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I-70 Kk Kkk @kk278930🔁561B743E :Battle ID
I need backup!
Lvl 70 Colossus Omega

I-70I-70 denise; is dying @flickeravengers🔁 70. some info about the summer soldier movie. i put some real effort into this 😩
I-70 Rufski @Rufskigg🔁4C241ECA :Battle ID
I need backup!
Lvl 70 Colossus Omega

I-70 재인🤙 ; Boice × Uaena @janeyh__🔁 I really want to buy this but it is so expensive 😭😭😭 it's almost 70 euros 😭😭😭
I-70 Rufski @Rufskigg🔁E9AE53CC :Battle ID
I need backup!
Lvl 70 Colossus Omega

liz @himattrobles🔁 me spending $70 on a pre order of tssf’s new album and photobook i won’t get for months
Norman Ornstein @NormOrnstein🔁I want to repeat a statistic I use in every talk: by 2040 or so, 70 percent of Americans will live in 15 states. Mean twitter.com ing 30 percent will choose 70 senators. And the 30% will be older, whiter, more rural, more male than the 70 percent. Unsettling to say the least
Adam Schiff @AdamSchiffCA🔁I suspect General Kelly knows full well the damage that Trump is doing to the institutions that have kept the peace i twitter.com n Europe for 70 years. Many others in the GOP do as well.

We don’t need them to roll their eyes. We need them to take a stand. Silence is complicity.

Beau Brooks ~ JANOSKIANS @BrooksBeau🔁I’ve come to terms with accepting I will be 70 and single. Good thing I like my own company
Ian Williams @Brock_toon🔁Can't figure out how I want to base my Idoneth. I found a really good beach theme, but it's work and I'd have to sink twitter.com about 70 bucks I don't feel like sinking atm. But I'm not happy with normal old bases either
CDOT @ColoradoDOT🔁I-70: Planned closure between MM 190 (Vail Pass Summit) and Exit 201 - Frisco (near Frisco). Delays in the area.
Tay 🦖🦕 @Dominguez_tayyy🔁I suspect General Kelly knows full well the damage that Trump is doing to the institutions that have kept the peace in Europe for 70 years. Many others in the GOP do as well.

We don’t need them to roll their eyes. We need them to take a stand. Silence is complicity.

Kaushal Shroff @KaushalShroff🔁Vedanta Ltd beats Adani Power, JSW Energy to emerge the highest bidder for GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd with a one-time settlement offer of 2,500 crore rupees, i.e Rs. 1.8 crore/MW. If accepted, bks will have to bear overall haircut of almost 70%.

올메인린 🐣☃️💕 라이관린 赖冠霖 @allmainlin🔁Via pos laju. Hahahaha.

70% done but just for 1st and 2nd assignment. 3rd one 10% done. I only have 10 day before s twitter.com ubmit. — i don't understand!!! :-(

ah..... oh my, fighting!!!! 💕

AND.. that means i wouldn't see you.......

Paul Deanno @PaulKPIX🔁CPC bumps odds of weak Niño to 70% next winter. But what does it mean? Historically, solutions for weak warm (i.e., El Niño) events are all over the map! Analysis by category:
liz @himattrobles🔁I was not gonna get the vinyl but like I think I should even its $70
John Anderson @john_anderson6🔁@mUniBusiness I just got hired at PWC. I'm getting paid 70% more than what I did before my MBA. Figured you should know :)
Dawood Qaseem @DawoodQaseem🔁This is a lie! I have driven around 70 KM and have not seen more than 6 containers. Mind it that i went upto DHA8 whi twitter.com ch is opposite airport.
Usman Butt @UsmanBu57365675🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Mubasher Lucman shows 70 dead bodies video of Indian Army
madtingtunSAD 🇯🇲🇸🇱 @Clarkeischilled🔁I have insurance and my deductible is now $3500. My co-pay is now $70 per visit to a specialist. I see two per month. My medication is approximately $75 per month.
I’m working two jobs again to make ends meet. I shouldn’t be doing it because hey——I’m actually sick. FML and Trump
stephen w cox @StephenCox65🔁70% of Conservative MP Jack Brereton’s constituents voted to LEAVE the EU. He’s trying to flog them the May/Merkel Remain as leave. I think he needs challenged on this. I invite the people of South Stoke to hold him to account!! Please RT! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Don't forget our Veterans, the DNC did @nvywrvet🔁Fast forward 40 years!! Quit living in the 70’s! I’ve certainly changed my attitude & way of thinking as I have grown & aged/my parents no longer think for me & as the world has changed...so have I!! Drop your own prejudices & look at the good Trump has done...then:

MADDCAL @maddcal🔁Thank you for the compliment. That's my dad's WWII picture. I am not quite THAT old! LOL! I am a Boomer...70 next mon twitter.com th. The other picture is my mom. My dad instilled a love of country even though in those days our military was segregated.
sarahkutty @sarahephilips🔁my insurance just tried to charge me $70 for my birth control.... I literally rolled my eyes and drove away. y’all p twitter.com ray for the customer service people I’m about to school. I’m all amped up from this Roe talk, they’re not ready
Amber @l_xxnna🔁I also despise that I’m paying £70 (ok my healthcare insurance is) for a dental treatment session that they have no i twitter.com nformation on, nothing on the website or any sort of leaflet. What am I paying for?
Yos @b1a4_Infires🔁for some reason i start to think in a nice place of my head that shinwoo is purposely hiding to show us the maximum transformation and collectively kill 70% of bana
Sharanya Sekaram @sharasekaram🔁In the 70’s I believe. Our regressive attitudes were very much in play - remember homosexuality is a western import t twitter.com hat is against Sri Lankan culture!
Just Jared @SC_jwalt93🔁@ohayitstay Ahhhh. That’s not to bad.

I got a homie with 70+ pair of shoes. All Jordan’s and Nike’s.

He only wears like 5 pairs 😂

Ben Risinger @BenRisinger1🔁OH SHOOT!!!!
I just realized that I misunderstood how my bank accounts were set up, so I have $70 in overdraft fees. IT IS COMPLETELY MY FAULT... but if you’d like to help me not suffer so much for a “lesson learned”:

I can send you 10 videos or 2 pairs of used panties.

DM me!

tron jones @KenSorfi🔁I will be holding MooN clan tryouts tomorrow 5pm central anyone can tryout it’s on bo3 PS4 dm if interested

⚠️If you snipe dm me a clip⚠️

⚠️Pubstompers must have 1.70 kd 300 spm and a 1.00 W/L⚠️

⚠️I will take 8 comp players⚠️

Koya. @KoyaKaBrianna🔁I didn’t play nobody but myself doing box braids and twists down to women’s asses and only charging $70-80. My parts twitter.com are clean. My braids are neat 🗣🗣🗣 fuck that lumpy shit. And then end be feathered nicely.
Oso™ @BModic220🔁I gotta admit, after being in the hospital for over a week now and being forced to watch cable, That 70’s show is pretty okay.
NickinBabylon @nickinbabylon_🔁70 YO? Lie. Worked 40 years? Lie. You ARE 5'8". Which makes you a pipsqueak. U DO work for Argyle Executive Forum wh twitter.com ich gets a 2.3 out of 5 rating from those who have left reviews and u DO dick off on twitter most of your working day. Keep lying about me. I'll tell truth about u
Husky_70🐺🇩🇪 @husky_70🔁I‘ve set up my PC to download the next DLC (1.44) as soon as they upload it onto their servers. Make sure to follow twitter.com if you want to be the first seeing the new vehicles.
Will publish pics between 1:30 A.M.- 2:30 A.M. EST, depending on when it‘s on the servers👌🏻
Beth Allen♥ @beth_allenx🔁Great! I've played Paradise Island 2 for 70 days in a row! #GameInsight #ParadiseIsland2 tinyurl.com
losing-it-737 @737It🔁Reasons why I hate myself:

- I am fat - 70%
- I'm dumb - 15%
- I suck in every other way - 5%
- I'm emotionally unstable - 5%
- I'm ugly at - 5%

Stop Smoking StLouis @stopsmokingstl🔁Great sites View my website to see how I quit smoking with Acamprosate I took this pic Feb. 2018 / Mississippi River / Chester, Illinois / 70 miles South of StL Share
Grant Li @_grantli🔁I want to repeat a statistic I use in every talk: by 2040 or so, 70 percent of Americans will live in 15 states. Meaning 30 percent will choose 70 senators. And the 30% will be older, whiter, more rural, more male than the 70 percent. Unsettling to say the least
Kylo Ren @IWILLMAINTAIN🔁Loooooove him. But they just spent 70 mil on 2 players 6-8 years younger than him. He is proven but hes 30 now. They twitter.com need to start developing young talent again. That Dutch dude De Jong that i keep talking about will be🔥🔥🔥 in two years time
tired @hydrangone🔁Coincidentally they're the only two other classes I have at 70 that I went out of my way to level so
John Fontain @MrFontain🔁8300 white Muslims massacred! I prayed with 70,000 white Muslims! Never forget! facebook.com
Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp🔁 I am building a schedule within a 70 minute everyday LA block some days I have 2 blocks but not back to back. Looking at ideas for time break up as I read through 180 days. Any thoughts if you have time would be grand. Twitterverse?
Sarah Shaw @Sayshaw🔁Student loans in America : Let’s see who will outlive who.
Me 5 years ago: I’ll have you paid off when I hit 30
Me twitter.com today: Okay, when I hit 70
Also Me: Continues to throw money at interest while nothing touches the principal 🤷🏽‍♀️
Susan Bartlett @MuSicSuZ23🔁Thanks for saying this. I don’t have the followers that you do, so hopefully people will sit up and listen when it’s twitter.com from you. When media says 70% of GOP agree with this or that, they should also state the % of ALL voters. The GOP is shrinking, as I hope Nov. proves!
Vicky Vixxx👸🏼 @RealVickyVixxx🔁I should never foot the bill.
Who wants to reimburse my clothes shopping spree? $70 was the total

Darryl Vinson @DEVinson2017🔁@ddale8 I love how everyone on the left loves Germany even though just 70 years ago they were slaughtering people by the thousands.
Rebecca Exley @rebecca_exley🔁I’m using universal in its broadest form... when 70% of any sign language is facial and gestural, it’s universally un twitter.com derstood. Anger is anger, happiness is happiness. Expressions and body movement are universally understood no matter what language (sign or otherwise) is used.
♚Goddess Vicky Vixxx♚ @GoddessVickyV🔁I should never foot the bill.
Who wants to reimburse my clothes shopping spree? $70 was the total

MARIAN MACINTYRE @Lappideks🔁He was utterly fantastic! What energy and care in this performance, and his singers and musicians were outstanding! L twitter.com oved the songs I hadn’t heard before, but Homeward Bound, Bridge over Troubled Waters and The Sound of Silence transported me right back to 60’s and 70’s.
Christian LeGuilloux @leguilloux🔁Also I am skeptical of hoping for 70 degree FoV from MS. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Hololens and if it had that I twitter.com ’d be all over it. But that thinking comes only from a patent which is not same as working hardware. I’m actually expecting FOV to be closer to 50.
Evan Prodromou @evanpro🔁I think maybe you overestimate the influence of Debian.

Chrome has a estimated 55-70% market share for desktop usage twitter.com .

(That's where IE was when Chrome was launched.)

All desktop Linux has ~1.5% of desktops.

heavy mayo @joshtree14🔁I think we all forget that peter is 70/71 and most people at that age can’t even walk around the block let alone play twitter.com drums on a tour
subversiveasset @GASpriggs🔁it won't help if no one watches it though. or if 70% of people leave in first 30 seconds. I guess I need to find ways twitter.com to make it even more concise.
Walter Carson @wrcarson4777🔁I probably edit over 70% of my videos on my MacBook when traveling. This is a pretty huge upgrade from my 16GB memory, 2TB SSD, 4 core i7. Can’t wait to do an edit/export test.
David Taylor 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @taylordauthor🔁Here is what I really think about the size of the Scottish YES movement:

40% = 5% probability
50% = 20% probability
twitter.com 60% = 80% probability
70% = 50% probability
80% = 30% probability
90% = 5% probability

Japers' Rink 🏆 @JapersRink🔁@AndyLounsbury Totally fair. Could’ve easily gone either way (and I’d have entertained arguments for 70, too).
chloe @chloo0ee🔁I think old people are genetically programmed to go 20 mph below the speed limit once they turn 70 bc fuck millenials right ????
Tee Wills @MrWillzIfUNasty🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Ray Allen Thinks He Could Shoot 70% from the FT Line Blindfolded | The Dan Patrick
Dream Chaser $ource @DChaserSource🔁

I hope y’all ready!

The countdown is on! Only 70 days left! Go online now to purchase your… twitter.com

WeGotAProblemEndAllWars🦈 @wegotaproblemhr🔁I say this with peace and love, where grew up in the 70's, everyone i knew that were fortunate enough to have both p twitter.com arents in the house had both parents working.

I hear what you are saying though about healthcare. Insane what is being paid now.

bryan Evans @mincanada🔁Also, we share common DNA throughout all life. Humans share approximately 98% of their DNA with chimps, 70% with sl twitter.com ugs & 50% with bananas. For me, it shows we share a common ancestry, which supports evolving from slime. Again, it's my belief, and I am not saying your ...
Chris Taylor @TaylorCS78🔁I heard Republicans were in favor of killing anyone over 70, implementing child labor as young as 3, making it mandat twitter.com ory for everyone to be armed...all the time, and ammending the constitution to “guarantee” a war at least every 3 years. Ya....I heard that
GANG$TALICIOU$ @tokillkat🔁My tweets:
70% song lyrics
15% jokes
10% freak shit
5% me in my feeling but I end up deleting that shit anyways cuz I ain’t no bitch
Larry P Thomas @larrythkw🔁And it has been in existence since the 70's. I speak from experience. twitter.com
Guy Forget @GuyForgetOPT🔁Speaking of 70 Volt Parade and Radiohead, did you know that Trey and 70VP once covered Knives Out? You might imagine twitter.com it would be bad, but I assure you it's worse than you're imagining.
Tom Liefgreen @adultdatacenter🔁A small section of the old Stapleton Airport's runways are still visable on the north side of I 70.
Opportunistic Croatian Fan Account @CarlOrkmansen🔁I literally need to make 100k every year between now and 2050 to be able to retire at 70
Ronni Nicole @wutheringhugs🔁Back where I used to work and an old participant said “you were born in the 70’s right?”
Devon Ellington @DevonEllington🔁Our I-70 Artists-In-Residence Duo Exhibition closes Saturday, July 14th! Make sure & stop by to support our artists & instructors Mike & Zoey. The gallery is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm.
cardi b @cardibardiii🔁I Like It — Certifications 🌍

US — Platinum (1,000,000)
UK — Silver (200,000)
Canada — 2x Platinum (160,000)
Australia — Platinum (70,000)
Spain — Platinum (40,000)
New Zealand — Gold (15,000)
Switzerland — Gold (15,000)

Congrats , & .


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