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Popular tweets tagged with Inktober:
Inktober ✨Han✨ @nylontoast🔁 @inktober Waaaaiiiiiit a second!
Inktober Jojoe godfrey @GodfreyJojoe10🔁 Re: can I draw digitally for #inktober?
Inktober Kotopopi - webcomics @kotopopi_comics🔁I'm doing it! This year I'm doing it 😤#Inktober #inktober2017
onyed @robustae🔁 Me trying to make stuff for Inktober:
Ariadna Herrera ✨ @ariartna🔁Every time someone talks about #Inktober I'm like "IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY??!!!" 😱💦
Inktober fluff nut @shizzlybizzly🔁 The official 2017 #inktober prompt list. Pass this along, would ya?
Inktober PerniciousDesigns @perniciousdsgns🔁@byelacey *ahem*
Yeah, take that ppl talking crap! #Inktober doesn't exclude anyone!
Inktober Depresso Espresso @FluffySpuds🔁 Re: can i draw digitally for inktober (non-dismissive and elitist version)
syd 💀 @SydWeiler🔁Drawing, improving and making new friends through this community will be a FULL ENOUGH experience, no matter what med ium you use. ✌🏻
Kate Leth 🦇 SPX W33 @kateleth🔁Geez louise, the Inktober guy will judge you if you draw digitally, as if in any realm that matters more than you having fun drawing lol
D.J. Kirkland @OhHeyDJ🔁Hey. If you ink digitally and wanna challenge yourself for inktober, try:
-work only in one layer
-giving yourself a time constraint
DeweyDECIMATEsystem @RotMouth🔁@3liza Dunno if jake Parker runs that twitter account but he made and popularized inktober, that's at least a statement he put out
Theatroid @TheatreDroid🔁When you typed it out, what about "pressing control Z to FIX a line" did ya miss out on? They erased their mistake an d IMPROVED upon it. (2)
car @serpensdi🔁 inktober TM. give me a god damned break. block this dumb fuck and do what you want
car @serpensdi🔁 who the fuck are you and what is your authority here
Maikeru Neko @MaikeruTheNeko🔁 The new macost for Inktober was digitally inked... sooo...
Tablethighs @Table_Thighs🔁To get the FULL Inktober experience, you must grind your own ink from charcoal. Catch a wild goose for a quill. Skin & tan your own vellum.
weeaboo banzai @3liza🔁inktober TM. give me a god damned break. block this dumb fuck and do what you want
Adriana @missveryvery🔁it's easier to just not be a fucking asshole about a medium that you owe your "inktober" brand to.
Alice Herring @redherringdraws🔁@nellfallcard @chelseakenna Jake doesn't have a problem with digital. He even links two digital apps on the inktober page.
Dorkus McCunt @flyingbeefcake🔁I can't believe it's almost Inktober already...I totally forgot that I did MHA themed one for last year, I still like some of these haha
car @serpensdi🔁why the fuck is some guy running inktober this year? wasn't that just a fun thing we did for each other and ourselves? no masters imo
Theatroid @TheatreDroid🔁People are mad because you're implying digital art doesn't have as much as traditional art, in some way. Grade A bul lshit, I say. (1)
Jaeger @Jaeger74🔁Dont put digital artists down. :I Draw how you want. Use the medium you like. One isnt better than the other.
🎀 Mabel @cat_bakery🔁Fuck off with this garbage elitism.
You should be inspiring people to create, not look down on them for their medium.
Adriana @missveryvery🔁@inktober you guys are going to lose your mind when you find out what happens when you hit the "print" button
Mel Eisvogel @MonarchFisher🔁Seems like a rather condescending way to explain a thing, official inktober account.

Fuck that noise. Little motivation I had is gooone

weeaboo banzai @3liza🔁who the fuck are you and what is your authority here
Mel Eisvogel @MonarchFisher🔁You didn't have to be an ass about it 😒
ɱøяƍαŋ ωøɩϝʙɩøøɗ @iezeradd🔁IT IS NOT INKTOBER IF YOU DONT INK TRADITIONALLY just like how it's not Christmas unless the tree is REAL or you're muRDERing Santa
🎅 🔪💀🎄
☆*:.。٩( 'ω' )و 。.:*☆ @enelya_P🔁Telling folks they can't do inktober digitally is way too close to "did you draw that or did you do it with the computer" for me
Joel Leonheart🖤🗡 @joel141290🔁On one hand the entire point of "Inktober" is to draw in ink specifically. On the other, framing digital art as "easier/lesser" is bad.
Nell Fallcard @nellfallcard🔁Yeah I've had that conversation endless times too, but I am not sure that's the case in here.Inktober is a movement t hat set their own rules
rory @ghoulmash🔁Excited for Inktober! Last year I did a choose-your-own adventure comic all month, not doing something that crazy again haha 💦
Satrathai @SatraThai🔁Yep, that's true. But we're not creators of Inktober to begin with xD
Digital sketchbooks.. I'd rather buy printed on es really x'D
🍪 Dins 🍪 @dinkydins🔁You can treat inktober as a moment to reflect on inking in general and practice if you want, but... traditional does help w confidence imo
SOFT BOY GONTA @FirlowXD🔁"inktober only counts if you ink traditionally!"


true inktoberists know the emphasis is on -tober, and all drawings must be in blood

Sophie (ง ˘ω˘ )ว - 3 @gilliganpants🔁do wtvr u want.
inktober is not ur dad
u do not have to do what inktober says
u will not hurt inktober's feelings
inktober is not a person
K. LeCrone @KLeCrone🔁Logged into Twitter for a few minutes to be sideswiped by reading the #Inktober drama. My take: Life is short. Rock your art how you like.<3
Olivia🌹✨TB MSQ 87A @olivia_northrop🔁Inktober debate is weird to me bc I was trying to decide if I should go it digital or not
Henrike Dijkstra @Pencils_Stories🔁PLEASE DO THE WAY YOU WANT TO DO IT!!! its suppose to be a challenge yes, but FUN too, enjoy the challenge your way 🎨
szezth @literalshipley🔁this is absurd. even if you're not disabled, digital art is a skill in of itself. anyone who's tried it for 3 seconds can tell you that
allyson o. @biped808🔁#Inktober. It's time to get #drawing again!
Theatroid @TheatreDroid🔁Shaking hands can be a common factor in several disabilities. Stabilizers help to prevent shaky and uneven lines.
Joel Leonheart🖤🗡 @joel141290🔁I don't think something like Inktober benefits anyone from having hyper-strict guidelines and expectations
🍪 Dins 🍪 @dinkydins🔁I'm not one for gatekeeping, you can do inktober digitally if you want. But for me personally that'd not be much of a learning activity
Joel Leonheart🖤🗡 @joel141290🔁 can we just not be shitty to people trying to do their thing the way they're most comfortable?
✨Han✨ @nylontoast🔁TLDR: "Sure you can, you're just doing it wrong" Said the man that promotes autodesk sketchbook on his website for digital artists
semi-hiatus @azolitmin🔁@juuhx_ Well I mean yes you can do that LOL it was just a statement based on the tweet inktober made
100 % Rick @reddopasta🔁telling ppl they cant do inktober digitally is so pretentious lmao like ur not a better artist if u do it 'The traditional way'
🇨🇭Dä Chrigl🇨🇭 @DaCrazyTitanolo🔁I also think "Inktober" should be done traditionally (I mean...the inkpot logo isn't there for nothing)....+ unique a rt piece at the end
Soft Silas™ @BlueEyedMutt🔁Inktober thoughts:
- This is for fun.
- It's a self imposed challenge, find your pace.
- Ink is HARD.
- Compete with yourself not others.
Saruka @Sarukita96🔁 yeah or, just draw what you want, with what you have.
ZombieCeli @ZombieCeli🔁So, what list are you doing to inktober? Kinda want to to a witchtober like last year again but do they do this list every year? hmmmm
Claire Whitelam @BlackSummerGems🔁But it is lacking something. Permanence. It has flexibility, endless brushes, etc, but not permanence the way ink on paper has permanence
Mr. Madman @Charliemadman🔁People flipping the table over a guy who says he prefers the use of ink in an ink drawing challenge will never cease to amaze me.
Cutter Streeby @CutterStreeby🔁 Ordered a sketchbook from @MosseryCo .. I hope it get here before inktober starts (*´꒳`*)
Murray Meetze @murraymeetze🔁The worst art habit is being made to feel like your art isn't good enough because of your use of a medium that's accessible to you.
Omnipaws 🐾 @OmnipawsOk🔁We live in the time where people offend by everything. Digital is clearly easier. If they dont want to do it ok but i ts not the same.
Strawbs🍰 🇨🇦 @StrawbeddyJam🔁Actually finally have pens and ink to do inktober with and frankly I'm probably not even going to bother, now. I draw traditionally ery day
Pegé 👌@JWMadrid @Agui_chan🔁Ok so intober's official account discourages people from drawing digital but encourages you to draw your inktober with sketchbook, digitally
Vaporcheet#SCADBOUND @vaporcheet🔁If you don't wanna do inktober because "AH BUT INK TO ME IS TOO HARD TO USE AND I CAN-" then don't.
Strawbs🍰 🇨🇦 @StrawbeddyJam🔁Do I have to make the ink or is store bought ok?

The true spirit of Inktober begins with the ink, a drawing has no soul if its machine ma..

CHRIS MELKUS @teenmethuselah🔁@Okoriart @inktober well it's BS to me too!
buttbuttinate @lordquince🔁inktober guy was all "if u use digital then u can just undo!" undoing is a choice my dude, you can make a personal challenge not to use it
charlotte 🐛 @colorpulp🔁@funugly u can use ink that u haven't personally made by charring & grinding animal bones.. but u won't get the full Inktober© experience.
Ebba @Rumpenstiltzkin🔁Yeah no. I'm a graphic designer with a background in oil painting and digital art is just as rewarding and challenging as physical inking.
Ebba @Rumpenstiltzkin🔁Drawing, improving and making new friends through this community will be a FULL ENOUGH experience, no matter what medium you use. ✌🏻


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