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I-78 ツ キ ノ @jinhwan_78🔁I LOVE SEITA & YUKI ❤︎
' @SEITAR02 @K___yuk '
I-78 babygal @reshini_78🔁I'm flying to the moon again, dreaming about heroin.
Leonie @_leonie_78🔁 When I'm already mad and somebody starts breathing
seventeencarats @TanRoxann🔁 170913
Dance Relay


I-78 babygal @reshini_78🔁 ??i'm so ???????😟
I-78 Jdubz @jdubz_78🔁@realDonaldTrump I'm surprised you have time for photo ops, you look pretty busy👇
jia min 🌸 @milkyanan_🔁 170913
Dance Relay


I-78 Eyewitness News @ABC7NY🔁Truck dumps metal debris on I-78 damaging 16 cars; police searching for driver 7ny.tv
Morten Øverbye @morten🔁So I voted in Norway, where voter turnout is 76.78 percent of voting age population. (U.S. turnout is 55.7% of voting age population.) 1/20
Twitter Moments @TwitterMoments🔁Country music giant Don Williams had died at 78 "after a short illness," his PR team confirmed. twitter.com
Cindy Vero @Cindy_Vero🔁Accident: Union - I-78 EB - Approaching Garden State Pkwy (#52) - Accident - right lane blocked
Andrew @BtBiggs16🔁 How is Worldstar fight comp only on episode 78, I know I seen about 200 episodes
branganronpa v3 @youvebeenSLAIN🔁@North55_ Big facts lol, I caught myself going 78 in a 65, that song had me going
Larry Higgs @CommutingLarry🔁Crash on I-78 local lanes East near Exit 51 - Burnett Av in Union Twp. Right lane closed 5-10 minute #Traffic delay #njcommute
itzel 🦋 @itzeeelr🔁@cassie_1027 I cried too because I got a 78 on my first exam 😢
Jersey City @JerseyCity_News🔁Traffic alert: I-78 delays due to truck fire #JerseyCity newslocker.com
Ryan Alli @RyanAlli16🔁@iGhostNinja I have 78 headshots on my xmc trying to get dark matter on Xbox that would be lit love your streams
Iftikhar Ghadeeri @IftikharGhadee5🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be Tafseer Sura Yaseen Ayat 78 To 83
Meghan Fitz @Mr_Megyagi🔁@barky_stark7 @njdotcom Fur real. Yesterday there was a 16 car pile up *I think it was 16* on 78 near me.
🐻alyssa🐢 @space_bear_🔁170913


GlobalInvestor5 @GlobalInvestor5🔁$SDRL speculators ignoring facts: $1060mm new money gets 78% of shares i.e. 2% left for current shareholders worth $25mm. 80% downside! SELL
Jdubz @jdubz_78🔁@realDonaldTrump Checking on Mar-a-Lago? I'm sure you've already made an insurance claim that's totally legit
Reshu @reshu1720🔁But still just to know d details I ve paid .. then u asked me to pay 78 /- more .. I mean...U can earn like waste pa twitter.com per we don't..
David Hayward @davidhayward55🔁I'd written off Adelaide NRL expansion location, had them 6th in line at best. But u might be on the money with this, twitter.com esp. for Bears return.
Big Kev 🏈 @Lizama_78🔁 Ballen so hard they think I got the cheat code
45worlds @45worlds🔁New 78: Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra - I Got Rhythm / Chinatown, My Chinatown [OKeh] [1931] goo.gl
irritation @RestingPanda22🔁I would like to thank the following for my achievements last quarter:

•Washi Tape
•Kopiko 78
•M&G and G-Tech Pens
•parents and God

lil tax return @dejeremy_🔁mendy only a 78 on fifa? good thing i'm PES hive 💅🏾
KOO JAY 🌐 @KooGenet_78🔁 Shout out to Junhwan gc members~ I love you guys~ 😚😚 twitter.com 😚
Cranford Web @cranfordweb🔁Major Traffic Delays Throughout New Jersey; Fire On I-78, Accidents (Video) patch.com
45worlds @45worlds🔁New 78: Harry James And His Orchestra - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen / You've Changed [Columbia] goo.gl
Alfred Tennyson @Chewblaha🔁@Luera_78 Now you know how I felt when I made that gorget joke that only you got, man.
George W.W 🐾🔆🎶 @GW_78🔁Today is and I am giving away one of his classic books. RT and fav this tweet for a chance to win it. 😀
Mark T. Powell @mtp_78🔁 i whisper "what the fuck" to myself at least 20 times a day
Karsten Brumme @swiss_cowboy_78🔁@MarioSeags oh yes, thats something I know 😁
ChrisKillin @KILLIN_78🔁 I’m just one human being, but I believe each one of us has a responsibility to contribute to a happier humanity.
Sarah Lilian @RockBen_78🔁I want to break free...🎶
undyelo @angelosuliguin🔁I need kopiko 78 rnnnnnn
C l a u d i a ♥ @bv__c🔁@JDemty_78 I like subtitles
511NJ I78 @511nji78🔁Accident on I-78 local lanes eastbound East of Exit 51 - Burnett Av (Union Twp) right lane closed 5-10 minute delay
Bella James @Bella11James🔁TY Michelle!I liked it so much even if it's very difficult for me to understand all the words..mission impossible..but It's so nice to see😜
Bella James @Bella11James🔁Hello Thank you to you also I hope you will have a fantastic day Merlin friends💙💙💙 twitter.com
K • A • D • R @katharos27🔁*first date*
Waiter: and how are we splitting the check today?
Me [loudly]: I'd like to pay 78¢ for every dollar he pays please.
Lynn @Lynny222🔁 @LouDobbs I thought "illegal immigration was down 78%" @LouDobbs ? Get your shit together!
Mario @MarioSeags🔁@swiss_cowboy_78 End of an all day festival, I'm so sore these days. Calf muscles burning, no voice left at all. But I'm so happy haha
Bambi Salisbury @BambiS_78🔁i'm fully dressed and struttin around town before noon but no one i pass on the street is even bothering to congratulate me. stunningly rude
Bambi Salisbury @BambiS_78🔁How I diet:

"No dressing please, my diet doesn't allow dairy"

*accidentally eats a parmesan flake*

"Bring me an entire cheesecake"

aj @evakalterlove_🔁@sunanddandelion The closest thing I've got is a 78 year old widowed neighbour who buys me sunflowers
TalkingNJ @TalkingNJ🔁 Major traffic delays throughout New Jersey: Truck fire, list of accidents. Here's where (Video) fb.me
Karsten Brumme @swiss_cowboy_78🔁@MarioSeags 😏mmhh 😏 but I was back in my youth for an hour or so 😁 Sadly my body had a different opinion🤷‍♂️
David Brady, CFA @GlobalProTrader🔁I have 2.78-82 but sentiment the same since we closed <3.04 on the downside yest. twitter.com
Jodes🌠nun @jodesnation🔁I wish you all a fabulous and happy Wednesday! 😘❤🍀🌞🎶
Cindy Vero @Cindy_Vero🔁Truck Fire: Summit - I-78 WB - Near Summit (#45) - Truck Fire - CLEARED
NJDOT @NJDOT_info🔁I-78 west all lanes & ramps REOPENED near Exit 45 - CR527/Glenside Ave in Summit.
John Hornby @john_hornby🔁That's why I think it's going to be 78... it opened in londinium in 77 rest of the country would have been after tha twitter.com t! Like I said sneaky
iTunes Chart @chartfeeds🔁 78. Kiss Me Like a Stranger - Thomas Rhett: Life Changes Thomas Rhett… goo.gl
bay/SHOREsource @SHOREsource🔁10-Mile Delay north inner and outer lanes from Exit 12 - Carteret-Rahway to Exit 14 - I-78/US 1&9 in Newark
Pietro Cosenza @pieman_78🔁I'm totally ignorant of the facts here, but wouldn't it have been fairer to let Heidelberg play in next week's fixtures? #FFACUP
I Am Just Like You @m_mcsquare🔁Psalms 78:21-23 Command Skies Above & Opened Doors Of Heaven | Did I Not Say HE Was Here 2C SkyRed twitter.com
Bambi Salisbury @BambiS_78🔁 Good. I would hate to see him emptily seem to be something other than what he is. twitter.com
Tom Davis @NJShorePatch🔁Major traffic delays throughout New Jersey: Truck fire On I-78, list of accidents. Here's where (Video) patch.com
News & Talk WAOK @WAOK🔁 Travel Time: US-78 WB SR-124/Scenic Hwy to I-285 (#2) - 23m
Verona Patch @VeronaCedrPatch🔁Major traffic delays throughout New Jersey: Truck fire, list of accidents. Here's where (Video) fb.me
Wayne Cabot @WayneCabot🔁I hit a block of wood thick as a railroad tie on 78 WB Newark. Took out underside. $10 grand damage. twitter.com
Squan-Belmar Patch @ManasquanPatch🔁Major traffic delays throughout New Jersey: Truck fire, list of accidents. Here's where (Video) fb.me
Binty @BintyMustard🔁@eleeeyeeleh @retalsp Me neither I was born in 78.
Toms River Patch @TomsRiverPatch🔁Major traffic delays throughout New Jersey: Truck fire, list of accidents. Here's where (Video) fb.me
nad @thechaelins🔁my battery was full 100% and I don't use it at all but now it's only 78% 😩
511NJ I78 @511nji78🔁Delays on I-78 local and express roadways westbound between Exit 54 - Winans Ave/Pa 511nj.org
Leonie @_leonie_78🔁Today @ Chipotle a girl asked her bf if she could get chips w their meal & he replied, "it's your world babe I'm just livin in it" Ok need
Princeton Patch @PrincetonPatch🔁Major traffic delays throughout New Jersey: Truck fire, list of accidents. Here's where (Video) fb.me
511NJ I78 @511nji78🔁Delays on I-78 local and express roadways eastbound between Exit 54 - Winans Ave/Pa 511nj.org
Houston-JD @HN_JAD🔁@kissmonstermini @KISSOnline 9-18-78
I have them all 🤘
Gwyn Davies @Gwynstato🔁@AbsolomMichael In fact I recall 4 games (4-4), the games being 78/9: Everton (friendly);76/7:Stockport;78/9:Rotherham & 93/4: Blackpool !
Bambi Salisbury @BambiS_78🔁 "So what are your special skills?"
"I have a great knack of picking up on memes one month after they were popular."
Stephanie Stallworth @AtlTrafficLady🔁Travel Time: US-78 WB SR-124/Scenic Hwy to I-285 (#2) - 23m
Bambi Salisbury @BambiS_78🔁 Snorkelling was going great until a fish swam up my shorts. Thankfully I was saved by the netting 😳🍑🐠
Leonie @_leonie_78🔁all i want is to fall asleep on someone. i wanna lay my head on someone's stomach and have them run their fingers through my hair and sleep.
Leonie @_leonie_78🔁 if i get mad about something you did then maybe it's because i actually give a fuck about you
Bambi Salisbury @BambiS_78🔁Trump the candidate said he had zero Russia ties, even while secretly negotiating for Trump Tower in Moscow. Piece it together. I'll wait.
LipsLikeMorphine @TheAllonsyGirl🔁@badwolfwonders I'm stuck on 1,072-78 it goes up and down
Matt Coughlin @Coughlinreports🔁Turnpike Roadwork on Pennsylvania Turnpike I-476 southbound between Exit 74 - US 209 and Exit 56 - US 22/I-78 affecting the left lane
511NJ I78 @511nji78🔁Delays on I-78 local and express roadways westbound between West of Exit 52 - Garde 511nj.org
Mansa Musa @KingGloku🔁I went to sleep my phone was on 57% now I'm on 78% 😕
Japanese999 @Japanese999🔁How to say "I should be your girlfriend" in Japanese? japanese999.com #japanese Check it out!
Lars 💀 @iskoLARS🔁Been avoiding it for some time, but I can't help it. Kopiko 78, guide me through this loooong, tiring week's worth of acads, work, & ganaps.
Kel @Kelly_78🔁If you want that service I would suggest going to Evan Halshaw.... no-one there bothers even when you go in... no-o twitter.com ne bothers 😂😂
511NJ I78 @511nji78🔁Pockets of Volume on I-78 eastbound between West of Exit 16 - NJ 31 North (Clinton 511nj.org
Larry Higgs @CommutingLarry🔁10-Mile #Traffic Delay @NJTurnpike north inner and outer lanes from Exit 12 - Carteret-Rahway to Exit 14 - I-78/US 1&9 in Newark #njcommute
Jarrett @78_holt🔁I wonder if my truck misses me
Nowell Davila Jr @nowelldavila_78🔁I'm gonna cry 😭 twitter.com
Joanne @j13_78🔁To this man
Thanks for everything. You're one of the most kind hearted man I've known. Love you
Tone Hall, FRGS @geogeducator🔁Just completed my first and I've followed like 78 new people, got 780 new ideas and like 7800 tweets to go back through.
TalkingNJ @TalkingNJ🔁 Traffic Alert: @GSParkway south - 2 lanes blocked at #142 (I-78) in Hillside with a crash nj1015.com


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