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Leah ⭐️🌙 @starmoon🔁 Our memorable season comes to an end.

What a ride. THANK YOU for all your support. #RallyTogether

Indians CPI (M) @cpimspeak🔁Hunger Haunts 20 Crore Indians as Modi Sarkar Sleeps.
Indians Pastor Lowden @PastorLowden🔁 Cleveland Indians is always a pleasure, Houston bound. #GoYankees
Jay @Nobo1969🔁 "We win together and we lost together." - Indians manager Terry Francona.
Indians Jain Anupam जैन 😊 @chavinanupam🔁 #HappyOnam More than 10 lacs South Indians Celebrate Onam in Gulf Countries ! Happy Onam ! 💮🌹🌸🌱🌷
Indians Mike Averna @AHungryWookie🔁 BREAKING: The Cleveland Indians have unveiled their new logo.
Indians Lenape Counseling @LenapeCounselor🔁 Looking forward to seeing the Lenape Indians fans at our first-ever Play Day on Saturday!
Indians Mike Smith @budsmilie89🔁 .@Indians fans, from Me, one last time in 2017..
Indians ENN @avenger786🔁 Hunger Haunts 20 Crore Indians as Modi Sarkar Sleeps.
Indians SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁The last two seasons have been tough for the Indians.
AL Central champs! @Indians🔁Our memorable season comes to an end.

What a ride. THANK YOU for all your support. #RallyTogether

Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁To the ALCS!

Yankees come back from being down 0-2 in series to take out top-seeded Indians on the road in Game 5

kola. @LoveKayy___🔁Win or Lose. This is my team. Thank you for such a fun preseason. I can't wait to see you all again in August.

Billa Tea-ian @devn29🔁Real Indians neither speak English nor do they give bogus gyaan on secularism and morality. I think one should travel in a train to see how Indians coexist with each other, happily, for centuries. Without any gyaan.
. @NYRoidzy🔁They said we wouldn’t make it to the postseason.
They said we wouldn’t beat the Twins.
They said we would get swept by the Indians.
They said we had zero chance.
All we did was prove them wrong.

MANISH TIWARY @MANISHT43992700🔁SC upheld human rights of Rohingya.Stops deportation for now.Modi Govt can not dehumanise this great nation.V R humans before we are Indians
KELLY CLELLAND 1 @KELLYCLELLAND1🔁@NewsCoverUp How many US Presidents have had native Red Indians at US White House in recent decades and visited them in own Reservations
🚩🚩प₹मजीत कौ₹🚩🚩 @BabyParamjeet🔁

Why to buy chinese prdct, if our govt is supporting
Plse support indians be indian buy indian 🇮🇳
Venkat Subramani @Venkat07041966🔁@SushmaSwaraj Madam, We Indians, living overseas, are proud to have you as our FM.
Nick Alvarez @AlvarezImages🔁 WRONG. game 7, in Miami, Jose Mesa on mount in 8th inning, was 2-0 Indians.
#BeefBan RamaY @RamaY_BRF🔁 Judiciary pushing Indians towards a civil war?
pj ✌🏾 @MpelaVeki🔁Don't confuse racism & bigotry when referring to coloured people and Indians. Same group chat as tribalism.
Arun Sureka @surekaarun🔁Justice for tax paying Indians is more important than love for freeloading Pakistani nautankis.Not 1 reply from to NSEL victims, all voters. Warped priorities
J. Michael S. @Nostraskel🔁 Indians Tatoo Removal
PradeepKumar xplorer @PradeepXplorer1🔁i demand the execution of indians demanding i stay in India when i can be in Thailand and california
Aparna Karthikeyan @AparnaKarthi🔁How do Young Indians see Rural India? presents the travelogues of young Indians like

रवि कांत @LegalKant🔁Supreme Court judges that live in residence secured by security barring entry of even Indians want to legalise entry of illegal
Nicholas Lawson @LuciusPixel🔁i mean no wanting to do that is not too much to ask but like id recommend getting in my car and driving maybe rent a car something like that
Andre @ndre007🔁@PaulivW I think treason should also be added to the charge sheet - selling our country to the Russians, Chinese....and the Indians
NYY REALM ALCS SZN @NYYRealm🔁@CBarringer971 Indians tradition at this point, can't be surprised.
Marlins_Man @Marlins_Man🔁WRONG. game 7, in Miami, Jose Mesa on mount in 8th inning, was 2-0 Indians.
Dee @danielle_yuro🔁 The theme for this week's game is a ‼️ NEON OUT‼️away at central go and support the Hitting Indians football team #12thman
Taras Pal Maan @taraspalmaan🔁
's want Indians to debate their precious time to debate , while world is marching towards Moon mining
queenofall287 @queenofall2871🔁@dandrezner Just ask the Indians.
Taras Pal Maan @taraspalmaan🔁Know what Several Indians own Land on Moon
A Punjabi included

Income wise: Helium 3 a super rich source of Energy on Moon

Amitabh Kumar @kumaramitabh007🔁We all Indians are Mad as Proved by Cong Rahul Gandhi.We all beneficiary of even 1% Development so we all are Mad as put by Rahul Gandhi.VPH
Douglas W Cameron @tittypad🔁OK assholes Christopher Columbus is not a confederate and he didn't kill the Indians leave his statues alone!🇱🇷🏴
Jeff Ferris @me11ss🔁Indians' Kluber: I was healthy enough to pitch
Ray Kelly @raykelly413🔁Dr. Seuss uproar: A French frog, dishonest Indians and self-righteous critics (Editorial) @DrSeuss @SpfldMuseums
Duane Simon @dewsimon73🔁Hard to believe the are leaving the postseason. Baseball is unpredictable. Great season. Indians fans should be proud!
Ayan Sarkar @sarkar_sahab🔁Here's the facts behind firecrackers-I'm sure from an authority that many Indians have said is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT-READ n enjoy
Belmir @Bbelmir🔁Japan needs Indians: When Modinomics and Abenomics come to help each other
John Stevens @VikingGod🔁@kasie @morningmoneyben @steveschale As an @Indians can, I appreciate that.
Raja Bose @teestasdad🔁Japan needs Indians: When Modinomics and Abenomics come to help each other
udamann71 @susanmann71🔁@chefsymon @Indians @chefsymon got the right ❤️@indians
CPIM Dadri @cpmcharkhidadri🔁BJP-RSS sees Left as a consistent ideological, organisational challenge to their hate agenda of dividing Indians.
Josh Chambers @JCinAkron🔁@darrenrovell I don’t feel sorry for you.
-Indians Fan
LOUIS IV @trooper1165🔁@Indians -The streak was awesome this year.Loved seeing the energy of Ram and Frankie. But in the end, team sucked. "If ur not 1st, ur last"
まっしー @zjZgB0RnEd1uvCt🔁The Replay: challenge call that Ronald Torreyes is safe at 2B in the 11th; call overturned, runner is out.
Dipak Shinde @dkshinde16🔁Dear SC,

What abt rights of Indians in India.?? How can SC thinks of balancing national security and rights of ppl f rom different country

ಭೀಮೇಶ ರಾವ್ ಎನ್. ಪಿ. @bheemeshp🔁We allow Bangla Hindus 2 settle & evacuate fellow Indians.Shd b questioning Goa govt, no? If KA gov does this, other state ppl shd go back?
Jeff Lime @jeff_lime🔁Now I know why I feel this way. 10 heartbreaking moments in recent Cleveland Indians history (video)
Right wing ka Dil @Right_Wing23🔁Japan needs Indians: When Modinomics and Abenomics come to help each other
John Vanderbilt @Vernredface🔁Good Morning! I'm not sure that I can watch anymore baseball this season! Still feeling 🤢 over that series loss. : (
ହିମାଂଶୁ ପାଳ @himansupalo🔁What more circumstance do we need than the fact that an undeserving spoilt brat aims to represent hardworking young Indians
BillyX @soulslam55🔁Dirty choke artists don’t get a game 6 n #DivisionSeries
News/Talk 960 WELI @960weli🔁Yanks Beat Indians, Force Game 5; Red Sox Eliminated
Increafe Mather @IncreafeMather🔁Manawet dyed within few Dayes. aoa Alfo fourty Indians that were his fellow Confpirato? s, which came to the Indians.
kenny belvin @kennylbelvin🔁60 years ago today, Willie O'Ree made his debut with the Springfield Indians, becoming the first black player in AHL history
Mr. Blunt Guy @Mr_Blunt_Guy🔁People love their Indians....Am I allowed to refer to them as that? Do you thing Ghandi would be offended?😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂
Mat McKenzie @__mmckenzie🔁@sammyogrady Smh I predicted a Nats-Indians World Series. Clearly no big ballers on either rosters
NYT Sports @NYTSports🔁“It’s like being a kid going to an amusement park, and after 10 minutes you have to leave.”
Sarah @lil_scavs🔁It's my third favorite day of the year! Behind dating tyler and Cleveland Indians home opener. #FridayThe13th 🖤
Saťťya-d-ulti-Math @Satya_Garimella🔁It's disgusting, u intrview such sick sucks of Indians

Most iritating tat this xtian convrsion specialst is finding prospect evn in rohings

TribePride @SSHSTRIBEPRIDE🔁The Saint Stephens JV football team lost to Watauga last tonight 35-20. The Indians were led on…


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