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DuQuane Randall @DuRambo🔁@bae_x_kmr_15 I know. Our phones be like
Lauren Hogg @lauren_hoggs🔁Never knew that not wanting to die by being shot by an AR-15 in my classroom was considered terrorism.
Thanks now I twitter.com know.
I-15 Monsurudeen @Mons7fvo🔁 My brain if I do 15 minutes of revision without 9 breaks in between
I-15 weng ⏩⏩⏩ @fawkes_15🔁 Always proud of you. I missed you, so so much ❤ @mainedcm
Royce Young @royceyoung🔁“I started in cold gyms in small towns in Iowa and ended up playing more than 1,000 games in the best league in the w twitter.com orld ... But it’s time to go.” After 15 years, Nick Collison is retiring from the NBA:
Shaun King @ShaunKing🔁I need you to know this name.

He was just a 15 year old boy - unarmed & non-violent.

He was riding an ATV when twitter.com an officer TASERED HIM while he was riding it - causing young Damon to crash and die. Of course it did.

Esteban Olivares @EstebanODC🔁I just got my keys back but was forced to pay $30. I only had $27 on me. Your lost return item fee is $15. I would ap twitter.com preciate a $12 credit on my Uber account and a guarantee that I will not be charged the $15 fee after being forced to pay $27 to get my keys back.
Mo @skillz_15🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AT HOME PRANK ON DDG! (He kicked me out!)
Ⓜas-Ood K•H•A•N 🇵🇰 @Masood_Khan91🔁Dear Queen , On behalf of the Turkish Socialists, I send my best wishes for 1000 years of continued success of British Monarchy and your 65 years on the throne but please tell Turkish President 15 years enough :)
JRP @Jayarrpee🔁Jedi Power Battles: Played this version once 15 years ago, own the GBA version, want to compare again
Beyblade: This twitter.com is like the one PS1 game I envied back in the day. I got bored of the GameCube sequel though
Sanic: I hate myself and intend to suffer
HH: Apparently it's good?
Jon M. Wilson is podcasting again! @jonreadscomics🔁My six hundred second is Red Hood and the Outlaws 15 (2017). I didn’t know this little side Bat team existed, but Bi twitter.com zarro calls them out, and they don’t like it.
Ann Neiswander @MaryJane7_6_15🔁 I really need to expect less from people
ॐ 卐 Sreekanth Bhat 卍 ॐ @sbhats🔁Let us hope so! Too close call like Gujarat results I feel. Final 15 to 20 seats swing factor might decide who is forming. I guess JDS bosses will be smiling😁😁😁
संजीव अरोड़ा 🌹45K🌹 @Sanjeevarora64🔁On May 15, 2018 remember my these two tweets

One on Nov 30, 2017

and another one on jan 31, 2018



either I will be proved right or wrong. That's it

Drew @DrewBasinger🔁Never knew that not wanting to die by being shot by an AR-15 in my classroom was considered terrorism.
Thanks now I know.
JIMINABILLAH BTS @jiminabillah95🔁[Pls RT💘] Hello! I’m opening commissions!

🌟 Lineart Bust/Full: $5/$7
🌟 Flat Bust/Full: $10/$12
🌟 Shading Bust/Full: $15/$20
⭐️ Additional Character/Background: + $5
✔️ Check Moments in bio for more art samples!
✔️ More details/Fill out form:

Shiv @shivanijoshi_15🔁I don't like referencing, not et al.
🙏🏿GODSON🆙 @hunchosr🔁Ima buy a choppa and ima need for you to raise your hand if you bout that and I bet you won’t ever be able too open y twitter.com o eyes ever again Ima give em a real reason to lock me up for 15 years federal
March 15 @billionairedrey🔁I need you to know this name.

He was just a 15 year old boy - unarmed & non-violent.

He was riding an ATV when an officer TASERED HIM while he was riding it - causing young Damon to crash and die. Of course it did.

Raul Ady Pareira @RauLionZ🔁I'm hosting a patriotic AR-15 giveaway since I finally started having time to stream!
Giveaway will end on 11-06-2018.
To enter:
Follow & follow my twitch channel
So if you're feeling lucky then this pretty bad boy might be yours very soon!
Katy Barrow-Grint @ktbg1🔁Ha ! Listen to us transferees! I transferred from West Mids police 15 years ago and it was the best decision ever! Supported me through promotion , HPDS and huge amounts of diversity in jobs within those 15 yrs. A great welcoming force. Come and join us!
kotryna the kinky stan @iexistyaknow🔁15. I'm thankfull for Dan and Phil because they taught me to accept myself and others
Fast and Female @FastandFemale🔁At 15, surf champ Mathea Olin is already talking about leadership & being a role model! We love her positive attitude twitter.com and focus 💖🏄‍♀️

"I really want to inspire everybody here, like all the younger girls to go and start competing more internationally"

Leah Persons @leahthrive🔁In a new piece takes Hamas, others, to task for its rule over ; "In the 15 months I have been on the job, I have heard only quick, temporary, small fixes for the people of Gaza."

Madihah @15_Madihah🔁 This is how I expected some of Savage x Fenty to look. twitter.com
Merida @spadesareforlyf🔁Wanna have this shirt for free? Rt this (must be following me) I'll be choosing the winner randomly ends on may 15 :) 💞💕 i got this on flabshop 😊
️ @dkpt0202🔁[Top 15 most sold album of 2018 on Gaon Chart]

#11 Stray Kids ( Mixtape / I am NOT) : 122,769 copies

•This include album released this year (2018)
•Index from the first four months (January-April)
•This list is based on Gaon data

Bill Wetzel @billthebutcher2🔁I swear I think I saw the dude in the 2nd Amendment (The Right to Bare Arms) shirt light up for 30 at a Heart Butte twitter.com Indian Days tournament 15 years ago
Zylria @Zylria_🔁Running a few minutes late but I will be LIVE with some Upgrowth in about 15 min!!!!
Regopotswe Moabelo @moabelo_15🔁 I WILL - I CAN - I MUST.
kene @kenethegod🔁I’m very much wifed. 15 years and going strong. And my husband cooks and washes up after himself after cooking for his wife and kids.. We don’t have archaic gender roles in our home. What’s your next assumption?
Julian Mcshane @Pilot0029I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be ENGLISH DUB! | PA🔁 Ep. 15, Season 2 | Miraculous
KYE ❤️ @Simply_Kye_15🔁@emleenaya I didn’t see It. But your tweet was nothing but facts 🙌🏾
whinyRoomie @whinyRoomie🔁hmm ok. I think delhi might be the exception man. Baaki cities mein 10-15 kms around jaana hain toh public transport twitter.com mein ek ghanta lag jayega from door to door. Anyway. To each his own i guess.
방탄소년단 Legends🐯 swag YoonJin V @jinvrubio🔁"I was so excited when we debuted. Memories of our showcase & when we received a cake from our fans for the 1st time. After the showcase, members & staff all cried... No matter how long it's been, I can’t forget those memories."

05.15.18 at 12AM KST

Phillip Hilton @philliphilton🔁If the British government privatises healthcare its game over. I live in Singapore. I don't know if you have seen med twitter.com ical care outside of a nation without social healthcare. We paid the equivalent of 15,000 pounds when my son had to be delivered via emergency c-section.
Marc Thomas @laughwithmarc🔁I am apparently am in a Disgaeaphase. Finally picked up 5 for Switch. And saw I could grab 1 & 2 on the PC for $15 i twitter.com n a bundle together so grabbed those. Disgaea series is hands down my favorite JRPG style games.
erika🦄💄2/21VIP @ericarpenter_15🔁 I vote for #SabrinaCarpenter “Why” #XOXO @radiodisney
City Link @CitylinkMusic🔁Marvin Gaye ~ 'You're All I Need To Get By (With Tammi Terrell)' from the album Command Performances-15 Greatest Hits [1984]
Mxo @Mxo61453355🔁Manando Tracklist 🔥


1. Platinum
2. I Try
3. Me And You
4. Manando
5. Plug
6. Ghetto Hero
7. All Night
8. My Crown
9. My OG
10. Bambelela
11. Jets
13. Corner Store
14. Ubuya Nini
15. Pour Up
17. SummerTime High
18. No More
19. Take Fight
20. Thank You

// Evanne // @BrownEvanne🔁Class of 2018
Molested at 11
Raped at 15
Attempted Suicide
Pregnant at 17

Armelle Desir
Prelaw Major • University of Florida
Graduating Tomorrow
‼️ Didn’t Give Up! I Did It ‼️

Frogfather @_j_a_campbell🔁This might be the last photo I take on 120 film. It’s taken 6 months to finish 15 frames and I’m thinking of selling twitter.com the camera cos I barely use it. I don’t take photos like this on the phone though.
Ray Scott for TRUMP @rscottfrisco🔁I’m a white, Christian, pro-life, pro-gun Conservative woman who voted for Trump. How else can I offend you today?

Oh, I know! I bought my husband an AR-15 for his birthday last month! 🎁

Thomas Clinton Free @CFree_15🔁So, a certain pitcher is 44-3 with an 0.48 ERA and 14 no-hitters this year.

She's also tied for 11th in career wins, is 13th in career strikeouts and is 4th in career no-hitters in AHSAA history.

I'd say that's decent. ...

Gus 🐞 @_aaugustaa🔁It's been 15 years since my mom and I have flown together
B. @BASMAAA_15🔁Today is my birthday so I'm jst gonna skip ranting about the anatomy exam .
elizabeth @panicvertino🔁i didn't even go to college and i still gained the freshman 15 and more 😪 twitter.com
Naya 👑 @NBahit_15🔁 Will I’m sobbing. Hysterical tears are rolling down my face. Wow. twitter.com
Twin❤️ @tfortenesha🔁girlll what ??? Luscious lil 15% off sale wasn’t cutting it I got the same length in hair junkie hair and it came up twitter.com $80 LESS
Kaustubh Kutarekar @KausK17🔁Yeah, we all know exit polls give a fair idea n not the result!

They can be very correct or extremely wrong.
And abo twitter.com ut what I think, let's c how u feel on 15

nice @gsuschr1st🔁@FortniteFunny I’m 15 (2002) am I in this group?
wushukatwushu @pricklykatcus🔁omg it feels so nice to delete bookmarked sites close all the tabs i used for the perio huhu from 26 tabs i have 15 na yay
hannah tirrell @amazinglyme13🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be 15 Dollar Store That Make Amazing Kitchen Organizers
RTxRT @waitingLT1🔁hi! so i joined an rt deal and i need ur help! would u mind giving me an rt? pls! help this girl out! 😭

🆘 1.750k rts!! 🆘
🆘 MAY 15 🆘


[ I do RT x RT! ]

Christian Java @ShaTheNight🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be 15 Things You Didn’t Know About SUBWAY
Charlie Vintton @Vintton🔁“It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.”
1 Timothy 1:15
David ฿ @Davidthagnome🔁@xbolt225 @debannree @marklevinshow If nothing else, I just hope Trump isn’t on tape abusing under age girls


Txufo Wilson @txufowilson🔁I'm going to @empty_files at La Cripta - Convent Garden in San Sebastian, Spain - May 18 bandsintown.com
Nicole Gaskell @nicolegactress🔁I unlocked £15 Rush tickets for #Nightfall @_bridgetheatre on @TodayTixUK. Tap to unlock:
rajneesh awasthi @awasthirajneesh🔁Dear Election Commission while Karnataka polling is on I got a promotional campaign audio call & SMS to vote 4 Congress Candidate Kaneez Fatima (w/o Qamrul Islam) from Gulbarga North No1 - 15:30 & 15:43 - evidence & phone no below-is this a violation of Model Code of Conduct?
Boojie ❣ @BooderSoBoojie🔁drove an hour to work my last 15 minutes it begins to rain 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ mind you i was salty i hate driving in the rain twitter.com but it only lasted for 5 mins. that was just God talking to me. Storms don't last for forever 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️
Tha Don @superpoodie🔁my cousin was shot & killed, & being that I stay in New Orleans which happens to have the worst justice system out of all 50 states,this happens every day! This boy took my cousins LIFE & was only given 2 Years by pleading negligence when ppl r in jail for 15+ yrs for drugs.
anтнony leaтon @anthonyleaton🔁 dudes, unless I work in a bar or of I'm a hardened alcoholic I've still vouchers for 2015 and still I don't have eno twitter.com ugh for 2018. Do tickets from '15, '16, '17 count for '18?
Spinelli @ashletaa🔁IKEA does open until 10 and I’ve been up since 7:15. Why is this a thing on the weekends?
Yuritza Stylinson @YuritzaFreiheit🔁Louis will probably put about 15-20 songs on his album. Can you fùcking imagine over an hour of pure Louis Tomlinson’s voice. I won’t survive that.
SAVE A GIRL CHILD @AtulaegwuAnne🔁15. The positivity lie says stifle it all in.
Don't talk about your problems. Be strong and always reply 'I'm doing great' when asked how you're doing.


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