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ISIS-claimed #Trump🇺🇸 @brownryan6🔁 ISIS-claimed
France, you can end all this crap by electing Marine Le Pen.
Take your nation back.
Fox News @FoxNews🔁Police in Paris search home believed linked to ISIS-claimed attack
Fox News @FoxNews🔁Le Pen calls for France to restore border controls after ISIS-claimed attack
David Ovovsky @NYCShekelsDavid🔁 Time to hold these politicians who let this evil into our country Accountable.


NPR @NPR🔁ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Paris. Authorities say they've ID'd the shooter, who targeted police.
Jed Ekert @JedEkert🔁Yesterday: ISIS-claimed terror

Today: Liberals only worry about Islamophobia, enabling terrorists. Cycle repeats

The Crisis of Western Civ

#TruthBeTold @AniesiODaniels🔁Where's your update? claimed it, police have deemed it a terrorist attack. Stop Trump bashing and report TRUTH!
Noya Ayalet @Warrior_Noya🔁ISIS-claimed paris attack and female Islamic MD gets arrested for mutilating girls. Get rid of liberal politicians supporting this evil
January Beeler @JanuaryBeeler🔁 Le Pen calls for France to restore border controls after ISIS-claimed attack
shelacharles @ramburner1🔁Paris police search home believed linked to ISIS-claimed attack |
Jon Jackson @jonners🔁 ISIS have just claimed responsibility for Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran.
Team Combover @teamcombover16🔁 ISIS claimed yet another attack in Paris. Vote Le Pen to save your country 🇫🇷
but why tho? @wotisreallyreal🔁ISIS already claimed responsibility for but still isn't sure about the motive
allan d passarelli @PassarelliAllan🔁LOL Pathetic statement from dude who claimed would end ISIS threat in 30 days,only ISIS strategy working: plans left by Obama admin,shocked?
みょうおう @NyoroCyan🔁. tweets message condemning Paris attack; meanwhile, police investigate a home they believe is linked to it.
DANILNEWS @braimahake🔁Paris police search home believed linked to ISIS-claimed attack
Danette Frost @winning4Trum🔁ISIS-claimed it's not just Isis it's Islam ---- Quran. Chapter 5 verse 51 "Do not take the Jews and the Christians As Allies".
@cat25RIII @cat25RIII2🔁Is anyone actually surprised that the Champs-Elysees cop killing is an ISIS-claimed attack?

Wake up, France.

Alex Fux @ghaleonmagicemp🔁A 2 trillion dollar war on terror results in more Terrorists than existed before it began. Big bombs won't end ISIS-claimed attacks.
nia @_Astro3000🔁UPDATE: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Champs-Elysees attack on police officers
Greytdog @Greytdog🔁One question: which French candidate benefits the most from an ISIS attack in Paris?(note: ISIS claimed credit but not verified they did it)
Angie Hall @BeachDreamin291🔁BREAKING: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the shooting in Paris, where a gunman open fire on a police van
M @Youronlymisha🔁@AP As usual #TrumpWasRight Isis claimed responsibility for terrotist attack.
Eddie Donovan @EddieDonovan🔁 Le Pen calls for France to restore border controls after ISIS-claimed attack |
My info @supernana1216🔁ISIS-claimed Europe will look like the Mideast stop thinking about yourselves & start thinking about how your kids & grandkids will live
Redneck Intelligence @US_Intel🔁Being a member state of the @EU_Commission is the same as being castrated. #Frexit VOTE @lepen #LePen

BooBoo NyC @BooBooNyc🔁End the "ISIS Claimed" in France,do your country & its ppl a favor 👉Vote .The libs will be pissed but you will be a ll be safe.
Concerned American @HensleywkAo🔁#ISIS-Claimed another Muslim terrorist attack in Paris. #FridayFeeling
Adam Waldo @generalwaldo🔁ISIS-claimed all young kuffir girls for their wives; to rape, violate and destroy them - so they can NEVER grow into our son's wives.
No Bully Zone @NowThinkAgain🔁 Liberty High school TX Ok for Prayer Rooms ISIS-claimed
Eddie Donovan @EddieDonovan🔁Le Pen calls for France to restore border controls after ISIS-claimed attack |
debbie @darthur111🔁 Obama said Isis was not Islam ISIS-claimed it stands for ISLAMIC STATE IN SYRIA. Obama was a liar
Patrick Poole @pspoole🔁My round-up on what's known (and not) about today's attack in Paris.

Note: 4 attacks in Europe since March. Only 2 claimed by .

Robin W Hylton @HyltonRobin🔁 Police in Paris search home believed linked to ISIS-claimed attack


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