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I-80 Papa Smurf💀 @Kristian383🔁I was so close to 80😭 #Fortnite
Tommy Vietor @TVietor08🔁So the Trump administration tortured small children and families for literally no reason. And by that i mean I’m most twitter.com ly worried about Stephen Miller getting his $80 sushi without incident.
Bette Midler @BetteMidler🔁Stephen Miller threw away $80 worth of takeout sushi after the
restaurant’s bartender allegedly flipped him off. I’m twitter.com sorry those fish died for nothing, but at least they didn’t have to go through Stephen Miller’s guts.
I-80 Houston Texans @HoustonTexans🔁Coach: "How'd you get over there so fast?"
Andre: "I just took off."

No. 80. Mic'd up. #HBDAndre

BuffBunnie @Buff_Bunnie🔁I literally can’t believe I have 2 more days of this 80 day program 🙀🙀🙀 it was hard but I powered through 🙏🏻 Lad twitter.com ies if things are easy you’re NOTTTTT pushing hard enough . Each workout…
sadiya @_SADIIYA🔁Me at 16,paralysed&just recovering from blindness. Me now at 20, walking,working,driving&playing sports. My point from this is,pain and hardship do not last. Keep your faith in Allah swt strong&trust in what he has written for you. “And when I’m ill it is he who cures me” {26:80}
Christian D. @EvilPandaAttack🔁@GoNintendoTweet YEEEEEEEES
Maybe I can be only 80% garbage now rather than 100% 😭
Mark Highfield @donkyho🔁Is there any way to get the Omega skin upgrades now that Season 4 is over? I was at level 78, didn't quite make it to level 80 :(
Deanna @arrowsglory🔁5. Zero information about how abortion actually works. They just showed us I think an episode of Degrassi from the 8 twitter.com 0’s where one of the characters goes to get an abortion which didn’t really have any information about how medically abortion works
People of Craft: Pecunium @PeopleOfCraft🔁A winding skeiner? I could but there is only so much space in the house. I had to make myself work up to worsted w twitter.com eights. I was defaulting to gossamers of about 80 tpi.
MehMeh @ MehMehland @KirbyMastah🔁The conquest speedrun so far is just... so much more interesting lol. I actually have to put some effort into learnin twitter.com g some chapters, as opposed to birthrout where 80% of it is autobattle.

It's a result of good map design vs. bad/bland map design :>

🇧🇩 I searched the UNIVERSE & found "EXO" @Hossanaa_Mahi🔁180713 [Melon] Melon Chart 00:00 KST📊

Blooming Day - 40
Universe - 49
Playdate - 80
Vroom Vroom - 86
Sweet Dreams! - 91
Monday Blues - 97
Lazy - 100

I'm sure we can do better so please keep streaming EXO-Ls!!💪🏻

Em @ParishEmily🔁When Luca is acting like a spaz (which is like 80% of the time) I just play my meditation music and he crawls into his bed and sleeps 💖💖💖
Iowa DOT @iowadot🔁US 218: Right lane closed from Exit 93 - County Road F46 and Melrose Avenue to Exit 239 - I-380; I-80 (Iowa City).
pancake🥞 @presidentpisces🔁listen i’m not saying astrology is real but it’s kinda weird how at least 80% of my friends are either capricorns or taurans
Wealth @VuxunguWealth🔁So this is the house that one of Tim Sykes' TOP TOP TOP "Multi Millionaire" Students currently lives in. Its a $250,000 property in Colorado and he has an 80% mortgage too. I have the Mortgage files. Willing to publish them with his FULL name if LIL TAY wants to challenge me 😂
Goddess kenzie 🎉BDAY 7/21🎉 @goddesskenzie17🔁Why do I smile on 80% of all the photos?😁😍
What you think?
I have alot of fun locking peasants up. 🔒
Making my Sissygirls.💁
Make subs weak.
Have men on the floor bowing for me.

I simply LOVE what I do, and have fun🔒👑❤️

Vigilante 8 @V08warrior🔁@GaryLineker @stevedouble @AlT2903 I would say 80% of the country have jumped on the bandwagon. But politicians can’t??
amy 🖤 @hollabackdavis🔁I'm wearing a hoodie in 80° weather because I'm freezing, and it's the most on-brand thing I've done all week.
SacRegion 511 @SacRegion511🔁I-80 WB: Heavy traffic jam from Exit 91 - RALEY BLVD (Sacramento) to Exit 94 - WATT AVE (North Highlands). riverregion511.org
SacRegion 511 @SacRegion511🔁I-80 WB: Standtill traffic from Exit 78 to REED AVE (near West Sacramento). riverregion511.org
Ashley Austrew @ashleyaustrew🔁Build-A-Bear exec 1: No one shops here without a gift card. How do we fix that?

Exec 2: Let’s give everyone in the w twitter.com orld like 80% off at the same time

1: I love it. Do you think we need to do any extra prep?

2: Nah.

Every parent: Surely I’m the only one who knows about this!

Jukka Nurmi @DM7280🔁@xxdanni_80 I'm 38. I'm not old.
You're 38. Ergo, you're not old.

But I do like the glasses. :)

Praion @SpreewaldFuchs🔁I think people want a cosplay gf because they think we fuck in our cosplays.
Bruh, why would I ruin my hand stitched, 80+ hours of frustrating labor, drenched-in-tears masterpiece for 10 mins of fulfilling your high school fantasy ...
Cindy 신디 @cindykpop🔁Hai guys🐶
So here i got phtcrds:)
1. 80+ Daniel,Ong
2. 40+ Baejin,Woojin
3. 20+ Jihoon,Jaehwan,Minhyun

Hw to get thse Phtcrd from me? 🤔
1. Fllw my ig : g.hangofficial
2. Retweet this twit
3. Tell me ur bias
4. Will chk on venue
Each person 1 only
Location TBA!

Selvi @selviarakelian🔁also today a customer was rude and sexist to me so I gave him his change of £7.80 in 10ps and 5ps. small victories! thanks for following my journey
Matt Moreno @MattGOAZCATS🔁I made it out to the Pangos Premier 80 event last night to begin the live period and Arizona assistant coach Danny P twitter.com eters was there watching the showcase games. Emmanuel Taban (2019), Jhaylon Martinez (2020) and Daishen Nix (2020) are a few guys UA has its eye on
Brett Hadley @bhadley16🔁@jr15612 I would if I could spend that much on a jersey for myself haha l. They’re like $80-100 right?
Garima Singh @Sgarima1124🔁 M not gonna reveal what I have picked to buy....🙊
All prices revealed.....Guys Head to Myntra and participate in a twitter.com fun contest right now.... 50-80% Discounts
julia @rusk_julia🔁I played Whose Tweet Is This and got:


How much do YOU know your twitter followers?
Find out with clockurl.com

₿TCHamm3r @BTCHamm3r🔁At that point (POC- 4300+) I won't care what happens anymore. I feel like that is a very fair price for , at this poi twitter.com nt in time. Right at (most) miner break-even.

We go to 2k or we go up, but either way, I will be in with at least 80%.

Tom Robbins @tomrobbins94🔁 @TODAYshow I'm not paying $80 for a damn bear.
TSBA ✨👑 @jaelynn_bailey1🔁I’m trapped in my own thoughts 80% of the time 😩
Long Islanders for Gun Safety @LI4GunSafety🔁As your Senator, I voted against 80+ tax increases, introduced the to bring LI $1.3B in relief, fought to end corruption, & secured $52M+ in state aid for our schools.

I am going to keep fighting to serve Long Island, & you can help:

Carlos Pizarro @javy93_pr🔁Never knew about J.I.D until the XXL cypher. This dude is cold. Reminds me of Secrion 80/ good kid mad city Kendrick. twitter.com Voice and flow. Definitely gonna follow him
Éxitos 80/90´s @radioscura🔁Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Ahora en Exitos 80/90 Radioscura | oscura.cl | #NowPlaying
food for thought @afqbshr🔁If you’re a guy and somehow offended when I call you “sis”, chances are you’re… too concerned about your “manliness”. Go fuck yourself in the 80’s.
Laura D. @delblaura🔁 Video: Police release body cam footage in fatal I-80 police shooting yahoo.com
Alexander O'Neal @AlexanderO_Neal🔁😎 🌞 SOUTHEND Get Ready to Party in the SUN 🌞 😎
Sunday 26 AUGUST'18 is 80's/90's Forever and I can't wait 🎶 🎵 ? twitter.com ?
Get Your Tickets Now >>>

🃏Trilla🃏 @Trilladip🔁@breezeSZN @80_Five Oh yea then i move hella weight B
Auburn Swim & Dive @AuburnSwimDive🔁Excellent storytelling & a compelling story: starting late (17), developing into a star at , poised for Oly greatness, the '80 boycott, '81 Athlete of the Year, grinding - post AU - as an amateur. '84 triumph (at 25).

You captured it all. I learned a ton.

Melissa Tamminga @oneaprilday🔁Another great moment!

(As a high school girl in the late 80’s, I may or may not have fantasized about Michael Biehn twitter.com saying, “Doesn’t mean we’re engaged or anything.”)

micah @Baka1_8🔁I'm feelin the 80's today
Parallel @ParallelBH🔁 I feel like you could be a threat, but being from west means you have higher ping to east and that makes the matchup twitter.com a bit easier. For mainly that reason, 80%.
trombo.info @tromboinfo🔁Question for my colleagues: I have an 80 yo female dialysis patient who just had bilateral . She had a 4 years ago , bled on warfarin and had an placed and left in. Would you anticoagulate with
Ronnie @Ronnie9973🔁 @LukeDaviesMUFC @LTrigerr @Culling_Support Weird cause every game I get into has 70-80 players.
Will Spaetzel @spaetzel🔁I only played the 2nd demo and enjoyed all 3 hours of it. Actually started a 2nd save to get a bit more time out of twitter.com it. Would be an instant buy at $40, not sure about $80.
tompy tears @AmdrewRJ🔁for the low low cost of 80$ you get glow in the dark ceiling stars and a 7" audio blooper reel.

if you're interested twitter.com in this please hmu, i got stuff to sell you.

Tennessee Liberal @TNsmartgal🔁Trumpers are surprised the most! You’d think 100% of voters turned out & 80% of them voted for Trump if you bought in twitter.com to the illusions these folks are under. I’m glad the media is finally busting the great myth! Thanks It’s about damn time!
jacob cantu @Jacobcantu_80🔁 I got a bad habit of thinking everbody lying to me
ⓒⓐⓘⓣⓛⓨⓝ @hippy_caitlyn🔁Is it true that 80 proof is the reason I’m with you?
Marsha Boddie @mboddie🔁So his name is Jay Lopez. He bought $80 worth of candy from that young girl. (Yes, she’s a girl.) Then, Jay handed out that candy to everyone standing around watching this scene. I hope that harassing, bigoted woman felt 2” tall by the time this was over. Bravo, Mr. Lopez! ✨💪💕
Patty Fraser @sparkleplenty10🔁 I cry every day I see videos of people of color being harassed today an 80 yr old woman screaming at black boy selli twitter.com ng candy, a mother beat up a 😰91 yr old Mexican with a brick because when her daughter walked by him his step faltered she said he pushed her 💔💔
jorgejmiranda @larsondadog🔁I love football...but i played shot up more times than I can remember and played while dinged the same if not more....we like the warrior analogy, but we are just glorified entertainers...soldiers and first responders are our true heroes...im no puss. But don't want 60=80
Eunice Kim @thisiseunicekim🔁“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee!”

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. 80% of North Americans consider caffeine an essential part of their daily grind.

La Magra The Bloodgod @ThisIrishFool🔁Forbes, I expect more from you. She's only like 2% self-made. She was borne into a family that spent the 80's on Wheaties boxes and the 90's+ on TV.

“Kylie Jenner makes Forbes list with $900 million cosmetic fortune”

Kuber Patidar @WizardhomeKuber🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be आई टी आर 2018 -19 # सेलेरी +80 C
RealOlivia @hazzaislouislov🔁How to calculate your actual score. Take a seat and check your score difference.
- From OFFICIAL college board website
I was robbed 80 points. What about you?

Patrick Mount @EqualOpposite🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Trash 80 to Treasure | TRS-80 Restoration Ep1.
John Wayne @jwjrp388🔁I swear I wake up in more pain than an 80 year old
Brian Simpkins @XIII_Mr_Undadog🔁A team full of Brown legs from Jamaica playing lacrosse on NATIONAL TV right now! Never thought I’d see that when me and Aaron jones patrolled the fields at Cornell in the 80’s. What a great moment today!
Zombie Girl @VinylZombieGirl🔁@GeekingOnMusic I'm an 80's girl, but find myself geeking on Ghost 💥
LOGAN @LoganChanell_🔁I must’ve watched the video 80 times
Neil Chamberlain @NeilChamberlai1🔁Absolutely gutted with the timing of this fixture. 80-100 of us travelled across for the fixture in January this year twitter.com , I can’t afford to do it again in August like many others. We’d hoped for a later fixture as we were confident of bringing so many more to your fantastic club. 🙁
J-L Cauvin @JLCauvin🔁@80_JRod I listen every day to the podcast. When I hear a good one it will be submitted the next day 😁
aaron bauer 🇧🇷🇯🇵🇧🇷 @ABauer_ATR🔁I’m not as into governor Murphy’s positions as you but it seemed very telling that article referenced how the stadium twitter.com would not have 80 events a year
Statewide Iowa 511 @statewideia511🔁US 218: Right lane closed from Exit 93 - County Road F46 and Melrose Avenue to Exit 239 - I-380; I-80 (Iowa City). 511ia.org
Manish Prasad @i_ManishPrasad🔁Here amazing offer arrived biggest brands 50-80% heavy discount. #MyntraSalePricesReveal
Tristin Huntamer @TristinHuntamer🔁But don't walk into the street without looking both ways... So not all the things that scare you. Avoid the things t twitter.com hat are around 80% likely to kill you. But other than that I agree with…
Scottie Fredieu @FredieuForYou43🔁I will process this right away.. right meow 👀 #80/20 @ Albany, New York twitter.com
Alexis Camacho @CamachoGaming🔁So pay like $2.20 for a candy bar, it’ll invest $.80. It’s more convenient for me because I don’t have a lot of money twitter.com to put down on big stock companies.
Jaleh @jaleh_f🔁Well, I only had that car for six months until I got into car accident. Then I went through a series of 80's cars due twitter.com to constantly getting hit by people. My family joked that I had an invisible target on my car.
ChristianMingle™️ Thotty @marshallsulli🔁I only need like 80 of you to do this and I can get a ticket in Dallas on my birthday, my Venmo is Chris-Riggins twitter do ur thing
Avi Rajput @KahoAvi🔁#MyntraSalePricesReveal I'm gonna amazing by shopping on Myntra at big Discount 50-80% on 13th - 16th July!!
Richard St⭕️ne @stoner_uk_80🔁I don't think I've ever felt so English. Immensely proud at how well we did but absolutely devestated at the way it ended. One thing is for sure I've fallen back in love with the England team again and for that Gareth Southgate I salute you
Noor @oh_its_noor🔁me and @hearangheo at our thanksgiving, she says this, i look into her 80 year old eyes and nod in agreement twitter.com
Anas Ansari @AnasAnsarii🔁25 retweets but 552 likes. That’s unusual, so I went through your likes and more than 80% account were locked or twe twitter.com eted nothing. Buying likes again?
PrincessZombie @EyesOfZombie🔁💸 When you send me a TRIBUTE on I receive 80% as opposed to other sites where I only receive 60%.

So tip me today to make me happy

pres10 @SSPurpleP🔁Nominated by
1. 7/10
2. Not yet
3. Yes
4. Don’t know them
5. A lot
6. High 80’s
7. Yeah
8. I guess
9. Marvel twitter.com
10. It’s okay, looking forward to the actual costume tho
11. Sam J
🅺🅰🆁🅼🅰 🆁🆃#BBR @Rt_Karma_🔁How does it feel knowing you’re going to be this pathetic for the rest of your life. You’ll be 80 years old and I’ll still be dressing you as a slut and taking your pension 🙄😂


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