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Ǽ℄ⅉᶖⓐℌ @elidaprophet33🔁 Wisco is taking over Indy
IndyIndyIndyIndy TheUltimateObserver @JustArtieZiff78🔁 Indy, we have arrived.

#GoBucks #BeatWisconsin

Indy eznark @eznark🔁Indy is on fire
IndyIndy Alexa Wood @_alexawood🔁Out here in Indy! Let's go Badgers!
Indy Christian Stilp @christianstilp🔁 TONIGHT IN INDY:

#Badgers #WISvsOSU

Brandon Garrett @BGarrett12🔁 24 hours. Indy will be rocking. Lets. Go. Bucks.
Indy An antifa Conrad🌹 @BeerTheDeer🔁 Indy is on fire
Indy Lauren Davies @LDshawty13🔁 B1G Championship banners in Indy

Where is @UMichFootball? Oh wait

Eli Humphrey @elihump56🔁 Wisco is taking over Indy
Indy Joe Turner @turner8806🔁Getting primed up in Indy for Big Ten Championship game. Go Bucks! #theohiostate
Indy Barstool Penn State @PSUBarstool🔁B1G Championship banners in Indy

Where is @UMichFootball? Oh wait

IndyIndyIndyIndy Ohio State Football @OhioStateFB🔁Indy, we have arrived.

#GoBucks #BeatWisconsin

Flash | 28™ | A01 @Melvingordon25🔁Man, , and I ran all over Indy that night. Let’s do it again .

is the pregame home for the B1G Championsh ip TODAY at 3 ET on .
nicole schofield @ngschofield🔁Multi-talented on the call for tonight’s Game of the Week. football commit knows his 🏀:
Nick Albertson @NAlbertson5🔁 BIG 10 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT IN INDY. No one hosts better! #4 vs #8, kickoff at 8pm.
William (John) Moore @akajtg🔁Sign in the stands at #OSUvsWIS #NCAAHoops game

"This Isn't Indy?"

#BigTenChampionship (football) between #OSUvsWIS is in Indianapolis

Keith Tanner @ktanner3309🔁Ohio State's Locker Room After Big Ten Title - ...Last Time we ELEVENWARRIORS.COM played Wisconsin in Indy😎🏆
james fowler @jf2985517🔁Best part of Indy shows are hanging backstage with her before the show! So proud of you!
KOW @yazzearned🔁Me in Indy: Indy sucks.

Me anywhere else: 31heaven forever! My ringtone is “Back Home Again In Indiana.” I survived off of nothing but corn for 7 months. My first word was “ope.” Peyton Manning baptized me in the White River. My father was an Indy Car. I am made of limestone.

GoKarting GoldCoast @GoKartingGC🔁It's K'Indy Time for ages three and up at our Nerang venue!
JEREMY @jeremy_wrestle🔁 One week in Indy & I already feel at home.
Christian Roby @christian7roby🔁@DanAbsher @ProFootballTalk Pfffft they won’t beat NE. Lost to Jags, Bears, almost Indy? Come on
Fortboyard3 @TheFortboyard3🔁Aye... I may not have won tonight, but I made my mark. I let all of Ro-Wrestling know that I’m not some kid out of the Indy’s... I let everyone know that I, ADRIAN BLACK, THE GOD OF RWL, THE GOD OF APRW, THE GOD OF RWL, IS HERE. TO. STAY.
Adrian Black @SKL_Adrian_Evan🔁Aye... I may not have won tonight, but I made my mark. I let all of Ro-Wrestling know that I’m not some kid out of t he Indy’s... I let everyone know that I, ADRIAN BLACK, THE GOD OF RWL, THE GOD OF APRW, THE GOD OF RWL, IS HERE. TO. STAY.
IlliniJeff @illini__jeff🔁@therealbigsexy @stelmo @joeyjaws $500+ and weekend travel to Indy is a lot for 2.5 pounds of free shrimp BS
G.M. MURRAY @gmmurray12🔁Dear old England. Finally getting round to acknowledging the British state propaganda machine that is the BBC.
Apolog ies for my localism.
But you should have tried being in Scottyland since 2014, and between now and next Scots Indy Ref.
nat misses parx @solongsoIdiers🔁@JawnRocha INDY SHOW PICS PLEASE
Top Gun Indy Express @TopGunIndy🔁 Top Gun is coming to Indy! Come out on 12/16 and bring your teammates. Our staff all played at Purdue, coached at P urdue and played in the NFL!
Spectrum Sports WI @SpecSportsWI🔁Fans begin to file in as some Badgers take the field for warm-ups here in Indy. Just under two hours til kickoff
Sadenia Eddi Reader @eddireader🔁Also another 2.1 million wouldn’t be ok with a saltire on random police officers and not on others - it could be seen as allegiance with Indy and that’s not ok for them with regard to an officers relationship with being SEEN as neutral- as long as ur fine thou eh?
felipote @felipoteoteote🔁For the people grumpy about the Teen Titans Go cartoon, just imagine a world where the only Ninja Turtles were the bloody, gritty, B&W indy comics. And then imagine sitting down to watch the debut of the cowabunga, pizza-obsessed, surfer-dude 80s cartoon. Suck it up, buttercups
Steve DeFeo @Indy_steve_d🔁@patsajak And like as much as you spend.
M J Murphy @MattMurfBC80🔁ABC/ NBC/ CBS / CNN ...are ALL propaganda wings of the DNC. IF.... they were forced to tell the truth.... the nightly news would be shorter than a pit stop at the Indy 500.
Melissa Schroer @drquenn🔁@sheratonhotels So, Indy thinks it’s a Ritz! Refuses those under 21. Can fight a war but can’t stay at a hotel!
ً @Iovebyers🔁i’m gonna SUE indy comic con if they don’t announce the entire lineup thing
Indy Premier SC @IndyPremierSC🔁The 02B Elite Victory in their second game of the Indy College Showcase with Coach Diego earlier this afternoon, at G rand Parks indoor field house.
Dylan Mayer @DBANGER05🔁@Landomorgan12 Shiii I wish I was in Indy playing for Ohio State
MONTANA TRIPP ™ BMF @montanatripp🔁[Mixtape] Montana Tripp Da Boss - Taking The World By Storm :: ! @Montanatrip
Cole Reif @colereif🔁Final: Indy Women 83, Barton 52. Rough night for the Lady Cougars against a tough Indy team. Barton now 0-3 on the r oad this year.
Maddy @maddytressler🔁My mom surprised my dad with Big 10 championship tickets and told him by blaring the OSU fight song at 6:00 am, bringing him a beer, and said “you’re friends will be here in an hour, you’re going to Indy.” I strive to be that kind of wife.

❗️❗️Up scale Attire❗️❗️❗️

🌺Toreelyn🌺 @Tor_Brilyn5🔁 It’s on us now!! We got our dude & its time to work. Road to Indy starts now🙏? ?
Josh Pate @JoshPate82🔁The view from your radio tonight. Statewide coverage of Ohio St vs Wisconsin from Indy begins at 6:30p.
IndyAddictsClothing @Indy_Addicts🔁I’m sorry to any one coming to see me tonight in Kingston, ON. My brand new car blew a serpentine belt and and i were broke down in Pulaski, NY. Sorry to and we will be back to kill people.
Elizabeth 🏈-H-I-🏈Go❤️Bucks❤️Forever. @osugirl47🔁 your southern contingent is taped up, ready to come in off the bench if necessary! Hear our cheers from to Indy


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