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#IQ2USLive Mankaprr Conteh @Mankaprr🔁We punish people for learning in public, for making mistakes — @MHarrisPerry #IQ2USLive
Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry🔁Closing remarks #IQ2USLIVE pscp.tv
Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry🔁The left is not perfect, but it seems to have a larger-tent party that includes, recognizes, and listens to more blac twitter.com k and brown folks than the right — more of “nothing about us, without us” happens on the left.
Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry🔁Folks who consider themselves “good people” in the Republican Party must take responsibility for the way it looks tod twitter.com ay. You cannot wash your hands of this.
Gautam Kumar @gautamKumarIND🔁Who is the World's Most Popular Leader at present ??


nancypeggy @nancypeggy🔁 Closing remarks #IQ2USLIVE pscp.tv
Laura Victoria @LiglyCnsrvatari🔁@FreeBeacon @P_Crookston He should have been there to vote in the #IQ2USLive debate on whether liberalism holds the high moral ground.
Dr. Amina™ @womanistpsych🔁 "The heroes on either side are rare" - @McCormickProf smarturl.it #IQ2USLive #liberals #conservatives
missliberties @missliberties🔁 @GovHowardDean We are all in this together and unless everyone has a place at the table, we fail. #IQ2USLive
Laura Victoria @LiglyCnsrvatari🔁Congrats on a big win to @nytdavidbrooks and @McCormickProf.
Jay Sieling @JaySieling🔁@MHarrisPerry great job tonight on #IQ2USLIVE My son was in the audience and made sure I tuned in. Couldn’t miss it. Well done!
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁It was a phenomenal season closer! Many thanks to our debaters & twitter.com
TO KNOW BEST @toknowbest🔁Dig Deep Into the Fascinating History of the Industry

- twitter.com
Mark Miller @AQ1Miller🔁"Neither side today has the moral high ground" -
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁I couldn’t be there in person but something I always look forward to about an debate is the post debate breakdown w twitter.com ith who taught me how to debate when we were in college.
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Which side did you find more convincing tonight? Agree or disagree: Liberals hold the moral high ground. twitter.com
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁As if she wasn’t already the best #IQ2USLIVE debater I’ve ever seen, @MHarrisPerry shouts out Unitarian Universalists. 🤗
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Debating for the motion, declares that the core question is, “which values are important?” He argues that the core d twitter.com ifference is that liberals look forward, have hope, don’t cling to the pass, and are not fearful.
Stacey Stowe @staceystowe🔁@nytdavidbrooks Lincoln’s inclusive language at his second inaugural exemplifies Conservatives. No word on Trump’s divisiveness #IQ2USLive
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁.@nytdavidbrooks asking people to believe liberalism and conservatism are equally bad. That’s just not true. #IQ2USLIVE
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Something tonight's debaters have in common: switching parties. began life as a Republican, and was a socialis twitter.com t when he was younger.
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁To be clear. I’m inclined to agree that liberals hold the moral high ground. But I was undecided on it as a debate r twitter.com esolution bc I’m demoralized by Franken and Conyers and Bc I’m in flux between liberal and leftist.
What kind of power do you have against the dark? @RageofBaltimore🔁 As a former child conservative I am dying inside for this poor 12 year old kid #IQ2USLive
What kind of power do you have against the dark? @RageofBaltimore🔁 don’t ask kids to perform politics in public like they’re a sideshow #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"The core differences between liberals and conservatives is that we look forward" - @GovHowardDean smarturl.it #IQ2USLive
Stacey Stowe @staceystowe🔁@GovHowardDean What is going on in the Republican Party is not the (moral) high ground #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"I think Democrats tend to require more human rights standards from the people we help" - @GovHowardDean smarturl.it #IQ2USLive
Sarah Jones @onesarahjones🔁don’t ask kids to perform politics in public like they’re a sideshow #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Audience question: What about how liberals and conservatives approach foreign policy? Is one side more moral? twitter.com
Sarah Jones @onesarahjones🔁As a former child conservative I am dying inside for this poor 12 year old kid #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"We over-moralize our politics" - @nytdavidbrooks smarturl.it #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"Part of what we're talking about is fairness for all communities, and not always letting the market work" - twitter.com
David Dougherty @DavidDougherty🔁My boy Ishaun coming in hot!! #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"I detect a hint of conservatism in your question" - "Oh, you're going to Princeton now, kid" - to 12 year old twitter.com audience member
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"There are good arguments on the right and left, and both sides make mistakes" - @GovHowardDean smarturl.it #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Audience question from a 12 year old: How do you feel about social safety net programs which can keep people in situa twitter.com tions of poverty?
Mary Arrington @maryarrington🔁"I realize it is a difficult day to make the argument that liberals hold the moral high ground" -
The Husband @MrDrChanda🔁Lol @ white conservatives saying they are concerned about the history of discrimination by liberal-controlled institutions #IQ2USLIVE
Mankaprr Conteh @Mankaprr🔁I always want my students’ souls and spirits to be safe — their brains, I do not. I want their brains to be challenge twitter.com d by ideas that make them uncomfortable. -
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁And and are too experienced and too smart not to understand the straight line from “traditional conservatism” and t twitter.com he ideals of the Republican Party as they defend them to Donald Trump today.
Laura Victoria @LiglyCnsrvatari🔁Clearly, it's not just his Twitter bio photo. @JonHaidt is really good looking. #IQ2USLive
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁I think this is what’s going to sway my vote. Because while the con side is making a clever and technically excellent twitter.com argument that “neither side is Moral” they are losing me when they are running away from Trump. It’s disingenuous.
Davis Richardson @DavisOliverR🔁"There's a lot of posturing going on," "We need the first amendment, but it's not absolute." twitter.com
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁. is right though. I don’t think conservatives should get to run away from Donald Trump when he IS the embodiment of twitter.com their values. is wrong when he says Trump espoused a whole new ideology.
Stacey Stowe @staceystowe🔁@GovHowardDean Of course we support the First amendment but it is not absolute #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Audience question from @JonHaidt: What's the element of both sides of this debate that is illiberal? smarturl.it #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Audience question: “With today’s group of conservatives in Washington DC, do you still argue against the motion?” twitter.com responds that “Reactionary is not conservative.”
John Haltiwanger @jchaltiwanger🔁 “Republicans don’t get to wash their hands of this [current] Republican Party” - @MHarrisPerry #IQ2USLive
Alexandra Svokos @asvokos🔁“Republicans don’t get to wash their hands of this [current] Republican Party” - @MHarrisPerry #IQ2USLive
Stacey Stowe @staceystowe🔁The party is culpable. There have been decades of the @GOP saying govt “should be drowned in a bath tub” @MHarrisPerry #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"The heroes on either side are rare" - @McCormickProf smarturl.it #IQ2USLive #liberals #conservatives
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁What are the five words you associate with the word #liberal? smarturl.it #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁Do you have questions for tonight's debaters & on the morality of liberals versus conservatives? Send them our wa twitter.com y!
Rolisa H. Tutwyler @RolisaHTut🔁 I love @MHarrisPerry. #IQ2USLIVE
Alexandra Svokos @asvokos🔁. argues liberals have the moral ground because of a lack of fear of changing society (in re sexuality, gender, etc) twitter.com
wayne prye @PryeWayne🔁#IQ2USLive but we have moral and political choice
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁. and conceptions of equality and opportunity. What is your position? twitter.com
Catherine Dubuque @catdebuque🔁Oh, the indignity #IQ2USLive
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁I love @MHarrisPerry. #IQ2USLIVE
Sarah Jones @onesarahjones🔁Melissa Harris Perry is the only good thing about #IQ2USLive
Stacey Stowe @staceystowe🔁@GovHowardDean We are all in this together and unless everyone has a place at the table, we fail. #IQ2USLive
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁The fundamental work is the family and institutions of civil society that play the main role in transmitting the virt twitter.com ues that enable people to lead successful lives. We need to find ways to empower those institutions.
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁And @MHarrisPerry saying it so much more concisely “Nothing About Us Without Us.” #IQ2USLIVE
Elizabeth @MissCherryPi🔁I’m always nit picky about resolution wording but in general I like this one. I think those arguing against the motio twitter.com n make a good argument that no one holds the moral high ground but then they had to remind me they don’t think women should be equal under the law.
Davis Richardson @DavisOliverR🔁"The threat we're facing around the world is not liberalism or conservatism, its global populism," twitter.com
Robert Rosenkranz @RosenkranzBlog🔁Throughout 12 seasons, many of our debates have had a moral component, says smarturl.it
Intelligence Squared @IQ2US🔁"We need covenantal relationships" for the country to succeed says @nytdavidbrooks smarturl.it #IQ2USLive


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