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Michael Knowles @indy_knowles🔁 NFL teams who need a QB watching Sam Darnold right now... #CottonBowl
IndyIndy Leya @Indy_Leya🔁 politics lover my arse
Indy น้องอยากกิน 🍈🍧 @Indy_suya🔁 My Little Mermaid
Indy น้องอยากกิน 🍈🍧 @Indy_suya🔁 27/12 Banana rib hobbyhorse riding
Indy Indy Guide @indy_guide_com🔁The season is not over yet! Winter tourism in #Kazakhstan & #Kyrgyzstan!
Citizens for Ethics @CREWcrew🔁Mike Pence pulled a stunt at an NFL game just to send a fundraising email, and used taxpayer money to pay for it. We got the records from the Indy police department.

The National @ScotNational🔁Scotland in Union have been running an anti-indy letter writing campaign - and they don't want you to know about it.
Terry Moore @TerryMooreArt🔁Fair Warning: This isn't the kind of book you walk in & see on the shelf. That would be Batman. This you have to let your retailer know to order for you. Or subscribe direct from us: Our sub list closes Jan 5. Book out Jan 17.
Fishers Switch @FishersSwitch🔁 to spend $6M to improve Nickel Plate amphitheater to attract bigger concert acts


🦖 efrain 🦖 @adoresamizayn🔁Did somebody call for the greatest high-flyer of all time? Well, none of the Indy darlings answered because Tamina immediately responded!
Academic Antidote @AcademicAntidot🔁After such unexpected success in 2017, what does Jeremy Corbyn have planned for 2018? | The Independent - << my first piece for the Indy, I think.
Exitstencil Press @ExitstencilPres🔁Indy front page - Christmas Day 2017. Hard to imagine anything more poignant and frankly inexcusable.
E Brown @BRWombat🔁Since just after indy ref many scoffed at my "how to win an election by postal ballot fraud" articles, I hope now they are taken more seriously, especially considering the data loss just this week of historical papers and the revelation Mi5 plotted to kill Irish PM in 80s.
Chris Theisen @cjtheisen🔁 I’d love to believe what Colts QB Andrew Luck said today. I just can’t.
What nowwwwww @WHATTTTNOWWWWWW🔁Mike Pence pulled a stunt at an NFL game just to send a fundraising email, and used taxpayer money to pay for it. We got the records from the Indy police department.

Ray Bareham @WyeLea🔁@geoffreyMyers1 @TelegraphNews All the SNP care about is Indy. Welfare of Scots people secondary. SNP are a movement not a government.
lisajasper @lisajasper🔁 I wanted to name both of our babies (one F one M) Indiana so badly. said no, “it’s the dog’s name” so no Indy Jaspe rs. Indiana Legend good too.
Reviresco🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @LenziePar🔁A great many folk are joining . This is a very sensible as the more members the sooner we achieve .

Please consider joining us.

Zionsville GirlsGolf @ZvilleGirlsGolf🔁Take a bow, . The won a thriller to set up the championship game against .
Wings Over Scotland @WingsScotland🔁Gotta love a Wings Over Scotland fanboy asking for evidence of his bigotry. No doubt he'll @ the "Rev" to clipe me. Said it before but it's so depressing to see parts of the Indy movement descend into a reactionary cult.
scott riach @swriach🔁not really, does not state out for 3 years, just a position Indy state would have to apply, have seen plenty of other s saying it would be seamless as we have been EU compliant for decades
Margaret Mckee @margaret8662254🔁Professor John Curtice being quizzed by Isabel Fraser in June 2014. The question being referred to led to *major* anti-Indy headlines across the BBC. It was a quite shocking piece of polling manipulation.
Citizen Tammy #763 @ToALouse🔁Day 1 of Scottish Indy.
£15B deficit (9% GDP)
No currency
No membership of EU
No trade deal EU or with rest of UK
Pensions and public dervices to fund
Businesses leaving (per Catalonia)
Who you gonna call? The IMF I guess.
Tim Shipman @ShippersUnbound🔁@OliverMilne OK, you win. The 4th Indy film is an atrocity
Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Blues Revelators at the Slippery Noodle Inn, 8:30 pm.

EuroScot @MenziesGraeme🔁 Without Indy Scottish programme makers, an Indy Scottish broadcaster is doomed.
Indy Johar @indy_johar🔁An extra 10 trees on a Toronto city block provided health benefits to residents equivalent to a $10,000 increase in annual income, or being seven years younger, another study in 2015 found.
Leya @Indy_Leya🔁Trans-identified male students allowed to attend Eton. No plans to admit females.

Zach Myers @ZachMyersNews🔁UPDATE: Downtown Indy’s NYE celebration start time pushed back due to extreme cold @FOX59
BDHS Touchdown Club @BDTouchdownClub🔁At 6-7 and 320 pounds, this junior stands out on the basketball court. Some guys think he should stick to football.

"I just move around on the court, play and let my game do the talking.”

john wood @johnmalta99🔁Why should the burden fall solely on the SNP to make an economic case? They are the means to independence, not the end. Why aren't you asking for a tory, labour or lib case? What happens if SNP lose first indy election and others are unprepared?
Thomas Kohrs @ThomasKohrs🔁@ver1tasaequ1tas Why not moving to Scotland now and work for and with an Indy Ref?
Trisha Clark @TCinIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Smooth Jazz guitarist Peter White at The Jazz Kitchen, 7:30 and 10 pm (plus tomorrow at 8 and 10:30 pm).

Queen of the Flumps @TheMistressRox🔁Remember that cretin Martin Keatings (who tried & failed to be elected as an Indy Councillor, to try & get 2 SNP ones elected - & also tried & failed to defend IndyCamp) ?

Well, it seems he's got something 'big' in the offing (& not just his head)

Can't wait to have a laugh...

Richy159879 @richy159879🔁The founder of SIU gave a speech in London in November saying that they had an organised letter writing campaign.

It is a sure sign of how desperate indy supporters are that they think they have uncovered some dastardly secret plot.


J. Boyer @JBoyerFLSTN🔁@kmandei3 Think I saw that car last night in Temple of Doom. Short Round picked Indy up in it.
Trinity Episcopal @TrinityCh_Indy🔁 "You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know." - William Wilberforce
Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Purdue University Men's Basketball at Mackey Arena, 8 pm.

Stan @StandRight8🔁I watched the Indy 500, and I was thinking that if they left earlier they wouldn't have to go so fast.
kaliira chri★pher (chris toofwa) @CkLutaaya🔁Go add on Snapchat 👻 ctsp91

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Alicia Murray ❄️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @alicmurray🔁I dont care whether you are Old Firm or whether you support Invercockaleekie Thistle. I dont care if yer a prod, catholic. muslim or you hug trees, I dont care whether yer black, white, tartan or lemon and grey stripes.... it'll all still be there after INDY... but we'll be FREE.
Alicia Murray ❄️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @alicmurray🔁Yet another reason to back indy and Scotland’s removal from a long dead empire. Let us feed clothe and house fellow Scots and not help the WM benefit cheats. Unionists all there for their own benefit. Bring all decision making back home to Scotland’s national capital!!
Sean Jankowski @sean_janko🔁Flight from DSM got delayed, won’t get to Indy till later... have layover in Chicago...but it’s game day!!! #cyclONEnation
Samillian @Samillian1968🔁(Disclosure, I’m an SNP member). They are right to try to save Scotland from Brexit if it happens (I joined to help this). They need to get vocal about a final say for the UK as well though. WM is not listening & UK leaving the EU, esp SM and CU, makes Indy much more complex. 12/
Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Indy Fuel Hockey at Indiana Farmers Coliseum, 7:35 pm.

TJ✨ @TerCel_iAM🔁This is starting year 2 of me living in Indy.
Pineapple Head @RobinsonRecluso🔁@Indy_Victor @New_Westphalian @montie @Andrew_Adonis An excellent point, though it would do great harm to Brigstocke's ego to admit it.
Andrew Martin @devonprof🔁The Indy jumps the gun again.
Alicia Murray ❄️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @alicmurray🔁Here are a few things Westminster are responsible for - if you aren’t completely enraged by them you seriously need to look inside and ask yourself why? We should all be angry about this - Unionist or Indy supporter
Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Smooth Jazz guitarist Peter White at The Jazz Kitchen, 7:30 and 10 pm (plus tomorrow at 8 and 10:30 pm).

RETROjunkie @Olumiide🔁The Express everybody.
Who only last week printed a transfer story and used an Indy Kaila tweet as its source.
Indy Grapevine @Indy_Grapevine🔁Check out this great video & winterize your boat for years of great performance!
Indy Johar @indy_johar🔁Dear Lexiters

Save me your Che Guevara bullshit. Brexit isn’t a ‘power to the people’ socialist revolution.

Brexit is a revolution for multi-millionaires, whose main interests are cutting public services and workers’ rights, and making themselves richer.

IndyPatriot @Indy_Patriot🔁@GerryCarlin @dlippman @politico @nytmike They did in class. Trump didn't go to class.
Mark Lockwood @_mlockwood🔁Any of my Indy peeps know the snowblower noise ordinance rules for a Saturday? Same (7am) as M-F? (also etiquette to consider, I realize) @indywx🔁This piece of upper level energy will kick up an area of light snow across central late tonight into early NYE.
Tim Allen @flabby67🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Butler University Men's Basketball at Hinkle Fieldhouse v. #1 Villanova, 4 pm.

Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
"Rumble in Fort Wayne" at the Allen County Coliseum, 7 pm.

Christine Lux @luxtine🔁Timing of royal Ginger Nut baby will be important with indy vote & Brexit. I am sure Megan has been told duty calls & get on with it asap.
Frances Manley @francesxx2015🔁@SpawnofJustice @jeremycorbyn @dixon_pete Calculated to get a majority of 1. Just as 50%+1 for Scottish indy
Indy Johar @indy_johar🔁Populism is not the name - Mobism - &
mobocracy; when the many use their power to suppress the few.. as opposed to r aise all..
Gloria Bond @globabe8🔁Doyel: It's not that I don't believe Andrew Luck — it's that I can't via @indystar
IndyPatriot @Indy_Patriot🔁Trump is relying upon the Republican Congress to look the other way. Trump is now more emboldened by the passing o f the tax bill. He thinks he is King.
Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
"Lights at the Brickyard" at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (final day).

Doug R Bo @theleapingskink🔁Made a pit stop at the NCAA Hall of Champions in downtown Indy this afternoon on our way to Plainfield.
Brave & Indy Hounds @brave_indy🔁I am okay! Puked a bit but not in pain from the fall or anything. I am like Dash, throw myself down and the same goin g up my legs can’t keep up.
Jasper Rees @JasperRees🔁Good to know! My source was a tribute in the Indy. I shall amend accordingly. I should have guessed it was too good t o be true
Bob Burchfield @AroundIndy🔁 on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017:
Butler University Men's Basketball at Hinkle Fieldhouse v. #1 Villanova, 4 pm.

Pichu London @PichuLondon🔁NASCAR Heat 2 - Jamie McMurray @ Indy: via @YouTube


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