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#Iran saraazaryan @saraazaryan46🔁Join us for grand gathering:
for a #FreeIran. Ending #Iran Regime's Meddling in the Region
July 1, 2017 #Paris
#Iran دریچه امید @darichhomid1🔁 NIAC does the #Iran'ian regime's bidding, and if you don't know, now you know: #IranAttacks
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁Hell on earth, establishes new terror group, heir to Qaeda, ISIS

#Iran#Iran Muzeher Akin @AkinMuzeher🔁 President @RT_Erdogan received Foreign Minister @JZarif of #Iran visiting Ankara.
#Iran VK @VKofSEVASTOPOL🔁 #Iran-ian Commander: #ISIL created by #US, #Israel

#TehranAttacks #Pourdastan

#Iran Dedy Kanepo @availatz81🔁 Russia here we come! So proud of my team, the staff and my country 🇮🇷 🇮🇷🙏🏻🙏🏻!! #Iran #WCQ #WorldCup
#Iran#Iran#Iran#Iran Muhammad Yaqoob @MuhammadYaqub57🔁 We support the #Iran'ian resistance for a #FreeIran
1-July 2017 #Paris #MaryamRajavi
#Iran سعود الشملاني 🇸🇦 @Saud7445🔁 Opposition raises doubts as #Iran arrests 80 Sunnis after #Tehran attacks
#Iran Faryad Azadi @GolehIran🔁 #Iran: A woman was splashed with acid in Kermanshah
#Iran charlsdixi @charlsdixi🔁 Suspicious #Iran links to blast in #Iraq’s #Karbala, sources say
#Iran Ross @Rossamin🔁: A woman was splashed with acid in Kermanshah …
#Iran Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng🔁ANALYSIS: #Iran’s #Khamenei and #IRGC capitalizing on recent attacks. @HeshmatAlavi writes:
RT @RT_com🔁#Iran sends warships to Oman amid #Gulf tensions
Gisel A @gisel_esmeralda🔁 🇮🇷 qualifies for

1st in Asia to qualify ✅
3rd overall after Brazil + host Russia ✅
Qualify without conceding a goal ✅

Khalil Hitti @khalil_hitti🔁Iranian youth stand with Iranian Resistance leader !

Freedom & Democracy for !

Krammer Cosmos @krammer_cosmos🔁 ISIS Attacks On Iran Should Make The Regime Reflect via @dailycaller

#freeiran #iran

Davoud Ghassemlouei @ghassemlouei🔁Iran oil money goes to Syria and Hezbollah thy are Islamic regime puppets regime change in#Iran world will be safer free .
Davoud Ghassemlouei @ghassemlouei🔁Iran oil money goes to Syria and Hezbollah thy are Islamic regime puppets regime change in#Iran world will be safer free .
allan d passarelli @PassarelliAllan🔁Podcast: Atena Farghadani, imprisoned for her art in - voiced by
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁 Terror attacks in #Iran show that sometimes, you reap what you sow #IranAttacks #FreeIran
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁Just because ISIS attacked doesn't mean Iran isn't supporting via
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMattISIS TERRORISTS RUSHED TO SUPPO🔁 12 June 2017

Mrs. Zinat Mir...
atticonline @atticsonline🔁 men & women, Do not let your enemy " evil regime's Radicalislam & " takeover the !
KobeBryantReturns @KobeBryantApna🔁#Iran's Khamenei blames US for regional instability and creating Isil. Pretty much the truth. @guardian @AJENews
Theresa Z Rahmani @ThereseRahmani🔁2 traditional group with special clothing and shoes
The first is folk in north west of

Created: 12 June 2017

By Heshmat Alavi
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁 warships aim to curb enemies of Islam: Commander
6/12/2017 5:18:48 PM
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mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁Ghazvin, , 12 June 2017 - 20 individuals are sentenced to lashing and financial fines for “eating during...
Voice Of People @VOP_Health🔁IS calls for attacks on , , , , , , , and the during
Created: 12 June 2017
NCRI -...
دریچه امید @darichhomid1🔁Grand Gathering for Free - Stop Iranian regime meddling in the region
Ross @Rossamin🔁A very necessary & professional analysis by @TonyDuheaume in @AlArabiya_Eng on #Iran & #Hezbollah. A must read.
Faryad Azadi @GolehIran🔁.: After 38 years of oppression, the people of won't be content with anything less than freedom and popular sovereignty.
Qiqil @Qiqil2🔁 OP-ED: #Nuclear proliferation: Is #Iran misleading the world? - @Dr_Rafizadeh
Amir Karami @Karami_Amir🔁#iran #soccer team is going to #WorldCup2018 ! I hope #USA 🇺🇸 makes it too🙏
Just A Nobody @JustANobody2🔁Views: #Iran Claims To Have Proof Of "Direct US Support" For #ISIS | Zero Hedge #USA
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁 ANALYSIS: #Iran’s Khamenei and IRGC capitalizing on recent attacks via @AlArabiya_Eng
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁Al Arabiya English Op-Ed: Khamenei and Capitalizing on Recent Attacks.
Kostas Kalotychos @faidr🔁 has sent five planes of food to , as , announced to send troops in support. is evolving.
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁The 'ian Grand Gathering takes place in July 1st

Ross @Rossamin🔁 Political Prisoners Across #Iran Warn of Mullahs' Exploitation of #Tehran Terror Attacks #Mexico #texas #Reuters
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁because we want democracy and freedom for our people! because we want abolishment of the death penalty!
(((Tracy))) @tstewart666🔁 #Iran police kill four #Daesh suspects in south | News , Middle East
tehran_time @tehran_time🔁IRAN time is: 6 AM #Iran #Tehran
yowyow @pjjfkbb7🔁 can lie to about attack at parliament but the rest of the world knows it is fabricated
Ross @Rossamin🔁Message of support from Italian Senator to Iranian opposition grand gath... via @YouTube #Iran #Italy #FreeIran
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁The countdown has begun! Just 19 days until our ! More details to come.
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁Use of acid as an assault tool became common aftr regime organizd on women in d streets in 2014
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁Free Iran with ! Iranian youth show their support for upcoming grand gathering of Iranian Resistance!
yowyow @pjjfkbb7🔁 already warned it will shoot terrorist & -backed proxies near its borders to

mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁 #Iran: The Continuation of Arrests After Khamenei's "Fire-At-Will Forma" Order
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁Do we need to investigate this?! So much of Russia's cyber attack how about Iran's? Why is it hushed up?!!!
Nasrin Saifi @nasrinforiran🔁 regime terrorism & training terror militant groups has been a play book & a source for ! First step is to
Agenda Of Evil @AgendaOfEvil🔁#Iran police kill four #Daesh suspects in south | News , Middle East
Nima Afshari @NimaAfshari3🔁 #Iran arrests almost 50 after deadly Tehran attacks via @Reuters
Ross @Rossamin🔁This is a very noble measure. #Iran is behind EFP attacks in #Iraq&meddling in #Syria, #Yemen& #MiddleEast.
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁 news in brief, June 12

Khalil Hitti @khalil_hitti🔁 Grand Gathering in 1 July 2017 represents the true voice of the Iranian people An alternative
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁Join us for grand gathering: for a ending Regime's Meddling in the Region July 1, Paris

Muzeher Akin @AkinMuzeher🔁Evaluated regional issues, firstly Syria and bilateral relations with Foreign Minister of at iftar.
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁Grand gadering for a free .

mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁 Just because ISIS attacked #Iran doesn't mean Iran isn't supporting terrorism via @dcexaminer
mehdi garmroudi @MehdiMatt🔁 Just because ISIS attacked #Iran doesn't mean Iran isn't supporting terrorism via @dcexaminer
Faryad Azadi @GolehIran🔁 news in brief, June 7

Faryad Azadi @GolehIran🔁In Syria, & the Islamic State are mutually dependent

Barry Rosen @brosen1501+50,000 Iranians have been executed by 's regime since 1979. 🔁


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