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Popular tweets tagged with #IrmaRecovery:
#IrmaRecovery First Dude @FirstDudeDDF🔁First Dude so happy & thankful to see all the the power trucks from my stall !
#IrmaRecovery#IrmaRecovery#IrmaRecovery#IrmaRecovery City of Jackson, GA @JacksonGAGov🔁Our street dept helped clean up. They are awesome!! #IrmaRecovery
#IrmaRecovery Jason Beverlin @JasonBeverlin🔁Great job guys, helping with the clean up process. So the rebuilding can start! #IrmaRecovery @BCUDiamondCats
#IrmaRecovery John Patrick ☔️ ABC7 @jpweather🔁Saw the #SWAT in #LehighAcres on my way to the station today. #Irma #IrmaRecovery
#IrmaRecovery Diane @DianeEarnhardt🔁Butcher sayin' "More💦💦💦💦??" How Can One Repair Roofs Now?? 💦😼🙀🙀🙀 #Keep🙏🏻coming.. #IrmaRecovery 🐾🙏🏻🐾
#IrmaRecovery Clayton W Francis @CWFrancis72🔁Still waiting... #nest #Irma #IrmaRecovery #DukeEnergy
#IrmaRecovery#IrmaRecovery Irene Sans @IreneSans🔁Before and after #Irma. South Florida's city lights.. and lack of. #IrmaRecovery #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Gulf Power @GulfPower🔁Our crews are on the way to Tampa, working their way through traffic, to aid in restoration efforts in Florida.
Amy Ruth @alruthHR🔁 begins with organizations working together. Pat Geraghty with the
Dr. Jerri Mc @folkdoc8🔁Beyoncé's hurricane video shows she knows more about science than GOP #handinhand #irmarecovery #harvey #irma2017
Bobby Darrell Watt @rutavala1🔁💥FEMA Estimates💥
25% of Florida Keys homes are gone after Irma😔


Jasmine Alston|Magic @jasTHEEcreative🔁Great job guys, helping with the clean up process. So the rebuilding can start!
Jeremy King @JeremyDavidKing🔁ICYMI: @RegionsNews working to support #IrmaRecovery for customers affected by the storm:
Shaun @HippoJuiceShaun🔁I have successfully removed all the unsightly debris from around my nipples #IrmaRecovery
❤️Immigrants @gingerandmaya🔁
Have power & water but rising floods fill roads in my neighborhood. Looks like little rivers. 1/2 family still w/o power. Hot
(((Wheezy))) @contenteddriver🔁Thanks our friends from Holland Quebec coming down here to help restore our power.
Mario Rodriguez @MundaneTraffic🔁Getting most possible to advise of hazards via GPS sys.
Ms. Deplorable @becksterbo🔁 FYI...Whole Foods in Naples Florida is open and doing cash back with purchase credit cards accepted! Pls RT
Ane Grimaldi @AneVGrimaldi🔁During , we are bringing a little inspiration by offering FL residents $9.99 admission through 9/17!
Lisalynnequinn @RED_Lisalynne🔁 has left devastation across Florida. Your gift can help as we begin rebuilding.
Lena Sheffield @lenalcs🔁#Irmarecovery I'm super spoiled. No electric no Internet yet I know this is 10% of Andrew or Harvey. ThankGod mist Floridian are ok
Air Mobility Command @AirMobilityCmd🔁Airmen load MREs & water onto a C-40 . The base continues to be a hub for units readying to support .
Marlon A. Hill @MarlonAHill🔁ALERT! #IrmaRecovery @Aerotek is recruiting up to 1,000 general laborer positions for @MiamiDadeCounty clean up. Call 305-908-6007 @WLRN
Dr. Michael, PhD @nbx909🔁There are nearly 0 tweets under regarding Puerto Rico and USVI. Don't forget these places were hit especially hard.
Ozzie @OsmayTorres🔁Headed to FL Keys Sunday (9/17)...text me your name, cell #, & email to (757) 404-3532 if interested...more to follow!!


CJ ⚒ @cjmoose🔁 I-75 in Florida at Santa Fe River 9/13/17 2PM #IrmaRecovery
Kay Designer 🌎 @KayDesigner🔁After read tweets, I ache for those that lost homes 💔 + w/o ! 🙏🏽 I'm still waiting to hear from my cousins there .
PowerCorpofAmerica @PCAPower🔁Southeast Power Crews from Texas assist in for Sumterville Electric Cooperative. Restoring power to 1800+ homes.
DazzlingMerrie @Coolharley59🔁You want H2O? We got it! 8550 Astronaut Blvd, 'til 7p. No ID needed. 1 case/car.💦💧
Aaron Krause @journ1🔁 INTERNET IS BACK HurricaneIrma #internet #timetoedit #IrmaRecovery #IrmaRelief #editingiseverything
C. Mark Leathers @RedskinsCMark🔁Here's why you don't siphon gas with a Shop-Vac. (H/T )
Sir. Bikes Alot @LuKeJmCd🔁1. is just beginning, but when we Band Together we can and will Rebuild from the Devastation

Find Resources Below to help 👇

The Drifting Drinker @driftingdrinker🔁In case you missed it yesterday, NEW BLOG POST. 5 Most Scenic Bars in Clearwater Beach,
Kial Irvin @Kial_Irvin🔁Teco electric restored power to half the subdivision and didnt even walk dont the street before saying we all have power. #IrmaRecovery
Mary Powers @mlp60🔁So very sad!!!!! #IrmaRecovery #NursingHomes
DazzlingMerrie @Coolharley59🔁 Yes, someone was inside when this tree came crashing in! @wsbtv 5pm #IrmaRecovery #StormWatchOn2
Ursula Burgess @UrsulaBurgess🔁After the storm, neighbors are coming together to rebuild communities across the Southeast.
Marie @Marie_lillyJ🔁As life returns to St. Augustine Beach, the effects of are all around. in .
Aaron Krause @journ1🔁Who wants me to upload????? StartSpreadingTheNews
Michelle Masse @ShellyMasse🔁St. Augustine damage makes me sad. 😔 Such an awesome place #StAugustine #IrmaRecovery
Patton GSD 🇺🇸⚓️ @GSDPatton🔁#IrmaRecovery ...if you have to be reminded not to run your generator inside....🤔
Berry Enloe @BerryEnloe🔁Basically you don't own anything. If the government doesn't want you to go home then there is no home. #IrmaRecovery
hey there @hipal5🔁 People in the islands lost completely everything holy fuck. Don't forget about who was hurt the most. #IrmaRecovery
Philomena Gabriel @Alchemist900🔁Big 💦☔️💦💦💦💦💦 Storm Now in S. Florida... 🙏🏻 'MyHead and 🙏🏻 for those in need of roofs.. 🙏🏻🤗🙏🏻
Dino Armani @dinoarmani1🔁POWER BACK ON!! FINALLY I CAN SHOWER! #IrmaRecovery #StPeteRecovers #FloridaStrong #DisasterRecovery #hotshower #NIGHTMARE #hotmeal #power
FTVLive @FTVLive🔁Great.... Internet just went down at the FTVLive World HQ. #IrmaRecovery
Kim Yasmin Khan @KimYasminKhan🔁 It's official, South Florida has no idea how to treat a down light as a 4 way stop. #Irma #IrmaRecovery
DazzlingMerrie @Coolharley59🔁 #IrmaRecovery Number of deaths at this nursing home now rises to 8!
Peggy Aldridge @Aldrpeg4🔁 thank God for Publix just got coffee 1st time in days!
Publix at Pelican Bay Naples Florida serving hot coffee ❤💋 pls RT
Fr. Despósito @FrDesposito🔁We just got our power back. Thank you for your prayers! #IrmaRecovery
Tracey wilson @artytrace🔁
Going to rain Thursday and Friday. Flood waters still a danger. Lucky to have only minor home damage. Many remain in shelters
Clearwater Aquarium @CMAquarium🔁During , we are bringing a little inspiration by offering FL residents $9.99 admission through 9/17!
MTL @MTL613🔁 88 pounds of supplies headed out today to those affected by Irma! #IrmaRecovery
Tracey wilson @artytrace🔁
Debris piled 4-5 feet high in front of homes. Gas arriving today. Many homeless. Lucky to have tall SUV. steamy hot
Sheri @qcheur🔁An exasperating hunt for gasoline in as 's evacuees scramble to come home.
CSSE MB Chapter @CSSEMBChapter🔁 It's in the Water: Protecting Hurricane Recovery Workers via @jbarab #WorkerSafety #IrmaRecovery
Lena Sheffield @lenalcs🔁 A slow return to normalcy. Take time to count your blessings and help anyone you can! #IrmaRecovery
ManAboutTheHouse @ManAbootHoose🔁 Deeply worrying: #avfc #bcfc #IrmaRecovery
sincerely, kiy. 🌻 @NaturalQueenKiy🔁Power was only restored in my bedroom 🤦🏾‍♀️ #IrmaRecovery
DazzlingMerrie @Coolharley59🔁 tore thru' 's agricultural heartland. Let's remember the growers
Tim Gauthier @IDstewardship🔁🌴🌀🌴 What it's been like in Miami this week 📲 cc:
Insulin for Life USA @Insulin4LifeUSA🔁88 pounds of supplies headed out today to those affected by Irma! #IrmaRecovery
Bradley Burdette @creditease🔁I haven't sweat this much since basis training. #IrmaRecovery
DawnneIsDisgusted @ExcusesAreLies🔁After Hurricane Irma, U.S. Virgin Islands residents feel forgotten
Stacey Thacker @staceythacker🔁Love our community pulling together! #IrmaRecovery
Florida For Trump @bigboater88🔁 I hear many complaining that they didn't have power for 2 days. I'll trade you my destroyed home for your inconvenience.
Cathy R. @crucker73🔁 and Asst. Principal Dunbar rolling up their sleeves for !
ÅMen @DebugAngel🔁While he's there, maybe can check if our power came back on? 😂😂😂
Alan S Pransky @PranskyA🔁This is awesome 5 miles from my house! that is so kind of you guys. Have power so not going.
DazzlingMerrie @Coolharley59🔁Some pics of our guys as they got ready to leave for Florida this morning.


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