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#IGotBlocked Ian Applebaum @ApplebaumIan🔁 #IGotBlocked because he’s a snowflake.
#IGotBlocked Adam Newman @Adam_Newman🔁#IGotBlocked because he’s a snowflake.
#IGotBlocked mckeonm @mckeonmk🔁 #IGotBlocked because Trump supporters didn't find me funny! But I'm funny right?
GG 🥞 🎈❓ @GGDoesntBurn🔁#IGotBlocked because GOT 😂
Palmer Report @PalmerReport🔁#IGotBlocked by Donald Trump Jr because I’m just that awesome 😁
Nick Jack Pappas @Pappiness🔁#IGotBlocked by @realDonaldTrump.

But now, I'm not.

Always fight for your First Amendment rights.

Mary Ellen Morgan @MaryEllenMorga5🔁Interesting twitter situation while reading, liking and commenting on various tweets re: the , is this h twitter.com appening to anyone else?
Thalia @foodietrail🔁Here is a reminder that President Trump is still blocking people, including myself. This means that he knowingly and willingly is curtailing the First Amendment, according to a federal judge. This, in and of itself, is an Impeachable offense!

Ben Carnevale @bennycarnevale🔁 by chiropractors, homeopaths and naturopaths who tout their ‘cures’ or ‘treatments’ for & other allergic conditions.

Why? Must be easier than trying to provide evidence (which doesn’t exist) or a plausible explanation to support their magical claims.

Anthony Fezio @afezio1952🔁OK, this is the funniest post I have EVER seen on Twitter‼️😭😭😭

legit has his feelz hurt & thinks since blocked him, he should be impeached😭🤣😭🤣😭DED

beverly j lockhart @Beverly8J🔁 by Donald Trump for simply arguing his policies and calling out his lies.

I have also been blocked by Don Jr, Eric Trump, Sean Hannity, and others.

Simply for telling the TRUTH!

Carty Kyndesen @KyndCar🔁 because the Chamber of Commerce is backing gerrymandering and their position is LITERALLY indefensible.
Missty Cotton @MisstyCotton🔁Ladies and gentlemen!! Step right up and listen! Come one asshole come all!! after I blocked a mother f#cker. Good riddens and NEXT!!! Step right up to get your ass blocked too!!
Joe Roybal @JoeRoybal4🔁Mike Pompeo: “I Find That Question Insulting And Ridiculous”
Love this guy-

Dinsdale Piranha @PiranhaDinsdale🔁The President Of The United States Donald Trump uses his personal twitter account to relay policy decisions, legislation, U.S. Military changes, nuclear threats & Congress allows him to block American citizens.

How is this legal?

Mohamed Shafeeu @shappiu🔁 because I pointed out that has no moral standing to say anything until he apologises to for spitting on her face twitter.com .
Beautiful Thought @MsBeautifulAnee🔁 by some souls for,

Sharing God
Praising God
Adoring God
Trusting God
Obeying God
Thanking God
Admiring God
Glorifying God
Praying to God
Writing on God
Worshiping God
Speaking on God
And I am thankful
to God for this too

Mischka @LovelyMisch2015🔁 #IGotBlocked because I was a pushy jerk in chat. Be nice to your favorite #CamModels!
CelebsForAmerica @Celebs4USFirst🔁Good-morning ! Let's ! And

CelebsForAmerica @Celebs4USFirst🔁How's this for on 's ?!

let's ! with

JackyGrace @jackygracemoran🔁🎖🎗🎖🎗🎖🎗🎖🎗
Because There Were 1,000,000 Veterans Protesting My Parade


Taking it to the streets on 11/11/18

💥Please RT💥


Frank Pfeffer @nubiansundance🔁#IGotBlocked When I criticized Michael Starling's fashion sense at an awards ceremony. #SorryNotSorry
Carolina_sky_watcher @Lullaybye35🔁RT this, Fam! Be Loud! Be Heard! … 1
DCEUfan @JoaoVR2001🔁 by Umberto for calling him on his BullShit
From the looks of it I’m not missing much
He drags every chance he gets but then puts EVERY Zack Vero post on his failing site to get likes and RT
Just sad
Terri Oneil @Terri2cat🔁 #IGotBlocked by Donald Trump Jr because I’m just that awesome 😁
Hearteyes&Buttslaps @asimplepiemaker🔁 because....
I’m a J2 stan
I’m a Jared Padalecki stan
I’m a Jensen Ackles stan
I’m a Sam Winchester stan
I’m a Dean Winchester stan
I’m a SamnDean stan
I ship Wincest
I think ship belong to fanfics ONLY
I think Dean is straight
I’m an anti-Ketchup



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