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#Huskers ScoFro™ @ScoFroNE🔁 Got em...New plates!! #GBR #ScoFro #Huskers #ThrowThemBones 🏈🌽🔴☠️
#Huskers Tim Miles @CoachMiles🔁Let’s Gooooo! #Huskers #GBR
#Huskers ❄️ Nebraska Football ❄️ @HuskerFBNation🔁#Huskers Pro Day is on‼️


#Huskers Land of 10 Nebraska @Landof10Huskers🔁Nebraska recruiting: More offers go out to defensive standouts #Huskers sptz.us
Robin Washut @RobinWashut🔁Freedom Akinmoladun said he hit a squat max of 630 pounds this winter. Said he never would have imagined lifting that much weight. #Huskers
Wally T @DaKnees14🔁Congratulations to Antoine Lloyd, the Big Ten Indoor Men's Track Athlete of the Year‼️🌽

Parker Gabriel @HuskerExtraPG🔁Troy Walters likened playing fast to a pitcher who throws hard. It's great, but you can't be a one-trick pony. That a twitter.com nd more here:
Brent Keith @Brent_Keith15🔁"No fear of failure"-This is a great quote from Coach Frost on teaching his players by not yelling at them or cussing at them.
Keithen McCant @MCCANTX🔁. on :

"This dude knows what’s he’s talking about. He was smart about everything. He said, 'I can explain why we’re doing this lift, and how that’s going to help us on the field.’”

Travis J @TJ_GoBigRed🔁Join and our staff for a camp this summer. Check it out at . ❄️🔴🌽 Huskercamps.com
Robert M. Gonzales @RobertMGonzale🔁Berger and Colgan have met 4 times in their careers, all Berger wins.

11/21/15: 8-1 decision
11/20/16: 5-2 decision
11/17/17: 5-4 decision
12/2/17: 6-4 decision


Squirrely Squire @SquirlySquire🔁 is the latest to offer Belleview (Fla.) High four-star 2019 OL Michael Tarquin: nebraska.247sports.com
myjomo @myjomo🔁Get your votes in today! Tweet

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Patrick Jones @HuskerJones🔁#Huskers
Radford dunk. If the was Nebraska he would have received a “T”. He looked at the Villanova player
Barbara Hopewell @tekamah402🔁 Former #Huskers WR Niles Paul signs with the Jags. twitter.com
Dori Kuspa @Dkuspa🔁Nebraska is the only state I know of where 4th graders routinely visit the State University’s stadium and the capitol twitter.com building when they go on a field trip to the capital. Most states would have their students visit a boring museum. 😑Love it!
Husker Wrestling @HuskerWrestling🔁Berger and Colgan have met 4 times in their careers, all Berger wins.

11/21/15: 8-1 decision
11/20/16: 5-2 decision
twitter.com 11/17/17: 5-4 decision
12/2/17: 6-4 decision


Taylor Buscher @TaylorrBusch🔁Annika Albrecht and Kelly Hunter are up for the AAU Sullivan Award! Vote daily through March 20 at the links below or by tweeting and !

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World-Herald Big Red @OWHbigred🔁The lost three of their first four games while ranked No. 15, but have upped that mark to 6-4 all time.
Nathan @minnick4143🔁 Go out and make plays like did against Mizzou to save our 97 season twitter.com
Trey Eagle is $uper ILLegal @OlDirtyTrey🔁Pre-spring press conference: Jerald Foster () makes sure to represent /.

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Tony Lowis @RlowisTony🔁 #Huskers in the mix for 4-star Cali DE. twitter.com
Chaz in SoCal ❄️ @Chaz_in_Socal🔁 Big time OL from Florida picks up a #Huskers offer. twitter.com
Daffnei Riedel @DaffneiRiedel🔁Another interesting twist is the are adding a June 20-22nd team camp, along with a 7-on-7 event on June 16. The team camp will be interesting, because it's something the small colleges typically do, but generally not major Division I programs.
Daffnei Riedel @DaffneiRiedel🔁 O-Line Coach Greg Austin has some ideas about the best way to teach and coach today's athletes.
Mark Varner @markvarner09🔁Congratulations to and for being named semifinalists for the prestigious AAU Sullivan Award!

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