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Indy Alicia Murray ❄️ @alicmurray🔁 BBC are now covering indy marches. #askdonalda
IndyIndy Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 Then and now w big bro @KingJames who woulda thought I'll be playin against em this soon 💪🏿
Indy Chris Snethen (STL) @SnethenStl🔁 Business trip to Indy.
Indy U.S. Male @PostmanPat04🔁@Toby_in_Indy Jizzed in my pants a bit.
D€R€K @INDY_CARD🔁Live look at Bobby Petrino
Indy Lynn @tweeting4follow🔁 Indy. #HFETour
Indy Ashley Miller @AshleyMthunder🔁 #DefLeppard - #Photo of the Day
#RickAllen #JoeElliott #highfive #Indy
IndyIndy Tyler Holt @tjholt14🔁 Statement X Indy!
Indy Belle @FiBelleFi🔁Indy time!
Indy max @maxrgoodman🔁 🛫 Indy
lindaW07 @lindawhitson1🔁 This one "song" sums up the Indy movement....


The gift that keeps giving!

IndyIndy Myl3s Turn3r @Original_Turner🔁Statement X Indy!
Indy Luke Bryan @LukeBryanOnline🔁Indy. #HFETour
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁The Colts are a mess, and says NFL execs believe it’s time Andrew Luck demands a trade
MotherOfDragons🔥🔥 @Ziggy_Indy🔁@_SaluteMeBitch Hammond hoes???
A One Promotions Co. @AONEPROMOTIONCO🔁[Mixtape] @_Flyaaflyaa - Life Of A Young Boss :: #GetItLIVE! #AONEPROMOTIONS #RT
『BURNING SOUL』Maguma @MagumaUsagi🔁@Takahata101 I know you're gonna go watch but for a second I was gonna say "Is taka about to start his indy career?!"
Mateo @mattybaughman🔁Coulda gone for it in Indy hoe
All-Good @Takahata101🔁Let's see how my first ever Indy show goes.
norma green @njg67🔁Adoptable I'm off to the ! Yes! ! 😺
Brad Gass @bradgassfox10🔁You know you have landed in Indy when you see this. The only problem is and myself are here for
Indy @indy_wrex🔁I don't remember how these tights got this hole tbh LOL. Blackjack Saturday starts now --->
Toby In Indy @Toby_in_Indy🔁Kinda looks somewhat similar, but no restaurant provides you with a preventative jizz cup. At least none that I freq uent......
Indy @indy_wrex🔁 Models that Skype - Don't ever skype until you have received your payment, so many scammers involved with skype sessions
D€R€K @INDY_CARD🔁Maybe it's time to go with what makes Lamar the best? Sitting in the pocket isn't there right now.
Meredith Schmitt @holy_schmitt03🔁🚨🚨 One-handed TD alert 🚨🚨

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Meredith Schmitt @holy_schmitt03🔁This grab from … 👀! 🎥 highlights from ’s win over :
Covfefe-Tish @Tish_n_Indy🔁@moby_dickhead I. Am. Dying.
Sandy Johnston @sandypsj🔁I suspect there are few transfers. But I also dunno if it's a good idea to go back to the bad old days of hectic-cros s Loop connections.
Guy Maynard @gcmaynard33🔁I think Indy is nicknamed "Nap Town" because nothing is open after 9 pm.
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 i'll spoil u with some loyalty😘
Sandy Johnston @sandypsj🔁@Indy_Austin @Ted4P If you want to write something and post it on my site, feel free! Otherwise I will let you know after I do this post ;-)
James D @JamesD85266046🔁This is how one Indiana police department catches distracted drivers via @indystar
D€R€K @INDY_CARD🔁Sirmon seems to play a lot of soft coverages. Not going to work if you can't create pressure. Receivers catch ball with 10 yard cushion.
Ellie Rose Elliott @gaijinrose🔁Regardless of views on Catalan Indy, actions of Spanish state are unacceptable & the fact it isn't properly covered here is very telling!
Bob Kravitz @bkravitz🔁Can Jacoby Brissett lead the Colts to a win Sunday? writes given the options, he gives Indy its best shot:
harms💓 @_hxrms🔁@_InderpalS4 @kaylariacookie Indy fan club
KMG365 @starbucksgirl51🔁Democrats have 48 votes (46 + 2 Indy). Name 12 Republicans that will vote for it, so it gets 60 votes. I'll wait.
Oldmarlee @oldmarlees🔁Check out Vintage Indiana Souvenir Metal Ashtray Indy 500 Racing Red Cardinal Japan 1950s via @eBay
Josh Herald @jmancardsfan🔁@INDY_CARD Nope
eDj @devasto19🔁Wow! with an impressive 34-8 win over in Indy. They play tomorrow at noon!
MotherOfDragons🔥🔥 @Ziggy_Indy🔁i thought he had it lol
Indy Race Parts @indyraceparts🔁@USACNation Forgot a heat.. the Indy Race Parts heat #4 winner, Kyle Cummins 😂
MotherOfDragons🔥🔥 @Ziggy_Indy🔁Damn
D€R€K @INDY_CARD🔁Peter Sirmon, I am not a fan of you. This can change...but not right now.
Nate @jesusluvsnate🔁 #iubb had a familiar visitor on Saturday:
JAZZ BUZZ @jazzbuzzn1🔁Indy Jazz Fest features with IU grad and iconic trumpeter Randy Brecker
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁everybody think we go together 😂🙃
amanda @swiftlyamanda13🔁@Plaid_ShirtDays go see them in Indy on Wednesday I'll be there!!!!!!!
Not Michael Andretti @CockyAndretti🔁@KatblossIndy @IndyCar I was just wondering this too. Last years was held in downtown Indy and was wondering if they were doing that again.
D€R€K @INDY_CARD🔁We've got this...we've got this...we've got this...right?!?!
TitanFootball @THSTitansFB🔁Remember that big hit? "Stuff like that is how we want to set the tone."

Purdue wants dominance:

cass @_ccaassiiee_🔁S/O to Indy Crush, Marian University & Hanover College for the coloring books & crayons donation. All for the kids at St. Jude's
IndyStar Sports @IndyStarSports🔁Remember that big @NVBentley33 hit? "Stuff like that is how we want to set the tone."

Purdue wants dominance:

Nathan Kreegar @cobaltthegreat🔁My biggest problem with Ale Emporium here in Indy is that since everybody and their turd comes here it takes forever to get a drink.
Craig Cameron @craigcam0274🔁@FantasyFB_Addic PPR Flex - really torn here, C Coleman vs Balt, J Allen vs Clev, T Riddick vs NYG, JJ Nelson vs Indy. pick 1.
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁Petty LaBelle
kela @kaylariacookie🔁@_InderpalS4 i like indy
JAZZ BUZZ @jazzbuzzn1🔁Indy Jazz Fest features with IU grad and iconic trumpeter Randy Brecker
Sari Ali @sarinafa🔁This is a detailed & thorough analysis of the sit in myanmar re Rohingya, by an indy analyst, not presstv staffer.
Indy Grapevine @Indy_Grapevine🔁Tuna tips & tactics> Catch yours now!
Fernando González @FerLuGon🔁 with a Dallara DW12 Chevrolet, Pole in the 17th INDY Race. (Infineon - USA (California) - September 16, 2017).
Lexi Pruneau @lexiprune🔁@kmriley11 I only work at Indy now, darn it!
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 need me a lil baby .. 🙃
HELLOHATE @evettgo🔁 Indy's "Pedal To the Metal from DC to Boston" Video
James Holas @SnottieDrippen🔁@GrantAfseth I love PG. He's underrated by the average fan, I feel. What do you feel Indy could have done differently to keep him?
FoodByTheWord @FoodByTheWord🔁Papaw lil chunky man😁 @ Garfield Park - Indy Parks and Recreation
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 I really want a Brazilian wax
Chef Danielle Moore @Anniemaesbakery2FOR1 BFF TICKETS AVAILABLE SUPPO🔁//" target="_blank">
Kris Davidson @Articulate_indy🔁Great advice I've held onto:
Make friendships with people who are younger than you. They keep you on your toes.
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 Fuck me, bitch don't kiss me.
Austin @Indy_Austin🔁@mass_ave 86th is right up there with Raymond and Kentucky on my "Indianapolis Streets from Hell" list.
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 Love is a drug be sure to overdose when you find the right one
D€R€K @INDY_CARD🔁238 yards passing in the first half for Clemson...not good.
RacingMediaOnline @racingpixonline🔁. qualified 9th for the & will make his debut from 21st place. MORE:
Factotum Brewhouse @FactotumBrew🔁 game tomorrow! Let's bounce back & ! Factotum airs all games on big screen.
Jaime Barrett @GoBlueBarrett🔁INDY! Tonight I looked out onto a sold out crowd that I once stood in as a fan at my first country concert many years ago...magic! I love ya
Mass Ave Curmudgeon @mass_ave🔁I'm on 86th every weekday morning at 6:45 (dark) on way to NCHS and see brave (or stupid) bike commuters and kids try ing to cross w/o injury
Chris Mudd @mudd3🔁 DeVos test drives #VirtualReality curriculum in Indy. @educationnation
RacingMediaOnline @racingpixonline🔁"I think we're only getting better." after winning his first pole of the year.


PRZDNTL @PrezP_BeCampin🔁Indy Nigga But I Do It Major
indyyyy 🙃 @_InderpalS4🔁The only thing more attractive than intelligence is boobs ~ Indy 2017


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