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#IfICouldDoOneThingOver Jenny Harty Hofer @jenny_harty🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
I wouldn't use Apple maps
Paxxx @PaulMHigginson1🔁 #ificoulddoonethingover I wouldn't have ran from the law.
#IfICouldDoOneThingOver Jasmine Benjamin 🎀 @Ambitious_Brat🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I'd do thing one. Thing two smells funny
#IfICouldDoOneThingOver Elderbuss01 @elderbuss01🔁 I'd go with a dry rub, instead of a marinade.
#IfICouldDoOneThingOver Paxxx @PaulMHigginson1🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would NOT have made that face in my driver's license photo
魔人majin bloke @ayeBLOKE🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver just one?
Jillian @Pheramuse🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver .. I'd pass . Everything happens for a reason and led me to where I'm at
Aaron Weinbaum @aaronsayswhat1🔁This tweet #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
Trumaine @HesPriceless🔁Reapplying for this job because they make me sick. I'd apply elsewhere! #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
coolcatvt @coolcatvt🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver
Never let the insurance salesman in the door.
Trumaine @HesPriceless🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver my high school years. I would study more and not let those small distractions distract me.
A.C @Mr_NotFunny🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I'd wood bee ths tweet
Glendaly @MrsPudsey🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would've stayed out of it sooner.
Illuminati_Di @Savage_Bitch666🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would've ditched that fuckboy
Yazid Tesfaye ✞ @LordWiIIin🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would not wait so long to discover Twitter.
mamaduke char @mamadukechar🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would have never got married! #SometimesWeMarryTheWrongPeople when it's #MeantToBe u no longer long for another 💯💯
Heath @hdtorch🔁I would never have tried to take my own life June 18th, 2013.
I'm so very happy I lived. 💯

Ray Briggs @raybriggs_nwl🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver i would have catched the ball in that one 🏈 game in high school to send us to the championship game DB's can't catch
imagine93 @kid_imaginate🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would not delve Into conspiracy theories on YouTube....shhh...i have to go they're watching me
mamaduke char @mamadukechar🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would have took him serious the 1st time he told me he wanted to he with me #ThingsWouldBeSoDifferent 💯💯😔😍😘
🌹Rosey🌹 @6CentsRose🔁 I would do @Relax_For_Real over and over... Because he's Hot #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
TerRaBlossoms® @BeyKilah🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver #Vegan I would have stopped eating fellow animals. But better late then never.
Cat Gee @catgoldsmith🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver...I would do it all over. IFF I'm allowed to know what I know now.
Nathan✖ @nthall350🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
If I could go back 4 years I wouldn't start a Twitter account.
Joyce King @JoyceDKing55🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I Would Have Spent More Time With My Mom
Geoff Clark @geoffreyclark37🔁 I would've smoked 2 bowls this morning.
Kathy Ellen @Katellen815🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would have listened to my mother.
Dominic Green™ @Kiritoevans88🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver It would have been to stay in college and to have my dream job by now😏
D Bo Don Sama @Don_sky_walker🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver Id come to yo momma house, slap erbody in that bitch an tell em HEY MY NEW TAPE IS OUT BIT!
Bettie Page @thetotalbettie🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver never wasted my time on that fake little SOB
♚MUFASA♚ @The_troubled1🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver wouldn't drive after 3 hours of graduation practice and a 4 for 4
G.O.D. @npcjerry🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver the last thing i said to my ex.....nah
G.O.D. @npcjerry🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver the drug deal that went bad
Lisa Amaro @LisaAmaro🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver it'd probably be this tweet.
Richard Bell 🏒 @TRYKHOCKEY🔁

w/ bc
Im 1

Chew @nolansdad55🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver it would be your mom again.
Hellon🔥Heels👠 @guliverlouise🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver
cross the street instead walking toward you.
我愛你💞 @yalocalprincess🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would visit my grandma more.
Android User @Chrismanmaster🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I'll let my younger self know that you have to cherish the moments with your grandma. She won't be around for long 😩
ℓєσ9мσиєу🦁 @JodiMoney1🔁 I'd have never spent $75 on Luther Vandross tickets bc I got nothing after the date. Crappy music too.
Jo Keskills @jokeskills🔁 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would have joined twitter a long time ago!
Daddy Plaid @DaddyPlaid🔁 It'd be that night with the 2 girls... No changes, I just want to do it again!
Michaela @FragaleMichaela🔁 It's One Of Those Days Where #IfICouldDoOneThingOver I'd Probably Mess It Up Even More Than I Did The First Time.
Antony Puzzello @AntonyPuzzello🔁 I wouldn't wonder what was so glorious about that hole in the bathroom stall.
Michaela @FragaleMichaela🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I would have joined twitter a long time ago!
K @kells0509🔁Everything, and I would enjoy it even more.... the good, the bad, and the lessons #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
JillyBean @JillVerHey🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I definitely wouldn't have gotten married.
Nic-Nac© @iTweetuSleep🔁Not get loans to go to college 😒😒😒 #IfICouldDoOneThingOver
Nic-Nac© @iTweetuSleep🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver ... Go to college earlier than waiting years after high school
ミミッキュ @InfinitysGrace🔁 I would have worried more about what was important to me rather than what was important to everyone else.
J.A.Y.E. @my1creation🔁#IfICouldDoOneThingOver I'd tell The Lord I Love Him more... at least 3 times more 🙏🏽❤️️❤️️❤️️ @Saul2PaulRock


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