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Isaiah Thomas Florian Krasniqi @FllokiK🔁 Isaiah Thomas gives his opinion on the blockbuster trade. (h/t @PlayersTribune)
Davien 😎 @begreatdavien_🔁 Nothing's gonna stop IT 😤

(via @Isaiah_Thomas)

Ulysses Bentley IV🎥 @BentleyDoo🔁 The Marathon Continues.. @Isaiah_Thomas
Isaiah Thomas Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁 Right in the feels.

Thank you @Isaiah_Thomas

Isaiah Thomas Trippy @2CupsImTrippy🔁 Isaiah Thomas leaves the Boston Celtics as the franchise’s leader in PPG.
Isaiah Thomas Dinho @arnodecouttere🔁 Isaiah Thomas says goodbye to Boston.
Kiiizzzy @kiz307🔁 It can't be said enough...

Thank you @Isaiah_Thomas

Isaiah Thomas Joao Campos @joao_campos08🔁 Isaiah Thomas played just over two seasons in Boston, but man, they were special.
Isaiah Thomas ace boogie💰™ @loraaron04🔁 Isaiah Thomas is ready to ball in Cleveland.
Isaiah Thomas The Players' Tribune @PlayersTribune🔁Isaiah Thomas says goodbye to Boston.
Isaiah Thomas Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Isaiah Thomas is ready to ball in Cleveland.
Isaiah Thomas @Isaiah_Thomas🔁Goodbye Boston!!
Jam @akosijaaaaam🔁 Goodbye Boston!!
Alkiviadis @adissarvanis34🔁@Isaiah_Thomas You are an eight footer!! ☘️#ThankYouIT ☘️
Douglas Cortez @thyLORDoug🔁@Rachel__Nichols @Isaiah_Thomas GO LAKERS
Omar Al Kaaki @Omar_K_AlKaaki🔁"Cavs fans, let’s get ready to rock and roll" IT
Heart of NBA @HeartofNBA🔁Something about the @Isaiah_Thomas injury story doesn't add up.
Tracy Simmons @TracySi59341807🔁@Isaiah_Thomas You a great player no doubt about that , it's just a new team same game and adding you to the team what a good move...
Raulfo @RAUL_FO🔁@Isaiah_Thomas @juanchohg14 Thanksssssssss
Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁Mentally, emotionally...Isaiah Thomas was everything fan base wants its star to be. He wanted it, too, but didn't get chance to see it thru.
Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁 i would give my life for isaiah thomas
Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁Next year:

Leading scorer: Isaiah Thomas

League MVP: Isaiah Thomas

Finals MVP: Isaiah Thomas

NBA Champions: The Cleveland Isaiah Thomas'

Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁I didn't really doubt Isaiah Thomas would have a classy goodbye for Boston at some point, but that letter was something else.
Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁If there's one definitive section of Isaiah Thomas' incredible first-person narrative of "The Trade" it's this:
Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁Truth from Isaiah Thomas within excellent Players Tribune post. Don't ever begrudge athletes their right to choose.
Kristian Green @ApproveKristian🔁An enormously compelling read from . Here he talks about playing immediately after his sister's death.
Gerard Anthony Naval @gerardnaval🔁.@Isaiah_Thomas Opens Up About Trade, Shows Love For Boston In Letter
Sean Marshall @seanmarshall9🔁 I'm not a Celtics fan but this is amazing
d-rock trot @drocktrot🔁 Isaiah Thomas Spotted Wearing Cavs Gear, Gets Mistaken For Some ‘Kid’ (via @NESN)
Koplan Report @KoplanReport🔁This Is for Boston | By Isaiah Thomas
Carlo @TheCarlo_Kr🔁"I don't agree with it, just personally, and I don't think the Boston Celtics got better by making this trade." -  Isaiah Thomas


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