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I-25 James h @Ultizz🔁25% to go 30FA9EB4 :Battle ID
I need backup!
Lvl 100 Luminiera Omega

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25🔁Thank you to everyone for the kind words. This is just another chapter in the journey. This will be an ongoing proc twitter.com ess and I am excited to take on this challenge. To the fans urging me to join your team, I am humbled but I can only look at the teams that have reached out.
I-25 Richard Sherman @RSherman_25🔁“Cause ppl talking to me like I’m slowin’ down. Opinions over statistics, of course”
I-25 Richard Sherman @RSherman_25🔁All I have ever wanted to be was a good teammate. Thank you @Seahawks for an amazing opportunity.
Jays @johnstjh🔁"Listen you mother fuckers—we're gonna tax you 25%,” Trump said in this video I found from a few years ago, regarding China. Wow. Not good.

J A R O 🎀 @jarolin_25🔁I love when you guys support and defend me but I NEVER want you to be rude or ugly to anyone on social media in my defense. We can always talk things out in a calm and cool way, even when we disagree with someone
🙏🏼 I want my fans to be a reflection of me.
iain taylor @ecorporatelaw🔁Whenever I hear folks going on about immigration I think about my wife who has been here 25 years. A kinder, smarter and better 'citizen' you won't find. We are lucky to have someone like her here. All you moaners can get stuffed. I'd rather lose YOU lot!
steph blaskow @stephblaskow🔁After she flirts for an hour & you’re $76.25 deep in buying her fruity drinks she says “thankssss I gtg over here to my friends nowww”
Bia Helenn #THE_CONNECT @Bia_Helenn🔁[|📷] • I.M 🐺 25.12.17 | Suwon Fansign

🥜 @WSPeanuttt🔁 @RSherman_25 i ain’t gone lie we a good fit 👀👀
Alicia Moreno @AlyyceM🔁 @justonekoala I'm one of those who can't fit 25 songs in my bottom 5
fat lard @gabsthepimp1🔁I bet this is at 8:45 am she just got done eating hot Cheetos, she didn’t get enough sleep last night because she was up snapchatting her 25 year old boyfriend videos of herself lip syncing to corridos, she criticizes others for how they dress but looks like every other Chunti
Lynn Koenen @cckoonie🔁@Str8_Cash_Homey I wasn't perfect at 25 but if I had $100 million on the line my ass wouldn't be putting that in jeopardy.
sirena @ SAK PREP @sirena_cos🔁@PaddyLCubed LOL no worries, I got like 25 questions that looks like they were copied from a question sheet
🏇 @P_l_u_c_k_i_e_r🔁22:42

1st 9 Enticed 7/2
2nd 7 Old Time Revival 25/1
3rd 6 Free Drop Billy 5/4f

9 Ran.
SF: $92.85

ᵏ @cysoloalbm🔁I’ve only swore 25 times don’t suspend me
Tha✞Chris✞ianGuy @higham_mark🔁The elect of God do repent. but as I said to you it is because we are saved not to be saved.

Repentance is the gift twitter.com of God, wrought in his people by grace (Acts 5:31; 11:18; Rom. 2:4; II Tim. 2:25).

kristen @knic_xo🔁@Krittleebby Thank you 💜 I’m getting my 25 wears in 😂😂
syeasley @syeasley🔁The wants people under 21 to have weapons, while their spokespeople, surrogates, and social media bullies want to tell these same young people they're not mature enough to speak into the issue.

I call B.S.

Andrew Belliveau @Jingle_BELLS_25🔁Hey While on a service trip, I'd thought I'd nominate u for ()! I'd appreciate any help possible to raise awareness/find a cure for GP! 🎗👊🏻🎗 ⚜️
Maxwell Ferguson @WoodpeckerMax🔁As a Seattle native I will always be thankful for the amazing memories you gave us. Godspeed All-Pro Stanford Graduat twitter.com e. Godspeed.
roger lamb @LambRogera🔁Richard, I wish you the best in your journey. I hope that the "best" for you is becoming a 49er. Knowledgeable fans twitter.com know what you can do for a team.
ウォヌホシ ✩ @soonwooclub🔁goodmorning to wonwoo teaching soonyoung how to play computer games and making soonyoung’s heart flutter. i will neve twitter.com r get tired of talking about this for the next 25 years.
HORCHATA @liddolex🔁@babyyneesa How old are you turning? 24/25? I forget lmao
Shannon p. Wylie @zoooey18🔁Welcome to the Dollar and 25 cent store. Doesn’t sound so bad until you realize Ivanka’s $800 suits will then cost $1000. Why do I think somehow clothing will end up exempt? 🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️
Amy Louise @amy_elliott_xx🔁Also want to say thanks to @Yazzie_25 @emily_rose1303 for letting me go with them, I would have been lost without you xx😂🙈❤️
Springs Now @now_springs🔁Colorado Springs trends now: Colorado, I-25, Fort Carson, Quarterfinal, Miracle. toplocalnow.com
j〰️rae @Jenna__Rink🔁I’m not going out for iupatties anymore so this shirts for sale. It’s fucking cute but whatevs. I paid $25.... I’ll t twitter.com ake $20. Size medium.
Blaise Doran @BlaiseDoran🔁While this is REPREHENSIBLE, I’m unsurprised that nowt’s changed in 25 yrs. Actors are always “too fat, too thin, too twitter.com tall, too short, too gay, too straight, to “interesting looking” (WTAF?), too [insert excuse of choice]. Always found agents & casting directors to be ignorant.
Amanda. ⚡ @_AmandaH_25🔁 More than I thought 😂? twitter.com ?
PROFESSOR $LUMP @25_ced🔁I will never understand why people do not like to adventure out and explore shyt
g @maybegabrielle🔁i’m gonna stunt a little, it’s actually 18-25 pages but i’m saying 18 to not stress myself out with unnecessarily hig twitter.com h expectations
chloe St dennis @chloeStdennis5🔁YAY it's Saturday😀 I hope everyone has a GREAT day! It's reaching 85 degrees today here🌞
$25 cash drawing Monday/random time-good luck to all
is truly a Godsend for countless lives around the world. Thank you for all you do for others❤️

k.mata🦅 @kmataaaa🔁we’re suppose to take 15 min breaks... i be takin 25 😂😂 i know they hate me already 😂
BarbB @babalou137🔁 I don’t remember hiring an intern. m.dailykos.com
Gᴇʟᴀᴛɪɴᴏᴜs(Sɴ)🏁 @Mined_Under🔁25) I saw that Shia Islam had its own problems as well. With regimes like Iran oppressing women and religious minorities, and Shia Islamic groups like Hezbollah spreading anti Western hatred and preaching Israel’s destruction (the most civilised nation in the ME)
Olivia Hooe @livvyhooe🔁@rcadams23 I got 25....
Katie @KatieIsMajestic🔁I was just telling dylan this last night that 25 is the beginning of the end twitter.com
TV Show Polls @TVShowPolls1864🔁Day 25. Favorite character entrance? Hmm, I guess Regina? Idk lol she’s the only one I can think of that had a badass twitter.com entrance.
Szaks @mrpirate93🔁Tonight’s adventure was a 25 yr old Thai / Japanese guy. All i can say is damn. After 4 loads his hole was WEEEET. Vid 2/2.
elektra @four2eny🔁i have listened to the same 25 songs every day for the past week. someone please... give me music suggestions
Kim Møller @uriasposten🔁I just earned the 'Danish Delight (Level 25)' badge on @untappd! untp.beer
Dawn's @Dawniewouldnt🔁I hate Bill Clinton for making me explain adulterous behavior and Blowjobs. That kids is now 25 and I hate Trump for twitter.com same thing combined with and
Mervs⏯️ @LegaspoMervin🔁My praise shall be of thee in the great congregation: I will pay my vows before them that fear him. (Psalms 22:25, KJV)
Taylor Wills @T_Wills_22🔁That’s the best offensive half of basketball I have ever seen Tennessee play. 19-25 from floor, 7-8 from three. 76% from Field. Wow.
Gwyn Cooper @gcwolf7🔁@RSherman_25 I’m heartbroken. 😔


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