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Php Ninja @kisugugu🔁 #pullups @CTFletcherISYMF #ISYMFS for the record i did 10 😛
Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski🔁Donald Trump’s military parade is going to cost taxpayers 12 million.

For 12 million we could get 10,000 homeless v twitter.com eterans each an apartment at 1000 per month...for a year to help get them on their feet.

I know where I would rather have my tax money go.

I-10 ' @anis_huzaifah🔁 Dear future husband, please don’t freak out for our wedding. I only have 10 brothers.
I-10 RIP X😭 @sportsfanboy23🔁@KarlTowns @Ronnie2K I waited 10 hours...😭
WeRateDogs™ @dog_rates🔁This is Higgins. I’m told he’s the softest boxer boy ever. He recently had a mast cell tumor removed from his foot, b twitter.com ut some deep tissue cancer remained. He’s been cleared for radiation therapy and you can help him get it by clicking below. 13/10

Andrea González-Ramírez @andreagonram🔁Today marks 10 months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, so I have a few reminders for you. (THREAD)
danny @daniellermz_🔁 every time i see a picture of Russ i seriously have to stare at it for at least 10 minutes twitter.com
Kiran Kumar Kalyanam @MorbidMortal🔁Libtard: So what?
Until Modiji gives me money after I buy a product, I will not vote for him

If I buy a soap, I should get 10/- as gift and supporting swachh India😂😂

Michael Abberton 🌹🇪🇺 @MichaelAbberton🔁Gee whizz Mr Streeting. Please try and stop lying. We all know what this is about! 1. Silencing all voices from criticizing secular Israeli politics & oppression? 2. Ensure JC never gets into no 10. If I'd behaved like Ms Hodge when working I would have been sacked on spot.
Marcus Wong @aussiewongm🔁So I tried to catch the train from Tarneit. Got an announcement that the 10.49 is already too full (from Lara) to take more passengers. V-Line at least supplied a Coach for Tarneit. That coach is also too full for demand.
Melle loves Taehyung uwu @taes_pjs🔁📰 Today’s ARMY News
📅 7/21/2018 🕰 10:03 pm PST

🔹 discusses & their music during SDCC

🔹 Jin post photos on his trip to Wolmido

🔹 A snippet of Steve Aoki’s Remix of by BTS

🔹 More news ⤵️

Santi Sembe @santisembe🔁Christopher Nolan, ranked:

1. Dunkirk
2. Dark Knight
3. Inception
4. Interstellar
5. Memento
6. Dark Knight Rises
7. Batman Begins
8. Prestige
9. Insomnia
10. Following

Note: Because Nolan is incredible, order subject to change based on which one I've most recently revisited.

adrian h @baedrianh🔁psa: i just got done watching “unfriended: dark web” and it messed me up so much i had to call someone driving back h twitter.com ome. if you into that kind of stuff a def 9/10
Soap McTav. @sophiarschmidt🔁Told by the parents I can’t go out past 10pm tonight... not 10 minutes past 10pm and my younger brother just cruises out. #toobroketomoveout
☆cool guy☆ @bunnypastries🔁i hate bnha fans with the tumblr mindset. yall think that a kid being a bully at not even 10 years old rewrites his entire future and deems him doomed to be a bad person forever. you all act like you were nice ass kids that made no mistakes. fuck off
#SaveMtvScream @_mo0gs🔁me giving up Supergirl altogether but then Katie McGrath arrived at SDCC looking like she did 10 years ago and i’m contemplating to watch season 4 just for her again 😩😭
Jett Keys @JettKeys🔁Donald Trump’s military parade is going to cost taxpayers 12 million.

For 12 million we could get 10,000 homeless veterans each an apartment at 1000 per month...for a year to help get them on their feet.

I know where I would rather have my tax money go.

Dior🌻🌾 @__Diamondd__🔁I got off work at 11p. Gotta be at work for 10:30a 😪 lemme go to sleep 🛏
Andy Goss @andygoss73🔁Wishing you all the best Jon and i’m sorry to see you and Solo get caught up in the crossfire. Even if those other SW stories look great they lost me as a customer. TLJ was a f you to fans waiting 10-40 years for Luke. We will respond in kind.
sj @steveysofar🔁I miss and also his 10/10 dance moves no one tell him i said that tho or it’ll ruin my reputation as his #1 hater😰 twitter.com
🏁 @Trill_prince_🔁9 times outta 10 I ain’t trippin it’s just the principle
Fig Newsome @I_newsomethin🔁@Yohvn Shit I’m not even top 10 out of only 10 niggas 😂
jacob so @papiyacob🔁Some deers are pretty resilient when they get hit by cars. I wonder if they ever brag about how F’d up they get the car who hit’em, like, “yeah man, I totally screwed up their washer fluid tank, 10 points.”
Brandon⚡️ @BRomero_10🔁@A_Taylor199 @Ronnie2K @KarlTowns In a Fortnite game.... they said big batch so I’ll hopefully get it
norig @lifeofene🔁 on is a 2/10 it was sooooo good until the dumbest ending I have ever seen! I’m so mad I watched that whole movie for that lame ending.
Daniel D'Andrea @itbdan🔁 I’m sorry but why is beef jerky like fucking $10,000 a bag?
Noel C. @NoelC47713768🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE
Hayden Wolfe @HaydenWolfe_13🔁Parent’s curfew with each child:

1st child: “be home by 10!”
2nd child: “alright you can stay out until midnight”
3rd child: “as long as I see you within 3-5 business days I honestly don’t care what time you’re home”

I’m not mad ur mad

meg @ms123761🔁well would you look at the time

11 ^ 1
10 | 2
9 ⊙----> I miss my baby
8 4 o’clock
7 5

Ya know BTS? 3 dollas @bangtanyeondann🔁i have an rt deal chuchuness with my dad omg pls heeeelp :((

1 rt = 20 pesos
1 like = 10 pesos
deadline: august 20

help meeee,, the money is for merch // concert tickets uwuwuwuwuwu

[ ]

Dianna🔅 @dianna__19🔁@smaariana Girl. You look fucken good I dig it you a 10/10 😉
I LOVE HOMEOPATHY @ilovehomeopathy🔁 I liked a YouTube video youtu.be HHA 10 year anniversary (Homeopathy for Health in Africa)
Nathan Shi @NathanShi101🔁@Liam_Norval I love seeing these 0 to 100 appreciation moments. And top 10 you mean of everything? Or comic book movies?
Nathan Neumann @Headliner5🔁If the final match of this years g1 delivers and it Always does Than the next match to get cut from my list is the w twitter.com restle kingdom main event. How odd is that? That just goes to show you how good this year has been wrestling wise

I only have room for 10 matches

This is hard

Diamond @__MrDiamond🔁professor: “Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it for our 8am class...”

Me, reading the email at 10 :

Naga Sadow @Order_of_Dino🔁Here is another chance to win a code as I am giving away 10 games this weekend. Like, share and leave a comment down below and winners will be announced tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone.
Sassy Midwesterner @SassyGma6🔁I served in the ARMY and took the OATH, if I had done 1/10 of what DT has done with a KGB SPY I would put in PRISON 40-50 yrs. for TREASON! DT took same OATH as I HOW IN THE HELL IS HE DIFFERENT THAN I OR THE TENS OF MIL. THAT HAVE SERVED? TREASON IS TREASON!
Angela💫 @Angelaa__10🔁 i don't need anyone in my life who doesn't want to be there
Rolando Gascon HeatherandRolando @HeatherGascon🔁I have always helped other know I'm in need started a gofundme account im 1/4 way there even 5 or 10 makes a differ twitter.com ence but we're are the caring people in the world. Were Did they go deadline 30th of this month. I'm so Sad and Stressed. Does anyone care or love.?
Мссгеегу ツ @OriginalSTM🔁You can never predict the meme economy, if you told me 10 years ago that bofa and ligma would be popular again in the future I would've called you full of shit. Looking forward to when peanut butter jelly time comes back around so I can hit a hard nae nae to it
Tyler Wilson @tpotwilson🔁trying to balance leaving enough armour yet utilizing as much feed as possible n still make $ and having enough time twitter.com to take off to the cabin with the family for 3-4 days at a time so I don’t have move daily. Maybe 10 days first couple of moves then smaller padocka moved sooner
🌻 @tezandthecity🔁I have and somehow it still seems within bad company in brand standard, however i know Nicki is going to deliver. I’m twitter.com prepared for this dragging on 8/10/18.
Irene Adler @IreneAdlerCal🔁ME: ok time to go to sleep, an activity I've done approximately 10,000 times
ALSO ME: where do I put my arms, should they be straight or bent or one of each, what about my legs, am I on my back or side, how do pillows work, should my hand be a fist or flat, where do blankets go,
MuaZZez @MuazAhmed_10🔁1. Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero (2015)
2. I Can Only Imagine (2018)
3. Sunday's Illness (2018)
4. Skyscraper (2018)
5. Kung Fu Panda (2008)
6. Early Man (2018)
7. Hotel Transylvania 3 (2018)
8. Believer (2018)
9. Minta Nombor Ekor (1965)
10. Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018)
Jessie Thompson @lady_raider_10🔁If you think I’m still going to be mad that we didn’t get to paint our parking spots at my school then you are 100% right
Sidney González.✨ @sidjg316🔁When 1D said “you don’t know you’re beautiful, that’s what makes you beautiful” I gained 10 self esteem points
alyssa💖 @hrndz_alyssa🔁 CONGRATS ON HITTING 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ❤️❤️ I’m so proud and I love you guys so much!! God bless your family❤️❤ twitter.com
Snap Shot Shawty @Triple_SF🔁I rated Mr. Woodcock (2007) 5/10 #IMDb imdb.com
AKS' @a_schizzle🔁“Can i get 10 nuggets”
“The meal or just the sauce” 🤣 shorty has had a long day
Dia @__Badgaldidi🔁Maybe that’s why I can’t finish it 🤔 like Nigga how many times can u die it’s only the first 10 ep?! 😂😂😂 but I th twitter.com ink original Dragon Ball is so addictive 😍💪🏽❤️ lol
Llama @NZLlama🔁it dropped in price more? i know a few guys who bought 10 sets hoping for pubg to enable trading again lmao, that cou twitter.com ld be a fat $120 rip right there
kitten @__KanyeWesticle🔁 Mamma mia 2 was literally 10 TIMES better than the first. I’m SHOOK. The ending was everything 😭😭😭
#🔥Savagedrew123🔥# @savagedrew123🔁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥yeeesssssss ruggggggg yourrr nexxtttt brrrroooo can’t believe my favorite youtubers hitting 10 millll twitter.com ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯💯💯💯💯 I wish I could meet y’all one day
Keira_stuart @stuart_keira🔁Omg!! U guys did it🎉 10 million that’s crazy but u guys deserve it. U know how alot of people say youtubers truly ma twitter.com ke them happy I didn’t really know how that was possible “youtubers making ur day better” I didnt get it till I started watching u guys ever since I watching u my
‏ً @sjyghsnjs🔁— 🌧 bday celeb p2

45% artists
45% army
10% BT21 x Monopoly models 😆

thank you for yesterday loves i had so twitter.com much fun as usual! and for the gift 💜 love you both!!

. @ChiefCisco_🔁I pick chickfila cus there’s this cute ass worker there 10/10 twitter.com
Fatin Dayana @FatinDayana13🔁TAEHYUNG
10.06.2018 {07:29PM KST}
✎ 😊😊

I think our activity ended smoothly because of our ARMYs. I was also afraid and I needed strength, but I didn’t have to worry because from the first broadcast until the end, they all worked out well thanks to ARMYs.

Joe Nasca @NascaNasca2🔁So I was literally making 40-50?transations a day killing it!! A 10 year old could have don this because bitcoin went twitter.com up and down 15 -20% every single day in December
RN Exzds @exzdss🔁 Ok i need 10 retweets for another random account retweet please!! @FNComplex
[ 17's zoe ] ; semi-ia @seoulexx🔁rt to be in an nct gc hihi !!!

- my other gcs are super close na nd im left out
- i want my own litol squad !!!!!
- idk probs 5-10 people

flop = didnt happen :(

Poyy @hahahalines🔁i have no idea how it works but quarter past midnight is truly a bop that makes everyone's skin clear, gives us 10/10 vision, waters our crops, ends our depression and makes us get better grades at school so Bastille ??
Tay @MidSouthPres_🔁Rap artists with the most No. 1 singles:

1. Drake - 18
2. Kanye West - 15
3. Missy Elliott - 13
4. Lil Wayne - 10
5. Jay-Z - 7
5. Lil' Kim - 7
5. LL Cool J - 7
6. T.I. - 6
6. Eminem - 6
6. Nicki Minaj - 6
7. Mase - 5
7. Nelly - 5
8. The Notorious B.I.G. - 4
8. Snoop Dogg - 4

🌻 @olgaxrios🔁 can I go back to when I was 10 years old, I was really living my best life
Alex @realexisthis🔁Two of my favorite things that begin with the letter “B”: BB and burgers. And Bingo and Bayleigh, too 😂 HOWEVER, goi twitter.com ng to get this burger took way longer than I expected, so what did I miss over the last like, 10 minutes? Any bingo chips get shown? 🤔
daisy is jimins bitch @jiminisatease🔁 How much I love you on a scale from 1 to 10 : 💯 twitter.com
Tanya Warren @Tanyawarren🔁4 Piece Floral 10 Inch Glass Plates. I love how these turned out.
What is up dog? @rydexo🔁@ArisDyinginLA It’s only 10. I’m not sleeping!
María Paula Castillo @MaraPaulaCasti5🔁 Just see this gig, I got the service @$5 instead of the usual $10. Grow your twitter FOLLOWERS fiverr.com
choc🍫✨ @_shadestiny🔁I only seen & met him once & he seemed like a great kid with a great heart & mind. It’s sad to see people especially young people lose their lives. He was only 10 years old. If you could just help by donating what you can even if it’s a dollar! ⬇️⬇️

talabawab @talabawab1🔁OMG😍guys we hit 10 million I’m so proud of and Elle they really deserve this and better you guys have made us smil twitter.com e for almost 2 years I’m really proud of you and keep on doing what you guys are doing I really love you from the bottom of my heart💗
Rudy @ Defend The North @rudymyguy🔁Man. I lost a lot today. It was a little disheartening not gonna lie.

But we take those L’s and we LEARN from them!
Thank you to everyone I played in and out of bracket. Y’all taught me a lot, and helped make my first Street Fighter major a 10/10 experience!

GGs 🙏🏿

R K CHOPRA @choprakraj4🔁 I have come fm Malaysia to participate in rally on15thJuly& request PM to get my 🏠 in Project Pending for last 10 yrs after paying!
Diana Stephen @DianaStephen7🔁That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10
Aiden Taylor™ @A_Taylor199🔁@BRomero_10 @Ronnie2K @KarlTowns Got it. Now I can breathe
ℤ💰 @mzandi16🔁i was smoking for 10 years so i love weed but if you dont smoke anymore u gonna be pissed off going on vacation with potheads lol
mari | JaeYong AU 📌 Flashes📸 and Scandals🗞 @calamari520🔁Me: Our plant outside was uprooted and fell

Mom: Yeah, it's been like that since Thursday night.
Today is a Sunda twitter.com y, that means I haven't gone out of the house for how many days alr???

1000/10 would recommend
1000/10 would do it again

Jenny @SandSblogger🔁Happy Saturday! If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend check out my latest post where I share 10 fun twitter.com Summer activity ideas! ☀️

Suman Mathur @IndianLoverss🔁Dear

Subscribed to your services yesterday considering the revealed fares of Rs 19/- for first hours and Re 1/- for subsequent hours but for every 10 minutes ride, I am being charged at Rs19/-. Above & Beyond, there is no provision to reach you out via app?
Kindly DM

Mrs KC Masterpiece @KrissyMystery🔁I just ordered vodka. Get on my level and get $10.00 off your next order when you sign up with this link: drd.sh
Gamer Dash @GamerDash45🔁@KarlTowns @Ronnie2K THANK U i been waiting for 10 hours


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