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#IARTG Indie Author RTG @IARTG🔁 "Oh, we're dating, now?"
#IARTG Marion Brook @mariontbrook🔁Sometimes when you tap into an idea, it just explodes!
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✔Thirteen Below Press
Raine Miller ☔️ @Raine_Miller🔁

When Graham and Imogene begin their life together, they express their love through a series of portraits. Art t twitter.com raps them completely, and in the end, becomes their salvation.

The Muse

CircleOfBooks @CircleofBooks🔁#IARTG #ASMSG How To Be A Smart SOB Like Me by Larry Landgraf circleofbooks.com #autobiography #selfhelp
🌸 EEᐯᗩ ᒪᗩᑎᑕᗩᔕTEᖇ 🌸 @eevalancaster🔁
A Harem Boy's Saga
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."


Indie Author RTG @IARTG🔁 Your Heart to Keep by Amanda Mackey (@AmandaMacey43) scriggler.com #amreading #amwriting #iartg
Evangeline Fox @EvieFoxWrites🔁"Keep loving, because love is a beautiful thing."
Stubby Freckle Butt @MrStubbsSays🔁*The Sword and the Dragon* is #23 on the "Best Independent Novels" list on #Goodreads #Listopia goo.gl #IARTG #RT
Business Advertising @Advertising_biz🔁Born of Prophecy (Rectors Archives) (Volume 1)
by Thomas D Rowley

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Melody Adams @MelodyAdamsUK🔁

How far woul amazon.com d you go to save your soul?
🔹MICHAEL’S BLOOD🔹First in series!


Layden Robinson @LaydenRobinson🔁Read the new carnal, Erotic Romance release from , "Ruthless". < goo.gl a href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/953536479359270912" target="_blank">twitter.com
Shadyia Ascendant @ShadyiaAscendnt🔁Have you read my most recent blog post yet!?


Shadyia Ascendant @ShadyiaAscendnt🔁 The twists and turns plain brilliance.' getbook.at Mustread #mystery #IARTG #ASMSG
JL THOMAS ~ AUTHOR @jl_author🔁QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT PREORDER NOW - 25TH JAN 2018 LAUNCH! … pegasuspublishers.com
R. l. Weeks @authorrlweeks🔁 #IARTG #ASMSG Equinox by K. K. Allen circleofbooks.com #fantasy #paranormal #romance #suspense
CircleOfBooks @CircleofBooks🔁#IARTG #ASMSG Equinox by K. K. Allen circleofbooks.com #fantasy #paranormal #romance #suspense
Melody Adams @MelodyAdamsUK🔁
💫TAINTED BL amazon.com OOD💫
Arel thinks he's ready to date...oh my!
5th book in series!

Rhani D'Chae @rhanidchae🔁GeezWriter AUTHOR SERVICES! Check out video! youtube.com
Lynda Filler, Author @LyndaMFiller🔁Would you go into witness protection for the man you love?
"Exciting Journalistic style; read it in one sitting!"
Win twitter.com ner! Fiction 2017


Lisa Lang Blakeney @LisaLangWrites🔁Authors: No need to struggle with BOOK FORMATTING, use 's fast & thrifty service

🌸 EEᐯᗩ ᒪᗩᑎᑕᗩᔕTEᖇ 🌸 @eevalancaster🔁 TALES OF THE DRAGONFLY: IN FLIGHT

Bri Amazon.com lliantly Written. Completely Captivates The Mind.


WriteIntoPrint @WriteIntoPrint🔁Authors: No need to struggle with BOOK FORMATTING, use 's fast & thrifty service
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Felipe Adan Lerma @FelipeAdanLerma🔁 Maddox Files: Back to Business by @rjdaviesauthor "enthralled all the way" amazon.com #IARTG #ASMSG #ISIRTG
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M.W. Talley (Author) @MarcusWTalley🔁 #Herbal lore the #Magical & #Medicinal properties of #herbs & #howto use them
#IARTG #holistic #wicca
Mary L Schmidt @MaryLSchmidt🔁MAGICAL

Entertaining & Original


CircleOfBooks @CircleofBooks🔁#IARTG #ASMSG An Australian Story by Gordon Smith circleofbooks.com #adventure


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