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Samm 🌻 @samm_15_🔁 “I wanted my tea, my special brew.” 😳
dani @_DaniellaPerez🔁 15. I’ve never been to oovoo javer
I-15I-15I-15 Niratchaporn @ernnern_nn🔁 I walked by tonymoly and they were representing our boys, so I spent $15 on them ajsjgfkg
Dat way ↗️ @Playgod_15🔁 I got the funniest long snapper in the country 💯😂😂
I-15I-15I-15I-15 Kris J Williams @KJW_15🔁 LOOOOOOOOOOOL I love twitter man
I-15 shecumfordaddy 💦 @daddyishaf2🔁@QueenLityyy I’m waiting for her to arrive in 15 minutes
I-15 💉 mercy on call 💉 @riboplasm🔁i took this way cuter selfie like 15 minutes later i'm so upset
Norm Eisen @NormEisen🔁Sure, I’ll consider tax reform—when Trump produces HIS taxes. @RWPUSA & I explained why can’t evaluate plan w/out em usatoday.com
Adam Saleh @omgAdamSaleh🔁15 years ago I promised my mom and dad I'll buy us a house when I grow up!!! 15 years later and WE finally did it !!! WEEE ADOOMYGANG ♥️♥️
Paul Krugman @paulkrugman🔁I see that CRFB is not happy with the Cut Cut Cut Act crfb.org
Ian Elliott @IanElliott_🔁Speech and I understand that you all won't vote for me but that's because I just saved 15% on my bike insurance by sw twitter.com itching to geico"
Grant Davis @gdavis0990🔁I might go to @TheJoshThompson at Brauerhouse Lombard in Lombard, IL - Nov 30 bandsintown.com
John @SPSSS🔁I got a letter from Centrelink telling me the income I declared for 2012-13 and 2014-15 (not the year between) was incorrect? But not how???
Nick 🌴🌴 @cali_nic🔁I'm going to PARTYNEXTDOOR at @ in Anaheim, CA - Nov 4 bandsintown.com
Andrea Carnell @AndreaCarnell🔁I am going to go over, one more time, the difference I saw between Bernie's teams and Hillary's in the months prior to the Iowa caucus, and why I ended up choosing Hillary.
Aug 15, there was a Pridefest in Waterloo. My son and I went and filled out info cards for both BS & HC /1
Kayla 🌻 @karrowood_15🔁I’m not. 💀😂 I’m just kidding ❤️❤ twitter.com
Kyle Reynolds @J_K_Reynolds🔁Me: Oh hey WoW Classic looks like a game I can play as a responsible 27 year old
Inner Me: Play it like you're 15 again and ditch everything
newtownkillers90 @newtownkillers9🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Top 15 Scariest Things Caught On Surveillance Footage
OhKAY🤦🏽‍♀️ @kayveespino_🔁The músicos from my 15 slapped bruh fuck I wish I can re live my 15 lol
Bruce E @raventerp1🔁Just saw. There's a link to an 08 /26/15 Memo between Hillary & DNC. I'll post later. 1. Any candidate could have same. 2. Prts applied 2 GE
Sungad 💙💜 @rojasmargg🔁 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. -John 15:12
Dustin @AdleDustin🔁I just entered for a chance to win Nixplay Seed 10 inch.
15% off with code NIXPLAY5 (until Nov 15th) #deal giveaway.amazon.com #Ad
Brittney Villeda @brittvilleda15🔁Waking up at 1:30am, working 13 hrs on my feet nonstop, coming home taking care of kids/dogs/dinner..bed time at 8:15 pm? Dont mind if I do
JAIM3🤙 @randomsox_15🔁That coochie gonna be exhausted after I'm done😁
Kris @heavymetaltcup🔁 I'm struggling to understand what was acceptable 15 years ago which isn't now? twitter.com
Dino Mama🦖🦕 @Bayrieke🔁I make custom sized bonnets and pixie hats! In a range from $12 to $15 + shipping, DM me if you're interested! 💞
Kaylee!!! @NoChillAizawa🔁I have to deal with 2 15 year olds tomorrow. No thanks 😊
Therealdavidsher @Therealdavidshe🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be 15 year old boy raps to ex| Deep... @theofficiallilgoat
c @Cmrzz🔁@freespee1 haven't played that much myteam i just know mycareer and park and poo poo cant even skip 15 minutes cutscenes
Tamara Dull @tamaradull🔁The is right around the corner. I'll be on deck 11/15 to talk about data lakes and participate on panel. twitter.com
Felix Peralez @FelixPeralez1🔁I get off in 15 mins and a fucken v belt snaps. Great
Stickwix @stickwix🔁Who thought up the 3 sec. rule? What does it apply to? Or is it the 5 sec. rule. I use the 15 min. Rule 😂😂
Wade Zweizig @WadeZweizig🔁Fight breaks out here at Kutztown. 4 flags thrown. Helmets off. I'll let you know what the refs decide in probably 15 mins.
Tommy @_McCree_🔁@mom4_up @amazingatheist There were polls showing Bernie kicking Trump's ass but 10 pts even 15 pts I believe.
Vincenzo Iannone @vamproduzioni🔁Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 15 new followers in the last week! Stats via crowdfireapp.com
tim mullaney @timmullaney🔁That’s an alternate explanation. I live in jersey which Murphy will win by 15. People loathe Chris. My college mate e twitter.com d g will lose narrowly
+🤘🏽+ @heyotherebae🔁Am I reading this right? The Warriors are averaging an NBA-best 27.8 fast break points per game. Next closest team is OKC with 15.9 per game
RIP Reptar @SantosDuarte776🔁Thank the Lord I didn't get pulled over! Not only was I going a good 15 over but I took a red in front of two cops! Must've been too busy 😅
Mel @nebulajo🔁@christinaann88 I walked in to my current job with more knowledge than ppl that worked there for 15 yrs.
London @15_Athens🔁I love Jeff sessions but he's dishonest as shit. He took the job and then transferred all the power to Hillary's boy Rod Rosenstein.
Nikki @chickenzayn1🔁15. At 3:05pm Archie fell asleep for the last time. Most heartbroken I’ve been in my life. Love you forever and always ♥️
Spartan Monster @spartanmonsterc🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist youtu.be 4 Cardio workout to do in Less Than 15 min and lose belly fat fast -
sandejessica @sandejessica245🔁I am cackling watching @realdrunkshow with @KiaSpeaks @V_dot_W @Cande313 and it’s only 15 min in!!😂😂😂
L-Boogie✨ @ohhestoomuch🔁I'll be home in 15 🤗
ً @gayfoyou🔁 Yurio is the most accurate 15 year old I’ve ever seen all he does is wear terrible outfits and call people “bitch”
هيبه' @heebbamss🔁Followers - 5, Unfollowers - 15. I didn't know it'd be this simple. Get your weekly stats via crowdfireapp.com
PYCFW. @Neemzy🔁I Missed 15 Of Them 18 Points Rose Got. Da Hell.
FL511 Tampa Bay @fl511_tampabay🔁New: Crash in Polk on I-4 east at Exit 55 US 27 and traffic backed up until CR 557. Last updated at 08:15:07PM.... fl511.com
Dare Duke @GodlyDukes🔁If I can get over 15 votes saying that @ObsidianFX_YT can join dare then I guess we can recruit him!!
Holy Shildt @HolyShildt🔁I’m make some picks for CFB games tm.

TAMU (+15) vs Auburn
Georgia (-23.5) vs SC
OU (+1.5) vs OKST
Lock of the Week: TCU (-6.5) vs Texas

Lex @AlexisGardner__🔁@Karrowood_15 just so you know I’m a fan of our friendship.
HaveAFlipFlappyLife @somekindofthing🔁i think i diet 15 times in the Jaxi section, eventually just started pumping brake repeatedly to go as slow as possible #SuperMarioOdyssey
PrincessTricia @HRH_PrincessT🔁Even at 22, I feel more like 15 than 25.
bill eastman @im_beast_man🔁I just earned the 'Wheel of Styles (Level 15)' badge on @untappd! untp.beer
Michael Blake @MiBlaHu🔁@Resist_Disney I'd put civil war in top 20 all time easy. Maybe even top 15.
nicø @ClearfulIy🔁I’ve been stuck on the loading screen for almost 15 minutes now
Cust DontBanPlease @irelandcdbmp🔁@irelandbdbmp Test 2017-11-04 00:15:58+00:00 . I need new laptop
David @DMaestroo🔁goodnight, cya in like 15 hours if i don't sleep even longer than that
Je Suis Pepe @starshiplimo🔁I don't think this number is correct. 15% yes, not 6,5. Will debate twitter.com
paula @chitapaula182🔁Relax.nIf you.didn't want me knocking it over, why the hell did you write "tip jar" on it? Just for that, I'm taking my 15 cents back.
Tony Hui @TonyHui99🔁@cobbkitties I pledge $15 for the 3 tiny sick kittens.
Anthony Sharp @Zgs_Apollo🔁I’m ready to engage with my 15 new followers in the past day. I know them via crowdfireapp.com
Laurence Molloy @MolloyLaurence🔁@drfootleg @RasPiTV @CodeClub I like to aim for 4-1 ratio or better. We have up to 15 kids at a time, aged 11. [2/3]
TPP Screenshot Bot @TPPVietBot🔁TwitchPlaysPokemon Bootleg Green imgur.com screenshot: 2017-11-04T00:15:49.03 i.imgur.com 9Z 19d03h01m41s039ms twitter.com
48 RTS LEFT 📌 @Hoseokie_11🔁{HELP RT AND LIKE} Just got this so plssss help I don't have a lot of time
💜 700 rts and 200 likes
💜 NOV 15

Samm 🌻 @samm_15_🔁 “You will find your way back to me again. I promise.” 😭
SA Smart Dustbin @SASmart_Dustbin🔁Hye this is Dustbin 1, it is currently 2017-11-04 8:15 am and i am 60% full.
My35 Central Texas @My35Texas🔁I-35 NB Troy (MM 310) to Bruceville (MM 319). Avg speed: 38 MPH. Delay: 6 Min @ 7:15 PM.
Thea 🌷 @Thea_strother🔁On my 15 birthday the @carmillaseries Christmas special was released. On my 18th birthday I’ll b enjoying the MOVIE. Crazy how things change
My35 Central Texas @My35Texas🔁I-35 NB SH-53 in Temple (MM 301) to Troy (MM 310). Avg speed: 38 MPH. Delay: 7 Min @ 7:15 PM.
Jairin Ford @twittbonatron🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be WOLFENSTEIN 2 THE NEW COLOSSUS ENDING - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 15 (Wolfenstein II)
ET 👽🎄 | 15 @aliensonIy🔁it’s only 8:15 pm and i want to go to bed ugh
Bryan Navarette @AJ_BNavarette🔁We are 15 minutes out from the opening kick in New Deal. lonestarvarsity.com #LSVarsity
thank u yulgo ♡ @laboum🔁@mijoo 10:15 am? i think
LouMun 67 @LouiseMunro18🔁I was blocked by "Priti Patel" for sharing this.

Her role as PR / sp theguardian.com in - Burma workers 15 pounds per month!

LoneZenWarrior @lonezenwarrior🔁The chart I shared is AutoCad with 15 decimal precision using the Trig.
There is no curve like that to be measured a twitter.com nywhere.

Water is level

Americanus Groyper @qualadder🔁Lol, 15 yr old is mad about 19yr. I recommend weights, you could be strong enough to beat Fuentes down in a year if h twitter.com e keeps avoiding gym.
carly moran🍂🎃 @carlyokay_🔁 if i get 15 retweets... i’ll remake this video and post it on twitter!!!! 🤔 twitter.com
CosmiCallous @HellblazrDaem0n🔁It took me ~15 mins to solve this cipher years ago. I'll give the 1st person who cracks it their pick of 3 games from my steam gift library.
lollipop🍭 @_alexguse🔁I wrote a book. I'm also broke. So like, support ya local author and hit me up, since you're probably as broke as me I'm just asking $15 ✨
Dak Cruz @daky_waky🔁 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. -John 15:12
Natalie @runwithwhimsy🔁I just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 15)' badge on @untappd! untp.beer
Lou Jayne Iontton @Lil_MissMSport🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be WWE SMACKDOWN 10/11/15 Undertaker's Entrance,Manchester,UK
Angie @ASisk🔁I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents Luke 15:10
ต้องได้สิว่ะ💕 @MilkPapichaya🔁I downloaded a 15 minute long vid just to cut these 3 secs of jb making fun of bambam bc ITS LITERALLY SO FUNY WTF
Y oh Y @Y_U_ASK🔁Tell me again why I should worry about a few paltry Russian ads?

HRC took control of the in '15.

The "fix was in" right then & there.

Bob Hosker @BobHoskerMD🔁Wow! The 50 Most Stylish Southerners! Check out number 15 - I know her(@daniellehosker @MasonHosker)! southernliving.com


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