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I-40 Twerk @ThatDamnTwerk1“I need like $40” Lmaoooo 🔁 @We_Hate_MikeJ
Ric Flair® @RicFlairNatrBoy🔁Like I Said, Seeing Is Believing! Lordy, Lordy The King Had 40. WOOOOO! Boston, Get Ready For Tomorrow Night! twitter.com
Karen Civil @KarenCivil🔁New Phone Video Shows R. Kelly Dismissing Critics: "They should have did this sh*t 30 years ago....I’ve got a million twitter.com motherf*ckers hating me, and 40 billion motherf*ckers loving me,”
Joanna Cherry QC MP @joannaccherry🔁Proud to be one of 40 signatories to this declaration. I regularly meet with parliamentarians from other EU countries twitter.com who tell me how much goodwill there is towards Scotland. It’s imperative we build on this

Sabreem @sabrinaleasage🔁I am a 40 year old doctor who just got prohibited from purchasing sudafed for my daughter who is crying because I didn’t have ID on me. We regulate sudafed stronger than we regulate guns. 🤦🏻‍♀️
mickie @LaaaPho🔁Me! I’m 40 and I used to watch the original like it was a religion as a child. Y’all have done a good job modernizing twitter.com the story with great respect to the original. All that Gucci girl 😍
Tj kizuka @Tjkizuka🔁I love Betty Buckley and this song is going to be me in 40-50 years! Obsessing! youtu.be
Tim Statz @itsTim_eh🔁Only the online polls give them fake momentum. I'm waiting for Forum & Mainstreet to confirm what I believe: PC won't go under 40%. Libs wont dip below 20%. NDP's momentum has platoed, and won't go avove 33%. PC will win 75-85 ridings. But we should still fight fight dight!
brenda cunningham @brendapower88🔁Have a friend raising her grandson w/special needs. Makes $14000 yr., works as many hrs as they'll give but isnt offered insurance unless its 40 hrs.She's a cancer survivor that needs medical care.I just went w/her to check on help. Nope.Makes too much.

This👇 ticks me off!

Mike Berry @MrCoachBerry🔁Almost end of school year ...

Counting down the days until we meet baby ...

Lost about 40 lbs over 3+ months ...

twitter.com Feeling good ...

And then my brother Pat bowls 11 strikes in one game and I'm wondering what I'm doing with my life.

𝓓𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓲 @dancibayo🔁@NarutoShipTweet I made it to episode 40 something so I'm sure you'll last much longer. Good luck!
im nayeon the loudest bitch @baesluggie🔁DEAR JOOHYUN,


(◕▿◕✿) @ix_folkhop🔁Everyday I get angrier &angrier at Najib &his band of 40 thieves who merrily bled the country dry while they lived it up, keeping cash at home, indulging in luxuries &flaunting it in our faces. Till today I'm not quite sure what happened on 9 May but it was a chance at redemption
😁 @YoungBBC17_🔁I just took a 40 min shower and bitch let me tell you I am THE CLEANEST MF out here right now😛
★Lattenite Bellissimo★ @YoshistarBaxter🔁Toys R Us slowly increasing their storewide sales; now 40-60% off as opposed to 30% from when I went the other day

twitter.com I saw some good Nintendo swag there that time, including the giant Metroid and the Splattershot... fine time to be broke pa(ry)dise🎶 @violetyena🔁Hey 🇺🇲ARMY! Once the BB charts update next week, DO NOT STOP STREAMING! We need what we have now (600k+ daily) so we can keep on being in the top 40! The longer we're in the Top 40 1) more go recognition 2) more radios will play! We're aiming for LONGEVITY!!


RJ Johnson @rjjohnson71A🔁I might be blind to the problem, but I Race 40 times a year and spectate at another 10-15 and can’t remember the last twitter.com time I saw a show finish up unacceptably late. I’ve heard about it a lot lately though
Julie Kaniak @scarlet_dy🔁I got "You've read 40 out of 100 books on the list!" on "How Many Books Have You Read From the List of 100?". What a twitter.com bout you?
Frankie @FrankieQuillan🔁I'm an ale drinking.
I banned myself from drinking beer during the week recently.
The 40's brings belly troubles.
So twitter.com I'm drunk on Malbec, no rule against wine midweek!
I win again.
Patrick Fisher @technopat3🔁@BrenCasts Has Willam Dafoe ever been young? I thought he just came into existence at age 40
INSECT WARRIOR JOJO @miguelmagican🔁Going live at 7pm (40 minutes from now) with the anniversary update! Come hang out while we reminisce about how bad I am at Overwatch.

Ahh, good times...

Alexandra @APEXFL3X🔁An hour of fucking fasted cardio 7 days a week for the next 17 ish weeks plus an extra 40 in the afternoon the last 5 twitter.com .

I’m coming for that first place, I can’t lose.

misty shakleford @Migs_n_Squiggs🔁For those people who lost their security clearance over a minor issue i.e. owning student loans, just know Jared Kushner lying on his SF-86 like 40 times & being under FBI investigation didn't stop him from getting his clearance since he's Salmon Stalin's son-in-law.
Kelli Allen @kelliallenn🔁I’m watching family feud and yelling at the tv because no one will guess an obvious answer. Either I’m 40 years old or i need more friends
Lucas Tsou @luke3001SJ🔁 How did I go from filling up my gas tank with like $25 to $40
Nil Nisi Me @thankhuw🔁I have a HS hockey injury that still bothers me when weather changes nearly 40 years after... sounds good but got it twitter.com playing floor hockey in gym class.
Chris P. Bacon🥓🥓🥓 @FatherKesinger🔁I work 40 hrs a week and was born in America and I don't even have medical coverage!! If illegal immigrants want hea twitter.com lth coverage then they can wait in line just like everybody else!!
Techguru808 @techguru808🔁LIVE!

If crashes, I quit streaming for real ok...LUL

SAVE twitch.tv 40% off your order using my code TECH twitter.com

Knicky Laurelle🍃 @DatTreeGirl🔁I wondered the same thing! Maybe it's tradition? Like it was 36 weeks many years ago, so back in the 14 century then twitter.com or something, I dunno. But it's 40 weeks now and has been for a while it seems; maybe they're just mean .... lols
Q @HiClayto🔁🤢- how you come 40 minuets late chlo chlo, antyway i despise you :) i’m still holding a grudge against you bc you vi twitter.com olated me. AND u tried to pull out my chest @ the bowling alley. wElcOmE tO yoUr tApE
George Francis @Giofranz0003🔁 Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers & sisters of mine, you did for me. -Matthew 25:40
🇺🇸 𝕶𝖂𝕮𝕸 🇺🇸 @moolockmom🔁nope! I will never vote democrat again because of you Hillary and your crooked d and puppets. For over 40 years I twitter.com was democrat but you and your lies and pompous attitude turned me into a deplorable.
926593ISME @926593SS🔁30.)B-Day
31.)Runaway (bobby)
32.)I love you (bobby)
34.)Rhythm ta
35.)Best friend
37.)Bea twitter.com utiful
38.)Love scenario
39.)My type
40.)Don't forget
Greid @TheGreidyDragon🔁Opening Commissions!
SFW Only
No Complex Clothing
Ask about anything you feel I might be iffy on!

$10 Linework
$15 Shaded Linework
$35 Cell Shading
$40 Full Color

Message me if interested!

🥀B O U G I E @bhova_2xx🔁I’m Not One of them Whores who need $40.00 or a sack of Weed So a Fuck nigga will NEVER disrespect Me Peritttt❗️❗️❗️😌
Walter Sobchak🎳🔫 @eurotec007🔁@gpslife12 @thefreerifleman I'm 40 years old I'm too old to go speeding around anymore.
Irfan Shah @fxnshxh🔁@Insane_Vampiree That's it im judging both of u. I wouldve bought a new $40 slippers if I had both ur money
One Idea Stealing 🅱🅾I👌 @AeterMations🔁40 followers...
Jerry Falwell @JerryFalwellJr🔁It was so powerful I could spin the tires and fishtail in any gear! The environmentalists have ruined most cars in t twitter.com he last 40 years but I had the catalytic converters removed from my first 2 cars.
Common Cents 💎 @commoncentsman🔁@davereaboi Didn't Ben Carson catch hell for a $30,000 table? I guess he thought he was saving the country $40,000.
Joey Jo Jo @hoejamilton🔁@matthewsoffer Im already balding naturally, at this rate I'll have zero hair by 40
Taylor 🍲 @Tailormadecoug🔁@Mental_Dental2 I'm not over 40....dick.
Bitter Old Man @andbitter🔁I just earned the 'Hopped Up (Level 40)' badge on @untappd! untp.beer
🅖🅘🅢🅢🅔🅛🅛🅔 @gazell9000🔁@boing345brooke totally! how far away do you live from sydney? im very lucky that i live like 40 mins away from la bc i can easily commute 🤧
scott mcnaughton @RedcliffeScott🔁I agree it is not all about money. We must accept that with oil production costs at an all time low that profits are twitter.com at a historic high & that Norway on lower volumes will make 40 billion quid this year. Scotland's biz model would take time but a huge annual profit is attainable.
The Comic Kid on YouTube @ComicKidYouTube🔁@Comicchem 1. Below 18
2. Boy, or Apache Attack Helicopter
3. I like to think so (no)
4. No
5. 30-40 dollars
Bill Brasky @BillBrasky2620🔁Has been rerun? It wasn't ever rerun that season. I don't exactly remember the most recent episode I remember seeing twitter.com on CC but it seems like Season 40 was what they got up to before stopping the SNL reruns.
ash | NINE NINE @barnesquinzels🔁hello friends and family. after previously reaching a new personal best of 40 minutes, last night i sucked dick for 7 twitter.com 0 minutes. one hour. and ten minutes. i am an athlete. the height of fitness. my body is a temple and i am truly at peak physical form. my endurance level is incr
Kayla Fox @KaylaFoxCT🔁My tweets everyone can relate to get over 100 likes and 40 retweets my tour dates minus my pinned schedule tweet get twitter.com ten y'all are buggin lol I love you all anyways
Christina🌼 @christina_ann12🔁today my sister and i got called “trash” by a 40 year old women when we were simply walking past in our own school a twitter.com nd if that doesn’t scream “I’m old but I’m gonna act 12 again” idk what does
BBC Daddy🍆 @CTribute_🔁I just took like a 40 min shower. Bitch I’m cleannn af now
Liz Blaha #DemForce #TheResistance @blaha_b🔁Donate by 8 pm PST. I’m matching up to a total of $500! Let’s get past her threshold of $40,000 tonight!! Donate $1. I’ll match it. Donate $10. I’ll match it. Donate $50. I’ll match it. Up to total of $500‼️‼️
UTOR 🤘 @UTORHipHop🔁Drake sitting with 40 mixing Scorpion and looking at all these June release dates like “whose party should I spoil 😈”
OldCoastie @OldCoastie54🔁I am running for Congress to give a voice to those whose voices have not been heard historically – women, military families, LGBTQ, and people of color. I have served my country for 40 years and will continue to do so in Congress.
Keesee Diego @KoolestInDaygo🔁Adrien Broner isnt the smartest business man. This dude stays fucking up. I remember when Broner was hot before Maida twitter.com na and Jay-Z offered that man 40 mil contract. He spat in Jays face dissed him , fell the fuck off and aint seen that type of money presented again.
Papa Peco @Ondores_Lies🔁@FahrenDesalier I threw my 40 bucks at that like a thirsty weeb in a gaijin-friendly soapland
slut shamed marijuana ☭ @Halalhoe1🔁Literally 40 minutes into episode 1 of 13 Reasons Why and I'm already triggered. Why do I do this to myself.
SweetMedia.is @SweetMedia_is🔁Ever get tired of everything? Like i am completely drained, need 40 naps a day, have no energy left and no motivation. Tired of explaining myself, tired of feeling the same way after years of trying to cope and deal with things. 🙄😭🖕🏼
MyBrand MyReputation @MyBrandMyRep🔁I'm giving away my FREE e-Book : "40 Proven And Effective Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Templates".
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