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Incredibles 2 🌈Mikey 🌈 @CrxshedPeach🔁I get to go see incredibles 2 have this
hailey @hailey_rosa_🔁 Me pulling up to the movies when incredibles 2 come out
Incredibles 2 kat | applying for mutuals! @ircnspider🔁get to see incredibles 2 this weekend and jurassic world next weekend 💛
Incredibles 2 Amanda Teeter @TTHotMess🔁“The Incredibles 2” Kept us Waiting for Something Great
Incredibles 2 Kyu 🕊 #SomethingNew @janSunshiner08🔁 for anyone watching the Incredibles 2!!
andrea victoria🍒🥥 @vickyyysosa🔁 My cousin dead ass went to watch Incredibles 2 in his frozone suit 😂
Incredibles 2Incredibles 2Incredibles 2Incredibles 2 kris ❃ @kristencuetoss🔁 Incredibles 2 spoilers but with no context, Spongebob edition
Ronnie Banks @iamronniebanks🔁Still haven’t seen Incredibles 2... somebody come change that with me..
Austin @Pamaj🔁Incredibles 2 😍

Can’t wait for Incredibles 3 when I’m in my late 30’s 🙃

natural bitch jaida @toxicturtless🔁 Incredibles 2 spoilers but without context
umairah @movingalng🔁i wanna watch incredibles 2 and grab a nice burger who’s up for it
All Hail, Toilet King trump!! @Wrecksdart🔁Hey everyone! We found it, the worst thing that you will ever read! It is The New Yorker's review of 'Incredibles 2':
Texans2017 @Txns_jy🔁 I think I just might end up watching incredibles 2 by myself 😪
Arist¥® ♎️ @MrAristy_🔁 I wanna watch incredibles 2 already
Ja @arijajanudin_🔁 The Incredibles 2 was so fucking cute.
Spencer Nelson @SpencerRNelson🔁There are scenes in the movie with strobe and flashing lights that can trigger seizures in some individuals says Beaumont pediatric neurologist.

Britt◡̈⃝ @VivaLaBritt_🔁Saw Incredibles 2 last was fantastic, but I can’t stop thinking about the Winnie the Pooh preview when Poo says “people say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday” and how relatable that was to my days off 😂
Mayank @iNailwal🔁Box Office: Scores Record $27M Tuesday For $233M Five-Day Cume via by @ScottMendeson
Kaylur @kaayylur🔁 Fuck incredibles 2 where tf is sharkboy & lavagirl 2 at
cozykham🌹 @sWaVyKhaM🔁 I think i’m the only person on the planet that hasn’t seen Incredibles 2 yet
🌸Coralie Seright - LBPC @CoralieSeright🔁Enter to win an prize pack worth over $100!
aly 💫💫💫 @alynoelle🔁boutta roll up to the incredibles 2 w/ all my siblings like "WHERE IS MY SUPERSUIT"
$QUIDDA $QUIDDA @_1FamST🔁About to finish watching Incredibles 2 then K.o
kenzie @_mackenzie_06🔁 Incredibles 2 was great but can we talk about the mother who ate her dumpling son
TYRA2x @TyraOddness🔁 @TyraOddness It’s such a good movie😂 I have high expectations for incredibles 2
jake johnson @jakew1967🔁Elastigirl from ‘The Incredibles’ Is a Thicc Superhero Queen–but One Review Went Too Far via @decider
sabs @bless1vgss🔁 Watched incredibles 2 and all I can say is Elastigirl is dumbbbb THICC
alissa maris @alissachnakro16🔁If I ask you to hang out with me, that does not mean I want to have sex with you. It means hey we get along really well and maybe we can eat nachos and talk about how epic incredibles 2 was. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Noagalle @Noagalle1🔁 Fix Incredibles 2 date in cinema 😍
sabs @bless1vgss🔁Super. Heroes. INCREDIBLES 2 wowed audiences as Pixar's latest swooped up $180M in its dazzling debut--the best animated opening ever and #8 all-time domestically. Talk about built-up anticipation--14 years ago the original debuted with $110M less than the sequel.
Dreday The Ruler 🎒💸 @ShawtyLoko420🔁I fell asleep during incredibles 2 shit was slow to me 🤦🏿‍♂️
Ari @abeccagonzalez🔁So now that Incredibles 2 has outsold Frozen....wasssup wit Monsters Inc. 2? I’m tryna see what happened after Sully opened the door
pooɟ puas @SyasyaJasni_🔁The short film that's screening before "The Incredibles 2" — "Bao" — is the first Pixar short ever directed by a woman, Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Domee Shi.
serotonin machine-gun @MiaGranade_🔁 for the record I would win in a hypnosis battle against screen slaver in incredibles 2
Azza_10111 @GillWomble85🔁I liked a @YouTube video The Warning You Should Know About Before Seeing Incredibles 2
ofamanèy @heyitsawfa🔁incredibles 2 was a 10/10 for sure !!
shawn @shawreezy🔁people talkin about being scared to see hereditary my ass is scared of seeing incredibles 2 and getting turned on by the thicc cartoon woman
Andrew @ReptileHand🔁‘Incredibles 2’ Animator Describes How He Missed The Birth Of His First Child So Mr. Incredible Could Have Consistently Sized Penis Bulge
👑 @_thelight3🔁Incredibles 2 for Bausten and Braxton’s Birthday 😊
Kørgi💍 @kortney_kemper🔁 Finally got to see Incredibles 2💥totally worth the 14 year wait
Nerdy Dad Online @JBwrench🔁 thank you for raising the issue of strobes in your review the Incredibles 2. I recently took my family to see this a nd it was only by chance that I noticed the single printed warning sign at the ticket office ...
lyrical @lyriccoliviaa🔁@TyraOddness It’s such a good movie😂 I have high expectations for incredibles 2
Han ✨ @Hnanzainzn🔁Incredibles 2 next week on wednesday!!! Yay!!!! But i havent watch deadpool 2 yettt 😢😢😢
Cisco Marroquin @friscom99🔁 Three grown men rave like excited kids about an animated movie. The Incredibles 2 minipod review:
Tessa▵ @TessaBoo16🔁I feel so betrayed. They charged me 10 extra dollars at Incredibles 2 and now I have to go back to the theater :(
makayla huddleston @mlhuddle_🔁Okay but fr tho, I haven’t seen Incredibles 2 yet. Who’s down?
Hunter Smith @smith_hunt🔁Very impressed with Incredibles 2
Jack @jjackrh🔁Quick update: Incredibles 2 is one of my favorite movies, and I cried over a dumpling
Billy Flanagan @waflanagan🔁FWIW, Incredibles 2 deals with a lot of the laws vs morality argument... its an appropriate film for this moment in t ime. its also a ton of fun - the audience (full at 9:15pm on a tuesday) applauded both before and after the film.
natiii @NMunozYC🔁Incredibles 2 was better than the first juan 🧞‍♀️
Aaron @timeconsumerr🔁Might fuck around and go see the incredibles 2 by myself today
Sheyna @scenariossss🔁@stephalvaro 1:30pm man ang start so yeah... idk... g kayo? incredibles 2 @sashashushi @zyrah_s_violan ???? orientation after
gabriela 🍒 @gabyperales8🔁 Still haven’t seen incredibles 2
MVO🦒 @meg_kloss🔁incredibles 2 was so so good
𝒢𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝒮𝒽𝒾𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇 @ejmoye🔁*25 is the year of highs because I am Ali and I have complete control over how I view my year and can do things like travel to different cities with my friends and watch Incredibles 2
💴📸 @trustinsam🔁Incredibles 2 was gooood!
. @ThatGuySerg🔁 I’m disappointed that I haven’t watched incredibles 2 yet 🤧
jake johnson @jakew1967🔁One review went too far in describing Elastigirl from Pixar’s "The Incredibles 2"
E M I L E E F A Y 🐮 @ebaaby🔁 incredibles 2 was AMAZING ❗️❕ @GidiReview🔁

The Incredibles 2 Vs Hotel Transylvania 3

Pls RT

Corrine Conrad @conrad_emma🔁1. there is no one in my Incredibles 2 theater under the age of 15
2. a group of 15 guys just walked in with beers and yelled “WHERES MY SUPER SUIT!?”

We are not here to mess around.

Nicola Smith @nickysmithster🔁What Actual Fresh Hell Is This Review of The Incredibles 2 in The New Yorker? via @TheMarySue
Shelby @ShelbyRhinehart🔁All these 16-17 year olds getting so hyped about the incredibles 2 movie saying “IVE BEEN WAITING 14 years for this” bitch you were like 2. You don’t remember the first one.
Kels💗😋 @karwatka3🔁my boyfriend came over last night after work and the first thing he says is “would you wanna be my date to see Incredibles 2? Bc I already bought tickets for us and it starts in 15 minutes” & lemme tell ya, he is out here setting bars & just exceeding them time after time again
Whirr @SupJosshh🔁 i NEED to see Incredibles 2
👶🏽 @Smook6aby🔁Incredibles 2 was smooth cant complain on the wait
amber @yafaveho🔁I love the music in Incredibles 2 it’s so old school superhero movie vibe
Noah Turner @noah17turner🔁 The fact I haven’t seen Incredibles 2 yet is killing me
bri 🧚🏽‍♀️ @_bgrisby🔁 incredibles 2 was amazing and everything i hoped it will be.. it was visually STUNNING
yzabear ⚡️ @AnnMariiiiee🔁*ehem* incredibles 2 *ehem*
Cherie Ann Duarte @CherieannDuarte🔁@TheKennyJohnson My day off Laundry then off to see Incredibles 2 with Tabitha
INDER MORWAL @inder_morwal🔁MovieReview:

Rating: 3.5 stars

" Brad Bird has made a film in the best traditions of Disney - great animation mixed with some real life issues and homilies." -

Cayotic @Cayotic345🔁Did anyone else think the mini movie before Incredibles 2 was weird as hell? I was and SOOO lost the whole time.. “ Why is this bitches wonton soup growing up so fast? Wait.. dumpling baby was a human this whole time!?”


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