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Arthur Staple @StapeAthletic🔁Exclusive: Lou Lamoriello will be hired to run Islanders' hockey operations
M® ♏¡kΣ м H¡ll @MikeMHill🔁 Islanders fans celebrating Garth Snow finally losing control of the team
Masakåda @alainaarroyo🔁When non-Pacific Islanders scream "cheeehooo"
Andrew Fillipponi @ThePoniExpress🔁Fleury 1st goaltender to make it to 3 straight Stanley Cup Finals since Billy Smith (Islanders) in 1984.
Elliotte Friedman @FriedgeHNIC🔁I'm not exactly sure how it will all work, but we've all believed Lamoriello will eventually run the NYI hockey opera tions department...and it's believed he represented the Islanders when he spoke to Tavares.
Aaron Ryley @aaryles🔁 Big day for Islanders fans if Lou Lamoriello rumors are true. He is one of the best ever.
Anthony Licalzi @LicalziAnthony🔁If Lou already met with JT have to assume he felt good enough about JT coming back to make the jump - in either case - LL is a fantastic addition for the Islanders
David Reich-Hale @drhli🔁If it is true that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, the Jets and Islanders are about to get a few good decades
Islander Mania @islandermania🔁IF Lou Lamoriello is going to the Islanders, as is being reported multiple places, I wonder if Scott Stevens joins him there in some capacity to help with their defensive structure.
Daniel Lederer @danlederer23🔁 @MikeFrancesa so was phil jackson -- this is the islanders - it's not going to end well
✨Embers Grow 🌋 @mollyjkincaid🔁1,000 year old skeleton of a Taino woman is found on the island of the Bahamas. DNA found proves that descendants of Tainos (Arawaks) are not extinct and natives migrated from the Americas to the Caribbean:
William Geoghegan @RhodyWill🔁Middletown outscores SK 5-1 in the third quarter, now leads 12-3. Islanders have been in control throughout.
Betty @missb62🔁The National Flood Insurance Program provides vital protection for Long Islanders and coastal communities. Today in Lindenhurst, I joined residents to demand Congress extend NFIP and implement reforms that better protect homeowners from failure to pay out when disaster strikes.
Jonny camacho @_jonnybadass🔁You haven’t been in an islanders house to be saying best 😭? ?
Gekko Pap @Gekko_Pap🔁 Islanders are still considered by many to be the last true dynasty in pro sports as the last team to win four conse cutive titles. They might have won five if the '84 Finals had been 2-2-1-1-1 instead of 2-3-2 with Game 5 at the Coliseum w/Isles coming back from 3-1.
Maple Leafs News @budsallday34🔁I want to take a moment to thank Lou Lamoriello for everything that he has done to brings the team to where they ar e today. I wish Lou the best of luck with the Islanders next season
KMUZ Now Playing @KMUZNowPlaying🔁The Waikiki Islanders - Enchanted Isle
mr. porzingis @MackVogrot🔁@alanhahn I’m not a hockey guy but this islanders hiring kind of sounds like Phil coming to the @nyknicks
ABU Media @Bunkyo_Media🔁Great, now first order of biz: re-sign @91Tavares #NHL #hockey #Islanders
Michael Cohen @Islessince77🔁Lou Lamoriello has been hired by the to run hockey operations, meaning Garth Snow will lose power, according to The Athletic. The Gotham hockey staff reacts (and rejoices) here:
Saad Hassan @Skillocity🔁Man I'm not liking all these "what ifs" associated with Lou going the Islanders. They were the one team I was hoping would take a downswing in this freakin stacked division
jason ecarnot @JasonEcarnot🔁 on on Lou Lamoriello coming to the : "Today was pivotal. It could be what could change the fortunes of the franchise for the New York Islanders."
IsiahTAWPIN’ @IsiahTAWPIN🔁I believe the reason why so many Pacific Islanders struggle so much with mental health is because we come from a culture, where we're taught at a young age that showing emotions are a sign of weakness. With no outlet to express and cope, these feelings are left undealt.
Felicia Pisarz @FPisarz🔁@alanhahn thank you so much for talking Isles! You have made my night! Let’s go Islanders 🏒🏒🏒
Hot Diggity Dog @scole17🔁Happy Lou Lamoriello Day to everyone, especially the haters and losers (of which there were many) who called me a "moron" and "dumbass" for Snow Must Go Billboards! MAKE THE ISLANDERS GREAT AGAIN!
ionxtreme 🇨🇦 @IonXtremeXR🔁Lou Lamoriello's first act as the president of hockey ops for the Islanders:
#Islanders #LouLamoriello
Stefano @Stef_n_OH🔁How ironic that this draft the Leafs lose a 3rd round pick as compensation for Lou Lamoriello. Now he's negotiating for the Islanders while being paid by the Leafs.
Mike Corcoran @MikeCorcoranNHL🔁A Toronto Maple Leafs employee is talking to the biggest soon-to-be UFA still under contract with the New York Island ers and the NHL is ok with it. (Gonna go out on a limb here and guess he was not asking about the weather.)

I love this league so much.

Cory Lavalette @corylav🔁Disappointing turn of events for the Islanders ... whither Cal Clutterbuck’s facial hair with Lou coming on board?
Tom Gulitti @TomGulittiNHL🔁IF Lou Lamoriello is going to the Islanders, as is being reported multiple places, I wonder if Scott Stevens joins h im there in some capacity to help with their defensive structure.
Kevin @PoorFlory01🔁 Exclusive: Lou Lamoriello will be hired to run Islanders' hockey operations
Nick Licalzi @N_Licalzi🔁He’ll get his money no matter what. Would bet on him going somewhere that gives him a chance to win over the length o f the contract. Lou will help islanders cause there
White Iverson @PVTHeadass🔁 4 owners. 3 arenas. 2 general managers. All for Islanders.
p - Brendan Page @BrendanDrPepper🔁Oh. This could be big for the Islanders. Especially with the Tavares rumors.
Colin M @mattmaniac🔁The Islanders were always going to do whatever it took to keep Tavares. Lamorello was brought in to sign Tavares and save the franchise. If Tavares hit the open market the Islanders were done.
The Alliance @HoustonAMCS🔁Join our partners at May 31st to June 8th, 2018 for nine days of film by & about Asian & Pacific Islanders. Many of these films feature important stories about the experience. Best of all, it's FREE! Register at:
Graham 🇬🇧 @flashgrim🔁Every 21st May, Landing Day is commemorated at in the by both Islanders & the military.
Michele, the Duchess of Excess @inthefade🔁cautiously excited about this. change is GOOD here
Wpg Jets Fan in NY @rider505🔁. Look at my profile- it's there. My other NY license plate is "NHL JETS. And as a side note, my son works for the New York Islanders. Yes, really.
📣SKWIRL GRINDA @SKWIRLGRINDA🔁I loved when The Islanders and Bobby Heenan stole Matilda. They would walk down to the ring with one of those invisib le dog leash things.


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