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#iAmEpisd Rachael Coronado @rachcoro🔁Pk disguised turkeys after hearing turkey trouble read aloud #IamEPISD #EPISDLibraries
#iAmEpisd Martha Velez-Teran @MartyTeran915🔁Work fam ❤
#Andresshighschool #iamepisd
#iAmEpisd#iAmEpisd#iAmEpisd Kirsten Lofton @KirstenTeaches🔁#CodingClub is one of the highlights of our week! #DrGreenHawks #IamEPISD
#iAmEpisd#iAmEpisd#iAmEpisd Andress High School @AHSGoldenEagles🔁Annual pull-up competition against Chapin #WEAREANDRESS #iAmEpisd
#iAmEpisd Francisco J. Ordaz @FJORDAZ🔁 Follow the @newtechnetwork road! @oso_new_tech reason why I love my job! 💙 #IamEPISD
Elizabeth Saenz @ESaenzEPISD🔁 3rd graders performing for our Veterans. Beautiful! #IamEPISD #episdlibaries
#iAmEpisd#iAmEpisd#iAmEpisd James Lamonica @james_lamonica🔁 Annual pull-up competition against Chapin #WEAREANDRESS #iAmEpisd
Magoffin MS @lobonation🔁Magoffin choir, great job Ms. Welch! @ELPASO_ISD #iAmEpisd
#iAmEpisd Maurice Hambick @Maurice_EMHJ🔁 Work fam ❤
#Andresshighschool #iamepisd
Kathleen Ese @KathleenEse🔁Honoring veterans at Bradley elem Thank you for your service!
Magoffin MS @lobonation🔁Magoffin band and orchestra performing for our Veterans Day ceremony. Thank Mr. Ontiveros and Mr. Adame. twitter.com
RossRebelDeafEd @deaf_ed🔁To all the wonderful hard-working teachers out there have a wonderful three day weekend
Rosa Aguilar @RosaAguilarMFA🔁"Honoring our Veterans: Courage of Heroes" EPISD K-12 Student Art Show on display at Chapin HS until Nov 15th. Wonde twitter.com rful work!

Ms.IrvinHSLibrarian @Jacquel61941232🔁Promoting EPISD’s RAD event has been inspiring! Ss & teachers discussing books & the power that the written word had twitter.com on their lives. WORDS have POWER! Keep ur eye on Irvin next week for RAD! 😉 literacy
Lori baez @MsBaez07🔁At K-12 Student Art Exhibit. Honoring our Veterans. Five of Terrace Hills Middle School students display their artwo twitter.com rk in the show. Congratulations to student Zion Lopez on placing 1st the district for middle school.
Norma Evans @NormaEv67661501🔁 Thank you AHS Color Guard, THMS choir and Ss students Adrian & Yamil. Veteran's Day Celebration was a success! twitter.com
Norma Evans @NormaEv67661501🔁 Thank you Lt. Colonel Knapp for your inspiring words today. Our Partners In Education WBAMC. twitter.com
Karen Balbier @kbalbier🔁I’m thankful we were able to learn from Teachers left very excited about what they created on their Macs . Imagine w twitter.com hat students will create next! Oh, I also needed the Pinpoint Mouse Enhancer he used...so easy to follow.
Emma Weatherly @emma_weatherly🔁Our freshmen had a wonderful night at the Art Avenue Gallery. They got a personal tour from the own and artists. twitter.com
Norma Evans @NormaEv67661501🔁 Thank you to our nurse Mrs. Garcia for the World War II memorabilia & Mrs. Scherbeh for the art work. twitter.com
Norma Evans @NormaEv67661501🔁 Veteran's Day Celebration. Thank you to all the women and men for your service! Thank you WBAMC! twitter.com
Lisa Lewis @ms_lewis3b🔁Our third graders singing for our Veterans Day program. They were the best! twitter.com
Kirsten Lofton @KirstenTeaches🔁Students are so excited to bake bread and do hands-on science & math this weekend with their families! 🥖 Monday, the twitter.com y’ll each bring back a loaf to donate to the Rescue Mission of El Paso. ❤️
Denise Ewing @dewing_04🔁Thanksgiving Luncheon with , the best family in town, a total success. Thank you parents and community! twitter.com
Karen Balbier @kbalbier🔁After reading The Donut Chef, students created characters and animations to add to a donut themed video game in Bloxe twitter.com ls.
Ross Rebel Math @rebel_math🔁To all the wonderful hard-working teachers out there have a wonderful three day weekend twitter.com


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