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Eric Murray @EricMurraysport🔁 #ThrowbackThursday to that 4.52 40 I ran at the ‘96 Tour Championship #NFLcombine
Eamon Javers @EamonJavers🔁How off the cuff was POTUS tariff announcement today? I’m told Trump was convinced by CEOs’ arguments, told them to w twitter.com ait there, ducked into a school safety event for 40 minutes, then went back to steel meeting + called in the press for the portion we saw on camera. Staff stunned.
Tony Robinson @Tony_Robinson🔁When I shop I go round the supermarket I’ve been going to for the last 40 years. What I don’t do is slam its door shu twitter.com t, then wander round the world for 10 years looking for other little shops that might one day sell me the same stuff but at higher prices cos they know im a mug.
jeffrey marsh @thejeffreymarsh🔁Please stop treating genderfluid identity as some trendy thing the youngins do

I'm 40. I'm fluid. I use they/them p twitter.com ronouns. 💛
Just because you *think* you don't know a genderfluid adult, doesn't mean we aren't out here living

judith @acklestilxs🔁Happy birthday to 1/4 of Quattro Formaggio! Like a fine cheddar, you’re aging very well (I’d say you’re also growing more tasteful with time, but we both know that’s not true). Welcome to the other side of 40, my friend. Can’t wait to see you in readers! 👓 🧀
Ginger Croissant @Ginja_X_🔁@goatsndonuts I got an L instead of an M like I probably should have so I look kinda phat but overall $40 well spent
lix 98! @croatory🔁am i about to spend $40 on skin care products? yA
Zeb @zjqgofer🔁@WhatTheFFacts No! No they don't I'm 40 never been more stressed in my life
♡ 𝓨𝓸𝔀 @yowimshookt🔁*steals $100 out of my girlfriend’s purse*

Her: “Omg baby I lost $100 I could cry right now”

Me: “Oh wow, that’s horrible, Here here’s $40 keep it”

*God’s plan starts playing*

"Tonto" @Tonto27803529🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be -40 WINTER CAMP ALONE
Cody @Cod_ebooks🔁At a bar in Rio was about to get out of a mug at 11:40 PM because I'm incapable of doing my dishes/generally being an adult
rowseph @rowieboat🔁Please stop treating genderfluid identity as some trendy thing the youngins do

I'm 40. I'm fluid. I use they/them pronouns. 💛
Just because you *think* you don't know a genderfluid adult, doesn't mean we aren't out here living

Kelsi Smith @kels_smith26🔁In high school, I thought 40 min classes were long, now that I'm in college with 1 hour and 20 min classes, I wish I twitter.com had 40 min classes again
Ben Rohder @brohd21🔁“Where you from?”


“What part of Illinois?”

“The very bottom”

“What’s it by?”

“40 min from Kentucky, hour and a half from STL”


“Chicago, I live in Chicago and sleep under The Bean every night under my W flag blanket”

e🏒 @mileswoodyy🔁 No. 40 is Grabner.
No. 40 is Grabner.
No. 20 is Coleman.
No. 20 is Coleman.

Ok. Got it.

No, I don’t.

Kallee Tucker @kalleegrace🔁SECRETS TO SUCCESS:

- wake up & check your phone for 40 minutes before getting out of bed
- whenever you park, check your phone for 30 minutes before getting out of your car
- whenever you're presented with an opportunity to "network" or make new friends, say "I can't"

jeff knop @JeffKnop🔁Rashaan Evans on Tony Brown: "I think Tony may break the 40 record. Tony’s been talking about it this whole time to me. He was like, ‘Just wait. I’m going to break it'"
Rebecca Evans @RebeccaEvansArt🔁YES! when apple upgraded their operating system CC wouldn't send anything to the printer without crashing. I called t twitter.com hem to straighten it out and they said, yes we know it's happening but we don't know how to fix it yet - and I pay $40 per month for this!
Greg F @GFinfrock🔁Okay, first off what he wrote is TOTALLY a fanfic.

Second....Holy SHIT he sounds like the most absolutely pretentio twitter.com us unlikable asshole. I'm fairly certain that about 40-50% of the words he is using don't mean what he thinks they do. And what the hell kind of a name is that?

#blockchain sherlok @sherloksam🔁How off the cuff was POTUS tariff announcement today? I’m told Trump was convinced by CEOs’ arguments, told them to wait there, ducked into a school safety event for 40 minutes, then went back to steel meeting + called in the press for the portion we saw on camera. Staff stunned.
jasmine🌹 @Trilltacoss🔁 Okay but u pay 80$ for a pair of vans and I pay 40$, I didn’t ask for small feet twitter.com
Rob MC @AreOhbi🔁I just turned 40 the other day, man. I can't take games like this...
Vickie Dalton @VickieDalton🔁Yeah, that's over. But thank you, , for proving what I've been saying for 40 yrs. Just b/c someone is a doctor, doesn't mean they're smart. Some of the biggest idiots I've ever known had MD after their name. Now all I have to do to win that argument is point to Ben.
🍓 @bittkir🔁@bbybinch You even booked it like 40 mins before me, if i just scrolled down on the tl
Tlyn Ski 🇺🇸 @Thlynski🔁I need this reminder almost daily *sigh*
ISAIAH 40:17 - All nations before Him are as nothing; and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity.
"God controls the nations. They will do exactly that which is written about them in the Bible." - Pastor Arnold Murray
Stacy & 🐝 @iamstacy🔁Games I'm uninterested in playing:
1. Give Me One Example. Not That One. Or That One. Or
2. You Can't Prove It Was Us
3. Let's Rationally Debate Your Humanity
4. I'm the Victim Now That People Are Mad
5. Watch These 40-Minute Videos Where a Beard Mumbles Into a Webcam
6. Actually
gemma @Gemma353🔁Yes I’ll take 40 please twitter.com
Quinn Madden @QDawgius17🔁Dear FCPS, it has come to my attention that winds up to 60 MPH are approaching the area and due to the high number o twitter.com f seventh graders below 40 pounds, I think it’s safe to say that most parents don’t wanna see their child flying through the air.
NHSgirlsXCtrack @NHSgirlsXCtrack🔁Everyone should get a run in tomorrow. MD and D 30-40 mins, sprints/jumps 20-30 or cross train. Core and any ancilla twitter.com ry work would be great. I will post Saturday workouts when I get to boston.
Michael Semien @msemien83🔁 my name is James wilkoszewski im on flight 1774 for rdu. I have a right connection for my Sarasota flight at 10:25. twitter.com Can you guys rebook me on the 10:40 Tampa. I really have to get home tonight
giffy @giffentyce🔁Wal-Mart plays a terrible mind game I go in for a 5 dollar item and end up leaving with at least 40 dollars worth of twitter.com shit like wtf Wal-Mart why you gotta do that
Aliyah @aliyahtaylorr🔁i told someone in their 40’s that this is a crucial age bracket in my life right now because every decision i make h twitter.com as a large impact and she said “no honey, now is the time to make a bunch of mistakes”
Tash Miller @tashmiller9🔁“Where are you from?”


“oh, what part”

“Mount Vernon”


“fredericktown, centerburg? about 40 minutes north of newark, 40 minutes south of mansfield”


“columbus, i was born & raised in The Shoe”

Brandon Berg @brandon_berg🔁First runthrough of my Bloomer/Hayward GBB gamer from tonight's Division 3 sectional semis. Will be updated once I g twitter.com et back to Chippewa. Hayward 40, Bloomer 32.

Mudakun by the river Temarc in winter @Mudakuntweets🔁Got 60 lbs left my luggage limit for Japan. 40 already taken up with the SPECIAL PROJECT. Clothes, shoes, cameras, g twitter.com iant loaves of home made bread, maple syrup bottles into the remaining 60.

All the international travel savvy women I know could do it with ONE carry-on bag.

{ĀŇØMÏÄ} ĐāBøîî @EricBae100🔁Rt Deal / Giveaway


Goal 40 Rts
If I finish I’ll give away


1x McFa
1x Netflix PremiumAccount (Private)
1x Mc Windows 10 Code
5$ PayPal

Alex @alexxshortty🔁Sometimes I wonder if anyone at CSUF knows how to drive. It’s a serious quandary given that 90% of the 40,000 student population owns a car.
marcelo martino @marcelomartino5🔁Followers - 40, Unfollowers - 19. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your weekly stats via crowdfireapp.com
kt @katiethayer_🔁Also correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this AFTER he killed/injured 40 people and left the church? What good did tha twitter.com t do?
patricia ramsey @ppr2103🔁My Mother was a Head Nurse, delivering babies for 40 years. Mayyyy have had something to do with it. That, and I learned-
1. Nurses do all the work
2. There’s a reason why they call it ‘practicing medicine’
jiminine @jiminine3🔁 40.
Of course I will vote for @BTS_twt for the #iHeartAwards #BestBoyBand #BTS of this year.
suziQZ @Bannington🔁 I do the NYT every day for the last 40 years. Oh that’s so cool. Friday is the hardest. Oh boy!!!!!!!! #maddow
Swisha Chris @pifftopher🔁@Brandon_Briese I bowled a 40 while black out drunk on Sunday 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ethan aka E40 @Ablasian_ballin🔁 @ChaBoyWes She Look Ji Bad Too I Don't Blame 💯 E-40 Big Lovin On All Socials
nora ⚡️ @NoraMcNugget🔁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I want you to listen to Arthur Miller discuss living and working on a plantation, being threatened with death if he tried to escape, and not even being aware of the freedom struggle in the ‘40’s, 50’s and 60’s with .
Sana🔗 @Sanaa__H🔁 Allah has all the answers to your questions.

"Call upon Me and I will respond to you..." [40:60]

Cobi Jo Wells @Cobij_wells🔁I just slept from 6-8:40 woke up and kobee was here, love my life.😂
Brett Bigham @2014ORTOY🔁I used to show up at every staff meeting with a bunch of worksheets /curriculum to share. One of the supervisors snee twitter.com red at me and said, "Stop it, you make everyone else look bad." (I put them on & given away over 40,000 pieces of curriculum in 2 years!)

TS3🐬 #LGG @JumpManOneFive🔁Some people are so stupid when it comes to evaluating athletes. All this generation wants to do is look at statistics twitter.com and numbers like 40 yard dash times😭😂 have you ever heard of an eye test? Do you even know what that means? I'm done with y'all. Help is available.
hannah 🌿 @lesbiannadine🔁yeah but i don’t think brigitte is like the right character to critique? i’d point to mercy more for that since she’s twitter.com nearly 40 and looks like she’s brigitte’s age
jongdaerus🦖 @soondingieeri🔁I've Been Thinking...
What If 100K Buy A Premium Account On Spotify And Stream 300 Times Per Day For Example, We'll Get 30M Steams And In Less Than 40 Days It'll Reach 1B Streams!

emily skeete @SkeeteEmily🔁Happy birthday Jensen!! It’s so weird to hear that your 40 but when I see u n all your past pictures it doesn’t look twitter.com like you’ve aged(which is a good thing)but that’s besides the point happy birthday n continue to stay strong enjoy🎉🎉🎊😍😍😍💚💚💚❤️❤️❤️🎂🎂
🕷 Lolotehe🕷 @lolotehe🔁I can tell the difference between $40 and $400 by sound.
amy williams @amyiamwill🔁walking a 40 minute walk in thigh deep snow at 3 in the morning just so I can get my own bed 🙃
so much blood @cuteordeath🔁Forgive me I went to art school and don't know science but can someone explain to me how January was half my lifetime and then February was approximately 40 seconds long
Balaji Vaidyanath ⚡️ @nbalajiv🔁I'll try. (Oh damn. I've already wasted 40 characters.) The blockchain is to bitcoin what the internal combustion engine is to motor cars. Or.. blockchain technology, invented because Bitcoin needed it, is the most decentralized record-keeping system ever. It mitigates trust.
monty @monchaichan🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be [300 kcal] 40 min Beginner K-pop Workout: Take the school stress out | Low
Kelly @Kelly62317572🔁(8) I have tow revolvers and a semiautomatic .40-caliber police carbine.

I bought the carbine first, because my pigheaded father had begun drawing attention to himself the older he got.

DianajustaMSgrlfrom Fla @Diana05639890🔁Wow. Just crossed over 40k Twitter followers. Thank you all so much, I have no idea why 40 thousand people follow me, but I do really appreciate it.
Shadow Wolf @ShadowWolf150🔁Well now I'm pissed off.. I got called in to pick up an appointment.... 20 miles away. So I went, knocked on the door twitter.com , and guess what? They returned the equipment themselves. So. I drove 40 minutes through heavy traffic. For nothing. And had to drive all the way back another 40.
curly @kindakelss🔁just 40 days until i’m hopping outta mamou high
ɪᴢᴜᴍɪ @ HIXTAPE @HoshiZeri🔁Lol finally got checked by a dermatologist and the meds I got is so expensive... $120 for one of them before insuranc twitter.com e and I had to pay $40 for a small bottle 🤯
Smile for me 😀 @ClaraOrquera🔁 40/ I wanna be with you 'til the day we die

#TheVamps #BestBoyBand #iHeartAwards @TheVampsband

jiminine @jiminine3🔁 40.
Of course I will vote for @BTS_twt for the #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY of this year.
Khafid_MUFC @Its_Khafid🔁Kalou

250 apps
60 goals
40 assists

I can't even type Giggs name alongside this one, it'd be preposterous to say the least

david @dftapknu🔁sometimes i desperately miss ballet but at the same time i'd like to be able to walk when i'm 40
angela⭐️ @angelanicholex🔁“Where you from”


“What part of Pittsburgh”

“About 40 minutes north”

“What’s it by”

“Monoroeville, twitter.com Vandergrift, Burrell, Leechburg”


“The point. I live on the point state park fountain.”

Bowser @edz1🔁I do the NYT every day for the last 40 years. Oh that’s so cool. Friday is the hardest. Oh boy!!!!!!!! #maddow
Space @405_space🔁Why I'm smart u think it was Alexander a weak human but not above.he was 40 like 1/3 just enough to reach 3/3 Asia c twitter.com hina Vietnam Japan 2/3 white 1/3.


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