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Halbert62 @oliveres_albert🔁 Catalan separatists hold rally ahead of unauthorised independence referendum
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish🔁Catalonia's desire for independence from Spain, explained:
Celemín©️ @ZCelemin🔁 Catalonia's desire for independence from Spain, explained:
Independence @NewsNG24🔁Independence Anniversary- Nigeria cannot give up its unity – Tinubu
Sky News @SkyNews🔁More than 60% of voters are expected to take part in Catalonia's independence referendum
Adria van Waart @adriaxj8🔁Catalans occupy polling stations, intent on keeping them open for Sunday's referendum, defying Spain's government
S.NogVeres #SÍ #ÒC @sebasnogueres🔁 #BREAKING Last night of pots-and-pans protest for the referèndum of independence in #Catalonia
Cafè Central @CafeCentralJS🔁 Do you support #Catalonia's independence referendum?

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Pau Grau @PanGran🔁Here in Barcelona, ahead of Sunday's independence vote, it doesn't *feel* like we are on the brink of a violent conflict
Dorothy Hirata @dorothyhirata🔁Gradual release of independence helps students feel supported as they take on more via
R Marsiñach- DUI @RMarsinyach🔁 Catalan police asks for time so that they can vote in independence referendum on Sunday.
InsertLadyMind @InsertLadyMind🔁The world's first internet war has begun, in Catalonia, as the people and government use it to organize an independence referendum on Sunday and Spanish intelligence attacks, freezing telecommunications links, occupying telecoms buildings, censors 100s of sites, protocols etc.
gabirp @gabiruizp🔁 #Catalonia's pro-independence parents occupy polling stations in mass act of civil disobedience -
Mr. Mansa Musa @Niello_🔁 Happy Independence Day to our Batswana fam! 🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼
Inyangaeze @jeomaltd🔁 Catalonia independence vote IT systems 'shut down'
Scarlet @Scarlet6770🔁@GHGalKS Independence Hall? #tourist! 🤣
NuitDeboutBarcelona @NitDempeusBCN🔁:o: Prensa Internacional Catalans Camp at Voting Sites as Independence Confrontation Looms
Khuram Waqas @khuramwaqas🔁As the independence vote euphoria fades, the Kurds face a harsh reality: angry neighbors and global disapproval.
cecila @queenofunseen🔁

Dear Catalunya ... We (the people) support your democratic vote for independence. Love, peace and vote!

Aurangzeb Qureshi @aqureshi80🔁@RuwaydaMustafah Hello Ruwayda. I wanted to get your thoughts on kurdish independence and the referendum. Avail for interview?
Abd'lbasit Abd'laziz @iam_otella🔁Keep Nigeria green and clean!! Let us make this our Nation Happy ...Independence Day
John Coyne @JohnCoy29071630🔁 Now let me see if I've got Corbyn right on Independence
"Anyone but Scotland"?
Jorge-Yamam Serrano @JorgeYamam🔁Families in this school in Catalonia are camping out to ensure it can be used as a polling station in the independence referendum.
Fent cami @possessionar🔁Spanish government moves 300 "Navy Seals" into during vote suppression operation ahead of Sunday's independence referendum
I'm IBM @bizzyboneee🔁The Independence anniversary is tomorrow, October 1st and, President Muhammadu Buhari‘s…
UK Today @UKTodayTopNews🔁 @Telegraph When Catalania districts will claim for their "independence"?
redballexpress🔥 @jimthompson7960🔁@realDonaldTrump Grant them their independence so we can unload this albatross.
kylie g ☯︎ @kgoldy_🔁Jordan Pedersen and Jessica Read in the doubles final at the Badminton Independence Invite! Megan Crow and Kylie Goldberg took 3rd!
#Catalonia @CatalanRobot🔁 Spain: Hundreds protest against Catalonia independence vote in Barcelona
Roj Bash Kurdistan @KurdistanRojBas🔁The problem w/“timing”of referendum, is that there will never be a“right”time for , &
Joan Maria Piqué ‏ن @joanmariapique🔁 Spanish police move to enforce ban on Catalan independence referendum
Dr. Scott Bellows @ScottProfessor🔁Happy Independence Botswana! Africa's least corrupt nation; no civil wars, no coups, no political violence, genuine constitutional democracy
Deplorable\redacted/ @Ah_muzings🔁Rights may, as the Declaration of Independence says, pre-exist the establishment of any nation and be grounded in divine will. However, they come to be actual rights only when people come together to defend each other’s rights.
LindyLoo @LindaMc67133490🔁From our Declaration of Independence. Worth recalling from time to time. Worth acting on before it's too late? RT if you agree!
Almere-Digest @europehouse🔁Spain: Hundreds protest against Catalonia independence vote in Barcelona
Poltemps @Poltemps🔁 Over 80% of Catalans to Vote for Independence if Spain Continues Boycotting Move:


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