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#ImmunologyNCI2017 Jason Luke, MD, FACP @jasonlukemd🔁 p38 inhibition has been studied for enhancing cell survival #ImmunologyNCI2017
Matthew Hall @cispt2🔁Me, sometimes at the #ImmunologyNCI2017 meeting
#ImmunologyNCI2017 PPBI @PPBIOConsWW🔁 The #ImmunologyNCI2017 abstract book is out!
#ImmunologyNCI2017 PPBI @PPBIOConsWW🔁 #ImmunologyNCI2017 Jim Allison gets the ball rolling. You can stream it!
Hoyoung Maeng @hmaeng🔁 Me, sometimes at the #ImmunologyNCI2017 meeting
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Dr Brian Healey Bird @DrHealeyBird🔁 Different effects of blocking CTLA4 & PD1. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Tcm are sustained in VSTs. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Why have we seen more Ag spreading with TCRs as compared to CARs? #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Brenner’s main summary slide. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 @matthewherper 5E5 CAR T work from @PennCancer. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Stanley Riddell is presenting on solid tumors and their work on ROR1 CARs. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 2 of 3 subjects have had a transient “mixed response.” #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 The ROR1 CAR T clinical trial is being amended to include immunogenic chemo. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Kochenderfer is presenting now. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Jim is now discussing persistence and presenting his theories. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 celltrialsdata @celltrialsdata🔁 A nice slide on T cell activation from MDACC’s Jim Allison. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Great response of a Multiple Myeloma patient on a CAR-T study. Kochenderfer #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Last but most certainly not least is @StanfordMed’s Crystal Mackall. #ImmunologyNCI2017 @parkerici
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 There are CD22 relapses w/ ongoing CD22 expression but at lower levels (CD22lo). #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Mackall is now presenting on GD2 CARs for DIPG. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Mackall is now talking about persistence, expansion and T cell exhaustion. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 Влад @AGCT_team🔁 You will like these slides, @DrPaulyDeSantis. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁 "What are these strange genes?"
#ImmunologyNCI2017 @nrestifo
#ImmunologyNCI2017 ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁 Current work in the Restifo lab #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017#ImmunologyNCI2017 ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁 ...and changes in myeloid cells. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁 Rosenberg show’s approach to identify immune relevant mutations. #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 INCa veille Pro @INCa_veillePro🔁 Stanley Riddell on CAR-T and obstacles in solid tumors #ImmunologyNCI2017
#ImmunologyNCI2017 Xema Pérez @Xemadeyaka14🔁 It is about quality and not only quantity of immune cells #ImmunologyNCI2017 @gulleyj1
NCI Ctr Cancer Rsrch @NCIResearchCtr🔁. Steven Rosenberg speaking at on general approach to of metastatic cancer twitter.com
National Cancer Inst @theNCI🔁Please follow #ImmunologyNCI2017 for updates from the meeting happening now. @NCIResearchCtr @gulleyj1 #ImmunoOnc twitter.com
ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁It made sense that a lot of genes involved in this process showered up in our screen, Restifo says.
ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁Interesting insights into types of intratumoral CD4 T-cells following . Schreiber
ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁 Nick Restifo with total Crispr analysis of the genome for imm. response genes 2 cancer
ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁Beautiful insights from Schreiber on impact of on TIL by CyTOF. Macrophage example here.
ヨッシー @GangFighterKy2🔁Meta Immune check points hand in hand by Carl June...
Santhosh Ambika @RenoHemonc🔁 Stan Riddell: 3 pts with solid tumor have rcvd ROR1-CAR -1st safety hurdle cleared -now to get activity!
Kristel Gonzalez @Kristel_GT🔁 I don't say this lightly, but what a FANTASTIC meeting #immunologyNCI2017! twitter.com
Влад @AGCT_team🔁Mackall is now discussing NCI’s CD19/CD22 CAR. The bispecifi ott.nih.gov c CAR did not undergo RAC review. 🤔
Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Crystal Mackall sharing the good results with the CD22 CAR
Michel Morre @m_morre_🔁Amazing T cell invasion upon immunogenic chemo-Tx making the ROR1-CARs work! was right
Влад @AGCT_team🔁 Here’s the fully human CAR w/ much less neurotoxicity as expected: ott.nih.gov #ImmunologyNCI2017
Влад @AGCT_team🔁James Kochenderfer now discusses during talk. Learn more about his research at
Влад @AGCT_team🔁The parent CD19 CARs (aka the prototypic CD19 CARs) via M. Sadelain of .
Влад @AGCT_team🔁LD prevents epitope spending, but that’s not the sole explanation per Brenner. (Tweet is out of order).
Sonali Sengupta @sengupso🔁Waiting for the start of Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: From Conception to Delivery
Tam Walton @kaydies66🔁Great first-in-human and first-in-field advances in highlighted at
Casey @OfficialYooper🔁 yields deep, durable and likely curable therapy for patients with cancer.
Hoyoung Maeng @hmaeng🔁Find the need & Bridge the gap! Immnuotherapy lacking data in solid organ transplant By Dr. Topalian
Hoyoung Maeng @hmaeng🔁How can we personalize using ? By Dr. Schreiber Wash U
Hoyoung Maeng @hmaeng🔁Restivo making progress by going from humans to mice. Podcast available in January on NIH website.
Tom Misteli, Ph.D. @NCITomMisteli🔁I don't say this lightly, but what a FANTASTIC meeting #immunologyNCI2017! twitter.com
PPBI @PPBIOConsWW🔁 Wow, so many great slides coming out of #immunologynci2017 .
@PDRennert you should take a look at them
Chrystal Paulos @Chrystal_Paulos🔁Dr. Nick Restifo. Basic Principles of Cancer Immunotherapy "What genes are essential to the process?"


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