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Indy Tocarra @TocarraElise🔁#Indy! Get your #backtoschool on at the Marion County Family Day! @CKFIndiana
IndyIndy sy🍉 @Indy_suya🔁 Victory ep.9 Moment-4 (ตามคำขอ) "I'll beside you" 👬 #NoTen #เตนล์ #TEN #Sry_FA #NCTFanart
IndyIndy sy🍉 @Indy_suya🔁 I miss you so much
Indy Pac man @pacman946🔁 It was hot, I need a beer 🍻

On our way outta Indy But don't think I'll stop here-

IndyIndy Grady McCall @GradyMMcCall🔁Amazing dolphin show at the Indy Zoo
Indy La Mexi-Gringa @indymexigringa🔁Hey #indy! It's #Monday! That means it is $5 #Burrito day! Come in today for our delicious Al Pastor Burrito!
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 me when I found out that NAV (@beatsbynav) produced Drake's diss song 'Back To Back'
Indy sy🍉 @Indy_suya🔁 My bro - Tern 17/7/24
Indy Anonymous Race Fan @dgodaddymaybe🔁Lone Wolf had an idea before the Indy Race .....
Indy Dustin Ruhl @Indy_REI🔁Security breach at Keller Williams compromises associate information
Indy Brad Keselowski @keselowski🔁It was hot, I need a beer 🍻

On our way outta Indy But don't think I'll stop here-

Dale Earnhardt Jr. @DaleJr🔁Damn Indy, I was actually enjoying that.
Dierks Bentley @DierksBentley🔁never gets old... thank indy. first time selling that place out. me and the guys are still on such a high. tomorro…
SparklesofLight Blog @rosysparkles🔁@Becx_ I saw you loving the Indy Luxe brushes, read this before u buy them
amanda banana @bodyrockmgc🔁@wzpl @sprint @Harry_Styles I'm going to the one in Indy aye
Big Stacks Ent. @WeAreBSE412🔁[Mixtape] - Ghetto Gospel :: !
Tom Walsh @TomWalsh9🔁Don't miss give address on Sept 1 right before in
Half6lack @Direktor5Kut🔁 Whenever that message preview says "hey indy," I know it's about to be some bullshit that I want no parts of. 🙄
Short Strategy Group @Short_Strategy🔁The Rules and Public Policy Committee of the City-County Council will meet tomorrow at 530pm. Agenda:
SparklesofLight Blog @rosysparkles🔁@BeckyCh94 I saw you loved the Indy Luxe brushes but read this before you buy 🙈 🙈
Cherokee Greendeer @cherokeeGrnjean🔁Just 4️⃣ 0️⃣ days until the Cards takeover Indy for an ACC/Big Ten showdown!
Will you be there for it? TICKETS –
DevoForIndy @DevoForIndy🔁Yep, needed saying. Now can we all get back to making the case for indy, please. Shouldn't be hard, given UK's penchant for self-destruction
Andy Ellis @ndls61🔁Start supporting indy, and we can talk; put up, or shut up Hugh. Until then our task is to destroy Labour's Scots br anch not enable it! 🙄
Katie from ezCater @ezcaterkatie🔁Welcome to the ezCater familly ! We're so excited to have you as a option in Look at that fried chicken!!!
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁was just thinking bout this
Beau Knapp @jdrpknapp🔁Congrats to with a 16-0 victory over . Braden Andersen throws a gem with a one hit, 62 pitch day On to Indy again
SparklesofLight Blog @rosysparkles🔁@RowisBox I agree the Indy Luxe brushes are gorgeous but read this first
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁I have so many questions for you , just waiting to be answered
ANJLE DUBE🇺🇸🤘🙏😇 @DubeAnjle🔁Had a great time at the Indy race yesterday w/ Bill Schumacher & his family! is more than a partner they're family too!
SparklesofLight Blog @rosysparkles🔁@peachmilkshakes yeah I agree the Indy Luxe brushes look stunning but read this first
Brockszn🖒🕆🔺 @brock_nd_roll🔁In Indy they seem to be on every corner. In PC they're miles apart
Jenny Staggs @1Staggs🔁So proud of you & the#5 team.I apologized to the man in the row in front of me for yelling"COME ON KASEY" over & over so loud! love :)
Kirk Bubul @AncientOne2🔁@JennaFryer What's up? Almost no one in the stands at Indy Sat or Sun? Is Nascar in real a real in-the-seats fan crisis?
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁 INDY WARS! with link to @Indy_MissK article
SparklesofLight Blog @rosysparkles🔁@thatmummarocks the indy Luxe brushes do look amazing but read this first -
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 @_____indy see you then ☺️
Litty Promotions🔥 @Dimeeeeee9_🔁AUG 6 🎨🏄🏾

1511 S Rendon St
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁@Aye4Scotland Thank you!
Heather Ashley @hracpa🔁 incognito as the Polo Boys Bluegrass band last night in Indy! 😂🎸
Hank Lee @hanklee89🔁@danny_g13 @ind @Ari But I say they beat get to 9 easy

Jax - 2
Indy x 1 (at least)

Kirk 🌽 Hinz @captain_kirk_wx🔁Temperature categorical probabilities for over the next 2 weeks (via )…trend certainly favoring “cooler” open to Aug
Heather Ashley @hracpa🔁Thank you for an AWESOME rowdy show in Indy last night!
Vincent Killion @Vicendithas12🔁@sh19indy @PUP_indy @nomeancityindy ...and backwards.
Ergasiophobe @Ergasiophobe🔁You need to pay more attention. You're the one conflating what was said to " Indy supporters".
METALCORE MONEY @darienvoid🔁@amityaffliction @MIWband @missmayiband NO INDY DATE?!! wtf dudes :(
dale ward @daleward10055🔁Congrats @KKRdirt @kaseykahne on the win yesterday at indy! you needed that! now win a few more!
Tay🍫✨ @___xxtj🔁@_____indy see you then ☺️
BoardGamesWithPanda @BoardgamePanda🔁@dustinbschwartz I'm going to see this on Thursday at the IMAX theater in downtown Indy. Pretty excited.
Ali Lollar @AliLollar🔁never gets old... thank indy. first time selling that place out. me and the guys are still on such a high. tomorro…
Brittany Wilcox @porbonufind1986🔁 Typical BBC bias this morning showing a picture of a petition against a new indy referendum
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁Didn't realize I follow so many high schooler 😬😅
Evil Rick @BakerSpeed🔁"My engine is blowing up, I have no chance to win, I'm gonna drive too deep, three-wide into turn 1 at Indy!" -Jimmie Johnson
Weekend Magazine @IndoWeekend🔁Indy Power: On the PULSE
Kenneth H RoettgerJr @twonkenn🔁My opinion and my opinion only.
1) send xfinity back to IRP - watered down Sunday race 2) always have said Indy shou ld be a fall night race
Bubba Lehan @thebubbaunit🔁If you wanna get dark, we can play the "what position group would you swap with Indy for if you're Jacksonville" game. QB, *maybe* WR?
Ghova13 @FGrahovac🔁Lol ya that's cause we don't play Indy anymore and he don't have to worry bout UK
Kerry Dale Earnhardt @KerryDEarnhardt🔁Had a great time at the Indy race yesterday w/ Bill Schumacher & his family! is more than a partner they're family t oo!
Timothy M. Evans @timothymevans🔁50yd line tickets, VIP pregame party passes to Big Ten Champ game in Indy for our Hawkeyes. ... and then last yr ...
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Why? Because the Nordic industrial model would massively enrich & empower working-class Britons, but offends the egos of Labour lefties.
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Think about it: an egalitarian, dynamic form of capitalism exists across the North Sea but the Labour left avoids it like the plague.
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Corbyn is a nationalist first & a socialist second. He despises northern Europe because it shows that life can be better without revolution.
Cassandra Smith @relilini1971🔁Choose independence, choose a currency, a club u cant join & $50 oil, choose debt & Greek austerity. Choose Indy.
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁History will judge every Labour MP, activist and influencer on whether the party uses - or wastes - that unique and decisive power. (15/15)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Lib Dems, the SNP & sensible Tories can all play a role. But ultimately it's up to Labour to decide whether that will happen. (14/)
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 Play pussy & u will get fucked!
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁As things stand, the next years will make austerity look like picnic. Jobs will go. Prices will rise. Real people will feel real pain. (13/)
Kelly Narvaez @fanessa4🔁 finish season with thumping 4-2 performance Nationals in Indy just miss final
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁2) Advance genuinely radical & redistributive policies on tax, education, industry, regional policy, infrastructure, political reform. (12/)
Lemme Sausage That @TokenOfTheMonth🔁My roomate's FWB just flew from LA to visit him for indy 400...she just posted an insta...its her, him and his current shook
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁(1) Boost jobs and wages, and drastically increase available funds for public services, by keeping Britain in the Single Market. (11/)
Dr. Jess Benton @mylifeisNASCAR🔁Brownie was so happy that and got back into Victory Lane yesterday in Indy 🏆❤️🏁🍾
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁 Instead Labour should be "tough on Brexit, tough on the causes of Brexit". By doing two things: (10/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Second, his June manifesto sliced the pie less fairly. Distributionally it was much closer to the Tory one than to the Lib Dem one. (9/)
Justis Mosqueda @JuMosq🔁If you wanna get dark, we can play the "what position group would you swap with Indy for if you're Jacksonville" game . QB, *maybe* WR?
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Corbyn is going in the opposite direction. First, his opposition to the Single Market will make Britain poorer. It will shrink the pie. (8/)
DevoForIndy @DevoForIndy🔁It's sad & slightly ironic, but the people who will probably leave Scotland due to Brexit are exactly the people Scotland needs for indy.
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁i.e. minimising the economic costs of Brexit and simultaneously advancing genuinely radical reforms to spread wealth and opportunity. (7/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁A sensible response would thus be to improve living standards concretely by making the pie bigger & allocating its slices more fairly. (6/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁Though also cultural, the Brexit vote was tipped by low- and middle-earners working too many hours for too-low living standards. (5/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁 I spent most of the pre- and post-referendum period in Leave-voting parts of Britain and can say with confidence: (4/)
Jessica Hice @jess_hice🔁Vet honored in Indy for calming Sandy Hook survivors w/ therapy dogs. 💙💙 Story via @indysta r
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁This is basic recipe of EU (& Eurozone) countries like Germany & Netherlands, where working-class life is v much better than in the UK. (3/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁 That means (1) increasing the size of the pie and (2) slicing it more equally. (2/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁The essence of economic progressivism is the creation of the best possible living conditions for the largest possible number of people. (1/)
Leya @Indy_MissK🔁This is a brilliant thread, fantastically outlining the huge mistake Corbyn & Labour are making re Brexit, & how w/cl ass will pay heaviest.
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁 I do not watch everybody snap
Dawn Quixote 🦄🇪🇺🐝🦊🌲 @Strathaven_Indy🔁@Fagashlil76 Thank you 😂 lol. You are very welcome 😊 x
Ca$h 🤑 @_____indy🔁I get jealous of other people cause I want you to be mine
Remember'That' @Chanee_indy🔁one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
Ernie Wiebe @bige388🔁 Damn Indy, I was actually enjoying that.


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