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El Loco @lufc_🔁 Roy Keane on the current Iran manager #IRNESP
تسلا 🇦🇷 @aalset_🔁 When Iran says it's going to attack Israel.
Iran Global Net News @GlobalNet_News🔁Saudi Arabia steers OPEC towards deal to hike oil output, but Iran remains a holdout
Rosie @rosie_a15🔁 Iran whenever Ronaldo gets the ball next Monday
Iran خسته از خودم... @PSPHPC🔁 #Iran before the revolution, 1970s.
IranIranIranIran B/R Football @brfootball🔁Female fans were allowed into Tehran’s Azadi stadium for the first time since 1979 today to watch Iran vs. Spain 🙌🇮🇷
Iran B/R Football @brfootball🔁That Iran defence though
Imam Tawhidi @Imamofpeace🔁Muslim areas in non-Muslim countries are the filthiest areas in that entire country. Especially neighborhoods and sho ps. Every honest Muslim will agree to this fact because this is the story of our lives. In Iran, Guzar Khan became so filthy they renamed it ‘Bazaar of Arabs.’
انجنیر هادی پویان @gUwAQgfxmMY6tsa🔁UN report alleges the use of Iranian weapons by controlled forces in chemical attacks killing civilians.

drdivine @drdivine🔁BREAKING: Congress Seeks to Ban Iran From International Financial System -- New push following disclosure of Obama admin's secret bid to give Iran billions in cash
Eva Durán @EvaDuranRamos🔁5,000 Iranians arrested in January’s protests. 30 women jailed for protesting the hijab. Hundreds of Sufi dervishes, dozens of environmentalists, 400 Ahwazis, 30 Isfahan farmers – all imprisoned by ’s criminal regime. Iranian people deserve respect for their human rights.
BuddhaChi☯️ @BuddhaChi64🔁@BarackObama Like all of the jihadists you allowed into the country or setting up Iran for nuclear capability?
Wade Stephen @wadeweezy5🔁Guys, if you’re a Ronaldo fan. Let’s just wait till Portugal secure the result against Iran before you start attackin g Messi for been ‘absent’. Banter is great. But imagine if Argentina beat Nigeria and go through, then Portugal lose to Iran and Cr7 is out of the .
Cameron Maher @CamMaher95🔁What did he do after scoring 4 in the group stage vs Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria. Nada. Generally poor vs Switzerland b ar assist, ok vs Belgium but missed a sitter, marked out the game vs Holland/saved by Mascherano & poor vs Germany.

These are the standards of the GOAT?

Elika Yusuf @elikayusuf592🔁No. No. No. Not an alternative. These people will lead to another tyrannical regime. Iran needs a unified symbol that will unite, stop killing and set the ground for democracy. The is not that symbol. Do not waste your time. You may as well stick to what exists now.
Wolfe @Pichichii_🔁This Iran team is better at parking the bus than Man Utd. Their coach is an ex-ManUtd assistant manager. Coincidence? I think not.
william jones @harleymonger🔁We condemn the regime’s execution of Mohammad Salas, a member of the long-persecuted Iranian Gonabadi Sufi Dervish community. We call on our partners & allies to join us in condemning his brutal & unjust execution. Iranian people deserve respect for human rights & freedoms.
Good Ol’ Fun Time Hurley @lyzifloyd🔁Shiraz is one of the oldest Iranian cities, with a vibrant culture of art and craftsmanship and a rich history, both of which are on spectacular display at the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran.
sheer_iran @sheriran95🔁The effects of holding the Iranian regime accountable:

“Large energy companies cannot risk doing business in Iran i n light of U.S. on the country” …

Yasi @YasiTheHuman🔁15 reasons why U.S. policy has gone wrong on Iran, and on the region. A little history lesson for those who've so far proven unwilling to learn from the past:

Peter Pan @ArtPoemPeace🔁Some useful information about 's so-called charities & how they are used against the people to the regime's advantage.
Constitutional Drunk @USSANews🔁#Congress Seeks to Ban #Iran From International Financial System -
Ric @Ric07574782🔁@SecPompeo @MorganOrtagus Iran bad Leadership!
اللهو الخفي @hitler_egypt🔁In Opinion

Op-Ed columnist Roger Cohen writes, "President Trump has embraced the prince as his lost Middle Eastern son, a young man who hates Iran, hates political Islam and loves money. It’s a risky bet."

council_pop @matt_mgd🔁@mrdanwalker Iran throw in bloke.
saeid @ShortstorySaeid🔁The comes from ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩, who condemned the Iranian regime’s execution of figures and called on U.S. allies to support the people of Iran.
KayhanLondon @KayhanLondon🔁Iranian-Americans from all political, religious, and social backgrounds unite in their support for Iran’s National Football Team ()


to read our coverage and view videos and pictures of ’s party LA

Sir Folowosele® @SirFolowosele🔁More than 2000, immigrants kids were separated from their parents in the United States of America and they(US gov’t) now have a problem on how to unite all those kids with their parents here in America. So you're now a moral judge on Iran when your own roof is nicking? Idiot!
Marc Marcum @MarcMarcum57🔁“I approached the Obama Administration with a personal message from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, but was ignored.” —Dennis Rodman

The absurdity of Obama ignoring Chairman Kim’s letter & working w/Iran:

Iran was working on a bomb, North Korea already had one.

Obama utterly failed

Joneve McCormick @JoneveMcCormick🔁 Sunni Saudis are destroying to trouble Shia Iran to advance this Israeli plan which had the Jewish-controlled US destroy Iraq Libya and Syria
Peter Pan @ArtPoemPeace🔁The Grand Gathering of Iran Freedom is a momentous event in a momentous year for
See you all there!
We will be the voice of the voiceless for freedom, equality, and secular democratic government instead of the corrupt and murderous religious tyranny in Iran
🚚🚛⛟یعقوب لیث صفاری @RostameSistan🔁@SecPompeo People of Iran deserve democracy
Crude Oil Market @oilhighlights🔁"How much (more) do we need? ...
"Volumes around 1 million (bpd) probably," says Minister Khalid al-Falih.
"I think 1 million sounds to me that that would be a good target to work with."

Majide Kamel @ashalhurryah🔁French elected officials voice their support for the people of and the upcoming convention in Paris.

Jonathan Prohov @JonathanProhov🔁Israel Charges a Former Minister With Spying for Iran
Sabel @Camilian1Sabel🔁 Supreme Leader of Iran Calls America 'Evil' Over Immigration Uproar @townhallcom #AAG
M.L. @omakyl🔁Interesting how goes the distance ballooning the story of women in entering a stadium to watch the Spain v. Iran game last night.
If only they would place half the effort to cover Iran's
- human rights abuses
- executions
- foreign belligerence

Peter Pan @ArtPoemPeace🔁She wants that dress so bad, look at her eyes, but can her mother buy it for her? With a corrupt regime in , it is very hard for many people and almost impossible. That is only one reason we say is needed.
Clam Digger @GOPclammer🔁 Iran's next.
Alaanuloluwa. @Alaanuloluwa_🔁Most teams improve when their players play together for years. Argentina have consistently declined since the fateful final in Maracaña. There’s no excitement, no coherence, no ideas.

At least Morocco press well. At least Iran defend well. Argentina are tragic on all fronts.

Posts_from_Asia @Posts_from_Asia🔁HATEFUL MOVIE! #Aljazeera #Iraq #Iran #Sirya #Egypt #Arab #UAE #Islam #Muslim #Quran #Saudi #Yemen #Afganistan #AFP
AmericanRebel @AmericanRebel7🔁Iran Ayatollah, known for executing more children than any nation across the globe, slams Trump for separating migrant families
Brookings FP @BrookingsFP🔁Trump cited Iran’s ballistic missile program as a key reason for exiting the nuclear deal. Here’s what he can do abou t it:
Robert Serphillips @serphillipsbob🔁’s corrupt regime has enriched
, and , and plundered the country’s wealth on proxy wars abroad while Iranian families struggle.
Kasra Nejat @kasraNejat1🔁It’s a MUST do: :FATF Action Needed to Protect Int’l Financial System from Iran. And designation of as an FTO help and
Sean Kennedy @seankay91🔁Highlight of the World Cup?

⚪️ Ronaldo's hat-trick

⚪️ Mertens' screamer

⚪️ England's win

🔘 Iran lad f*cking up the somersault throw in

🦁💥Zilly💥🦁 @NorthwoodsZilly🔁Trump moves embassy

Trump gets peace w/ NK

Trump cuts TPP

Trump cuts NAFTA

Trump cuts Iran deal

Trump cuts funds to PP

Trump lowers taxes

Trump boosts economy

Trump cuts regulations

Trump gets hostages released

Trump secures border

Trump cuts refugee program


Peter Pan @ArtPoemPeace🔁"...the U.S. and the EU should sanction [Iran's] police chief and his top deputies."
A good read by explaining necessary measures against the Iranian regime.
Further steps include:
- Designating the IRGC as an FTO
- Imposing SWIFT sanctions

Grandezo🔥 @dagreatbaba🔁To watch Iran vs. Spain, female fans were allowed to enter Tehran’s Azadi Stadium for the first time since 1979

🚚🚛⛟یعقوب لیث صفاری @RostameSistan🔁@SecPompeo Democracy for IRAN
Kaptain_barbosa 🇬🇭 @barbosa_kaptain🔁do you know what Messi is thinking now?
he wants Iran to score portugal but, Messi please that will not happen 😂 😂
The One®️🏳️ @vatan_parast9🔁So what? They cannot pay Islamic regime of Iran when sanctions get tough. No one will even insure our oil shipments. You just need to wait to see it.
H E N T T @Blackentt🔁Funny how people love Iceland for frustrating big sides by playing defensively for 90 minutes but hate Iran for the same.

The Islamophobia is staggering.

dux guitar @duxguitar🔁This man is cycling from Iran to Russia to see Messi at the World Cup
Shon Zhankin @Shon_Zhankin🔁 #iran is not allowing #saudiarabia to deliver its 1 million barrels to the "customers" with an OPEC seal of approval #OOTT
Christine Trigg @trigg_christine🔁Let’s take it even a step further and look at the last month or two:
Puts economy at risk every week either with stupid tariffs or Iran nuke deal cancellation and does this completely uninformed
Kasra Naji @BBCKasraNaji🔁Iran oil minister walks out of important Opec meeting. He is resisting any increasing in Opec output, while others, f oreseeing drop in sanctioned Iran & Venezuela exports are pushing for an increase - to compensate for the shortfall. Iran is abandoned even by its ally Russia.
jeff rabadi @RabadiJeff🔁GOP does not belong or deserve to be in our house vote them out
Tax Scam Bill
Net Neutrality
Trade Wars
Pre-Existing Conditions
March For Our Lives
Paris Agreement
Artic/Offshore Drilling
Dodd Frank
Iran Deal
Trans Ban
sheer_iran @sheriran95🔁Protesters in Iran are growing
Expensive, poverty and suicide are increasing in
But the Iranian regim e only executions and repressions people
People want

Uzair Hasan Rizvi @RizviUzair🔁 Iran's female football supporters make history at World Cup stadium screening
joseph p heaney @joeylovesamanda🔁@katyperry iran to get the parmesan stupid! dont be so neve...its a bruise not a sunspot stupid 😃
Eva Durán @EvaDuranRamos🔁Remnants of the Monarchy in Defense of Religious Fascism - National Council of Resistance of ()


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