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Irma JewelLois @pheezylois🔁 In pictures: Florida after Irma
Irma James Foster Jr. @PsltorchJames🔁 Florida's citrus industry impacted by Hurricane Irma's wrath
Irma Roz Usheroff @rozusheroff🔁And in the end, only one thing matters... #ThursdayThoughts #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
🌻 @imani_makhii🔁 This guys saving dogs!!! #hurricane #storm #miami #irma
BlackVelvet @BlackVelvet_77🔁 Youri Kemp tells #ABCTheWorld the Caribbean needs international help NOW in the wake of #Irma @bevvo14
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁With Irma and Harvey devastation, Tax Cuts and Tax Reform is needed more than ever before. Go Congress, go!
David Jolly @DavidJollyFL🔁To be honest, I haven't heard a single person displaced by Irma this week ask for a tax cut. They want food, fuel, a nd electricity.
Pattie Mallette @pattiemallette🔁We have amazingly raised millions so far but Hurricanes Harvey and Irma may have caused up to $200 BILLION damage!
William McCauley @MrrWilly🔁@CBS I've sent all access feedback twice in the last week. All I get back is a message due to Irma we're experiencing delayed response times
Monique @ Meritage @McurryCurry🔁Florida’s smart grid needs serious repairs after Hurricane Irma.
Yolian Ortiz FOX46 @YolianFOX46🔁City crews made it to Jacksonville to help restore power after . They join crews from all over to help.
Calolo Martin @calolotheman🔁The Wreckage Left in Irma's Path Across the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S. - 35 photos of the damage & survivors:
Paul Hay @PHCJam🔁 - British troops arrive in to assess damage following Hurricane Irma -
Rayhan Daudani @RayDomEnergy🔁Thank you! But we've got to give credit to our phenomenal partner for this one. Make sure you today! @latestcanada(The Province):#Harvey, #Irma winds could topple German re-insurer's profits : FRANKFU🔁//" target="_blank">
PamPam ✨ @pamela_mariie_🔁 The most damage Hurricane Irma did was destroy my upcoming paycheck🙃
Non existent! @yikexxxx🔁I fled Florida to avoid Irma only to come home to no power OR cell service this bitch rlly rocked my shit! FUCK! We livin like Amish folk!
Andrienne Hubbard @MsOCHubbard🔁Pres. Trump heads to Florida today to meet with survivors. See what's happening in politics today:
Frank Little @gulagPittsburgh🔁Oil sanctions against Venezuela less likely after Harvey and Irma, sources say
Beet Hive Stream 🎨 @yceek🔁'Real Housewives' star criticized over tone-deaf Irma photo
Anita Snow @asnowreports🔁Irma pushes Florida's poor closer to the edge of ruin (from @AP)
Unwearying Female @A_Ship_At_Sea🔁Awesome chainsaw-wielding nun helps with cleanup effort in Florida amid devastation left by Irma:

Raymond Lewis @RaymondLewis8🔁I liked a @YouTube video Milo, Irma, and a Couple of Idiots
Jko @julie_koza🔁To be honest, I haven't heard a single person displaced by Irma this week ask for a tax cut. They want food, fuel, and electricity.
Lee Corporal @fa078a2fetc🔁Huge shout out to app & for incredible work during you guys made save evac & timely return possible.
Xody @JennnyXJ9🔁 someone give hurricane Irma a damn xan
angel greenhaw @angelgould1🔁Sam's Club Waives Membership Fees To Help Irma Victims!
Vickie WB @VickieWashing17🔁Florida woman who evacuated from Irma with her children won $10,000 in lottery scratch-off ticket in North Carolina
CRS Helping Hands @CRSHelpingHands🔁Donate to for through & they'll match your donation! Give today: .
Alfred Hernandez @alfredanchor🔁@thehill @realDonaldTrump

Understandably, it sounds like Harvey & Irma put a damper on our concrete boarder wall

James Foster Jr. @PsltorchJames🔁"You're gonna pay a lot more for orange juice": Florida's citrus industry dealt major blow by Irma's wrath


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