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#Irma XWIG @XWIG🔁#Harvey #IRMA "With a Friend Like Him, They Didn’t Need Enemies" by PARUL SEHGAL via NYT nytimes.com
#Irma XRIM Money @XRIM🔁

Russia gears up for a big Syria offensive

— Bloombe bloom.bg rg (business) Septembe…

#Irma Sky Born Visual @skybornvisual🔁#keylargo #community #park looking really good after #Irma can you imagine the sound of the batt hitting the ball?
#Irma XWIG @XWIG#Harvey #IRMA "A Roundup of the Season’s Romance Novels" by ROBE🔁//www.nytimes.com/2017/09/26/books/review/macomber-steel-james-romance.html?partner=IFTTT" target="_blank">nytimes.com
#Irma Sky Born Visual @skybornvisual🔁@flkeysdronepros #keylargo #drone perspective #irma changed a lot of people's perspectives here for the better.
#Irma XRIM Money @XRIM🔁

ABC grabs the evening news crown with a fast-moving show and David Muir

—… bloom.bg

#Irma XRIM Money @XRIM🔁

Britain's Labour party plans to bring public projects "back in-house"

— B… bloom.bg

#Irma#Irma#Irma baila habana @baila_habana🔁Donations for homeless people in Cuba because of #irma
Paul Dellegatto⚡️FOX @PaulFox13🔁Wow! Watch eye of move over Naples followed by dramatic wind shift as back side of storm moves overhead. Credit: Rya twitter.com n Potter
U.S. Dept of Defense @DeptofDefense🔁. from the 602nd Support Medical Co. return to , , continuing relief operations following and . twitter.com
Philip Klotzbach @philklotzbach🔁The Atlantic has now generated more Accum. Cyclone Energy in September 2017 than in any other calendar month on recor twitter.com d.
Gina Pelloni @GPdogma🔁If you lost your food supplies due to , follow for food distribution sites: .
Drew Phone, Who Dis? @thegnc🔁Wow! Watch eye of move over Naples followed by dramatic wind shift as back side of storm moves overhead. Credit: Ryan Potter
PROUD AMERICAN GENUG @GENUG🔁 in !!!!!!!! wait a minute. sorry!! this caused by . twitter.com
Elja @eljaaax3🔁Millions affected by disasters like #HurricaneMaria + #Irma. @JY_LeDrian, @angealfa,@margotwallstrom will you pledge funds to rebuild lives?

Merkel allies propose new post for Schaeuble, adding to the chancellor’s complex task … bloom.bg

Maverick™ 🎤 @spooney35🔁13 ŦЩΞΞTs about Players taking a knee instead of Trump working on PR/VI relief for and twitter.com
Jamal D. Burise @jamaldburise🔁We are with you, PR. We're matching up to $1M for , & relief. Give with us :
Stefanie Sirén @MsSiren🔁This shark is apparently swimming around the interwebz agan. Beware. #harvey #irma #maria twitter.com
AgainstBethMoore @against_beth🔁Still haven't heard from @BethMooreLPM about contributing proceeds from simulcast 2 #Harvey #Irma Is Beth buying a plane like @JoyceMeyer?
NACAC @NACAC🔁Free SAT registrations and CSS Profile fee waivers offered to students impacted by hurricanes twitter.com
Amanda P. @LivingUnited🔁Looking forward to joining! @healthcharities #Irma #Harvey #zebrachat #twitterchat #disasterrelief #DisasterRecovery twitter.com
Junita Stribbling @Chutney38🔁UK Navy has a huge presence in post- but I haven't spoken to a SINGLE resident who has got aid. Disgraceful.
XRIM Money @XRIM🔁#Harvey #IRMA

How being anxious can make you more successful money.us

— Money (MONEY) September 26, 2017

Nichole Manna @NicholeManna🔁 Some amazing footage- watch the winds slow down and then switch over Naples in #Irma twitter.com
#IncomeTax @JaboursTx🔁 extends waiver of diesel fuel penalty following continuing shortage of undyed diesel due to Hurricane .
ReaganRepublican @StillNeverTrump🔁Between Sept 7-14, 23 of 44 tweets were about
Between Sept 18-26, only 6 of 96 tweets were about (but 22 were abou twitter.com t the
Florida SERT @FLSERT🔁Learn what to throw out & clean after a disaster like or with tips from our guide:
Florida SERT @FLSERT🔁If you have open cuts that were exposed to cleanup, wash w/ soap and water and apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent an infection.
Conch Chatter @MicheleGodtel🔁Beware what lie beneath the surface after Parasail just towed this in for us to haul out after they almost hit it! twitter.com
Dominic Manchee @somersolvit🔁. Shame no recent Sentinel-3 pre-operational data available in portal, covering Europe or Hurricanes and twitter.com
PROUD AMERICAN GENUG @GENUG🔁, and - one by , the other two by ....although governance by all three: hmmm twitter.com
Elizabeth Perry @plumberbuzz🔁It's arrived! Our special delivery of produce has made it to Georgia for Hurricane victims.
Hawaii Shira @HawaiiShira🔁Notice @cnn has not brought Russell Honore in to talk about #PuertoRicoDisaster He was front & center for #Harvey & #Irma
#Maria is worse
Julian Hill @julian47hill🔁Find out more about the 's contribution to relief efforts in the Caribbean after Hurricane at
Matthew Shugart @laderafrutal🔁September 2017 has generated the most major hurricane days (17.5) of any calendar month in the Atlantic on record.
Richard Vogt @Rvogt1_cba🔁As & efforts continue, has again surged for . Despite working to their limits, our men & women are all in
Living Democracy @HealHealthcare🔁Hurricanes #Harvey, #Irma, and #Maria show that cell phone towers need redesign in Hurricane prone areas. @ATT @TMobile @sprint @verizon
Michael James DeGeor @MDegeor🔁Here’s how you’ve helped so far by contributing to our Disaster Relief Program. !
Hannah Morse @mannahhorse🔁Utilities Dir. Mike Gore is giving @ManateeGov commissioners an update on #Irma storm debris recovery

The final price prediction from the oil trader known as "God" seems to have come true … bloom.bg


Senator Shelby says he doesn't think Trump will reappoint Yellen to the Fed … bloom.bg


Could Trump's comments on the NFL impact Nike or other athletic apparel retailers? … bloomberg.com


Irish authorities expect the Brexit transition to extend beyond the 2-year time line … bloom.bg

Allen Warner @InterpreterDad🔁This week's Report provides the latest on the ongoing response to , &
Junita Stribbling @Chutney38🔁Sandy Ground looking grim 3 weeks after . Island faces months of recovery. No water or electricity for foreseeable future.
ccchicky @ccchicky🔁 Houston's Flotek hurt by #Irma impact on oranges chron.com via @houstonchron
Andrew F Mease, P.A. @AndrewMease🔁Friday, help us support our local community by donating the following items during our match
BRINK News @BRINKNewsNow🔁Understand why SMEs are often hit hardest by #naturaldisasters like #Harvey & #Irma: brinknews.com
Martín Ramos @tinchooramos🔁Climate change didn’t cause , but did make it much stronger, scientists in Germany say bloomberg.com
ISA Interchange @ISA_Interchange🔁ISA members are supporting victims of recent hurricanes & earthquakes. Here's how u can help: twitter.com
Jalisa White @jalisawhitefl🔁🗣New Episode Alert! Click the link to hear what President Martin had to say about the semester changes 👀
Diana @deathgirI🔁What kind of home is this for the ocean's top predator ? Then you leave her to face . Unconscionable

Darrigo Diaz Jimenez @DDJlawfirm🔁The @RedCross & #Goodwill have teamed up to provide #shelter, #food, and comfort to those who were affected by #Irma abcactionnews.com
Roxy Kickingbird @RoxyKickingbird🔁NEW fact sheet has latest on & response in including activities w/

Why disgraced CEOs like Equifax's Richard Smith get to 'retire' instead of being fired

— Alicia A money.us d…

Jane Haddo @jan77hd🔁Fab to see local businesses on bounce back after . Thanks Saucez for such a delicious lunch. I'll be back!
Eagle Radio - FGCU @FGCUeagleradio🔁🗣New Episode Alert! Click the link to hear what President Martin had to say about the semester changes 👀 twitter.com
Eric Blake 🌀 @EricBlake12🔁Some amazing footage- watch the winds slow down and then switch over Naples in #Irma twitter.com
Junita Stribbling @Chutney38🔁4 hours queuing in for limited cash and fuel post-. Where is the govt? Coming up on 3 weeks: NO safe water or food plan.
PROUD AMERICAN GENUG @GENUG🔁#Irma or #Democrats? democrats. twitter.com
Disaster Culture @DisasterCulture🔁Robert Ficociello and Robert Bell discuss the language we use to talk about and on the blog
Kiki @Diesel_Kiki🔁.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump temporary #JonesAct waivers are needed for PR/VI relief #Maria #irma #VirginIslands #PurertoRico

Sen. Grassley says bills to block Trump from firing Mueller might be unconstitutional … bloom.bg

Johny Fernandez @jfernandezwftv🔁I spoke with a family that lives at the Boca Vista apartments. They say it took almost 2 weeks for management to get twitter.com them help after
Danny Magoo @DanUppity🔁Again, these items will be collected at Friday's match and will support those in need following from both Immokalee and Lee County
richard payne @RCRchaplinsword🔁"It's hard to describe the destruction on ...almost everything was wiped out after "- .


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