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Scottybu @Bulkles🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond as a baby I would have been shaken, not stirred.
#IfMyDadWereJamesBond Kevin Duala @DualaKd🔁 #IfMyDadWereJamesBond I’d still demand Idris Elba take the role instead
#IfMyDadWereJamesBond Kevin Duala @DualaKd🔁 #IfMyDadWereJamesBond he’d have Q make a lightsaber
Scottybu @Bulkles🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond he would have paid for my orthodontics
Liz. Laugh. Love. @JustMyTweet🔁 #IfMyDadWereJamesBond he'd be retired by now
Jeff Dwoskin - Hashtag Roundup @bigmacher🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond our cat would probably only live twice not nine times.
Jeff Dwoskin - Hashtag Roundup @bigmacher🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond... That would explain my goldfinger
Hashtag Roundup @HashtagRoundup🔁Keep rocking #IfMyDadWereJamesBond with @HashtagGiants hosted by @HelenMaryMe @WickedFedora2 @LukeWheeler01 @Kevinwxgg @lisamarie1222
🐘 Ken 🐘 @CrazzzyKen🔁 .... he kind of is though. He dresses sharp, he travelled the world, he knows how to use a gun and he's a full blown alcoholic.
Lisa-Marie @LisaGroovyEye🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond I would need one hell of a maternal DNA test!
Lisa-Marie @LisaGroovyEye🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond I would not have to worry about the bullies in school.
Lisa-Marie @LisaGroovyEye🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond I would finally understand why he was never around.
Larry’s 💩💩 Twin Moobs @LarrysTwin99🔁 I would have some bad ass cars, including the Submarine Lotus, to drive and a plethora of vintage chick suits.
Sign. Me. Up. Yesterday.
Jessica🌠 @misspurkey🔁 #IfMyDadWereJamesBond He'd still wear socks with sandals
Kevin @SoCalKevo85🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond I have the coolest ride in town. lol
Sci-Fi Gene @scifigene🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond actually the odds that he was your dad are pretty high
Leeza @Punder_Woman🔁 #IfMyDadWereJamesBond he’d say “Call me Dad. Just Dad.”
NotSoGreatDictator @NSGreatDictator🔁 Take your son to work days could be really awkward. Because he fucks loads of women in work and I'd be just standing twitter.com in a hotel room, seeing if Tipping Point was on yet or drinking the PTSD away. MY DAD KILLED FOUR PEOPLE AND THINKS IT'S FUNNY.
Hannah Ingram @HanIngram🔁 #IfMyDadWereJamesBond he would still ask me technology questions even though he has Q.
Satur(GET RID OF THE DAMN NAZIS, @JACK!)Nine @Satur9🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond he would give me notes on technique when I got caught sneaking out after curfew.
Satur(GET RID OF THE DAMN NAZIS, @JACK!)Nine @Satur9🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond he wouldn't pick me up from school; he'd land on the roof with a hang glider and extract me.
Johnny E. Awesome @JohnnyEAwesome🔁☮️🐱 , I think his work was clandestine, 'cause I think he kinda was a spy!😊006!
Satur(GET RID OF THE DAMN NAZIS, @JACK!)Nine @Satur9🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond being kidnapped by international terror organisations would be boring by now.
JD Andrews @Jdandrews81🔁@Sky_Tags #IfMyDadWereJamesBond I'd be friggin rich and have the coolest gadgets
Monika @Etna73🔁 I would be Shea. Shea Bond.
Camellia Quinn @C_Quinn_Books🔁#IfMyDadWereJamesBond he'd hook me up with an internship in Q's lab


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