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I-10 A Kart @Ackart_🔁 hi this is easily one of the top 10 worst things i've ever drawn #nitw #nightinthewoods
I-10 Lama 🌙 @lonersparade🔁 10 rts and I'll recreate this photo
Young Sinatra ☇ @oliversantos_10🔁 Bruh I would bang this in the whip. Migos be making hits by accident 🔥😂
♕DinahJane @dinahjane97🔁This is so surreal to me!!!!
#1 on iTunes in 20+ markets
Top 5 - 38
Top 10 - 45

I mean I…

Michael Moore @MMFlint🔁10 governors and over 80 mayors defied Trump today on the Paris Accords. No one should ever say "I live in blue state/city-- what can I do?"
Colin Cowherd @ColinCowherd🔁"KD is better than Lebron". Yea, I mean why not allow one game to trample 10 years of evidence that illustrates the opposite.
Chandler Walden @ChandlerWalden🔁When I have money I'm like it's no big to drop $40 on a meal but as soon as I get low I can make $10 work for the rest of the week 😂🤔
verity @_veritypowell🔁 I need a nose job or 10
Jasmine Deckard @DeckardJasmine🔁Last time my parents and I all took a picture together I was 7 years old,10 years later I've been the happiest being whole as a family again
Kooper Baldwin @Kooperscool_10🔁I got: Now! What Decade Do You Actually Belong In? via @play_buzz
Ro ☁예성☔ @greycloud8🔁my screenshots from Yesung's LineLive &used the same tags for like 10 tweets..since then,noone gets my notifs :( I've been literally talkin
ㅤ @ainsworthyy🔁everyone is doing this
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Mark Hebert @Cardsnews🔁@KnoxTrioCafe Now I know why your restaurant isn't as crowded as others. 10 tables full. None have food.
Kam✨ @Kammm13🔁 I will be releasing my top 10 schools July 24.. ‼️#staytune
mariah @ilovekyungtak🔁I was like 10 when this happened and we moved after this so im not sure if its still there but in my defense he told me to do it !
Nicolás Charbonier @nchar🔁I just earned the 'I Believe in IPA! (Level 10)' badge on @untappd! #ibelieveinIPA
heath✨ @Heathxpaulson🔁 Mum: "I've never seen Up! but I have seen Where's Wally?"
Me: "Where's Wally?"
*10 minute pause*
Mum: "Wall-E"
Shaniquwa Dowdy @ShaniquwaDowdy9🔁 @Benjamin_Bigger I remember when you only had like 150 subs. Now you have 10,000. Wow that amazing. Congrats.
Mags @magsmacki🔁@Cherrelyn Lol I'm pretty sure I used to own something like these when I was 10 😆
fox ebooks @fox_ebooks🔁I will never be able to get an original jp mother 1 cart for 10€ wtf
Ferial @feertjex🔁 I just threw up 10 times.. 👌👌👌
Grecia Soto @Grecia__10🔁 quite frankly, i'm perfectly fine with never speaking to some people again
Andy @ClrkAndy🔁 I'm a little behind on my summer body.

Like 10 years behind.

Nick Bell @NickBell_10🔁 I remember bowling against this fella on wii sports
Kayla Udrow @StarUdrow🔁I liked a @YouTube video TEAM 10 TRYING TO TELL US APART
LOREN @Lorencailey12🔁@sono_rt @FriendlyAssh0le @SheeeRatchet literally just laughed for 10 min at this beach and kara looked at me like an like I was an idiot
Matt Plamondon @MattyPlum13🔁 10 years ago my life changed with this video on YouTube. I was so nervous to post it.
Tatum @tatumeckert🔁 I will not be having sex with robots in the next 10 years. Thanks tho!
➕ @ThatVintage_Kid🔁when I drive pass long wharf 10 minutes ago I know they did find that lil girl
liva @softlaurents🔁 10 rts and I'll post naked selfie
Jessica @jesskaschmesska🔁So I slept for 10 hours. Feeling better. Gonna jump in the shower and get ready for stream.
Kai senpai ~ 🙏 @plucking_stars🔁kjm: I wish we could do a creepy concept
leo: do one
kjm: we can't.. one time bbh slept outside for 10 days just bc he saw a bug in his room
B R A T ✨ @Csupreme_🔁At this point I'm mad I switched cuz I could be getting off at 8 instead of 10:30
Britt 🏵 @_OverIndulgence🔁 i be mad for about 10 minutes then i don't give a fuck about you or the situation anymore.
👩‍💻 @DoktoraStrange🔁Gusto ko maka-relate dito. But I can't. #probinsyana

10 Essentials for the Manila Commuter

mak @makenzie_08🔁senior year will be 10 years since kierra and i became best friends. and we still going strong❤️
LuxNeon 💚⁉️🆗 @LuxMFC🔁1. Before I was 10 I had already held tiger cubs, an alligator, a boa constrictor and a baby baboon
Vicky @2tweetaboutit🔁Not yet lost. I think we we have 10-20 years before all is lost. But there is a civil war ahead which we MUST win in order to survive.
Oriana @LilyKoho🔁I just entered the #Ham4Ham lottery to win $10 #Hamiltour tickets! via @Lucky_Seat
Fran @Daffodil01chase🔁@dpw787 That would be perfect Dave 😆 .. hurry though. I'll be there in 10 😁
scarlett @imscarlettrae🔁I just spent 10 minutes silently freaking out because I couldn't find my car keys

then I remembered I'm getting my oil changed right now

Alexandra Mesghina @Wondermorena🔁📷 rowofstars: Once Upon a Time Meme | Episodes [4/10] | A Land Without Magic If I were you, Your...
lil hucci vert. @badgyalchanel_🔁 yall sleep on the thrift store but I just copped some Jordan 14 Retros for $10 😭🤷🏽‍♀️
BASED. ⚓️ @Stephaniee01_10🔁@izzzy_0 Next picture I see better be dole ice cream dude 🙌🏽
issa snack😋✨😅 @_chillbruhh_🔁I never forwarded that chain message in 7th grade, so I'm still on my 10 years curse of not finding love.
bel ♡s damon @bIurofficiaI🔁y'all please love yourself and check noel's comments on instagram i've been laughing for 10 minutes nonstop
jacklyn @caroIinadaddy🔁Am I going to take a 10 hour bus ride and pay 120 dollars to see harry with @hoodloum in October? Definitely.
Percy Mack @KingTeeJay🔁I'm 10 pounds overweight
PMorgan Photography @PM_Photo🔁I became a lunch /recess aide when Layne was in 3rd grade (10 yrs…
Captain Sarah @Lunsfood🔁My phone is 85% @Lunsfuhd stuff, 10% Chris Pratt gifs/reaction gifs that I send to Stephen, 5% other.
Jason Henley® @RealJasonHenley🔁I AM 4/10 DRUNK AND TODAY IS DOPE WASSUP
manuel gutierrez @Mannybro_10🔁this is the greatest audition i have ever seen this little girl sang the hell outta one of the hardest songs to sing THAT'S ✨
Tanya Greek @tadagreek🔁Tonight on at 10 pm I am joined by Mike Pence, , , , and more
Josh Power @ThaPower_10🔁I want some chicken nuggets
もちすかにみ @mdy3r🔁@cnrmccnn personal finances and I reckon Corbyn's fiscal policies would cost my wife and I around £10-15k pa so how can I vote for that?
🌸Ræ🌸 @ala_rae🔁I had an appointment for my dog to get his stitches removed at 10:30 I am still sitting here and they have let the walk ins go before me 🙄
Kristina Rowland @KristinaRo35🔁NHL17 Giveaway - RT & Follow to Enter! I will be drawing 4 people at random next Saturday June 10 (1 card per winner at random +400k) Gl!
chiropterologist @breakfast_vibes🔁 rt for an acc rate
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Q✌™ @Quen_10🔁"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my Sails to reach my Destination" -Jimmy Dean
Spencer @peachballer🔁I am so confident that Real Madrid will beat Juventus that if they lose I will give everyone who RT's this £10 I am not joking.
Raditz @trollaztek🔁I finally joined twitter in December and i already have 10,000 followers! You guys are amazing!!!Thank you so much for following me!!
Gary C @oohgaryc🔁#DoctorWho in 10 mins. It's been a while since anything has been must see TV for me. I need to know what happens next!
Traci @debon7🔁 I heard that you're a survivalist. Cool, cool.

I got lost in the woods for 10 minutes once.

#PORTUGAL2018 @Goatnaldoo🔁We just need a solid 10/10 from one position on each part of the field, I look for CR, Ramos, and modric to get that done today.
A Half Eaten Bagel @Asgardian_Trash🔁covfefe

stop its not funny i'd actually rather watch a 10 minute long damn daniel vine compilation

nessa @VanessaTheButt🔁 I dress how I wanna dress. I don't be with the hype and shit.....idc if it's $10 or $50 if I like it Ima wear it.
Hanna @hannnahamida🔁I started off today at a 10 on the Keanu Mood Scale, but now I'd say I'm fluctuating between a 2 and a 3.
Cameron Lee @Lee4Three_OYA🔁Got you. I've cut back on the fast food, and I drink a gallon a day, trying to lose bout 10-15 more before end of the summer! Thanks
Jacketman J @ThatsJoshua17🔁I don't want a 10 or a baddie I want a Basic 7 💯
caroleena @MusicJunkie181🔁Literally all I could think about while watching Wonder Woman was how much I need to see it again at least 10 more times.
🦄 Beanfilms @Beanfilms🔁 I can actually deny this about 10 different ways. At least.
veigue@PERSONA2🏍 @H1NJAKU🔁8. I have over $10,000 worth of anime figures in my house, I've kept track on my spending;;
Life Of Starry🕊 @StarryToronto🔁I hate seeing drug dealers flash money on the internet, bc 9/10 that Gross & not Net. After they pay plug back + Smoking = shitty profit...
Ariane❤️ @FlahertyAriane🔁Fitting room for 10 hours is not how I want to spend my day but I mean money🤑🤑
كي صفر @yung_intifada🔁@MarkGoulston If you want to learn more about Islam, I urge you to visit (10/10)
Kells💜 @Sing_To_Meade🔁The fact that I was just there and 10 mins later them bitches pull up😷
Fredrick Anton @FredrickAnton4🔁I watched 10 hours of Evergreen's SJW takeover so you don't have to. Here's the Top 20 worst moments. Full vid:
Tiffany Griffin @GriffinSold🔁@chaz1028 Girl! I've done a 10 mile hike in a day and had maybe one large bottle of water. :) I'm good!!! I'll survive.
Emily Densmore @Emily_Densmore🔁Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles, and Larisa Oleynik Polaroid, '10 Things I Hate About You.'


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