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Ra7altai @ShaikhaSMAJS🔁 Horrific accident at the Iowa State Fair
Iowa Isaac Shultz @isaacshultz12🔁 RT to help make this happen! #ISU #Iowa #TheWave
#seahawks nation @zxghklp3🔁 Horrific accident at the Iowa State Fair
pah @NurulArifah26🔁 Horrific accident at the Iowa State Fair
Garrett M. Graff @vermontgmg🔁The extent the US media (and politics) has moved past Puerto Rico astounds me. If Iowa was 85% without power, would still be 24/7 news.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁He’s an NFL-caliber linebacker who played QB and led Iowa State to the biggest upset of the CFB season​ 👀
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁Joni Ernst suggests Trump cut Obamacare support in Iowa because he was upset over the GOP's failure to repeal.
Judith Ensell @EnsellJudith🔁Former Iowa GOP chairman who plead guilty to incest arrested a second time for stalking his daughter via
Frederick Frazier @fredfrazier🔁 Ugh- Former GOP chairman guilty of incest is arrested stalking his daughter-
Get Lawyer Jobs @GetLawyerJobs🔁Tax Expert - CPA, Enrolled Agent or Attorney - Seasonal Remote - #CouncilBluffs , IA ( Get Lawyer Jobs
Chris Miller @MilitaryCon_🔁DMRegister: Dean of Iowa State University's agriculture college is fourth finalist for the top job at the Ames ins…
Desmoinesthenes @LeForteEsq🔁@SteveKingIA You’re as deluded as the President. It’s time to remove Iowa’s Confederate monument, and vote out King.
Rachael Johnson @RachAnneJohnson🔁Dale Whittaker, provost and executive VP at the University of Central Florida, is the 3rd finalist:
Rachael Johnson @RachAnneJohnson🔁Wendy Wintersteen, dean of the College of Ag and Life Sciences at Iowa State, is the fourth finalist:
Loree Hutchinson @loreezoehutch🔁 Iowa City, Minneapolis, Dakotas anyone want a band to sleepover next week? 😌👽💎🐿🦋🙌🌝🙈🌚
Get Physician Jobs @GetPhysiciaJobs🔁bc/be Emergency Physician IOWA mcp - US ( Get Physician Jobs
LUNGevity Foundation @LUNGevity🔁Marc Swerdlow named Vice-Chairman and Treasurer of the Board of LUNGevity Foundation !
University of Iowa
TZ @unlibUSA🔁Can't name the Founding Fathers or know where Iowa is but no problem identifying a tranny. STOP 😩
30 Year Fixed Rates @ERateIOWA🔁Bank of America, N.A.: 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates 2.750%, APR=2.866%, POINTS=0.901 10/11
Middleton @hookersbaitshop🔁 You know who else isn’t going to the World Cup? Iowa State.
ISU Biomass @ISUBiomass🔁Iowa State's fourth and final finalist for president is Wendy Wintersteen, dean of . The open forum will be held tomorrow at 4 p.m. in the Memorial Union. Full story coming soon.
Gerry Hebert @GerryHebert🔁Election Law was my favorite class at b/c was such a compelling prof. Shared the stage w/ him in Iowa today!
William R. Staplin @wstaplin🔁Iowa State can become an 'exceptional' university, says finalist for president's job via @DMRegister
Justin Heath @Iowa_devildog🔁Today, 46 years ago, the Corps lost a legend.

Chesty Puller was the most decorated Marine in the history of the Corps.

William R. Staplin @wstaplin🔁Iowa State agricultural dean is finalist for university's president's job via @DMRegister
sharon acton @acton_rosacea🔁It doesn't matter h party but why's this man allowed to stalk daughter after incest? Why isn't he behind bars? WTF ju stice Iowa? Criminal!
Justin Heath @Iowa_devildog🔁Daily Dose of Froglogic - 11 Oct 17
You must never forget the looming presence of monumental…
Blazing Hot Deals @BlazinDeals🔁New Lyft Users get $50 Free Lyft credit The code you need to enter: DUSK *** Cass County #Iowa
neuziltwits @neuziltwits🔁Great things are happening at our school! Great students and educators working together! Good times this year!
D Dot📍™ @__kingdom2🔁Congrats to 18' PG Bryce Armstrong on picking up his first offer from Iowa Central!
Ohios Very Own @ovo_swain🔁He’s an NFL-caliber linebacker who played QB and led Iowa State to the biggest upset of the CFB season​ 👀
paul gann @triquad65🔁Former Iowa GOP chairman who plead guilty to incest arrested a second time for stalking his daughter
Ben McDougal @BENovator🔁Reppin’ and Iowa’s latest gold medal winner for today’s panel at 🤜🏻🤛🏻


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