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Jack @jack_has_spoken🔁@Sirbeaterofarse Ian Cole live cam
Aaron Portzline @Aportzline🔁#CBJ Ian Cole blocks an Evgeni Malkin blaster just ahead of the second period horn. #CBJ 3, #Pens 2 after two.
x - PensBurgh @Pensburgh🔁┳┻|
┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) Ian Cole was on the ice
┳┻|⊂ノ during that penalty kill
┻┳|. and Letang still scored
Ian Cole BURGHline.com @burghline🔁Penguins notebook: Ian Cole says tracking old team not benef.. tinyurl.com
NHL Player Safety @NHLPlayerSafety🔁Columbus’ Ian Cole fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for a dangerous trip on Vancouver’s Brandon Sutter.
Doug Abrams @dabrams2021🔁@KenRabideau @andrewdoss @mach2que has been asking for a guy like Ian Cole - a defenseman w nastiness; he’s right obviously
how about forever. @sanvheda🔁I feel bad for the straight little girls obsessed with ian somerhalder and cole sprouse, I'm so grateful to be a lesbian tbh
chayton burchick @chaytonburchick🔁 the portion of the fanbase that acts like ian cole was niklas lidstrom in his prime is my favorite
David Stuart Cole @cole_davesc66🔁...Ian Paisely and Norman Tebbit. Plus the motivations of some of the Labour R/W MP's were nakedly less than pure, so pardon me if I believe the right to protest should have been exercised in a separate platform, to NOT give comfort to the racist opportunists, yet voicing....
NHL Super fan @NHL_BigFan🔁Stanley Cup visits Mott Children's Hospital with Pittsburgh Penguin Ian Cole | MLive.com ref.gl
TVDSabi @TVDSabi🔁 Nina & Ian vs. Cole & Lili

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NHL Random Trade Bot @TradeBot5k🔁Ian Cole to the Leafs for Roman Polak #NHLTrade
Harrison Baldwin @CarrotHair_TV🔁@A_long51 @EvgeniMaIkinEgo I like the bassard trade I’m just saying we should of traded for Ian cole back since it only took a 3rd.
liam 💫🛸 @MAFury29🔁@horseshitcall it was ian cole then they traded him
Jake Shaffer @silentriot48🔁@jmarshfof No offense to Ian Cole. Sullivan will like is odds if he's against any of our top 3 lines
CMB for CBJ @mashedpotatoes🔁 I thought Ian Cole had the most impressive, least bullshit post game interview tonight. Basically review the tape an twitter.com d fix the errors, that’s what good teams do. He should know, he has two Stanley Cup rings.
AJ #LetsGoPens @AJAndrew83🔁All due respect to Ian Cole, if the plan is to match him up against Evgeni Malkin for a seven game series, I think Mike Sullivan will like his odds there.
FOX Sports Ohio @FOXSportsOH🔁The mark of a good team is correcting mistakes, something in which the take great pride, says Ian Cole. twitter.com
Kevin Meister @HBKevin91581🔁The have one ☝️ job Saturday night against the : tank like you’re the 2015-16 . Shoot into your own net if you have twitter.com to (I’m looking at you, Ian Cole) but under no circumstances are you allowed to win on April 7.
Larry Snyder @Larry_N_Snyder🔁Dan Kingerski (@TheDanKingerski) - The Legend Of Ian Cole Grows - pittsburghhockeynow.com @pghhockeyNOW #Pens #NHL
CBJ Radio @cbjradio🔁Playing his former team tonight, Ian Cole gives his thoughts on playing the Pens and how he will help with the playof twitter.com f push.

Still surprised I didn't lick Kris Letang @sshruff1🔁I see @Kiki5851 survived Ian Cole.
Jester91RN @jester91rn🔁 Ian Cole is making Pittsburgh his bitch.
Linda Walker @LindaWa97596057🔁@JacketsInsider Way to go Ian Cole, you played Great!! We sure miss you in Pgh
erika🐧 @eriikadelhoeso🔁I MISS IAN COLE
Hannah 🌼 @fromtexarkana🔁lololololo ian cole is a blue jacket
Kevin Gorman @KGorman_Trib🔁After landing in Columbus at the NHL trade deadline in late February, Ian Cole has made it a point to try not to follow the fortunes of the Penguins so closely.

Zach Gensler🌼 @GenslerZach🔁 "Ian Cole does not block the Phil Kessel shot."

I like that sass from Bob Errey.

Jody M. 📝 @morgan_jody🔁@CBJ_Junkie @NHLFlyers I think Ian Cole or Savvard would win that challenge.
ɹɐʞso @atropos🔁lol… I m with you, I won’t pay a buck for Ian Cole… no way, big no no…
Oceanside Hotels @oceansidehotel🔁Penguins notebook: Ian Cole says tracking old team not beneficial goo.gl
IceBurgh @iceburghNHL🔁 Ian Cole would have stopped that
Alex Pickl @Pickl24🔁I miss Ian Cole... dude is a defenseman's defenseman
Senorita Ding Dong @KaylaJ67🔁the Columbus feed acting like Ian Cole is James Harrison
robyn @Holtsy_🔁 Ian Cole just went down the runway to the Blue Jackets dressing room with a heavy limp. #CBJ
Manhunt for Aaron Cooper @notaaroncooper🔁STOP USING IAN COLE AGAINST US
1st Ohio Battery @1stOhioBattery🔁Ian Cole just went down the runway to the Blue Jackets dressing room with a heavy limp. #CBJ
A @NotYourProfAnge🔁Please be ok Ian Cole
Alex 🏒🐧 #3elieve @AM_PensFan_96🔁Ian Cole hurt
Isaiah Ferringer @IsaiahFerringer🔁A-ha! So the key to beating Ian Cole and the Blue Jackets in the playoffs is to throw Letang at him. He doesn't know Letang's moves because Letang was always injured.
Victoria @VJac71🔁 major shoutout to whoever has immediately cut to Ian Cole on the ice after each power play goal.
Jamison 🐧 @jtgensler🔁so for those counting at home thats 2 PP goals that the almighty Ian Cole wasnt able to block.... but we are totally twitter.com gonna lose without him next week right?
Stu Mason @megasportsnews🔁Ian Since the Blue Jackets added Thomas Vanek, Mark Letestu and Ian Cole by trades, they are 16-5. No doubt it helped twitter.com give them the lift they needed!
Jason Bassani @jason_bassani🔁@penguins Thanks Ian Cole for the assist! Knee deflection
al @dispatcher44🔁@TheDanKingerski you mean the same god like ian cole we trade oh my
Stacey Miller 🏒🏈🐱 @SpinMeWrite🔁A-ha! So the key to beating Ian Cole and the Blue Jackets in the playoffs is to throw Letang at him. He doesn't know twitter.com Letang's moves because Letang was always injured.
Sara B1Gvian @SaraCivian🔁@Pensburgh Do Ian Cole's hits look good on Ch. 11 tonight?
TM @TM_Jr88🔁 The Penguins power play has scored two goals through Ian Cole.
Matthew Henriques @MattJLHenriques🔁Kris Letang's shot was two inches away from Ian Cole's head
Dan Kingerski @TheDanKingerski🔁The Penguins power play has scored two goals through Ian Cole.
steelcity tailgating @SC_Tailgating🔁Penguins notebook: Ian Cole says tracking old team not beneficial steelcitytailgating.com
Jester91RN @jester91rn🔁Ian Cole, former Penguin, just took a hard slap shot off the shoulder or arm before time expired ... he did it on purpose, btw, to block that shot.

I'd be in the fetal position right now, for at least a week. Minimum.

JEFF D. HOUSTON @JeffHouston8🔁Omg that's 2 PP goals against Ian Cole.... How are we doing this....Pens fans said he blocked every shot??? #PITvsCBJ
habitual linestepper @G_Off817🔁Great penalty killing effort again from Ian Cole
Austin Biondo @biondo_austin96🔁Hey Ian Cole has been on the ice for 2 pk goals now @MarkMaddenX
Alex @Glassmodealb🔁major shoutout to whoever has immediately cut to Ian Cole on the ice after each power play goal.
Jeff @jeffpens🔁Ian Cole is a -3, isn't he? #woof
Jim Maravich @JMaravich🔁Sure would be nice if the #Penguins had a shot-blocking D-men like that Ian Cole guy to kill penalties
#Pens #NHL


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