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Jason O Callaghan @JOCzerr🔁 England v Ireland. In London. On St. Patrick's Day. 🤞#HomeAdvantage #ENGvIRE
IrelandIrelandIrelandIreland ananda.valavista @yadek99🔁 Ireland 🇮🇪 #StPatricksDay
ga/hg/og/dc updates @gaplinupdates🔁 WE WON!!


#SixNations 🇮🇪

IrelandIreland Nialler ❤︎ @hissmilenjh🔁Japan and Ireland celebrating St. Patricks Day aka Niall Horan’s Day! ☘️
ART...Is @Artis_Elemental🔁 Because there's more to Ireland than green beer. Happy #StPatricksDay...
IrelandIrelandIrelandIreland Qingping MA @qmaaj🔁 Grand parade held in Dublin of Ireland to mark Saint Patrick's Day, turning city into sea of colors, joy
Ireland Irish Rugby @IrishRugby🔁Full Time score - England 15-24 IRELAND. IRELAND win the Grand Slam! #ShoulderToShoulder #TeamOfUs #ENGvIRE
The White House @WhiteHouse🔁"This week as we celebrate the life of the Apostle of Ireland, we thank you, Taoiseach, for bringing us a bit of gree nery and natural beauty from your country."
Mark Hamill @HamillHimself🔁I met Ireland's President Michael Higgins as guest of "honour" at Dublin's epic Parade, had a thrilling, unforgettab le experience AND avoided creating an international incident. All things considered, a Win-Win.👍
Thank You 🇮🇪!
ross @rossrhys83🔁Well played Ireland on the rugby and on st Patrick’s Day too
ferg AL @fergalhorizon🔁"Illegally obtaining and taking an abortion pill can result in a 14 year prison sentence. How long is the average sentence for a rapist in Ireland? 5-7 years and that's if it even makes it to trial." as on International Women's Day. Graphic by A Furlong.
Eccles @BruvverEccles🔁Yes, Ireland was more Catholic in those days.
Candice B. @Candou__🔁Ireland forced a pregnant 12 year old to travel for an abortion. A fucking CHILD. Adding to the trauma that’ll no doubt affect her for life. This is the reality of the 8th amendment.
Layne Staley @Ebaby_69🔁Shout out to all those REAL irish out here in Toronto man . I love you all. We’re out here immigrant life my g. Free Ireland till the day I die
The MacPhees @TMacphees🔁Today we march in the parade in celebration of the success and contribution of Irish women behind every great county in Ireland, and in solidarity with each and every woman who travelled from the 32 counties of Ireland to Britain for abortion services.
St Mary's College 🇸🇴 @StMarysCSSp🔁Our five in yesterday's Grand Slam win. Vinny Hammond (IRFU High Performance Analyst), Jack McGrath (Prop), Jonatha n Sexton (Outhalf), Paul Dean (Ireland Manager), Jeff Blackburn (Analyst).
THANK U NIALL @Nouri0531Latif🔁Find someone who loves you as much as Ireland loves Niall


Barry Richards @orangebuddy48🔁This is your chance to win a vacation to Ireland & instant cash prizes. Enter now!
Gavan Reilly @gavreilly🔁🌨️ We're taking the celebrations indoors. 🌨️

Live at 4pm: Ireland's Grand Slam - every moment to savour.
In studio:
Snow Molloy
Melt Williams
Sleet Jennings
Avalanche Quinlan

Lyn Kimberley @plantsofavalon🔁Succulent Plants in Flower at The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, D... via @YouTube
Juny Martina Labá 🍉 @JunyMartina🔁Monthly minimum wage, 2016.

Luxembourg: €1922
Belgium: €1501
Netherlands: €1501
Ireland: €1461
France: €1457
Germany: €1440
UK: €1378
Slovenia: €790
Spain: €756
Malta: €720
Greece: €683
Portugal: €589
Turkey: €424
Poland: €409
Hungary: €332
Albania: €159

martina Nugent @dubstarr73🔁Ireland's Grand Slam. Rugby's Greatest Championship.
Jim Scanlon @jimscanlon63🔁Taxpayers also bailed out bondholders, among them - a subsidiary.
Brian Hillery of was chairman of & in , when he met w Fin Min Lenihan. Whose citizens was he looking out for, ?

David Brent bets IPL @DavidBrentIPL🔁 ireland dont seem to have much talent coming through. Same faces been around for nearly a decade.
brendan gavin @upyaboya🔁Coastline Radio Ireland
val loves calum ( fan account 🙄 )✨ |29 days! @calumsafetypin🔁Can you believe Ireland had this float for st Patrick’s Day, Ireland loves Niall more than anyone else let’s be real
CLiotto @CLiotto🔁Congratulations to Ireland! Winning the Grand Slam on . Fantastic performance.
Madelaine @STEELCHIFFON🔁The 8th amendment has killed women. I honestly don't know why this hasn't been talked about more. Every person in Ireland should know this. Its the number 1 (imo) of the
Tony S @TonyLfc24🔁Oh and I honestly think paddy’s day is celebrated better In Liverpool than it is in Ireland 😂
Catholic Is Our Core @Catholicisourco🔁On this Feast of St. Patrick, the great Missionary to Ireland, we strive to follow his example of evangelization to the margins of our society!
Dee @deirdrenugent4🔁Ireland’s darkest, oddest and weirdest secrets uncovered
Jim Watson @jimwatsonMBA🔁“I went out to fight for Ireland’s freedom and it does not matter what happens to me. I did what I thought was right and I stand by it.” –Constance Markievicz
ً @SEVNALlAS🔁BBCSport: "Grand Slams are special things and they are rare things. You do not fluke them and you do not pass up the chance to celebrate them in a way you will never forget."

How Ireland left England behind.


Nuffield Ireland @NuffieldIreland🔁Panelist at Nuffield Ireland event 'Fake news & its implications for agriculture - 'Dr. Doreen Corridan, Munster Catt le Breeding, Doreen advised beef & Diary farmers on genetics, animal breeding, and animal health issues. BOOKING ESSENTIAL
FlatEarthRemoaner 🌍 @DanDareMeekon🔁@BraidenGB Possibly, however I do think she was trying to be ironic and not having a dig at Ireland.
Colin Rall @ColinRall🔁@Eoin16 why aren't you in McGettigan's watching Ireland v Scotland in the ODI World Cup qualifier champ? Good game unfolding
Jacob Barr @JacobBarr26🔁"Grand Slams are special things and they are rare things. You do not fluke them and you do not pass up the chance to celebrate them in a way you will never forget."

How Ireland left England behind.


Robert Colleran @RobbieColleran🔁England 15 Ireland 24: Ireland player ratings
Cricket World Cup @cricketworldcup🔁We're live on Facebook with and as Scotland chase 272 to win against Ireland!



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