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Indy AF Indianapolis,IN @AmeriFirst_Indy🔁Take this Quick Quiz to find out the best Mortgage for you. #WelcomeHome Please RT
Amart @austinmartin194🔁 Indy is lit lmaooo
Indy Aura @Auraosorio33🔁 Pence's legal team argues to keep email secret | IndyStar #ncpol
Indy @Larryinfishers🔁 Strong T-storm over downtown Indy now. Headed to Hamilton County by 6:30am. #INwx
Indy Aura @Auraosorio33🔁 What's Mike Pence hiding in his emails? | IndyStar #ncpol
Indy F1totheMaX #GoMaX @F1totheMaX🔁Alonso starting to feel comfortable around Indy #Alo_Oficial
Indy David Malsher @DavidMalsher🔁 .@alo_oficial one of the best ever, according to @GdeFerran: #Indy500 #F1
Indy Lauren Lowrey @LaurenLowrey_8🔁Fast-moving cell right over #Indy this AM
#daybeak8 @randyollis
shannon @ShannonHuff42🔁Stormy day in Indy
toalla2_ewoks @toalla2_ewoks🔁Indy
Indy Indianapolis Colts @Colts🔁Welcome to Indy, rookies!
Indy The Players' Tribune @PlayersTribune🔁You know @alo_oficial: @F1 legend.

Meet Fernando Alonso: #Indy500 driver:

Angus B MacNeil SNP @AngusMacNeilSNP🔁Poor Lab voters in Aberdeen , your votes get harvested to make a Tory council! Then again same across Scot, Lab want Tory Westmin to indy!!
Indy Grapevine @Indy_Grapevine🔁A key to this business success > Yamaha Outboards!
René van Hofwegen @RvHofwegen🔁🤘 awesome read
Debbie with no Duck @DebbiesDuck🔁Please tweet to your followers
Pandey Ishtkam @ishtkam🔁Alonso, 35, had his first test session in an IndyCar two weeks ago.
k george gigi @mbuzigoat🔁 Fernando Alonso defends decision to ditch Monaco Grand Prix for Indy 500
Jared Thomson @jaredgthomson🔁"I am a racer. Always have been, always will be." Love hearing this talk from my fav driver. So pumped for #Indy500
Tom Hunley @Tom_Hunley🔁Working @jobvite is like #May in #Indy. Very Exciting #indy500 Join our team. Product Designer, U... #job
Mike Amo Ⓜ @MaMikeamo🔁Take the Indy 500, mix it with the hunger games and you have the scene that plays out when someone says there's cake in the break room...
IndyStar @indystar🔁Renting the "base package" costs Fishers students $67.95 this year.
Samantha Oldershaw @samolders🔁So Tory 2 give SNP the grievance they crave 2 force Indy Ref 2?
I think not...if you're SLab, 🌹

Julian Littler @Julian_Littler🔁This Indy article has same structure, quotes and source confirmation as ours . No credit tho, so must be coincidence.
The Barre Code Indy @BarreCode_Indy🔁Cheers to a Hungry, Healthy & Happy weekend ahead! 😋

Now lets chat food... What are your favorite snacks and...

IndyStar Sports @IndyStarSports🔁The #Pacers’ offseason just got a whole lot more interesting.
Jacob Kapitan ن @kapitated🔁 "Tigers deserve better, let the class of 2018 be the one to end the Herffopoly!"
Angela Leitch @angela2410141🔁What to make of PM who plays 'Hide and Tweet'?
Too feart to debate face2face, but gets minions to live tweet?
PS Nicola didn't mention Indy.
Lindsay Riley @LindsayRileyWx🔁Rain & storms hitting Indy right now. says rain chances increase into tomorrow. Here's her forecast:
I.K.Bonzumpferl @indy_slug🔁Godspeed You Black Emperor's dystopian F# A# ∞ kinda feels like it might have been written about the politics of present day Britain.
LifePlusStyle @LifePlusStylcom🔁Showers and thunderstorms now pushing out of Indy moving to the northeast around 30 mph. On forecast track and...
Indy Tink @PlanetTink🔁Waking up to the rumble of Thunder on a track day in Indy is never good.
Indy Grapevine @Indy_Grapevine🔁What a great boat for the inshore angler
Couple Money Podcast @CoupleMoney🔁Yes, avocado toast can absolutely hurt your finances. Here's how: via @indystar
Carlos Niño @carlosnino1🔁Indy 500 is helping Fernando to keep himself motivated as driver, but the real winners are the race organizers becaus e of the rating arising
Joshua McMullan @JoshuaJMcMullan🔁We sent a reporter to Halifax for this & Indy's headline is "Theresa May to shut down the internet as we know it" which no one is claiming.
joe stuteville @wurdsmiffing🔁'The crisis we're currently facing': How Indiana plans to fight opiate scourge via @indystar
Fr Jeb @FrJeb🔁@Indy_MissK Yet when budget cut to fund it due to means testing @ScotTories will expect us to mitigate shortfall. Then complain about cuts.
Safaa Abdullah @SafaaAbdullah9🔁Concert recap: Red Hot Chili Peppers roll back the years, salute in Indianapolis --
Dan Thorn @Dan_Thorn🔁"What do you want to race in the Indy 500 this year?"

"I dunno, just stick some wings and some wheels on a speedboat or something"

Paul Dalbey @Fieldof33🔁. on drivers scared of the : "They just have small balls. ... That’s the only explanation." -
Jim Waterson @jimwaterson🔁This Indy article has same structure, quotes and source confirmation as ours . No credit tho, so must be coincidence.
Russ 👌 @69Gooner69🔁Ern Yes started at 44% in 2012 & after 2.5 yrs ended up at ..erm 44% . Indy is DEAD. Accept & move on time
David Stuart @dsinlon🔁What to make of PM who plays 'Hide and Tweet'?
Too feart to debate face2face, but gets minions to live tweet?
PS Nico la didn't mention Indy.
Helen @TrainorHelen🔁The TORY OBSESSION!!!!! INDY! LOSS OF SCOTS OIL, SCOTS GAS, SCOTS FISHING RIGHTS, We are fed up subsidizing rUK
PoliticsScot @PoliticsScot🔁So you'll be banning busses, trucks & lorries from the city centre? How are shops going to get stocked?
Every Wikipedia @everywikipedia🔁1995 Indy Lights season
Michael @carter_f1🔁Fernando Alonso fourth quickest in Thursday practice at the but it's a Briton leading the way...
Chris Prosser @caprosser🔁And some people who were too young to vote in Indy ref are also eligible to vote for the first time in 2017.
Karen @kakasardinha🔁Fernando Alonso overcomes "tricky" winds to finish fourth in Wednesday's Indy 500 practice
Troy Baumer @BodyOfTroy🔁Steve Kinser car going up for auction at Mecum in Indy this weekend. Bloomington Ford bought it in 1995 at Bernstein auction.
Indianapolis Now @IndianapolisCP🔁5:56am: heavy storm impacting Indy metro area. Tough commute for some INwx
Rincon Racing @rincon_racing🔁Alonso: And that’s why I’m racing at Indy… @HeaterWrestling🔁I'm totally sick of #WWE taking great former Indy wrestlers & making them look like just another guy on a show. #205Live is anprime example.
Chris Prosser @caprosser🔁For some people who voted in Indy ref this is the first time they'll be allowed to vote again, but others could vote in 2015 and EU Ref
Speedway Report @SpeedwayReport🔁Indy 500 now appears on the 10-day forecast.
Ezee-Source @ezeesource🔁Indy 500 – Free practice results (4)
Coach1984 @Coach1984🔁 One Indiana college has made video gaming a varsity sport. And there are scholarships.
Bill Frazier @bfrazier65🔁On the @PlayersTribune, @F1 legend @alo_oficial explains why he's racing in the #Indy500.
Chris Prosser @caprosser🔁There's a fascinating natural experiment on the habitual effect of (non-)voting in Scotland this election because of lower age for indy ref
Marietta @Perenella8🔁Fernando Alonso exclusive interview about the Indy adventure so far and how it will improve him as a driver:
YAMATΘ @yamato_HONDA🔁Meet Fernando Alonso's vital weapon in his bid for glory with

Yaethebay @YaeBossedup🔁@TraysPebbz I thought I told you in Indy but you need to see if I can perform there in yo city
KERR BROWN @jkerrbrown🔁 @Kevin_Wallace @129Aaron @ROSAZAMBONINI Wasn't the tories who called for 2nd indy referendum aa I remember.
Every Wikipedia @everywikipedia🔁1995 Indy Car season


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