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#Iraq#Iraq#Iraq#Iraq Gautam Rao @bgautamrao🔁 #Kurdistan: Erbil city celebrates independence from #Iraq referendum results.
#Iraq Megan Harris @megann_harriss🔁Prominent Kurdish MP: #Independence_referendum in northern #Iraq marred by fraud,violence


#Iraq News Rotator @NewsRotator🔁#Iraq Orders Kurdistan to Surrender Its #Airports nytimes.com
#Iraq#Iraq#Iraq Gautam Rao @bgautamrao🔁 #Iraq Armed Forces arrived in Silopi to conduct joint military maneuvers with Armed Forces of #Turkey.
#Iraq Taşkentli🇹🇷Bahadır @kaya_baha🔁 #Turkey’s presidential aide slams poll in northern #Iraq
#Iraq (((WilhelmHolz))) @WilhelmineHoelz🔁 Praise God! Hope is rising from the dust in #Iraq:
Tarek Fatah @TarekFatah🔁As #Iraq dies, #Kurdistan is born - My column from 2014. tarekfatah.com
Strategic Sentinel @StratSentinel🔁#Iran requests its citizens currently living or traveling in northern #Iraq to leave the region within 48 hours. twitter.com
Strategic Sentinel @StratSentinel🔁The results of the are in. The vote is overwhelmingly in favor of independence. Now what’s does, , , do twitter.com
Danza Deliranza @Danzadeliranza🔁#US Congressman introduces bill backing #Kurdistan right to self-determination #Rojava #Iraq #Erdogan rudaw.net
Ihsan Yorulmaz @IhsanYorulmaz3🔁 | Brigades (): is a traitor w/ his separatist project & we will deal with him just as we treated .
iCycloCX @iCycloCX🔁#NoKo not threatening anyone until @POTUS #rhetoric. Trying to make name for himself like #Bush w/ #Iraq. @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @CNN
Fearchar/飛鶴 @fear_eile🔁Key facts on the in
Inga Rogg @ingarogg🔁Acting Kurdish prez Barzani claims victory in independence vote. #KurdistanReferendum #Iraq presidency.krd
Beatriz @beatriz_er🔁 #Hezbollah Brigades(#Iraq) Spox:
#Zionist & #America|n enemies are behind separation project of #Kurdistan Region.
Beatriz @beatriz_er🔁 #Hezbollah Brigades(#Iraq) Spox:
#Barzani is a big treator + practices dictatorship against #Kurd|ish people.
Beatriz @beatriz_er🔁 #Hezbollah Brigades(#Iraq) Spox:
#Barzani benefited from #Daesh's entry in Iraq, as he is partner in the #IS project.
Goddess Sierra @Goddess_Sierra🔁 Brigades() Spox:
What appeared on media is sufficient to prove 's cooperation w/ , which is a great betrayal.
Faye Zibari @FayeZibari🔁Gone with the Referendum: a Kurdish man destroying his Iraqi passport on the day of

Amer Salih @AmerBIZ🔁Where are the Sunnis of #Iraq? Not the goons in Baghdad but actual Sunni movement w/ grassroot support #Kurdistan #KurdistanReferendum
Charles Lohr III @lohr_iii🔁A good number of Evangelics are hypocrites, they gave us GW & & now &
Goddess Sierra @Goddess_Sierra🔁 Brigades() Spox:
won't declare his state, referendum is worthless & the resistance has a series of measures to take
WowWow @wowscasino🔁 Shahed 129 drone strike near the and border (eng)

0:08 - glide bomb homing in whit Television guidance (TGM)

farzan @irfarzan🔁If Shi'a truly run then we suffered just as much if not more at the hands of Saddam so throwing Anfal in our faces is pointless.
Nisanth V Easwar @niktheblue94🔁 Squads of teams in Group F of #FIFAU17WC! #England, #Chile, #Mexico and #Iraq! #FootballTakesOver
AW WA @AW9010🔁 support & protect the . violently prostituted & threatened the Yazidis 2 vote .I am Yazidi Iraqi!!
Ali @HaidaraAbbas🔁Baghdad must give Yezidi, Christian, Shabak and Turkmen minorities in northern the support and resources needed to defend their land.
Honey @HoneyAirborne🔁. & work w/partners to restore water in Ba’ashiqah, , a community liberated from ISIS
Independence Vote – Progress or Danger?

farzan @irfarzan🔁Common interests shouldn't mask the fact that is one of the biggest terror sponsors in the region and is the biggest victim.
AW WA @AW9010🔁New cross installed at the entrance of the historic town of , .
(ر) M3D (ن) @Dejaily🔁 Lost city in #Iraq founded by Alexander the Great discovered by archaeologists independent.co.uk
SAM Volhov @SAM_Volhov🔁 #Iraq|i and #Turkish forces make joint drills in #Turkey<>#Kurdistan border area.
D.D @unclexdana🔁 blocked share of the budget in 2014. Now they want to block Kurdistan's airspace. Where is the public outcry?
English NEWS @IRNANews🔁Political vacuum provides new opportunity for terrorists: Official #Iran #Iraq #Amir_Abdollahian irna.ir
Dr Jaber Alsiwat @jsiwat🔁3.4 million votes counted in referendum, 91% ✔️ independence. No longer about result but what's next.
Andrey Shkuro @ShkuroAndrey🔁During ops in eastern Shirqat, 's forces liberated the following villages 🇮🇶
•Tal Ghazal,
•Dumat Aziz,
Andrey Shkuro @ShkuroAndrey🔁's Hashd Al-Sha'abi is flooding into southwestern Kirkuk. Important development with regard to the current political situation.
nina paronian @ninaparonian🔁

PM Abadi of set a 72hrs ultimatum for Kurdistan to hand over all airports & bordercrossings to the Iraqi Federal government

JacksonvilleMilitary @JacksMilLife🔁Sep 25, forces conducted 40 strikes consisting of 52 engagements against in & . MORE:
ciaone @JoshFactor_🔁 #Erdogan Warns of 'Ethnic War' Risk over Iraqi Kurdish Independence aml.ink #Iraq #Kurds #Turkey
Lesa M. Bible @Summerbreezeme2🔁 #Iraq vs Turkey: Baghdad issues ultimatum, threatens with NATO, UN agendaofevil.com
Mojtaba @mojtaba062🔁Russian Forces Set up Military Bridge over Euphrates River near Deir Ezzur #Iran #Syria #Iraq
Ash @beatnikjourno🔁#Turkey running drills. Bordering #Iraq post #Kurdishreferendum, concerns high aljazeera.com
Conflictwatcher@帰国困難 @Conflictwatcher🔁 Brigades() Spox:
We hope that we won't fight a battle against , which is different from Gangs.
bleepfizz @bleepfizz🔁's children return to school after ISIS defeat: "We are not giving up on learning!" v/
directdemocracyuk @lordfec2🔁The state which criminally violated sovereignty in invading calls on world to respect Iraq sovereignty.
Ash @beatnikjourno🔁#Kirkuk to watch in post #Kurdishreferndum disputes with #Iraq
Nunya Business @naenae61_grp🔁 #Daesh sniper has young #Iraq soldier pinned.......watch what happens agendaofevil.com
Alex @kasparkramer🔁USA are threatened by the world's highest oil reserves in Venezuela - this is the NeoCons' spin
remember (1953) and twitter.com servicemen
Ash @beatnikjourno🔁back in #Iraq: #Abadi wants gov't & military posts in #Kurdish regions to be handed over by the wknd. due to #Kurdishreferendum
AJSB @A_J_S_B🔁#Iraq|i and #Turkish forces make joint drills in #Turkey<>#Kurdistan border area.
Caroline Gluck @carogluck🔁Yazidi IDP Najlaa back in after urging more spprt for girls’ education with Nobel winner, Malala at

Stephanie @Stephie0011🔁Another good news story from our office. Working hard in #Iraq clearing #ISIS #IEDs to restore water supply! twitter.com
Gh0str1dr @Gh0str1dr91🔁All land and air border crossings in Iraqi must be returned to federal jurisdiction within 3 days. - PM Abadi.
Total @s_total_s2🔁 Brigades() Spox:
We hope that will be sincere in its rejection of separation of Iraqi .
Moussab Tahiri @MoussabTahiri🔁Pray for without electricity,
and for the last 10 years
Without amalgam
RoxaneMarek @MarekRoxane🔁More than a million people fled the city of in . Thank you for helping to .
‏ܡܸܢܘܿ @MAndreyos🔁Surrounded by Iraqi generals, PM Abadi says federal authority will return to all parts of , including Kirkuk & other disputed areas 🇮🇶


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