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#Indy500 Chan Hon Yian @chonyian🔁 This guy is good, I wonder if we'll see him in F1 one day #Indy500
#Indy500 Ayrtona🌺 @44Goldwing🔁 Take a Look how big the #Indy500 track is. Crazy @IMS #via @anthony_downs
#Indy500 Darren Nicholl @darren_nicholl🔁 #TBT No words needed! #Lionheart #Legend #RaceWeek #Indy500 #GreatestSpectacleInRacing
#Indy500 gocoo @gocoo🔁 Hello, Indy!! #Indy500
#Indy500 Car&Racing @Etxebe77🔁 #OnThisDay in 1974, Johnny Rutherford took his first, and #McLaren's first #Indy500 win
Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 📺 @12WillPower dreams of winning the #INDY500. Who's rooting for Will on Sunday? #INDYCAR
#Indy500 José María Diezma F1 @jmdr7494🔁 Can the finish be like this please? #Indy500
Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 .@12WillPower just won this round of the Pit Stop Competition. 💪🏻 #CarbDay #Indy500
#Indy500 Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 .@h3lio chats with his crew while watching the Pit Stop Competition at @IMS. #CarbDay #INDY500
#Indy500 Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 .@h3lio stopped by the @IndyCaronNBCSN stage during the Pit Stop Competition. #INDY500 #CarbDay
#Indy500#Indy500 Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 🏁 @12WillPower wins the Pit Stop Competition at @IMS. #INDY500 #CarbDay
#Indy500 Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 .@h3lio congratulates @12WillPower on his Pit Stop Competition win. #CarbDay #INDY500
#Indy500 Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 And there it is. The Pit Stop Competition winning car. 🏆 #CarbDay #INDY500
#Indy500 Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁 Roger Penske congratulates @12WillPower on his Pit Stop Competition win. #CarbDay #INDY500
itsuki @itsukithesuper🔁 ALONSO: “I like milk!”
#MonacoGP #Indy500 #F1
#Indy500 Andy Meyer @andymeyer_3🔁 Thanks for sharing the tradition of #Indy500 milk with us, @CoyWire & @cnnsport! #winnersdrinkmilk
#Indy500 Alberto Echevarría @Aechevarriab🔁 Engine evolution #F1 #Indy500 via @JunaidSamodien_
Simon Pagenaud @simonpagenaudWho wants a signed mini-helmet?! Make sure you're following me, and 🔁//" target="_blank">
Vice President Pence @VP🔁Going to the has been a Pence tradition for decades. Karen & I look forward to being at for the 101st running this Sunday.
Ind. Motor Speedway @IMS🔁BREAKING: @jdmorgan to drive the @TeamChevy Pace Car at the #101stRunning of the #Indy500 pres. by @Penngrade. MORE:
Breaking News @newnewspage🔁It was cool to see new teammate give Ryan's son Ryden a high five after practice -
Ace World Travel @aceworldtravel🔁There is more to Indiana’s capital city than the Memorial Day weekend whirlwind known as the #Indy500....
Dino M. Amaral @Sec2Cloud🔁 in the books! car feels strong 💪🏻 bring on Sunday
John W Lewis @JohnWLewis🔁Whatever happens in this #Indy500, generally over the years drivers who've driven both have demonstrated that #F1 is much more difficult.
Art.Sprunger @ISOgems🔁The latest New Hope & Freedom Daily! #trump #indy500
Rocket @RocketIsSix🔁From practice runs to cameras in 4 cars—including —see everything in HD on Verizon unlimited.
Ericsson India @EricssonIndia🔁The connected home from &'s what it means via : om/i/web/status/868410200956567552" target="_blank">
FastGTO @bdostrovetz🔁Who wants a signed mini-helmet?! Make sure you're following me, and RT this tweet for a chance to win!
Chitra Chandhok- @chitrachandhok🔁"Hands down, he's the best driver going there" 💪

Some serious praise from for his former team mate!

Rob McMahon @Rob_McMahon🔁Our photographer friend documented my 2014 win and I'm happy she's back. Stay tuned for behind the scenes photos
Rob McMahon @Rob_McMahon🔁I'm excited to be back at the 📷 ! It's touching to see him honor this wkend -
Nicole Lynn Plowman @OfficialNLP🔁I'm guessing my new neighbors will not understand if I set off a ceremonial cannon and open our gates at 6am tomorrow. #indy500 🏁🇺🇸
Drunk@Indy @DrunkAtIndy🔁So pumped to take over social media at the this weekend and spend time with 🏁🏎
L. Juice @Learning_Juize🔁When people ask you if you have any plans for the next weekend (the one with the , and )
enuwan @enuwan2🔁The Pit Stop Competition: defeats to become the champion!
JordanNoelle @JordanNoelle5🔁It's race weekend for Indy & no one is booking 😫#IndyCar #indy500 #GFE
Chitra Chandhok- @chitrachandhok🔁There's more than one famous motor race this Sunday…

looks at Fernando Alonso's chances ➡️

Richard Trujillo @Rtrujillo57🔁.'s 2013 win marked the 64th victory for Firestone tires. On Sunday, we celebrate our 68th Indy 500 win.
Adrian Rayson @AdrianRayson🔁#EngSACricketODI, #MonacoGP, #FACupFinal, #Indy500 - So much #sport! Glued to the TV this weekend. Thankyou #SkyQ...!
Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁. stopped by to talk to on his radio show to discuss the .
Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁. will donate $222,222 to with a victory ! Visit to donate
Debbie Bashford @skeetersden🔁Are you watching the this Sunday? RT your answer with to enter our $50 gift card draw!
Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁Your Pit Stop Competition winner is: - 's 17th Pit Stop win!
Marro @atilaX_Marro🔁In honour of 's historic run... I've got another GIVEAWAY! 🙌

✅ Follow Me + 🔁 Retweet 👇 = Entered!

VictiatorF1 PDLR FAN @VictiatorF1🔁The transformation from annual report photo to a cereal box cover, the difference an makes w/ before & after :
DAndrew @DAndrewLucas2🔁 Where you can find a photo of almost anyone involved with the #Indy500. @dawn_mitchell61 story
Pascal Vinz @PascalVinz🔁Video: Watch get a workout in before the via
Daily Articles Club @DailyArticlesCL🔁Pit stop practice for the No. 29 crew of .
IndyStar Sports @IndyStarSports🔁Where you can find a photo of almost anyone involved with the #Indy500. @dawn_mitchell61 story
Aղժɾé Vmax @pro_motors74🔁REPLAY: gets around during practice at . Watch LIVE on !
The Car Expert @TheCarExpertUK🔁Presidential Election & v similar. Both take forever, no one in Europe understands what's happening & surprise candidate is orange
Paul Dekker @dekkep03🔁What a weekend coming up. Time for a television in the garden. #GirodItalia2017 #N24h #WTCC #MonacoGrandPrix #indy500 #cocacola600 🏎🏎🏁🏁🏁🏎🏎
Herbert L. Samuels @HerbertLSamuels🔁 The latest The Eurocar Daily! Thanks to @VirgStrickland #indy500 #iot
Chris McGowan @ckwmcgowan🔁24 Hours of @nuerburgring, @BritishGT @SnettertonMSV and #Indy500 this weekend 👌
Fernando Meza @fmeza🔁The latest Se dice en Twitter...! Thanks to @HOMEROJSIMPS0N #indy500 #labuenavida
Durra Whitacre @DurraWhitacre🔁Great weather for the ! Some clouds with temps in low 70s.
GP Rejects @gprejects🔁By the time we get to , will need to start the race from Indianapolis. I don't think he'll mind too much.
Sport360° @Sport360🔁Our man in Indiana chats to Dubai-born ahead of tomorrow's


D. van der Starre @DvanderStarre🔁Just in time for the , a new powered app gives fans access to more driver than ever before:
dhanieaaa @nrndniafrn🔁Race to : From race track to road, ’s wireless services keep you connected. Check our demo!


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