue. A family member of someone on the plane had an issue. 1/2
Tesco @Tesco🔁Hi there, can you please return to store with the loaf and your receipt and they will be more than happy to issue you with a refund. 1/2
Tracey Bowers @traceyab1🔁Simple answer to solve 2 problems - let Hollingdean keep their outstanding local community school and help yr parking issue !
Scott Wiggins 🥅☘️⚖️ @penois🔁This was a fait accompli, and I think we all know Arena wasn't the core issue. I want Gulati's scalp. Then I'll start 2 believe in change.
Mass Brewers Guild @MABrewersGuild🔁A tech issue over the wkend made it difficult for everyone/everywhere 2 get stamps. We are making geo adjusts as need ed 2 certain breweries
Michelle Carmichael @mooch16107🔁My prayers are with you evidently the past 2 seasons revolved around Vicky’sn x bf lying about having cancer! That’s a hot button issue
Karl Dandleton @lloydcarl🔁@georgeyboy Like I said, if it had always been promoted as BBC 2 it wouldn't be an issue
GST Central @GSTCentral🔁GST Notifications Issued Today:
1.Exemption 4 GST on RCM
2.NO GST on advances 4 small taxpayers
3.Issue of single Invoice cum bill of supply
JioCare @JioCare🔁@clickepic street names, other landmarks, PIN, location, etc.) where the issue is faced or you may also share(2/4)
Matt Norton @mattnorton7712🔁Great article for some refreshing of the basics
just numbers @nomad_noname🔁Nadine Lustre & Maine Mendoza...2 young ladies whose stars shined brighter in ths depression issue and who gained my respect and admiration
The Blade @toledonews🔁Confused by Ohio's Issue 2 on prescription drug prices? You're not the only one.
Klawzor @KlawzorSmash🔁I don't even get why there is a fucking gender issue here anyway. It's a game. Who cares? Why is there a difference? Just play the game. 2¢
Chris Wilson @chriswilson02🔁"Trump's statement could be taken this way. Maybe. If he meant THIS. But the REAL issue is Iran." Unconstituional is unconstitutional 1/2
Danny Gachanja® @Dacheh🔁I was giving my 2 cents on the issue,don't kno y u jumped in n started @ me,its never that serious,just opinion, jeez u pple need 2 chillout
Roseline @Rainyroses07🔁Luk who is tlkng abt appeasement..evry issue hs 2 be a communal issue 4 BJP..INDIA is nt abt Muslims or Hindus alone,it is abt diversity..
Ram @rama1966🔁@sardesairajdeep Gujarat RS elections suddenly seems to be under control of central govt on election dates issue (2/2)
lara searcy🌻 @MrsSearcy112🔁 Just in time for weekend reading, the latest issue of ELQ is here! Check it out:
PharmacyTimesCE @PharmacyTimesCE🔁New Therapies for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
Southern Seminary @SBTS🔁The Five Solas of the Reformation: Explained and defended
Tesco @Tesco🔁Being unaware of which colleague in particular we wouldn't be able to get to the bottom of the issue. I'm going to sp eak with management 2/3
☾ @habzaena🔁14/10/17 issue 2
nasir abdulla khan @niazinasir🔁2.30 bajy.or last paper 29-10-2017 (Sunday) ko ho ga.jab k net pay date sheet k mutabk paper 28 Saturday ko ha.plz resolve our issue.thanks
abduljalil marhoun @abduljaleelmar🔁Full SI (Parts 1&2) now available in one Virtual Issue & until the end of the year please RT!
Little Scrummers Rug @littlescrummers🔁1/2 Thanks to for talking to me for the latest issue of _Work_ on how to turn into
Lisa Moraitis @LisaMoraitis1🔁Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies. 2 bad for majority of his low income base.
Anne-Marie Taylor @AnneMTaylor2🔁2/ Roe v. Wade was a huge risk. As were civil rights issues. Should SCOTUS not take on an issue because it is content ious?
〄 @q_izzical🔁keep in mind, this tiny issue is most of what i don't like about the album. there's one, maybe 2 other tiny things, that's it
JioCare @JioCare🔁@devendragupta52 and time since when you are facing the issue and status of network bar in your phone (ex: 2 bars, 3 bars or 4 bars) in(4/5)
JioCare @JioCare🔁@devendragupta52 you are facing the issue (house number, house name, street, locality, landmark & PIN code), handset make and model,(2/5)
Joel Niddrie @JoelNiddrie🔁@jerhaun @JeffLemire @nickfil @ImageComics So pumped for issue 2 those covers are legit.
NON_FICTION_1 @Nonfiction8879🔁@diggz_it Lol ... maybe do your own investing ... we loaded up under 2, and it went to 3.38... is there a issue ?
JioCare @JioCare🔁@TokidoRalte date & time of the issue, handset model and complete address (house no. and name, street, city, landmark, state and PIN(2/3)
Sound Vault @SoundVaultHQ🔁 A new Mavericks Podcast, with Big Issue editor @pauldmcnamee here
Sean Whitworth @TheYeti88🔁I wouldn't mind a foreign manager, only issue being the SFA won't pay for a top manager of the likes of Trappatoni, we'd get voghts take 2
OhioDem4ever @WilliamLoomis3🔁 YES on issue 2!!
RobJubenville @RobJubenville🔁@bmwcanada Car in shop since Tuesday. Towed it there myself for major warranty issue and you'll only cover rental for 2 days. Great service!
Zach @zheebs🔁Well I understand your point, but I think our follow-up demolition of Green Bay in week 2 showed that a "hangover" pr obably isn't an issue
Giovanni Molina @GiovanniMol🔁Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies. 2 bad for majority of his low income base. @WhiteHouse
Capt M J Singleton @ldo6310🔁this one issue have with news media that covered the President over 2 years, their letting the lies be heard again wi thout fact-checking.
phoebe wood @feebzma🔁I've been on the phone for 2.5 hours trying to resolve an issue with #CenturyLink and #DirectTV. The issue still hasn't been resolved...
harsh vardhan jha @jha_vardhan🔁 Rahul 2.0 picks up an issue, toys with it, and suddenly unleashes a rampage on Twitter.


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