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Independence Trump 2020🇺🇸 @HomersAmerica🔁 19 May 1795, death of Josiah Bartlett, NH Patriot & signer of Declaration of Independence. #RevWar
Independence Trish Murphy @DishMurphy🔁 Breitbart might have less independence from Trump than Russian state TV does from Putin
Independence CUYHTS Athletics @CuyhtsAD🔁Varsity Baseball ends the season with a W over arch rival Independence💥
Independence Natalie Walters @NatWaltersWX🔁 Low level rotation weakened on last scan, but need to watch Independence County storm. #ARWX
Independence Tristan McIntosh 4Ev @Tristan4ev🔁Tristan McIntosh - Independence Day . #TristanMcIntosh
Independence Political Mann @politicalmann1🔁Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson opposes winter fuel payment policy - Tory lead...
Independence montri @ultraman592000🔁Our mission is to enable longevity and independence with programs supporting healthy aging. ☞
Independence Jackie May @SilverWolf2463🔁Our mission is to enable longevity and independence with programs supporting healthy aging. ☞
Kyle Vandenberg @KyleVandenberg8🔁 Newton lacrosse goes undefeated in the NJAC independence division and wins the title!
Matthew Miller @matthewamiller🔁This is a terrible admission by Rosenstein. He completely compromised DOJ's independence & his integrity. A real blow to the department.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁"Comey understood Trump's people as having neither knowledge of nor respect for the independence" law enforcement.
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1🔁WaPo: Comey felt Trump didn't understand his independence and that Trump was trying to get Comey to "bend the rules"
Ian Collacott @joctibeet🔁Should there be another Scottish independence referendum? 5 596 users have voted. Share your opinion!
((Charles Fishman)) @cfishman🔁• Desal — path to water independence?
• Farmers & smart-water — growing more with less
• How do we save the Ogallala?
…let's do it !
A You Get Di Gold @SoSpecialKay7🔁Trust this to drop on Hatian Independence day... (Woke ones will get it)
KhadarTheDon™ @KhadarTheDon🔁Shows up to Somaliland Independence Party 💚❤️💚❤️

**grabs plate

Landers: "Ain't you OG?!"


Lady Verity Dottir @Anamcara2015🔁@TheEnglishLeft @labourforindy Then those in the Independence movement, which is very broad, and diverse would welcome that spirit
destiny ∞ @destinythedork🔁 i hate it when you're scrolling through instagram then accidentally comment the whole declaration of independence 😰
Graham Muir @itslegaltender🔁cant quite believe that the Party my father was a member of for the whole of his life would rather have Tory rule forever than Independence
Jhem @jhemarzaga🔁Happy meal, means a happy #baby! Support his growing independence, give him Gerber Smart Flow puree! AD #pouchwin
bev henwood @bevhenwood🔁TPG pledges to maintain editorial independence at newspapers they're intent on annihilating, asset-stripping & sending profits offshore
Charle cox @Charlecox2🔁"Comey understood Trump's people as having neither knowledge of nor respect for the independence" law enforcement.
#WeLoveErdogan #EVET @AbdulaAsanovski🔁 UK (Scotland): Scottish Independence Referendum, YouGov poll:

Age: 18-49 yrs

Yes: 57%
No: 43%

#indyref2 #Brexit

Shestokas 4 Ft Myers @Dave4FtMyers🔁Get in Jefferson's mind as he is Creating the Declaration of Independence #Amazon intro special at 99¢...
familytreegirl @familytreegirl🔁The American Revolution: A History of Violence
Janani ஜனனி @JanJananayagam🔁I think of it as robbing the Tamil dead: of their identities, histories, beliefs in independence, in addition to thei r land stolen by GOSL
Coach Jesse Ornelas @TheGodfather_O🔁 Independence College and unhumann😅
Texas Rancher @nickels_eddie🔁No one in the USA thinks the Declaration of Independence was treason. LOL you get it yet. The south does not believe it was treason.
Orlik 🇮🇪 Figaflor @Orlik_Cat🔁Independence is a real issue in Catalonia and should be voted and the result applied. That's the proper way of doing things. If not what?
taty @taty_smiles4u🔁I will stop getting annoyed of boys so quick once I find someone who appreciates my independence and aspirations for life.
BBot @BBot16874631🔁You, and independence.
TopCat @AZzoomer14🔁@RepAndyBiggsAZ Ethics, honesty, independence, leadership, trust - none of that means anything to you, does it?
ㅤㅤJC @Jameeyy🔁@TheGrandstand21 Nope and I don't relate to Corbyn either, that goes for the SNP, but ill use the SNP as an alternative for Independence
Robert Alvarez @thetarotman🔁Oh, my Goddess! They are singing "Dos Gardenias." …
🇦🇸court🌺 @_panipopo_🔁Lepea's iconic blue fales getting a fresh coat of paint in preparation for Independence next month.

Alexander Rheeney @ARheeney🔁"Anyone who supported the East Timorese in their struggle for independence should support West Papua" Mark Thomas
Kevin Matthews @KevinMa02916090🔁This. Providing a phony veneer of independence on behalf of Trump is the role Holy Joe was born to play.
A You Get Di Gold @SoSpecialKay7🔁@FLOTUK They Musta not heard about the Tax the french left on their colonies after independence lol
Nina @condado2017🔁. wearing a tshirt today asking for PR Independence....why won't she ask the same for NY? Why won't she return to PR to live?
humanrightsforall @ptws1969🔁 Apparently @NicolaSturgeon's 'Indy at any cost' will be paid for by tax rises.
Sheila Decker @SheilaDecker19🔁 Ukraine's Independence Is Still Essential To U.S. Security And Stability
Roibeard G @BealFeirsteBhoy🔁Independence Referendum rally Barcelona. Video endorsements from and Johann Cruyff. Sports people huh!
Facts of Fame @FactsOfFame🔁According to IMDB, in "Independence Day" there are actual shots of the real Area 51. #IfAliensInvade #AlienCovenant #Venom #FlashbackFriday
Elise Danielle Armer @AmyArmer99🔁I'm at @SamsClub in Independence, MO
⚡️ Arkansas Weather @SimpleWeatherAR🔁Severe T-Storm Near Southside In Independence County or 7 Miles SE of Batesville Moving N At 35 MPH. 60... #arwx
⚡️SimpleWeatherAlert @SimpleWeather4U🔁Severe T-Storm Near Southside In Independence County or 7 Miles SE of Batesville Moving N At 35 MPH. 60 MPH Wind...
James Kelly @JamesKelly🔁No, it was pretty weak. It was fairly typical for 50% of SNP voters to oppose independence, and 30%+ of Labour voter s to support it.
ulu Q @yenisey1453🔁Happy Birthday to the founder of Turkish Republic🇹🇷, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who arrived at Samsun for the independence war on
Keren @keren_juwa🔁's 26th Anniversary of Independence Celebration will be open officially on May 19, 2017.
Elsario Delmarco @ElsarioD🔁If we don't honor past agreements—at least those made in good faith—our power to negotiate evaporates. Energy indepen dence may change things
Russell Elliott @RussellRElliott🔁@Britestoan @anoracyracen And Malta, they got independence from us, they are much smaller
ICE!!! on movie @tori_is_a_nerd🔁 The constitution’s a mess
So it needs amendments
It’s full of contradictions
So is independence
Russell Elliott @RussellRElliott🔁If you say yes to Ireland, Belgium, being independence nations in the EU but not Wales, you're saying Wales is not a nation. Are you?
♛ Kara @karabnp🔁Men routinely trap women into servitude, leave us homeless/dead, default on 👶 support…but wanna speak up to undermine our $ independence? 🤔
♛ Kara @karabnp🔁Men ZEALOUSLY support women providing feminized labor at $0/hr. But when women build economic independence? "We don't find it attractive!" 🤔
humanrightsforall @ptws1969🔁 Apparently SNP MP Monaghan appears to have achieved independence. From the truth.
#LagosTrafficReports @TrafficChiefNG🔁Pls inform LASG to remove the dividers by the BRT Terminal inwards independence tunnel.It's causing a gridlock to Obanikoro.
Aisha Colindres @aishafarida_🔁 was imprisoned, then, for posing an threat to the by fighting for
Jackie Leotardi @JackieLeotardi🔁 Scottish independence voting intention:

Yes: 39% (-1)
No: 49% (-)

(via @YouGov / 15 - 18 May)

Abrahman Aadan @Mrqodaal🔁Somalilanders in London proudly wearing their national colours on Somaliland's 26th independence day
Ladybug Junction @LadybugJunction🔁 for Home from
Independence Blessed Filled Pillow 14x18
D R @amberchief2🔁YouGov poll : Labour's current voters are less hostile to independence than the class of 2015 -
Bridget Kay @bridgetkay0🔁Broiling, or independence.
humanrightsforall @ptws1969🔁Apparently one of the biggest challenges was an SNP government that's too busy agitating for Independence to do any actual governing.
Iwan Rhys @anoracyracen🔁If you say yes to Ireland, Belgium, being independence nations in the EU but not Wales, you're saying Wales is not a nation. Are you?
Peter Vosshall @PeterVosshall🔁tells the truth, is dogged, you can't control, and who is as committed as Comey is to the institutional independence of an organization...
ALISON @alison23761284🔁@PoliticsSense SNP only let them vote to try to get independence, what a load of crap, where do they get off??
Ugo Chukwuemeka @Akpujioguamaka🔁BREAKING: Biafra War Veteran Col. Achuzie Excitedly Hosts Nnamdi Kanu As They Discuss Biafra Independence
Granny Hammy @evelyn5612🔁 .@NicolaSturgeon literally hasn't mentioned independence once in this debate... #ITVDebate
Clare Willison @CurlyClareToo🔁England can't devolve from itself...except what about 'Passport to Pimlico'? If we all claim independence from Westmi nster...
The No Show @The_No_Show🔁It's a show I want my 10 year old daughter to watch. It covered education, menstruation, feminism, independence and being drunk in two eps.
Tᗝᖺᖇᘎ @Doragonmedo🔁@SadisticFrost — appeal to them. Dominance, independence unless she was with her, and that all weaklings shall fall underneath her boots —
Yacine @ysalmi🔁"Comey understood Trump’s people as having neither knowledge of nor respect for the independence of the law enforcement function"
Ann Christie @AnnChristie8🔁I have some sympathy with independent England. Scots considered second class. That's why we are still moving to Indep endence.
Robert Alvarez @thetarotman🔁My third year in a row attending the Cuban Independence Day Celebration Cultural Program. And…
'ö-Dzin Tridral @tridral🔁@RWynJones @LauraMcAllister It might be good to reduce the number to 0. Independence would do that.
Corinne Squire @CorinneSquire🔁 thanks for bringing together queer in/tolerances, revolutionary love & national/individual independence stories...


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