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Isaiah Thomas Boston MA @BostonMaRR🔁Isaiah Thomas Could Need Hip Surgery; Celtics Star To Meet With Specialists
Isaiah Thomas Team FA @TeamFA🔁How will the Celtics do without Isaiah Thomas tonight?
Isaiah Thomas Екатерина Закирова @yaroslavbedr🔁 "Isaiah Thomas, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas The Engine...don't matter...they all getting swept"
Isaiah Thomas El Guapo @thatjuanguy66🔁 Isaiah Thomas:
2 points/6 assists
0-5 from the field
Isaiah Thomas purplecait @purplecait🔁 There's a chance Isaiah Thomas could need surgery on his injured right hip.
Isaiah Thomas Cam Porter @camporter8🔁 Breaking: Isaiah Thomas has been ruled out for the remainder of the postseason.
Isaiah Thomas 0-4 @RageousKnight🔁 Brad Stevens believes IT may need surgery on his injured hip
Isaiah Thomas Boylieber @king_boylieber🔁 BREAKING: Isaiah Thomas ruled out the remainder of the postseason.
Isaiah Thomas Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁BREAKING: Isaiah Thomas ruled out the remainder of the postseason.
Isaiah Thomas SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Isaiah Thomas has been ruled out for the remainder of the postseason.
Boston Celtics @celtics🔁Isaiah Thomas has been ruled out for the remainder of the postseason. Details here:
Shibby Hayley 🤙🏻🦈 @HayleyBear27🔁Thank you for an incredible MVP-like season. Thank you for giving the team everything you had despite dealing with tragedy. 🙏
baby tay 🖤 @teigh_lur🔁Why athletes don't respect media: Isaiah Thomas plays thru his sister's death, getting teeth knocked out and a torn hip - but he's a quitter
Zack ™ @zperez909🔁Isaiah Thomas overcame grief and pain to put together one of the more mesmerizing seasons in Celtics history.
Skyler Carlin @skyler_carlin🔁Celtics GM Danny Ainge tried to trade Isaiah Thomas last season for a lottery pick, per Jackie MacMullan
BIG FELLA ✊🏾💪🏾 @Ya_boy_kb🔁Isaiah Thomas played excellent despite the death of his sister, constant mouth pain, and a hip injury. What a season. What a story.
Dan Morton @redsoxfaith85🔁How tough is Isaiah Thomas? So tough that his character has earned as much respect as his basketball skills have:
Jared Roy @JaredRobRoy🔁In 2017 Isaiah Thomas had a season unlike anyone - ever - in a Boston Celtics jersey...that's BOSTON CELTICS ! Thanks IT.. it was thrilling
NBA Feeds @nbafeeds_🔁NBA News: Celtics’ Guard Isaiah Thomas Reaches Out To Markelle Fultz : The Boston Celtics had the…
Em @emamacyr🔁Coming from a basketball fan as much as a Celtics fan - thanks to for an incredibly fun season. I really enjoyed it.
Hotep James @LeGoatjames23_🔁Isaiah Thomas 2017:

Regular Season: 28.9 PPG on 54.6% eFG
Conference Finals: 9.5 PPG on 32.0% eFG

He really came up small.

Tanner Bemis @TannerBemis🔁 Al Horford says of Isaiah Thomas, "He gave us everything he had. I know that. I'm very proud of him."
Jay King @ByJayKing🔁Here's a list of quotes from Celtics teammates reacting to the Isaiah Thomas injury news:
Celtics Buzztap @celticsbuzztap🔁masslive​.com >> Al Horford, Gerald Green, Boston Celtics teammates react to Isaiah Thomas' injury
Jeff Smidt @smidtty🔁Legendary season by 💪🏼With the personal tragedy and injuries he's overcome, getting through game 7 was heroic

Bae Lethal. @x_jaeTrilla🔁Isaiah Thomas is easily not only one of my favorite Cs ever,but one of my favorite basketball players ever. I just love his story & heart☘️💚
Colin Donahue @ColinDonkowski🔁I think the Celtics need to move on from the Isaiah Thomas era after this season unfortunately
Melquis Naveo @MlKey_978🔁BREAKING: Isaiah Thomas to play Game 3 because, Aaron, aged 19 (Oklahoma) says that if he wanted to play he can
Ronda Allan @girlsdigsports2🔁 Isaiah Thomas has been ruled out for the remainder of the postseason. Details here:
sourav patel @souravp2k5🔁 Yo, @Isaiah_Thomas, I'll let you touch my tiddies if you can reach them
Fantasy Brothers @dfsnbabros🔁 Lineup note: Marcus Smart will start for injured Isaiah Thomas on Sunday.
Tyler Horky @TylerHorky🔁Texts with Brady. Sneaking into train stations. Voicemails from KG. Watch celebrations.

IT’s legendary season:

F.O.F Bo$$ Key Yatch @Daluminati🔁Isaiah Thomas finishes the Conference Finals averaging 9.5 PPG on 28.0% FG.

That would still be good enough to be an All-Star in MJ's era

ScHool6ro J @JimmyJrJr🔁Isaiah Thomas will consult with specialists to see the best path for his injured hip, with one option being surgery.
Colin Donahue @ColinDonkowski🔁It was a historic season for @Isaiah_Thomas and it was a fun ride.. I'm glad we'll get to see Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown get more time tn
Mr. Motivation @MrMotivation_🔁I liked a @YouTube video Isaiah Thomas & Tristan Thompson Exchange Words | Cavaliers vs Celtics | Game 1 |
T.Happy @TurronHappy🔁Respect @Isaiah_Thomas Salute ✊🏾
Paradox @Feliciaaaamarie🔁"He wants to play through any and all circumstances," Brad Stevens says of Isaiah Thomas. Says IT tried to make case to return in 3Q of Gm 2
Chad Finn @GlobeChadFinn🔁Would you trade Isaiah Thomas straight-up for Kyrie Irving?
Vec @Vec18🔁I know we're going to fight about this, but it's impossible to conclude that Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics have not quit.
LONGLIVEDUKE🖖🏿💙 @GRINDtoSHINE_🔁 Brad Stevens says of Isaiah Thomas, "I was surprised he played Game 7" against Washington.
Josh @Therealjosh18🔁Congrats to on a great season ! You helped lead this team all season and there's more to come..🍀 #celticsnation#It snotluck
Lakers SportSpyder @LakersSpyder🔁[Lakers Nation] NBA News: Celtics’ Guard Isaiah Thomas Reaches Out To Markelle Fultz #Lakers
Kevin Bonfich @KBonfich_23🔁 There is 3x more $$ wagered on Cavs both account and OTC for tonight's Game 3 vs Celtics without Isaiah Thomas.
Jacuzzi Thunderkiss @HibachiSavage🔁Isaiah Thomas has had a rough ass postseason. My goodness
Reed Keller @reedkeller99🔁Isaiah Thomas will miss the rest of the series with a hip injury.

Absolutely legendary season from the dynamite point guard Isaiah Thomas.

Jeff Klausing @DNJ_Klaus🔁 Isaiah Thomas (shook) will not return


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