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Indians Mushtaque Shaikh @Mushtaque51🔁 Indians to Rohit Sharma's form. #IndvBan
Indians MakeItGlobal @makeitbiz🔁More Indians could put their wealth in stocks and mutual funds
Indians Christy Valentine @christyv11🔁 RECAP: #Royals rally to overcome Indians. #RoyalsST
Indians Manish.H.Tilwani @manishtilwani17🔁Modicare rollout raises hopes of 500 million Indians

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Indians अनुज @anujbanaita🔁 Modicare rollout raises hopes of 500 million Indians.

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Cleveland Indians @Indians🔁SLAM… poetry.
Specific point of view on THINGS.
Chocolate chips are COOKED with E ASE.
Cookies. Mmmm cookies.
You are good. You are good.
Bop boop beep bop bop boop bop.
You’re good.
That was for cookies, which are good.
ANI @ANI🔁Mr. Mark Zuckerberg you better know the observation of IT Minister of India, if any data theft of Indians is done wit h the collusion of FB systems, it will not be tolerated. We have got stringent powers in the IT Act including summoning you in India : Ravi Shankar Prasad
Maj Surendra Poonia @MajorPoonia🔁39 Indians were murdered by Islamic State terrorists.
It’s sickening that majority of Politicians/Pseudos/Liber als/Sold jokers activists not saying a word against ISIS ! WHY ?
Because all 39 don’t form their vote bank/narrative from particular caste n faith !

Uday Chib @uday_chib🔁Problem: 39 Indians dead; Govt on the mat, caught lying.

Solution: Invent story on Congress & Data Theft.

Result: Media networks bite bait; 39 Indians vanish from radar.

Problem solved.

Jonny 5 @jonny5crypto🔁This is extremely bullish for . Indians are just getting started with investing, and bitcoin bridges the gap between gold and stocks.
Hrishabh Vyas @hrishabh_hv007🔁yesterday we were told that the 39 indians abducted from Mosul have been killed by ISIS. is that clousure? indian lives come so cheap? any one can kill them anywhere?Question is-What are we going to do...
India's Big Debate @IndiasBigdebate🔁Problem: 39 Indians dead; Govt on the mat, caught lying.

Solution: Invent story on Congress & Data Theft.

Result: Media networks bite bait; 39 Indians vanish from radar.

Problem solved

Pre2g @pree2🔁Very well said "it is the Prime Minister who is the underdog. The PM’s ardent supporters massively underestimate how little Rahul Gandhi has to do in order to persuade Indians that he is a viable alternative. It is very very little." !
FORBIDDEN @dutt_cool🔁 A significant pro-people measure passed in Parliament. Will benefit lakhs of Indians.
Parvez Numarry @TheNumarry🔁AICC press briefing by former Union Minister and RS MP Ambika Soni and RS MP in Parliament on the 39 Indians killed in Iraq.

Statics Zero @0statics0🔁@Stupidosaur Global gene project to study Indians
PrabhatSingh @prabhatsinghsrk🔁4⃣ out of 4⃣ 🙌

has a 💯 percent record to maintain against ABD. Don’t miss this crunching encounter.

Book your MI 🆚 RCB tickets at the earliest 👉

Chellam @ChellaPerumal18🔁I like it mumbai indians .The power of ipl cricket@mipaltan
Mahesh Lahoti @MaheshJLahoti🔁Call me a bigot, block my TV appearances but let me say the truth.

Those 39 Indians wouldn’t have been killed by the ISIS, had they not been non-Muslims.

I don’t care two hoots about your TV-studio secularism. It’s mere optics.

I want my Ram-Rajya back.

Amaranth @iAmaranth22🔁April 1st is early this year . came to power using .So, u are in d dock too & the joke is on u.Dear Indians , sit back & enjoy the "WWF Drama" between the Richest political party & even Richer Billionaire. It's like blaming the National Highway 4 rash driving!
Bablu Deb roy @BabluDebroy2🔁I urge Hindus and Sikhs to not go to cancerous Islamic States for employment. Of 39 Indians killed in Iraq by Islamic State, most were Sikhs, rest Hindus, the kidnapped Bangladeshis were let go.

Stay back and tackle the threat of growing Islamism in India. We’ve only one nation.

Azad Bol @avinash09kumar🔁 Congress to being privilege motion against EAM Sushma Swaraj over the death of 39 Indians in Iraq issue: Reports
Rony Ghose @AssamAtheist🔁Best insight on Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act [AFSPA] and the lack of basic human rights we northeastern Indians (and Kashmiris) live in.
suresh jain @jainpsuresh🔁So much energy-so much passion but only for -show the same passion to families of 39 dead Indians who you misled; will not silence the questions and outcry of families of the bereaved even if Media helps you
M.Danish Khan @MDanishkhaan🔁. govt constantly lied about 39 Indians who were killed in Iraq by ISIS terrorists.
To cover up this, BJP diverted everyone to issue and forgotten the innocent 39 lives.

Uvesh Khan @oovesh_khaaan🔁Me: How do you know the 39 Indians were asked their religion before they were brutally executed?
Bhakt: The lone survivor Harjit Masih said so.
Me: Harjit Masih also says he told the govt all 39 had been killed.
Bhakt: Are you going to believe that liar, you anti-national?
Bhavik @bhavik567🔁So Cambridge Analytica says it has already worked with BJP on 4 election campaigns, including 2014. Will tell us how much data of Indians has the BJP already shared? चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका?
Pratik Siddharth @PratiksTOI🔁Congrats 𝑬𝒍𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒊𝒍 𝑽𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒗𝒂𝒏 for winnings the gold medal at Jr at . Other Indians 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐲𝐚 𝐀? ?𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐥 & 𝐙𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐚 stood 6th and 7th respectively.
Girl_Grimly @ed_grimly🔁It's actually not the same at all...because unlike the insane left in our country today...the Indians didn't invite the settlers. Whereas you all are opening the gate for 3rd world immigrants that fail to assimilate.
NationalistforModi @Desi4Modi🔁"Congress Gives Indians to Foreigners Again?"

After asking help of China & Pakistan to remove the Govt, now Congress aligns with a huge foreign company to steal our personal data?

We need to know we are not safe with Congress even when they are out of power!

मयुर @agrawalmayur23🔁GOI didn't kill 39 Indians, ISIS did. Shameful politicking & giving a pass to this virulent ideology will endanger us all sooner than later.
सच्चा हिंदूस्थानी🇮🇳 @VBHAGYAWANT🔁ISIS had originally kidnapped 40 Indians. One Harjit Masih pretended to be a Muslim by the name Ali and managed to flee with the Bangladeshis who were set free after being identified as Muslims.

All the 39 Indians left behind, were killed for their religious identities.

Divakar @kv_divakarkv🔁Did Sushma Swaraj, MEA mislead families of 39 Indians who went missing in Iraq? Twitter Timeline from June 2014 to March 2018 says so..

Vasim Akram 🐦 @amdvasimakram🔁External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj must apologize and step down immediately for having repeatedly misled the nation and the families of the 39 Indians who died in Mosul.

Syed Faizan @Faizans50870613🔁According to BBC news 480 million Indians l wake up in the morning and perform surgical strikes on railways tracks ro ads and other street corners due to lack of washrooms . And they want to fight pak army🤣🤣🤣
Vijay Ramachandran @vijay750🔁Convicted Criminals but our so called educated treat him as if hero.. and Indians wants to fight Corruption...
Krystal Lear @KrystalLear🔁Often overshadowed by his productivity at the plate, reminds us what he's capable of with his glove ... 🕸
Nandkishore @30nandkishore🔁And then she went on to pat her own back - that the government did everything possible to find the missing Indians as if they were doing us a favour! Really? It is the bloody job of the government!
Renuka @Babble524🔁Everyone including knows that Muslims killed 39 Indians in Mosul,only because they were non Muslim Indians. You know that Muslims have artificial borders of Political State Geography.
Ramesh 🇮🇳 @Ramesh_BJP🔁What we Indians have always known & experienced gets a Wikileak confirmation -
Cable reveals MASSIVE CORRUPTION in then Prime Minister ’s Government - taken to dizzying heights by SG


Mastana @HarishK04131926🔁How do U switch 4m porn2 politics? Find out d facts b4 u tweet. FM has said that dey needed proof & in a war torn country it wasn’t easily available. They didn’t wan2 declare w/o 100% effort. Harjit is arrested4 human trafficking 39 Indians. Satisfied?? Now go bac2 porn writing.
chirag patel @chirag24576🔁"If any data theft of Indians is done with the collusion of FB systems, it will not be tolerated." -
Samuel @Samuel20171985🔁it’s a changed world...
Indians are *MODIfied*
Brits are *disMAYed*
Americans are *TRUMPed*
And the French are *Macarooned*
And Canadian are *Justified*
While Russians just stay _*Put in*_..!!@manpan7741
Justin Nelson ⚾ @Nelson_Nellie6🔁@Indians @MrLapara One of the hardest plays to make in baseball
S M Vijay Sabari @vijaysabari1045🔁 Best Rivalry in #IPL History:

Rt : Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings

Mention/Quote : OTHERS

#IPL2018 #vivoIPL #IPL11

Swadesh Priyadarshi @SwadeshP0🔁You would think millions of Indians would be outraged about the Facebook + Cambridge Analytica shitshow considering *how* many of us use Facebook products.

But didn't even trend on Indian Twitter, and most people around me except privacy types are like 🤷‍♂️

Sesha @Sesha75🔁Sir..According to sastras Sacred thread is not only 4 bramins but also 4 Kshatriya's/vaisya..Ie dvija...Also its worn for the purpose of samskaras and jeevana sadhana ie 2 establish PURUSHARTHAM not 2 attain moksha..So GoI shud declare PURUSHARTHAM as aim of indians
Sidharth Reddy Gauni @sidharthgauni🔁You need to stop peddling that this is an invented story to take attention away from 39 Indians. This article which introduces as your 'Bhramastra' is from October 2017. What say?
Sachin H J @SachinHJ1🔁

To the Indians of Karnataka
and Not to those Indians out of Karnataka,
Please issue passport in Kannada
Hindhi does not represent us.
It does not help us in any way.

_eMeNeF_ @_eMeNeF_🔁 WhatsApp Pay risks financial data of Indians: Paytm's Vijay Shekhar Sharma via @timesofindia
Anil @Coolanil🔁In any other country, citizens will be out there demanding the annihilation of ISIS, In India, the killings of 39 Indians by Islamic state terrorists are being mourned by slamming the govt instead cuz secularism.
Satish Kolkunda @satishkolkunda🔁Congress to bring privilege motion against Swaraj for ‘lying’ to Parliament, families over Indians killed in Iraq

Surinder K Dhar🍁 @DharSurinder🔁Problem: 39 innocent Indians brutally killed by Islamic terrorists
Cong Solution: Attack the Indian Govt instead of publicly condemning the ISIS
Conclusion: Congress indulging in politics while Indian citizens get killed.
शायरी_C @mukesh_mumbainaresh_nimbau: 🔁 admits to Facebook data breach.
Data compromised in a bid to make Rahul Gandhi win Elections 2019 by outsourcg to Cambridge Analytica, who s involved n data theft n manipulation.
Indians did U expect anything btr frm Congress…
Gowthaman @Gowthaman_csk🔁Vendetta Politics By BJP The time has come for Indians to decide whether the BJP goverment is right or wrong
Gaurav Bhandari @twittegb🔁 PM @narendramodi: Payment of gratuity bill will benefit lakhs of Indians


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