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Catherine Flores @Catheri26970312🔁teen porn iowa electric version pornographers
Iowa Dustin Ritter @DRitter85🔁 Another 72 hour precip update for Iowa.
Iowa Hawkeye Recruiting @Iowa_Recruiting🔁 @IowaHoops crew set for our boat cruise on Lake Como
Iowa Hawkeye Recruiting @Iowa_Recruiting🔁 Hawkeye's land in Bellagio Italia.
Iowa Doc Wilson @DocWilson5🔁Lunch on the patio in Elkader Iowa
IowaIowaIowaIowa Daniel Sölter @BlackYChuCx🔁 Have some Iowa
Iowa Deplorable FOR TRUMP @iowa_trump🔁#SundayMorning Democrats in 2018 #PoliticsNation #CNNSOTU
Iowa Mythra13 @mythra13🔁@iowa_trump ...and the next time the Left brings up "Russian collusion".
#AuditTheFed or #SeizeTheFed or #EndTheFed
IowaIowa Nathan Walsh @NWalahy🔁 Who runs Iowa?
RT for #Iowa
FAV for #IowaState
Iowa Deplorable FOR TRUMP @iowa_trump🔁Democrats in 2018 #SundayMorning
Iowa @tjslideways🔁Thanks for the beautiful weather Iowa, see you next year.
Sam 🐫 Kriss @sam_kriss🔁reminder that there have been bills to legalise 'accidentally' hitting protesters with a car in north dakota, iowa, indiana, and minnesota
Howard Dean @GovHowardDean🔁Two of the most bigoted political attacks in America backfire in Texas and Iowa via @shareblue
Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11🔁GOP is not a racist party. Stop this nonsense. 2 Latinos, Indian American, african American, all ran for Pres in 2016. Latino won Iowa.
Jeffrey Nunn @jeffreynunn🔁@ JohnRDallasJr: A in Iowa, for power-washing hog barns, frames value of an …
Pat Lummis @spencersbrook🔁 @iowa_trump @POTUS #PIMPOTUS is the least Christian president in history
Marybeth Flynn @MarybethFlynn9🔁@DonnaSMcKay2 @commondefense @Lee_in_Iowa STILL, they'll call it fake news
PlannedSickDays🤒 @PlannedSickDays🔁Smith finished 1991 with 22 TFL and an Iowa (and then B1G record) 18 sacks including 5 (Iowa single game record) against Ohio State
Cowboys Coffee Chew @chewcoffeedip🔁Check out for Whitetail Deer Hunting Fishing & Cooking & Outdoor Fun! Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa
Carson @carsonjeanass🔁I got a seat on the next flight ☺️ iowa here I come!
Andrea Danker @adanker🔁4th Overall Prospect
Iowa State Fair
Raised/Shown By Danker Show Cattle
Sells In September Pasture Sale!
Sired By Exit 40

Gregory @GregSleeth🔁@immigrant_legal @iowa_trump I will NEVER vote for a Democrat.
Kay Salem @kaysalem🔁Soros is smiling alone with the Dems, Hilary and Obama they thrive on hate, racism and violence. 🇺🇸🚂
jessica cabeen @JessicaCabeen🔁@EricEwald_Iowa great pace out there!
R❤️saParks #Resist @parkse🔁 @commondefense @Lee_in_Iowa The tape is proof it was strategically planned.
SW Iowa STEM Region @SW_Iowa_STEM🔁Three keys to leading the digital revolution: curate, collaborate, change attitudes
_LDK_ @LarryKness🔁My son got me balloons 😂

#HeIsGrounded @ Lyons, Iowa

forever remembered @NHoefling🔁 Simpson College runs Iowa. #allin17
Deplorable FOR TRUMP @iowa_trump🔁👉Senate map points to REPUBLICAN SUPER MAJORITY IN 2018 👉Democrats in TROUBLE 2018

Iowa City Police Log @IC_ActivityLogMALE WIHTOUT SHI🔁//" target="_blank">
SW Iowa STEM Region @SW_Iowa_STEM🔁. "has reached an estimated 136,000 teachers and over 13.3 million children since its creation"
I am what I am! @nevermore_007🔁New Post: Democratic candidate Phil Miller wins big in special election in district that Trump carried by 22 points
Crust Almigthy @ThomasJankow🔁So far, the numerous Democratic candidates for , , , & other offices setting a good tone
Iowa City Police Log @IC_ActivityLog🔁RPS MOM REFUSING TO LEAVE
Zimwanda @BanaChase🔁Join folks from and Illinois at 7:00 this evening Aug. 13, on the Centennial Bridge, Davenport. Show solidarity with
Terra Chambers @terrachambers11🔁: P5 and P9.

Thanks to all our family, friends and partners for a great week in Iowa!

Bleeding Heartland @desmoinesdem🔁Bleeding Heartland welcomes posts advocating for candidates in #Iowa Dem primaries. Guidelines for guest authors:
John R Dallas Jr @JohnRDallasJr🔁A #SmallBusiness in Iowa, for power-washing hog barns, frames #socioeconomic value of an #immigrant #entrepreneur.
CatherineHershberger @catherinehersh🔁Hey Iowa City...hello again! …
Bleeding Heartland @desmoinesdem🔁So far, not seeing many flamewar social media threads about 2018 #Iowa Dem races. Hope activists will fight fair
IG Brooks @IrlessBrooks🔁Illegals demand unlimited immigration, jobs, housing & subsidies we can't afford 2 Here Legally.

Payton Harris @patman_71🔁@monoelles I'm going to an Iowa game calm down
Bleeding Heartland @desmoinesdem🔁So far, not hearing about local & state #Iowa Dem leaders showing favoritism or bashing conenders they don't support
Dargan Southard @Dargan_Southard🔁 The five-star freshman looked as good as advertised today.
jenks @jennyjenks18🔁@macdaddysnydes Iowa city does that to a person
Woody @Woodyg_man🔁@iowa_trump Did Soros really say that? That is so bad that it Sounds like fake news?
Zach Thompson @zthomp🔁 Widow warns Iowa: Medicaid is broken. Fix it.
Ed Weintrob @coneymedia🔁Flashback to Dubuque, atop the Fenelon Place Elevator, 7 years ago, tripping thru Iowa.
Ruth Schroeder @RuthSchroeder18🔁@IndivisibleIowa SW Iowa can join Nebraskans in Omaha in Turner Park at 8 P.M. tonight.
Bleeding Heartland @desmoinesdem🔁So far, the numerous #Iowa Democratic candidates for #iagov, #IA01, #IA03, #IA04 & other offices setting a good tone
Mark Smith @MarkSmittySmith🔁@panekbill Makes sense to me. Won't be long and we'll be shooting ducks. Sept 2nd is early teal season here in Iowa.
Ellie Martens @ellie_martens_🔁why can't iowa have a beach or mountains??
J Bo♑️ @IAm_JordanE🔁Boom! First weightlifting competition...Iowa State Champ, TWO state records, and qualified for the National Championships!!
Lorry Luscri @LorrysStory🔁How we do when Salt N Pepa comes to Iowa. @ Iowa State Fair
David @davidisfreeman🔁You make too much sense for the left to understand
Hawkeye Recruiting @Iowa_Recruiting🔁 Crazy to think I move into the dorms at Iowa soon.
Bobgtz @Rgrm002000🔁@iowa_trump Why in the world would the mayor do a stupid thing like that? Is he a democrat? Who called it a state of emergency?
Hawk Central @hawkcentral🔁The five-star freshman looked as good as advertised today.
Brittany K. Nielsen @uwbrittany🔁Day 2 of the Doug Yost Challenge in Spencer, Iowa!! Let's have a great day! …
Eric Ewald @EricEwald_Iowa🔁 #LeadersAreReaders indeed! So...what are YOU reading?


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