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deli_zap @do_peeliza🔁 Me 10 minutes after swearing I will never fall in love with no human ever in my life.
I-10 Randy @dcskins65743🔁@nickgschroeder @CNN I hope there is only 1 in 10 of you, thinking like you do, living in our COUNTRY.
I-10 Citizen TV Kenya @citizentvkenya🔁Kabage: I want to disabuse the Kenyan from falling prey to the Nasa ‘10 million strong’ lie #PowerBreakfast
I-10 Aaron Tupaz @aarontupaz🔁Learn how I grew to 10k #Youtube subs in 10 months and over 25k subs in under a year 😊 ►
I-10 Elaina Robertson @elainadianee🔁on a scale from 1-10 how stressed am i for this last day of school tomorrow full of exams....
Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁I will address this suffering family tonight at 10. It breaks my heart. Know this, I will pursue the truth wherever it may lead, 4 justice.
Paul Krugman @paulkrugman🔁I use WV to show Trump betrays supporters. But he would help those WVers facing estate taxes.

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PaintedLily @PaintedLily_🔁@AlfarexAnims I would if I could X3 I love the render you made me so much I would buy like, 10 more o^o
elliotoille @turbles_🔁i'm always excited when sufjan presents a 10+ minute long song because I know there'll be exciting twists and turns in it lol
Wolfgang Schmidt @wolfyschmidt🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist $10 DIY Camera Slider!
Rachel Wald @dump_truckWALD🔁It is 12:10 and I only have 5 pages left of my 15 page paper 🎉🎉
Brian© @Brianzapien🔁It's 10 PM and it's still fucking 80 degrees out in going to die before I even hit the fleet 🙃
bae @Pinkobsessionn🔁 I dress how I wanna dress. I don't be with the hype and shit.....idc if it's $10 or $50 if I like it Ima wear it.
MAGICAL*:・゚✧*BE.A @softsmolsam🔁Shes so amazing, i love her, i admire her strength and perservernace,she trained for 10 years with no guarantees, no w shes Twice's leader
🤙🏾 @juanrod_1🔁 i don't care if i have 10,000 in my pocket if you owe me $20 you owe me $20
Jake @jakewazowski04🔁Note to self: "10 things I hate about you" is a load of shit!
Joc Smith @BlaxxHippie🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Top 10 Jerome from martin funniest moments
Alex @Alexreeder8🔁Callin out for ! Make the 30ft shot and I'll cop 10 pairs of .
hmacp @hhmacp🔁 I found you when you were in gr.10 I been following you ever since I knew you were gon be smtn special n u gon run i t up w the lakers
hanahlura @hanahlura🔁hopefully 10 yrs from now im poppin & livin lavish instead of tryna calculate the lowest grade i need to get on my finals to pass the class
Dawson Moser @Dawson_Moser8🔁Just watched Macy walk into a wall because she was texting me... while I was on the couch 10 ft away from her.
d 🏀 @dflo_10🔁 I live to take mental notes. I don't react. Soon as I see some funny shit, I kick back and observe.
Marie @DIYadulation🔁I totally want to snack on all of these 20 Smothered Fries Recipes! via
brighton🌷 @brighton__🔁I take study breaks every 10 minutes
annika @annikadurand🔁@kristaluz_ I got about 10 pairs on my trip...
d 🏀 @dflo_10🔁 I can't date someone who's boring and not on the same level of goofy as me bc I'm retarded lmao
Prathamesh @Pratham_10🔁I repeat.. I said we should think of Developing Indian football and not Kolkata football
Mal Pal @mal_pal04🔁@courtney_wick Hate to break it to you. But I teach 10 and 11 year olds and they cry too.
sleep @youwannasleep🔁@thyselves @inunocheese @Halalcoholism Forgot to mention, I'm quoting this from the Quran, verse 3:86, 2:256, 10:99.
ace @peolarlight🔁I will~~ really~~ enjoy~~ my~~ 10 hours sleep~~ real~~ soon~~
leena 🍌 @angeleena21🔁my bed is too comfortable.. i can't even lay in it for more than 10 minutes without having the urge to fall into the deepest sleep of life
💰Madeoff💰 @campaignchuckyy🔁10 bands off the walk thru i
Seper @Septurd🔁@FaZe_Rain I use to watch you vids everyday but after 10 bottle flip videos and strait garbage content I watch 0 of your vids gg
Beat Urameshi @1BeatGames🔁I liked a @YouTube video WWE Top 10 Brutal Insults/Savage Moments of 2017 (So Far)
Sergio @simental_10🔁 i always loved being single fuck all that cuffed shit
Chris Perez @Chrissspy_10🔁@Durann96 Yeah I think I'm done with the diet. Fuck it
Nick Holzmann @Holzi_95🔁 If Chris Paul joins the Spurs I'll give everyone who RTs this $10
dylan flynn 😎 @Flynnsanity23🔁I usually get around 8-10 likes on instagram and I'm just kinda waiting for my career to take off
Jessica @poison__highvy🔁EL PASO.... IF THIS VIDEO GETS 10,000 RTS... I WILL BRING IT BACK IN 2018 🤘🏽🙄🏁 [FULL VIDEO - ]
William Burke @William15004🔁I liked a @YouTube video Top 10 Homecoming Videos || JukinVideo Top 10
kimjie😍 @EConclare🔁With this stunning poise of KIM CHIU ...a la Veronica Lake ... I've garnered almost 10,000 tweet activities! I guess a lot more than Maine!
Kumen Stevens @KOOL_man_1🔁"Great night" "10/10" "I love spending time with my friends" "summer will be so much fun with my pals" "friends" "out of the house"
Lee @ 2️⃣DAYS!! @heaveenlee🔁okay, i'm only going to be here momentarily bc even though i just woke up from my nap it's 10 o'clock so i need to go to sleep soon, but hi
yangster @michhelle23🔁I literally google photos of corgis 10 times a day..
Lil pinoy @CJV_10🔁I know I'm old and washed up! He has a ring I dont blah blah, But which exact film is he Referring to it must be on VHS 🤓
Katherine Girl @10_some🔁I'll never get tired of this gif. And I'll never stop wanting to do it... Happy , ladies! 😈😉
Larry @Learii🔁I liked a @YouTube video [PS4] Akiba’s Beat Walkthrough Part 10 English - No Commentary
// Mads // @Madicinexo🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 10 Weird but Yummy Food Combinations?! (Cheat Day)
P @sparksandshit🔁Downside to wearing an xs/small is that it's usually the first size gone. Like if I find something cute online, 9/10 it's sold out smh
Jacob Powell @jacob_somethin🔁Me at 8: I'm just gonna see what my friends are up to then I'll go to bed
10: they're all asleep now, maybe I should sleep
12: Vine threads😍
Hue of Horizon @HueofHorizon🔁On the eastern shore of the Salton Sea is one of my favorite places to watch the sun set in the area. I had been...
kari @kari_lascala🔁 i'm tired enough to sleep at 10 but probably won't actually sleep til 2
ONYEKA @kingsnows1759🔁@dimplesmcatte lol they don't come close I've been watching football since 10...i know alot about football.
Kayla Johnson @KK_BLKMagic22🔁 and don't anyone come at me with that “six hours is enough sleep” shit because i require 10 bitch i got depression
Maria 🌵 @mariaevex🔁I feel like I lost 10 lbs throwing up today
acc in bio @seksilarry_🔁trade free follows? i have 60, tweet me.

trader seller php load trade ffs dms 10

MoonSpirit @MoonSpirit09🔁I liked a @YouTube video Top 10 Awesome Action Scenes in Comedies
. @callmebrasi_🔁Got up at 10 something took our baths, now she back sleep & I'm finna be joining in a few
Sir Chogyal Rigsel Y @sirchogyal🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist How To Fix The Poor Screen Resolution In Windows 10
Shift @The_Shiftt🔁I liked a @YouTube video Arrow 5x23 Deathstroke Finale TOP 10 and Comics Easter Eggs
Lostmyleggins @lostmyleggins🔁I like how the CBO predicts insurance companies will continue to voluntarily pile up massive losses in O-care exchanges for 10 years.
Eb @southernebb_🔁Seems like everytime I make 4 steps forward , I get back down 10 😩
YungJigg⚰💕+® @Coolassjiggy🔁 I'm the AW god anyone want a $10 chall?
Chris Meredith @christhedawg🔁I'm glad I don't have to be at work til 10:30. #WarEagle
Filharmaniac @FilharmaniacLol🔁I liked a @YouTube video Pitch Perfect (10/10) Movie CLIP - The Finals (2012) HD
KidSmoove (WWP) @kidsmoove🔁I liked a @YouTube video The Xbox Two # 10 - Destiny 2 & Xbox Scorpio | LawBreakers Skips Xbox | PS4 Grabs Far
cody. @codyherzog🔁Karli was flashing me at the top of our 10 mile hike today. I'll stay winning. 😎
Jesseee @AzteknoMusic🔁If this tweet gets 100 RT's I'll personally buy 10 tickets and pick 10 winners Friday for this Saturday's show!! 🕺🏾
☠️ @_indrashahril🔁I want a case from 😍
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Prathamesh @Pratham_10🔁I don't have any problem with this clubs.. but if it goes like this thn other clubs will suffer.. that's the main rea son
ryen @ryxxen🔁@brandonmikey_ I feel like 9/10 in men isn't a 5 in woman's ima do my research brb
That Acholi @Bwomono🔁This Russ album really bangs.
I think he deserves every bit of shine coming his way right now. Worked 10 years to get here and it's worth it
مـــُحـَــمََــدْ ✌ @tason_10🔁I want you to be happy but I want to be the reason ..
Mahar @juskingbiebsus🔁Thats fine and they got attention by GP eventough theyre outside top 10, i can't say the same with Gaga, no one is h yping her anymore tbh
Hikmah. @Oyiin_Bee🔁Hey guys please I need ur 10 votes per hour to help me win
Link : .
There is the sms pla tform too 😭
RT pls
mads 🌼 @juliettesbarnes🔁I'm rewatching 90210 2x10 "To Thine Own Self Be True" #trakt
Regina Falange @electricr0se🔁Been contemplating getting up and eating a slice of pizza for the past 10 minutes. Do I eat it cold? No microwave it! Fuck no, in the oven.
Mark Kasozi @MarkKasozi🔁Idc if I got 10 boys texting me 😒✋🏾, 15 telling me I'm cute 💁🏽💅🏾, 20 begging for a chance💍 if it's not who "I" want 😫😕I could care less💯✌🏾☺️
Quinn Slazinski @QSlaz1🔁From 36 to 10... Let's Get it‼️
I would like to announce my official Top🔟 of schools of interest..
Please respect my decision.
Papa Tuna @sir_mattpeters🔁@spookyxjungle Okay that's easy. If you and Dev can play we need 10 more people. I'm trying to get a fall team
Samantha Snell @ssamantha_10🔁 glad I can't surf
nazaret @lxrrypieceart🔁 I liked a @YouTube video TOP 10 LAYUP GODS - NBA 2K17 Plays Of The Week Highlights


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