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belieberforever 💜 @lynbieb🔁 I'll be 80 years old and still won't get over this performance
Todd Fuhrman @ToddFuhrman🔁I'm pretty sure the judge that scored it 118-110 thinks

1) USSR beat USA in '80
2) Falcons won the Superbowl
3) Moon landing was staged

Dan O'Toole @tsnotoole🔁If I ever became Prime Minister, first order of buisness, $80,000 fine for all mini van's found driving in the fast lane. #onetweetaday2017
Damon Wayans Yunior? @wayansjr🔁I'm watching 'IT' right now. Reminds me of 'Stranger Things'. Why is there always only one black kid in the 80's?
Big Smoke @TwoNumberNines🔁Ye I know, just didn't know if you was new, common for people to make the mistake, £80 points are perfect with trt, till the bookies
Nefarious Villainy @NefariousVillny🔁Actually I think she left out the honorific "My" on Leader. It translates well into German. "The" worked equally we ll 80 years ago, too.
Brandon @CarolinaTexan22🔁Structural adjustment, mismanagement of resources, failing institutions, same leaders in power since the 80's...shoul d I go on?
Jerry @jerry_j10🔁 80) I'm so finished
B&B Amusement of IL @BBAmusementIL🔁New games have been loaded on the & Spielo cabinets at the in Morris IL. COME PLAY 24/7 and WIN CASH at I-80 exit 112
fightscorecollector @thefightscore🔁I , like many would consider one of the best guys in the sport , if I did a score collection I bet over 80-90 score for GGG
saurabh gattani @saurabhoriginal🔁I recall Jagmohan telling the nation around 10,000 Kashmiris have been trained for weapons by Pakistan in late 80's & most of us laughed.
비비 @exosmochi🔁So i think the mount of EXO Photocards on EXO's album is

D.O - 1000 photocards
EXO - 400 photocards

D.O - 80%
EXO - 20%


loading... @DomCamp18🔁Night of drinking? Yeah I think I'll pass this time. And for the next 80 years of my life.
🌸 @jsmnyng🔁i got 92 instead of 80. sorry miss, can't reach your expectation. kAyA wAg mOQuoEh gIniGiL HaH
Emperor Zuzu @emperor_zuzu🔁 I'm watching 'IT' right now. Reminds me of 'Stranger Things'. Why is there always only one black kid in the 80's?
The Showroom @showroom_the🔁Jane Fonda will be 80 in December and looks amazing. I wonder is she on our by any chance😂😂
Angel Winged Brawler @AWBrawler🔁And for the record, this ain't about Oda and I'm not gine let this become about Oda like 80% of momusu talk. It's about lack of Honey fans
©Rae* @therealcarlarae🔁Did you know that Spam has been on earth for 80 years. Even tho 8 billion cans have been sold. I will never take that chance.
nani baby 🌼 @nanideolaso🔁 don't give me 20% when i give you 80%
ルガ@ブラッド @het261series🔁I say it's fine to be 60
You say it's alright to be 70
And they say still good to be 80
But I'll maybe live over 90
Fox 18 KLJB @YourFox18🔁Eastbound Interstate 80 is blocked at Northwest Blvd. in Davenport due to a crash.
Victor Nwanja @VNwanja🔁Auschwitz I. Block 5. Some of almost 80,000 shoes there that belonged to victims.
BS Podcast Network @BSpodNetwork🔁 & I talk Feminism in movies & more on this weeks show! 🎧🍸
spotts @spttsXX🔁everybody pray for me bc i have to get an 80 in a class and currently have a 31
Philly Bri @BHugh215🔁@K_DUBB_80 @FreshJo7 I Should be dead for how much we smoked and drank.
Blessed & Favoured @_KCBL🔁@Mr_Invincible49 Currently the best I seen is £80
tay @TaylorBaylor99🔁I was fucked up all weekend and I remember like 80% of it
Yakuza @yakuzazoomin🔁80's is my favorite decade ... because of I am masala sucker. I am scot boy when it comes to 80's ... though forgive me for :)
mary @campjaHAHA🔁i know i've been saying this about like 80 different photos since the weekend but like do u ever feel blessed by a p icture because
IvoryBrony @lvoryBrony🔁It's 2:25am and still 80° what I'm going to say before you did
Local 4 WHBF @Local4NewsWHBF🔁I-80 blocked in Davenport due to crash
ʰᵃʰᵃ ʸᵉᵃʰ @Hella_Crunchy🔁Why do i spend like 80% if my free time on twitter then wonder how I wasted so much time
Philly Bri @BHugh215🔁@FreshJo7 @K_DUBB_80 All good. I gotta get up and snag me a tittie pillow
#MsDoItAll @5ftKilla_🔁I have 5 openings this week for 360 leaveout sew ins. $80 specials, styling included! Text me to book: 3368995454
UwU @SmoIMerru🔁I'm already nearly at 80, 100 incoming finally?
Angel Winged Brawler @AWBrawler🔁Fricken done! Ain't coming back this time! I'll avoid fandoms all together or participate in obes who don't ignore 80% of the subject mater
Big Dave @BigDavesRants🔁@Miss_Met @The7Line I hope it keeps u nice and warm during those 80 degree miami winters 😜
♓️₂G Sρlαѕн @iSplashbruhh🔁@WILLHOOPS3 🔌 plug me bro I just need 33k to get 80 overall
Rachel Brown @rbr0wn🔁Thought I was going to come home to a wonderful crisp fall, but no. It's 80+ degrees here for the foreseeable future. The heat follows me 😑
Chris Ames @skidooguy12🔁Why am I still busting my ass 80 plus hours a week to make someone else rich
511PA StateCollege @511PAStateColl🔁Roadwork on I-80 eastbound between Mile Post: 120.0 and Mile Post: 126.5. There is a lane restriction.
Prats Sofat Pandey @SofatP🔁The Kindle books are supposed to be cheaper. Not like 80% of the paperback cost. I would then buy paperback only. But oh, the space issues 😢
Julian Miguel ol @jumiolme🔁I just finished swimming 2.80 km in 1h:05m:29s with #Endomondo #endorphins
viper @sgtviper87🔁Retweeted EIFG Alerts (@EIFGalerts):

Davenport IA (Scott): TRAFFIC - I-80 EB CLOSED at I-280. Expect delays. (511/EIFG-70)

Carlie Bishop @CarlieBishop5🔁 Davenport IA (Scott): TRAFFIC - I-80 EB CLOSED at I-280. Expect delays. (511/EIFG-70)
Mary @onemarymarks🔁80 arrests in St Louis after 3 days of riots . 😣 The scenes that I am seeing out of there just unnecessary & stupid destruction of property.
UrbanGold @UrbanGold_Radio🔁Now playing on #UrbanGold : Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
80's : Nothing but the best!

EIFG Alerts @EIFGalerts🔁Davenport IA (Scott): TRAFFIC - I-80 EB CLOSED at I-280. Expect delays. (511/EIFG-70)
Ms. Kyla @myCHEREamour🔁It's set to be 80 degrees this weekend. I will be hot in every look I've put together 🤦🏾‍♀️
Philly Bri @BHugh215🔁@K_DUBB_80 @FreshJo7 I didn't know you left 😂 fuck
JXJacob eBooks @exebooks126🔁There's a good $80 spent of that and I don't remember mentioning the stock market in that video.
Blake Babin @blakebabin🔁Adeel spent at least 80$ at the fair last night (of his own money) to win a stuffed animal. I thought the public should know.
David Turner @wonko101010🔁@Linsaebear @boardsalive I just love that Date night theme song. Makes me bust out in 80's nostalgia dance. #avertyoureyes #norythm
Jay Lytle @AKChickenJay🔁Hard to find anything to watch on TV anymore. I keep it on shows produced before the 80's, generally in the 50s and 60s. Old Westerns.
callum mcswan @80_mcswan🔁i replied to one of your followers i was instantly blocked not for the first time among Unionists in denial about the truth! SHAME ON THEM!
SMR @smrichman🔁@realdonaldtrump @seanhannity @thehill #TrumpsAWhiteSupremacist As a black young male, I love being the 80% who abandon their children.
Scarborough Maharaja @Macz_Mizzy🔁 Tyler perry explained the 80/20 rule. I hated math..but 20 is still less than 80. Keep playing with your 80's. #KevinHart
ElysiumCross @Kenpapas🔁The best radio station on planet earth @oldschool877 I never heard so many rnb classics made in the 80/90s in a long time.. Wow
Isa @FashionIsas🔁Y'all. The chilaquiles I get for breakfast like 80% of the time were EXTRA spicy today!!!! I am enchildada af!!
King Carter 👑✊🏿 @El_Knights_80🔁"I am of truth and light. I protect Earthrealm." Raiden is joining the roster this October as part of Fighter Pack 2!
gary fatool @revelation_013🔁@DJUDEL10 if it was good bourbon i'd say it was a waste. depends what Jack bourbon you are talking. nothing 80 proof is worthwhile!
SweetSouthernSavings @SwtSthrnSavings🔁I just entered to #win $80 in @FosterFarms meals on @dazzlingdeal - Go enter too #giveaway! #FFRuleYourRoost #ad
cols @SasahSexyy🔁don't give me 20% when i give you 80%
BAC @BAC104🔁Jane Fonda looks HOT, HOT, HOT! I love her show "Grace & Frankie" with Lily Tomlin. They are fabulous together.
James_C_L @JamesCLv2🔁@MKBHD @Canoopsy Meanwhile they lowered the volume threshold warning from about 80% to 60%. We're grown men, I know when my ears hurt
Jason the Podcaster @BeemieAwards🔁Hearing Emmy clips on Howard stern this morning, I've never felt more disconnected to pop culture. No idea who 80% of the people are.
WQAD @wqad🔁This is a closer look at the crash near Northwest Blvd on I-80 from. Jacob E. shared this photo with us.
emma @emmaspiinks🔁i'm ready for it to be cold all the time not just 80 one day and 50 the next :(
V @vanessa_adamz🔁Spent $80, lost my chapstick, and threw up at work twice all in one weekend. I'm officially calling it quits between me & alcohol


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