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✨TMT 50-0🌺✨ @brookann_15🔁 me: im jus gon sleep in ya hoodie I won't take it I promise

also me:

I-15 Sallie Mullikin @SallieMullikin🔁 "Today I'm 15 years old" Let's wish this cutie a Happy Birthday! :)
Alexander @AlexenderWainai🔁banged an A for a Soc test i grafted 15 mins and didnt smell a lecture for lollllll God is good 😄
I-15 Tim Ingles @ToonTimeTim🔁I did not know until 15 sec ago that this was a thing lol #imdb
I-15 VG RetroDeals UK @VGDealsRetroUK🔁vagrant story #PS1 game #Playstation complete #retrogaming #ebay 🔥 🔗
I-15 Independent Geek! @ElvoKibet🔁#Maza Less than 15 minutes and I will be enjoying my favorite Swahili Telenovela
I-15 just catwoman things @CatwomanThings🔁Bleacher Creatures Batman '66 Catwoman 10" Figure New $15.99 // #catwoman
Tank 🚲 ««🚦«🚓 @dark_15🔁I found @amyengineer!
I-15I-15I-15I-15 Jermaine @jermsss_15🔁 you have beautiful eyes, i just wish you were looking at me
Bernie Sanders @SenSanders🔁I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record lev el of support.
Jacob Sartorius @jacobsartorius🔁i'm gonna be 15 in 19 days 😳 whaa
António Guterres @antonioguterres🔁Proud to announce my strategy on . I have appointed 17 women, 15 men to senior management; we can & must reach #50/50 .
Ross Lambe @RossLambe🔁To celebrate raid day on I am giving away one year of Xbox Live. Follow and RT for you chance to win. Winner chosen Friday 9/15.
Andrew Dunn @lairdoflard🔁I'm disrupting ornithology with my new #LookingAtBirdz app. A database of jpegs of >15 common birds. Only avail on Blackberry
Billy Luebkeman @BLuebkeman13🔁I'm very proud to be introducing the Medicare for All Act today, which has 15 co-sponsors in the Senate, a record level of support.
( ابو بدر ) @moooos243🔁I recommend nobody uses since it takes 15-30 days for a person to withdrawal their fiat. Do not arbitrage there too unless you...
Keana @NolandKeana🔁@McKaylaGail_15 I'm weak😂
Robin Sherman @Edit_Design🔁15 Questions I Still Have After Apple’s Big Event
Precy K. @priscilaaax🔁@_lexiesmith Mine are 2 hours long and I only have 15 mins in between. I wanna die.
Shay @Tbh_Shaylea🔁 How do people gain the freshman 15? Like I barely have time to eat.... 😐
Amanda Blanchard @AmandaB_xoxo🔁idc if I have 10 guys texting me, 15 telling me I'm cute, & 20 begging for a chance, if it's not who I want then I couldn't give a fuck less
Katy Rich @katyarich_🔁I liked a @YouTube video 15+ Floridians Who Fought Hurricane Irma With A Sense Of Humor, And Won The Internet
Courtney @CORK_M🔁Happy birthday babe❣️so weird to think we've been friends for 15 years😳thanks for being able to laugh at stupid shit w me 24/7 I love u sis💜
@oliver @brokim21🔁@realDonJTrumph @FoxNews And, the pic is of my cat tht I got when I got sober. He died of cancer in Oct 2015. He was 15.
nae nae ☆ @hanxnii🔁aifa and jae share the same bday I'm weeping 15 sept is a holy date
Kristi Blanc @Lien0nMe🔁Let's see how many times I have to chase a young toddler from going upstairs. Seven and counting and it's only 12:15 PM😟😩
My Boyfriend Totoro @Shasta_Otter🔁I searched for his quote from his book where he describes the negative aspects of big donors. Found this:


Katy Rich @katyarich_🔁I liked a @YouTube video 15+ Of The Funniest Reactions To New Iphone X That Apple Fans Probably Won’t Like
The Queen❣️ @florence_babe_🔁I only had to go to class from 9:30-12:20 today and I got out 15 minutes early :))))
Jeff Clarance @JAClarance🔁9:15 in the morning and I've got the new Sam Smith playing loudly. Haters come at me
Universal Media+ @UmediaP🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 15 Famous People Known For Their Unusual Body Parts 2017
Rob Pittman Jr @RealRobPittman🔁The 3M Leisure 'Greatness' Tee is now available via StriveIVGreatness.Com for 24 Hours.
'SEFG Quickstrike I' 🏆⚡️
$15 USD
CybersmithIO @cybersmithIO🔁I know I need the update but I wanted to update overnight. It didn't give me any option, I had to wait 15 minutes, and I need to use it now
Cristina @_Cristina_15_🔁 I put my whole heart and soul into this project, my first album ODISEA. Hope you enjoy it!
Abu Taher @The_Abu_Taher🔁15 hours later and my first Destiny raid ever has been completed. Truly was a gaming experience I'll never forget. Hats off to .
Garrett Loughry @LoughryGarrett🔁"RIPT" is the name of my newest project (coming soon) if this gets more then 15 retweets I'll drop alittle sneak peak for the ones who care
Annie♡ @anniexleigh🔁i waited in line for 15 minutes just to get a snapple and bagel , 1 min later my snapple falls and shatters 🙃🙃🙃
Lil @PalihoviciLil🔁Proud to announce my strategy on . I have appointed 17 women, 15 men to senior management; we can & must reach #50/50.
차 @rosexcent🔁@ygent_official @YouTube It's sept 15 not sept 14 should I buy you a new calendar?
Qvisanu @qvisanu🔁I liked a @YouTube video Fantasy Football 2017 | Full 15 Round 10 Team Draft | NFL - Part 1
jimwelch1 @jimwelch1🔁I know you know someone who REALLY needs this book (and it is less than $15!) Also read my blunders on social media!
sasha @dezooming🔁don't know exactly what I want? Is there a "THIS SEARCH IS SPECIFIC FOR A 15+ YEAR OLD REASON I AM NOT BUDGING" button?
isep_project_monitor @IsepMonitor🔁2017-09-14T16:18:15.294Z// Hey this is daily-energy, I have updated 74 signals. And there were 10 non working signals.
Jacobina Sartorius @JacobinaSartor1🔁@JacobSatoriuz I'm not 15 but I think its not scary its fun. Don't grow up pls 😭😞😍
m @free_maury🔁Bruh i really drove 30 minutes to this dentist just to be here for 15 minutes 🙃
matthewHENRY? @mhzoleta🔁I wish the first 15 seconds of Prince-Do Me, Baby could last forever
☠☠☠☠☠ @toni_rodrigues🔁"Center", 8x10. I will have some new originals and prints available tomorrow (Sept 15 at 1pm Central) at
GHos @JayM0renoo🔁I started kicking shaky raps at 15 in 1995. Started making beats at 19 in 1999. But my time is right fucking now and the future is bright.
HRS @csgoHRS🔁Since i've gotten so many follows the past week...

to enter. GL :)

Deeterking ™ @deeterking🔁I didn't see any player object to all the praise they got in 14/15 when they won, now a little bit of criticism & the y're in their feelings
Seth Miller @somiller_15🔁@d_st_n I got PayPal. Just to be that one guy. And sweet I have neither. But pick 2 Wr to play. Diggs, K. Allen, or Crabtree?
Jamie Rockwell @Rockwell_Jamie🔁Waitaminnit. "Downtown?" I-275 is exit 17 on I-71, downtown is exits 3 and 2, right? That's 14-15 miles. Wouldn't you have to be doing 110?
Upendra Sachan @UpendraSachan2🔁@Paytmcare from last 15 days , i am following all process .Please check mail. Every day I am calling to customer care but no reply😢
Malcolm @68Malcs🔁I have to release and renew IP Address every 15 minutes or so to get my @BTCare broadband to work
JAIM3🤙 @randomsox_15🔁@MylesSheet I hate that they're doing this
Shana Pearce @shana_ae🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 15 MISTAKES YOU'RE DOING IN SCHOOL! 🙊💩🏫
Amanda Heater @aheat_15🔁I go into Samuel's room before he wakes up and pray over him. Pray two things:
1) He'll grow to love God.
2) He'll know your from you're.
pinche frijole @xclarissacantux🔁I'm going to @GideonAL at Durty Nellie's in Palatine, IL - Dec 1
Ani Sangye @SangyeH🔁8/14: Racists are bad

8/15: Some racists are very fine people

8/24: I’m tough on racists

8/25: This pardoned racist is a patriot

Samantha Rose @15_peterson🔁I enjoy the days when I can't be awake for 10 minutes before I become completely irritated. #AngerManagementIssues
Saleem Shaikh @saleems5858🔁As CM of Gujarat he never visited Sabarmati Ashram, not once in 15 years. Now as PM visiting dignitaries drag him there, I guess.
Michael Thomas @Mikesuncoast🔁lol your what's wrong with America Speaking about something you have no idea of dildo! I start labors an hour and le ad men make 35
It's Dj Kennedy™ @ItsDjKennedy🔁 Tomorrow 9.15.17 dropping this FIRE track I got to do with @TheJannineW!!! Comment 💎 if you ready!
Art by: @cataphant
ikon memes ㅤ @iKONICBR🔁 wait... runaway and i love you reuploaded mvs are both published on sept 14????? today's 15 tho 🤔
annalise grieve @Annalisegrievex🔁 I'm fine spending £15 on a Nando's but £15 on a new phone charger I really need? Absolutely not
내일,오늘 🌴🍑 @ktwjj_ja🔁I have extras soooo

RT & reply with a photo of your Verse 2 album! Include your name or face in the photo as well😄

Ends 15 Sept 11pm KST😙

A7MED XX7 @MMO4AR🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 8 Best Weapons In Final Fantasy 15 + How To Get Them!
King in the North @fireballmut🔁Retweet and follow me and picking winner 9/15 good luck all I will sell coin for you when ready!!!
Em @emthomas_15🔁I actually have the most amazing friends in the WHOLE world
ماجد @admntk_140🔁

look at king of Saudi Arabia, look at wise mind , he can cut head of the aggressor, i talk about king Salman💚🇸🇦


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