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The Ignorant Intellectual @Inglewood4Real🔁 @IHOb @oLIVya_lifee Ihop staff meetings 😂
IHOPIHOPIHOPIHOP carman montgomery @proud_carman🔁 Corporate America is ROASTING IHOP
lauren:) @laurenxmichael🔁 They weren’t playing. #ihop ➡️ #ihob
dallas @eyedallas09🔁 IHOP managers all acosss the board finna teach they staff how to make burgers lmao
IHOP Black Sheep @aisha_unlimited🔁 they mama named em IHOP, so imma call em IHOP.
IHOP latrell @RRRlNG🔁 First IHOP, now GameStop?
IHOPIHOPIHOP danny @weakcity🔁 Lmao corporate America just shitting on ihop
IHOP WORLDSTARHIPHOP @WORLDSTAR🔁“Pancake King” (Burger King) really out here trolling IHOP for its name change to iHob...🍔🥞😂 @BurgerKing
Safiya Nygaard @safiyajn🔁if ihop can become a burger restaurant then u can become anything you want to 🙏🏻
nathan zed @NathanZed🔁yal hating on this ihop name change jus cause everyone else is doing it but guess where we gon be when we lit at 2:30 twitter.com am and everything is closed? that's right. waffle house.
ja’nae ! @naeeebbyy🔁 Bruh they clowning ihop in the food group chat twitter.com
🇧🇷 Air Neymar 🇧🇷 @GambleAddiction🔁 ihop ihob ipod dont matter, waffle house in 4.
kayla Hulsey @kaylahulsey28🔁ihop: our new name will be ihob

everyone: what’s the B stand for

ihob: the B stands for Beatrice. Except I don’t like Beatrice. I just like B and that’s all.

Lil Hippy, Ho’🍀 @JasKasami_🔁IHOP got the bag and fumbled it.

Fashion Nova got the bag and fumbled it.

I don’t understand how these brands can infiltrate black twister and write down the lingo but can’t catch on to trends. Black Twitter had a 3-day argument over brunch and a male Romper trend.

♍️iranda🌞 @miranduhbraynyg🔁 IHOP could’ve made the “B” stand for “brunch” & started serving mimosas as well. Would’ve made hella money.
alexandra @alexandraraizaa🔁Just how we still say “Uptown” when it’s “Hillside Village”, I’m still calling this place IHOP 🤷🏾‍♀️
crys @mvrte🔁 Just had a burger at IHOP. There's a reason it's not IHOB.
Michael Aaron @MAaron38🔁"Is this IHOP?"
"No this is Batrick."
santi romo @papy_s🔁For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18.
PLAYA D🐰NI @playboi_doni🔁Even these niggas on ihop ass. The food gm going off twitter.com
sam 🥀 @y0ungbl00dsam🔁*tells grandma about the ihop name change*
grandma: that’s insulting!
Brittanie Lewis @brittanie_lewis🔁 IHOP to IHOB is like when you see your ex is doing terrible years later.

Wow Batrick, you really let yourself go.

AV🌻 @_alexxxandra__🔁My thing is they were never trying to make It change to burgers they were just tricking people thinking people would twitter.com think it’s funny to get people talking about ihop, but people def didn’t think It was as funny as they thought they would lol
Gracie O'Donnell @Gracie_O_16🔁Im sitting infront of an IHop and I feel kind of weird knowing that it is now IHob.
Brockℹ @silimofo2001🔁 I used to poop at IHOP, now I just boob
WG. @winnieemandelaa🔁ya be getting burgers from ihop
caitlin 🤢 @officialslob🔁me and erick are reading the local newspaper at ihop on a wednesday morning. we are old
Synonym Puns @ahastyretweet🔁*the world is falling apart, our institutions are failing, our president is aligning with dictators, Kim K is getting White House meetings, lives and families are being destroyed at the border, our economy is as temperamental as our climate*

iHop: what if we made burgers

Nick Sottilotto @nickthadickk🔁 IHOP, IHOb... still going to Waffle House
Brittany Duke @XBrittanyDukeX🔁@Emma_Fletcher12 @IHOb I know right they have always been known for pancakes and it will be weird to not seeing it be IHOP anymore
Tommy Cole @tjohncole🔁I don't care if it's called IHOP, IHOB, or IPOP, I'm still going to Waffle House
✨🦕raelee🦖✨ @rrequinn🔁“Can we have an affordable, nationwide vegan fast food joint?”

no :)

“What about vegan pancakes from IHOP?”

no :) :)

“Vegan options at mainstream restaurants?”

no :) :) :)

“How about - -“

*removes the egg from the salad emoji* :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Taliban Tyrone Mi Rey @Zoehannn🔁Lmfao everybody’s been to the IHOP in Springfield ave in Irvington 😂
Jason Callina @jcallina🔁Dramatic reenactment of #IHOP #IHOB marketing meeting youtube.com
Jordan Paige😋 @__jthomason🔁 ihop or ihob idc i’m going to waffle house anyway


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