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KRAZY KEITH RULES @krazykeithrules🔁#IWasBroughtUpToBelieve in Something Claus.
Kseventeen11 @Kseventeen11🔁 that immigrants built and shaped this country, and should be afforded all the opportunity that my family received when we came to America.
Ari @arisytner🔁 that immigrants built and shaped this country, and should be afforded all the opportunity that my family received wh twitter.com en we came to America.
#IWasBroughtUpToBelieve Johnny E. Awesome @JohnnyEAwesome🔁 ☮️🐱 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve not to be afraid of what lurks in the shadows
Carla Lundquist @carla_lundquist🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve
Racism is bad and that we are all of the same human race. Aren’t my parents silly? 🤷🏼‍♀️😋
Siggy @Siggmondo🔁#IWasBroughtUpToBelieve in Santa Claus 🙄
Double A ron @ABrinkman57🔁#IWasBroughtUpToBelieve if you want it...work for it. None of this free ride bullshit I see everyday
Tikitiki @tiredTiki🔁 that a person's skin color shouldn't determine whether you love them or not, but quickly learned that many others weren't brought up that way.
Taylor @TayRedd12🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve turning on the backseat or passenger lights in a car lead to a huge ticket🧐🧐🧐🚔🚔
Reso Lotions @TrivagoD🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve that Mom & Dad liked to wrestle.
Reso Lotions @TrivagoD🔁 that America had an especially fabulous justice system. What an utter crock of painful bullshit twitter.com
Andrea Bayardi @BayardiAndrea🔁 that when the mouth is hot, karma comes your way & more greater things happen to BTS :)

Liza Perkins @eliza_cap🔁#IWasBroughtUpToBelieve
abhimanu.⏺ @abhimanu66🔁 Inside every person lies true beauty+inner wisdom. It doesn't matter how educated or wealthy they are. Sometimes it takes awhile to discover the beauty+wisdom, but, it's worth spending time with people+giving them the chance to let their light shine. 🕯️
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve that with age doesn't always come wisdom
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve karma is a bitch
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve if you leave the seat up women will fall in
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve
In dog
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve duct tape will fix most problems
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 that hard work and dedication was all you needed to succeed.

Boy, was that a load of shit

Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁
That truth always prevails. Especially with a subpoena and the transcripts.
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 that shooting firecrackers into the face of the ones you despise. Makes for good hard life in the future.
Whoa Black Betty @WhoaBlackBetty5🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve that there are several on Social Media that are little wiener babies
KL Lewis7 @KL_Lewis7🔁 in God,in the power of prayer,that my Mom & Dad loves me unconditionally & that the tie that binds us all is sacred
zero-g spot @zerogspot🔁@chrisbu98565279 And #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve In magic
Kissa Meassa 💜Back & Beautiful💜 @KissaMeassa🔁 that wearing colorful panties leads to yeast infections. My mother was weird. Didn't own a pair of colored panties twitter.com until I was 18. Mom, i love you, but you're bonkers!🤦🏾‍♀️
Bangarang Books @BangarangBooks🔁 in Patriotism
(Releasing soon with )
BEAUFORD THE PATRIOTIC DONKEY endears itself to the American public by teaching the timeless lessons of work ethic, the importance of the flag, and honoring military service.

Victoria Day @TheVictoriaDay🔁 there was a dishwasher in my future & clean dishes was rewarded by dancing! 😂🤣😂
Pic #2 IS MY REALITY! twitter.com
Dominic Green™ @Domsasuke🔁 That a nice guy finishes last is a true fact, That being a douchebag gets you all the women that you could ever ask twitter.com for🤔 Tell me otherwise
Justin of Hourly @MadManAz🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve the Earth is round.
Justin of Hourly @MadManAz🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve
Your handshake was your word
AdamAppleseed @AdamAppleseedE8🔁 that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

Thanks for the lesson Dark Helmet.

Justin of Hourly @MadManAz🔁 #IWasBroughtUpToBelieve Pluto was a planet.
CLARYT @ileenmcgreevy🔁#IWasBroughtUpToBelieve
All men were total assholes..
So so not true....no joke attached. 🤵


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