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Independence Day Chris Spanos @cjspan63🔁Looks like the alien ship from Independence Day. On Eclipse Day. Hmmmm.
Independence Day carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁 @jenwinget Happy Independence Day !! Argentina adores and supports you! GBU!👍😊
Independence Day Arif Kazmi @arif_kazmi11🔁 Happy Independence Day to All Pakistanies around the world.
Independence DayIndependence DayIndependence DayIndependence Day Rajnish kaushal @Rajnishkaushall🔁 Independence Day celebrations at AICC headquarters. A very happy Independence Day to all.
Independence Day Faru (¬_¬) @FarooqFani🔁 My cute niece on her 1st independence day 💋💋
#Urwa_Tul_Wusqa 😍😍
Aani loves u so much💋💋💋
Independence DayIndependence Day Faru (¬_¬) @FarooqFani🔁 My little cousin #Riyan on independence day💋💋#14thAugust
Independence DayIndependence Day SANSAD VANI @SANSADVANINEWS🔁71st Independence Day Celebrations @RYAN CBSE MALAD
Independence Day 💟PARI🔥 @pariraniii🔁 Happy independence day 💚💚🇵🇰
Independence DayIndependence DayIndependence DayIndependence Day TeamPakistanPTI ® 🔙 @PtiTeampakistan🔁 #AaoGupShupKren

We are all equal ❤
Sikhs of peshawar celebrating Independence day ❤

Independence DayIndependence DayIndependence DayIndependence Day Gaurav Rachchh @gaurav_guts🔁 Glimpses from the Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort.
Independence Day carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁 Happy Independence Day @gautam_rode @ananthmahadevan @Anushka_Arora @Maleekarghai
Independence Day Atal Afghan @atalafghan362🔁 #preparations & celebration of #Afghanistan #independence day.
Independence Day Left Right Left FC @LRL_FC🔁 @RK1610IsMe Happy independence day to you...RAJEEV SIR😊
Independence Day Quantico Girl💖 @Anum333N🔁 Independence Day #Vibes 🇮🇳#MyHeartBelongsToIndia #HappyIndependenceDayIndia #JaiHind
Independence Day Ghulam Mustafa @Ghulam5577🔁 14 August Independence Day
Independence Day PharoshuzLeRedy @PharoshuzLeRedy🔁 Reminded me of a scene out of Independence Day...
Independence Day Articleableinfo @Articleableinfo🔁The Kiev subway has reported the schedule of work for the Independence Day
Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau🔁Home in my riding of Papineau for Indian Independence Day celebrations! Long live the friendship between our two coun tries.
Harjinder S Kukreja @SinghLions🔁The few handful Sikhs of Afghanistan, one of the most endangered minorities in Asia,celebrate Afghan Independence Day with patriotic fervour
VISHAL DADLANI @VishalDadlani🔁Those who cheered the Independence Day speech, MUST watch so they can see for themselves, how they are being misled.
loading... @afghansayings🔁Top Afghan singer performs in Kabul amongst hundreds of women on the eve of Independence day. Despite radical groups threats.
Kang Guangli @guanglikang🔁 Community News: Godrej Baug Celebrates Independence Day!
Boris Chinaski @BorisBiri🔁Pakistanis celebrate their 70th Independence Day in a befitting manner that speaks to the country's raison d'etre.
CeltiCRa6⭐️-IAR🍀 @CeltiCRab19671🔁Every other nation has an independence day where citizens feel good about themselves. We have GERS day, where Unionists tell us we're crap.
nickeshia taylor @ski87apple🔁Independence Day
✩ @zzzoltarspeaks🔁 Anyone else feel like we're living independence day right now?
SANSAD VANI @SANSADVANINEWS🔁71st Independence Day Celebrations CBSE MALAD
"FAMOUS LOOK" - Magazine.
Published Month: September 2017..
From: Mu mbai..
Bigmanny @Bigmanny5🔁UK: celebrate the 70th anniversary of independence from Pakistan. But never St. George's Day. Simulated integration.
/\₹uN!m$€n @Arunimsen🔁. is the 1st PM to speak against in an independence day speech. Why it took 70 years for any PM to raise this?
carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁Happy Independence Day to our brothers in India
kevin nibley @k_nibley🔁Independence Day #eclipse @ Bar Harbor, Maine
Shahan Shahid @Shahan03🔁rather good trick this by multinational/big corporates: screw the country on taxes u owe & release a branded independence day video instead.
Ghulam Mustafa @Ghulam5577🔁Tonight PPP C.W sindh celebrate 70th 14 august Independence day at Hyderabad with Liaquat shahani G.S PPP C.W sindh.
Casey the Red @CaseytheRed🔁Why am I thinking of that scene from "Independence Day"?
Caitlyn Marie👑 @Caitlyn_Joiner🔁All y'all w/these pics of you & your friends looking up at the eclipse remind me of the people that died on the rooftop in Independence Day😂
Anonymous 👤 @iam_viswas🔁 Happy Independence Day to all of us.
Joyce Cooper @Jmval9🔁How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs? To find my independence I went home.
Terrie @thelightgoeson🔁@Stonekettle Kind of gives you that "Independence Day" movie vibe. "It's sooo beautiful!". Zap.
Mazza @Priixwess🔁 Swear it looks like scenes from Independence Day outside, lol!
Kashif Mughal 🇵🇰 @kashifmughal🔁
ISPR released Special milli Nagma for Independence Day

Themba Shawn Ncala @THEMBANCALA🔁In honor of Independence Day we got a bunch of our co-workers drunk to see how they would react to an assortment of American relics.
Kashif Mughal 🇵🇰 @kashifmughal🔁What a beautiful song released by on independence day. A lovely dua "Ae watan tera bhala ho" Ameen. 🇵🇰❤🇵🇰❤🇵🇰❤
Deofiro @Deofiro09🔁My favorite thing about the is everyone standing on the rooftop looking up at the sky like Independence Day
Vanessa da Mata @vanessadamata🔁 comes to 's Festival in next month during 🇧🇷 Independence Day:
maya_roy @maya_roy1🔁So many folks staring up at the sky - was worried I was cast in Independence Day
Sharique Mashhadi @shariqmashhadi🔁 Picture this: Flooded Assam school’s teachers, students salute tricolour via @htTweets
Left Right Left FC @LRL_FC🔁Happy independence day guys 🤗🤗
Kathie Stevenson 🌺 @hulagangster🔁Home in my riding of Papineau for Indian Independence Day celebrations! Long live the friendship between our two countries.
Steve @Scoob210🔁Too bad that eclipse wasn't like the alien ship opening up in 'Independence Day' 👾
B-hubbs @brendanc8504🔁It looks just like it did when the aliens arrived in Independence Day.....

Star Wars reference...... "that's no moon !"

michelle maffia @micmaff1🔁I liked a @YouTube video WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?! — 12. Independence Day / NY Trip Re-Cap!
S.S. Marwah @SSMARWAHWBO🔁WBO celebrated Independence day with cultural programme
Joe Bruce @KemlinJoe🔁Please stop banging on about independence. There's a day job to do. If you want to call out poisonous nationalism, look at your own party.
Sir Alpha Sky @alpha_skywalker🔁I'm not even interested in the eclipse if it's not gonna cast a dramatic shadow similar to the alien ships in Independence Day.
Pegasus @Jedii_Mcfly🔁 This Eclipse is really the mothership from Independence Day they finally found us
Ken Gordon @quickmuse🔁@SFerika @cmcphillips Independence Day. Almost. #contentchat #contentchat #SolarEclipse2017
Sun Goddess 🕉 @TheNotoriousJEN🔁like, it really looked like a scene out of Independence Day outside. i'm gassed. earth is so dope.
Aaron Vallance @1dish4theroad🔁Celebrating Indian Independence Day at
#WWE #Summerslam @wrestlinginvein🔁Happy Independence Day India. Can't think of a better way to celebrate than beating John Cena…
vico @vico_dbx🔁Indonesia Independence Day 72th |Edmonton-Canada |Part1#1: via @YouTube
DLo @dlonyc4🔁I was reminded of the scenes during Independence Day & so I took a quick video & got out of the way of the aliens laser
Jonathon @JMoore4LSU🔁Through the safety of our ISO glasses and I enjoyed the on Viking Independence Day.
carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please,but as the opportunity to do what is right 🤘
Happy Independence day! 🇮🇳
Fiona Taylor @fetaylor91🔁Happy 15 August Wishes – Independence Day 2017, Greetings, Quotes, E-cards, SMS
+++Stephen Gash+++ @Stephen_Gash🔁I am still waiting to hear from about my official complaint for the "Pakistan independence recruitment day"
Steve Forsyth @SuperForsyth🔁@ArmouredSkeptic Mashups of this shot with the White House blowup in INDEPENDENCE DAY in 3...2...
ˈVelvət' @Zeeabroo🔁 Let us come together to facilitate our glorious nation and feel proud to be Indian! Wish you a Happy Independence Day!
carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁Aksar 2's Gautam Rode and Zareen Khan share their thoughts on Independence Day - watch EXCLUSIVE video!
Kyle M. @KyleWIIM🔁Okay, but what if the moon was actually just the mothership from Independence Day the whole time
carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁 Aksar 2’s Gautam Rode and Zareen Khan share their thoughts on Independence Day – watch EXCLUSIVE video!
EleganceFromBillie™ @EleganceFBillie🔁Independence Day Mug Travel Coffee Tea Heart Flag insulation R…
Mark @ChicagoBeerSnob🔁Was I the only one that looked at everyone looking up at the sky.. and thought of the movie Independence Day?
BDP International @BDPWorld🔁The group headed out across the street to Independence Hall to check out . Great day to be in Philadelphia!
Ian Robertson @Ianface1212🔁@hcraighall Reminds me of the movie Independence day and the rood scene.
Jemully Media @JemullyMedia🔁How quickly people forget the lessons of "Independence Day" & the dangers of crowds gathering to celebrate weird things in the sky.
carmen chiappero @ChiapperoCarmen🔁 2 ’s And Share Their Thoughts On Independence Day – watch EXCLUSIVE video!

💁🏻💁🏻 @Munniiiiii🔁Happy Independence Day to all my Indian fam!!! Me and my dear friends and Anjula send our love !
Steve Gibbs @2smackgib🔁watching all these live eclipse videos remind me of the movie Independence Day right before everyone got killed on the rooftop 🤷🏾‍♂️
vishvajit patil @vishupatilVP🔁Happy independence day Didi
I belongs to sangli...n also I'm the student of NKVS so u r inspiration for us
Jeremy @JayZab19🔁If you want to see more eclipses, just hang out on Archer Ave on Polish Independence day.
Rajnish kaushal @Rajnishkaushall🔁A minor girl, who was returning home after attending the Independence Day function in her school, was allegedly assaulted and raped 1/2
Dylan Moore @DJMoore497🔁What If this eclipse thing is just a cover for a massive alien invasion like in the movie Independence Day? Good luck earthlings!
ChowdayArjun @ChowdayA🔁 Freedom is our priceless possession. Let us honour it forever. Happy Independence day!
MedusaSansFrontières @OpheliaInWaders🔁Can someone pls photoshop the alien spaceship from Independence Day into the window reflection?
Robert McWilliams @McWilliamsProd🔁Today reminds me of scene in Independence Day where everyone rushes to greet aliens and gets blown to smithereens!
Robert Czerniawski @ROCHERRY🔁 Mattis elaborates on agenda of Ukraine Independence Day visit


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