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Iowa GoSeeOnline @goseeonline🔁New artwork for sale! - "Made in Davis City, Iowa" - @fineartamerica
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Judge says he'll temporarily block most restrictive abortion law in the country from taking e ffect next month in Iowa.
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Judge says he'll temporarily block most restrictive abortion law in the country from taking effect next month in Iowa.
Iowa Tim...AKA Combat Vet PO1 (AW/SW) #MAGAveteran @Combat_Vet_🔁 I stand with Dr. Chris Peters for Iowa CD03. A true #MAGA candidate!
ACLU @ACLU🔁UPDATE: Iowa's extreme abortion ban has been temporary blocked by a judge.

We won't stop fighting until this disastr ous law is permanently struck down.

Alex Anderson @alessioruby🔁UPDATE: Iowa's extreme abortion ban has been temporary blocked by a judge.

We won't stop fighting until this disastrous law is permanently struck down.

Linda Aukschun @Sisal13🔁Judge Temporarily Blocks Iowa's 'Fetal Heartbeat' Abortion Law
A.L. Perry @aa_perry🔁Iowa is basically laid out in N-S / E-W roads intersecting every 1 mile, each square=640 acres, every 6x6 mile square = one township, ~20 townships= one county, 99 counties = 1 Iowa. All hail America's capital of geographical OCD
YoursTruly @RealDeb18🔁⚡Attention! ⚡

New Jersey
New Mexico
South Dakota

Primary's June 5!

Are you ready?

Bao Pham @baotpham🔁I have a couple of birdies in the “For the Birds” show hosted by @blick_iowacity ✨🐦✨. The show is up through Sunday 6/3, during ArtsFest weekend in Iowa City! If you are in the area, stop by and check out all the amazing birds we have for the show!🕊🦅🦆🦉
Heidi Strommen @realheidiann🔁 BREAKING: Judge says he'll temporarily block most restrictive abortion law in the country from taking effect next month in Iowa.
Kenya🌊🌊🌊Edwards @LandseerNewfie🔁Alabama‼️ California‼️ Iowa‼️New Jersey‼️ New Mexico‼️Mississippi‼️ Montanta‼️ South Dakota‼️

YOU have June 5th Primaries!

It’s important to in every election INCLUDING primaries.

Below is everything you need for Tuesday. 👇


Austin McDowell @amcdowellwx🔁i got really distracted working on something else and ended up making an animation of every NWS alert this year w/ data from / iowa enivornmental mesonet:
BlueFire 2018 🇺🇸 @ToniDragon6540🔁June Primary elections start on Tuesday. 💥UPDATE 💥

💥5th June
Alabama +July 17th
New Mexico
South Dakota
New Jersey
Mississippi + June 26th

💥12th June
South Carolina +June 26th
North Dakota

💥June 19th Arkansas 💥

Sergio Alonso @Alonsouru🔁Iowa Groups Prepare for Immigration Workplace Raids The doors of business hiring illegal aliens need to be closed an d get a healthy monetary fine!
Dr Bethany Usher @bethanyusher🔁BREAKING: Iowa's governor just signed one of the most extreme abortion restrictions in the entire country, banning nearly all abortions in the state.

We will be suing with to block the law from taking effect.

Iowa Politics @iowapolitics🔁Iowa's Ollie Northlane could do it all 100 yrs ago -- cattle buying, raising hogs and, of course....vaudeville?
Raymond Baker @RayBake🔁Always focused on Iowa farmers, right ? Those photo ops you focus on are SO good for the folks in , aren’t they?
Ken Allen @RedbaronKA🔁Should US Navy Take a Second Look at Its Iowa Class Battleships? via @YouTube
Cássia Castro @CassiaLCastro🔁Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood on the Iowa set of THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, released on this day in 1995. 💗
EMILY SCRANTON @ESCRANTON2🔁 Congratulations Spartan Jenna Ruccolo! Spartan Nation PROUD! via

Byron @ByronRS14🔁The state of Iowa is putting voter ID laws into place over the next 2 years and will issue FREE voter ID cards for anyone who doesn’t have an ID. Can anyone explain why this is a bad policy? I’ve been asking and can’t find a reasonable response.
KittyKisser @Seabeacon7🔁@megpat @realAliTweets @Lee_in_Iowa They think women and sex are evil. Crazy.
Tyler James @t_jamesm🔁Untold stories on Kirk Ferentz's path to becoming college football's longest-tenured coach via @hawkcentral
Wynona Steenhoven @WynonaKaylnn🔁 “Ope, just gonna sneak right past ya” - Iowa summer to Iowa spring
parkermlach @parkermlachCHUCK YOU DON’T SUPPO🔁//" target="_blank"> mers/ethanol producers/the BIGGEST RUSSIAN HACKERS-explain WHY my twitter feed had a freak RUSSIAN name/WITH RUSSIAN WRITTEN LANGUAGE? YOU must have noticed my nam
Barbara Chelette @BarbChelette🔁🔵🔴CALLING ALABAMA...CALIFORNIA...

Primaries are very close....June 5, 2018. President Trump needs everyone at the poll voting RED!

Story County GOP @StoryCountyGOP🔁Iowa’s Republican leadership continues to invest in the next generation! #beststate
David Norman Arnell @WallOffTrump🔁@ChrisBuryNews @Lee_in_Iowa Donald's kinda guy!
"Not bad for a Democrat."
MuellerDoItNow @monicas17895526🔁We all see it.....and our administration and FBI are not stopping ? When will they stop this stupid shit ? There jobs are totally to stop this kind of shit !!!!
Your name here @bubbabbuckley2🔁Trump won 30 states with a total of 306 electors, or 57% of the 538 available. He won the three perennial swing stat es of Florida, Ohio, and Iowa, as well as the three "blue wall" stronghold states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
IA Physician Jobs @IA_physician🔁We're ! Read about our latest opening here: Family Medicine Physician, Clarinda, Iowa - , IA
WhoNews @Who_News🔁David Tennant Attends Wizard World Des Moines This Weekend: David Tennant will be making an appearance at the Wizard World Des Moines fan convention this weekend. The event is held at Iowa Events Center, 730 3rd Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309The con…
KittyKisser @Seabeacon7🔁I think Catholics believe that unless you are baptized, you are going to hell, or limbo, even fetuses.
PattyKay Lilley #NFB @MamaPKL🔁Lost Dog Iowa please share - thank you!
RadarEcho (RadarLuv) @RadarEcho🔁The 2018 Severe Weather Season is off to a record pace in SE Idaho. Also, more Tornado Warnings have been issued by our office so far this year than for much of Texas. Charts and Maps courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet.
Morgan @Morganlewis26🔁 Being left on read is like Iowa’s weather. You’re use to it but it still surprises you sometimes
Bluestar @BlueSea1964🔁I stand with Mr. Steve King for Iowa CD04. A true MAGA candidate who has been working hard to support President Trump and the MAGA movement. A TRUELY great, hard working American Patriot. Re-elect this great Man to !
Amy Moore @TchrAmyIA🔁this is fantastic and gets to many of the reasons why i am supporting - thank you &
UMe Digital Curation @DigitCuratorNot the most flamboyant title, but it's a new one as far as we know! 🔁 Cedar Falls, IA: Archival Processor & Ref erence Associate, University of Northern Iowa
William A Hansen @virtuspeterhan1🔁Freshman host a softball invitational starting at 8:30 and the Varsity softballers continue competing in Iowa City🤩 Wish them all luck:))
Laura Williams @Laurasjhw42761🔁Open one in Iowa, Davenport to be specific! Lol
AWomanVoter @AWomanVoter🔁 Abortion: judge temporarily blocks controversial heartbeat law in Iowa | Via Guardian
🐤Hawkeye Hunz @HawkeyeHunz🔁@Buckeye_Salsero @GoBlueForever4 @AdamFinkelstein @umhoops @DJCarton @usabasketball Plus he’s an Iowa lean
nightwolf🌘🐺 @NightWolfwtf🔁@BB_BORISBREJCHA @RubenSchmitz Gotta come over to US/ N. America sometime 💪💪 we’d love to have you in Iowa !!!
SwPitch @swpmontessori🔁Hey North Carolina....tired of all the winning?

"Mexico said it will slap trade penalties on American pork, for exam ple. Pork production is concentrated in North Carolina, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska and Missouri" CNN

Citadel @citaconinc🔁Great piece by about my old friend . Norris was also a very close friend and Greenfield neighbor of farming activist Dixon Terry, made famous during the 80s farm crises and later tragic death.
Teale Burford @TealeBurford🔁MHS Treble Choir members on our way to Cedar Rapids to sing Mahler' s Third Symphony with Orchestra Iowa!
Manaf Taimesh @ManafTaimesh🔁When I travel across the country, it’s clear that we face common challenges and have common aspirations -- and we’re all frustrated with a Washington that’s disconnected from the real world. We can and we will fix Washington.
Gary Nyhus @NyhusGary🔁Peterson: With Lindell Wigginton back, Iowa State can challenge for the Big 12 title. Even Bill Self says so. via
Chris Duerr @ChrisDuerr🔁Keokuk can’t play Michaela Davis from 3rd. Scoreless in Iowa City after 1 full vs Linn-Mar
Radio K Playlist @RadioKPlaylist🔁Exitmusic - Iowa (The Recognition)


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