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#IranElections2017 Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁 The photo makes me feel good
Lovely couple, watched by pretty girls
Elle @elletag🔁 Seven Things You Should Know About Iran's 2017 Election #IranElections2017 #IranElection2017
#IranElections2017 majorglory @HAJEEJAA🔁 One of my favorite photos of the #IranElections2017 so far
#IranElections2017 Reza Sattar @RobertS05460344🔁Lieberman:There Is No Election in ... … ncr-iran.org
#IranElections2017#IranElections2017#IranElections2017#IranElections2017 Phil De Carolis @PhilDeCarolis🔁 Iranians casting votes in presidential election in Washington DC. #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 Morteza Lotfi @LotfiKhomeini🔁#IranElections2017: This lovely #elderly has come to exercise her #right to vote....
#IranElections2017 Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁 Old woman casting her votes in #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁 Prominent Iranian Sunni cleric casts his vote in Zahedan #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁 Foreign Minister Mohammad @JZarif casts his vote in #IranElections2017
Shahed Ghoreishi @shahedghoreishi🔁MEK protests outside Iranian Interests Section as Iranians walk in to vote #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 Martha Leah Nangalam @mlnangalama🔁Iranian intelligence thwarted several terror plots to disrupt election sptnkne.ws #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 SSgtBurrito @ssgtmas🔁Representation without taxation #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 Peter Akman @PeterAkman🔁Driving to #Buffalo with @Kamangir and group of Iranian-Canadians - for #IranElections2017 @CTVNews
#IranElections2017 PriNceLatEeF @princetravels🔁 The 8 most important questions about Iran's elections aje.io #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017#IranElections2017#IranElections2017#IranElections2017 Michael Lowe @mic_lowe🔁 Iranians casting votes in presidential election in Washington DC.
#Iran #IranElections2017
#IranElections2017 Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish🔁Everything you need to know about Iran’s presidential elections aje.io #IranElections2017
DR. Majid Rafizadeh @Dr_Rafizadeh🔁In my birth city, Iranians are chanting "Death to Iran 's military/police" #IranElections2017 #MiddleEast @POTUS
Sohrab Ahmari @SohrabAhmari🔁Preserve your dignity: Don't vote in Iran's sham elections. My latest WSJ Border Lands column wsj.com #IranElections2017
Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁 Btw the queue was 2-3 time larger, but I didn't film it! #Iran #IranElections2017
John S. @CelticCross52🔁 to impact global geopolitical affairs: Analyst


Ali Bangi علی بانگی @alibangi🔁: Former political prisoner Bahareh Hedayat waiting in line to vote beside actress Taraneh Alidoosti.
PriNceLatEeF @princetravels🔁Could Iran's new president turn his back on the nuclear deal? aje.io
Shauna Massey @shaunamasseyUK🔁Polling stations in Tehran extend closing deadline as queues reportedly continue to grow
Sina Azodi @Azodiac83🔁Another polling station in Poldokhtar, Lorestan : 413 #Rouhani and 218 for #Raisi #IranElections2017 twitter.com
RFE/RL Pressroom @RFERLPress🔁Live Blog: Iran's Presidential Election #IranElections2017 rferl.org
Mahdi Ayat. @mahdiayat🔁Voters in tell Bloomberg they are proud elections are held in a peaceful manner. Given context in MidEast, that is valid
Steven Zhou @stevenzzhou🔁Iranian election today. You wouldn't even know it. Hugely consequential. #IranElections2017
Rakhshan Jaffer @Rakhshan🔁 🇮🇷 LIVE: Polls open in Iran's 12th presidential election. #IranElections201 pscp.tv 7
Lori Green @lorigrn🔁#Elections in #Iran are far from being #Free and #Fair. Good luck to all Iranians... #IranElections2017
NetFreedom Pioneers @NFPmedia🔁Iran authorities curbing political activity by slowing internet #bringbackourinternet #IranElections2017


Shemuel Meir @ShemuelMeir🔁 Latest stats say 32 million have voted so far #IranElections2017 twitter.com
Mahdi Ayat. @mahdiayat🔁Don't let anyone tell you that doesn't matter. Just look at the number of different people who have come out to vote.
Muftah @MuftahOrg🔁 Dropping beats and ballots #IranElections2017 @MuftahOrg twitter.com
Eja Nla. @Muntez_🔁What can young people in countries with crucial upcoming elections learn from ?
BALANCE (AKA)5150 @pixton_neil🔁. casts ballots in presidential, local elections


Human Rights Watch @hrw🔁Political prisoners including Narges Mohamadi,Nasim Bagheri & Maryam Naghash Zargaran voting in from Evin prison.
Hamide sharifi @hamidesharifi12🔁A polling station In Karaj, west of in mid-day. It is totally empty.
Sina Azodi @Azodiac83🔁Latest stats say 32 million have voted so far #IranElections2017 twitter.com
Mohammed Arhamni @MohammedArhamni🔁Iranian intelligence thwarted several terror plots to disrupt election sptnkne.ws
Yasaman Khazaeni @icepieces🔁 Live images of the Polling Station for #iranelections2017 in Cambridge MA pscp.tv
گــــــــيــلــى @talkhuon🔁 #Iran Interior Ministry says record breaking election turnout.
#IranElections2017 twitter.com
Jonathan Hatter @JonWyler🔁My tweet is ranked #1 on . Iranians chanting "Death to Iran's police/military" :
Arman 🇮🇷 @Armanmalek🔁Btw the queue was 2-3 time larger, but I didn't film it! #Iran #IranElections2017
Sina Azodi @Azodiac83🔁 campaign says "20mil. haven't voted yet-Results will be determined by this group in the coming hours" twitter.com
Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁🇮🇷 Iranian athletes participating in 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku cast their votes
dr @mas5855🔁:People Clash With Regime's Forces and Chant: Together We Are Not Afraid. ncr-iran.org
Fatemeh Ebrahimi @BetterWorld_TS🔁 south Tehran
Historic district w 3 religions within m of each other
Raisi 1
Rouhani 7
No vote 2
Sama Ali @samatiger🔁Retweeted DR. Majid Rafizadeh (@Dr_Rafizadeh):

My tweet is ranked #1 on #IranElections2017 . Iranians chanting... fb.me

Rameila 🌹 @Rameilaa🔁Son carries his aging father on his shoulder to a polling station in Naghade W Azerbaijan

ROSHANI @Roshanahmadi🔁: A MEK activities during campaign to boycott elections. ncr-iran.org
RFE/RL Pressroom @RFERLPress🔁Iran Presidential Vote Pits 'Engagement' Against 'Self-Reliance'. By @GEsfandiari #IranElections2017 rferl.org
ROSHANI @Roshanahmadi🔁: Prisoners Forced to Vote in Sham Elections. ncr-iran.org


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