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Bill Hooks @ESPNHOOKSY🔁@GregSmithHV @kayle_henderson @kubitschek_robb @Dustin_Huber @Husker_Nick All aboard. Lol
Husker Fros T Mug @husker_t🔁 Thank you, @realDonaldTrump ! 🇺🇸
Hashtag Targeting @rainbasin🔁@husker_hype You used them well, my friend
Husker Husker Fan @Pat_Husker_Fan🔁 Wanna drink with me? 🍷😈
Husker @storiesflowcom🔁(Journal Star) #Husker #Extra Mailbag: Riley staff's curious personnel decisions; and..
Husker HuskersSRH @HuskersSRH🔁#Huskers #GBR Sharpe Praises A.D. Emphasis on ALL Husker Programs #SportsRoadhouse
Husker HuskersSRH @HuskersSRH🔁#Huskers #GBR Sharpe Praises A.D. Emphasis on ALL Husker Programs #SportsRoadhouse
Larry The Cable Guy @GitRDoneLarry🔁Listening to New Husker AD talk. Love the guy. GBR! Love firing lawyers for Farmers. God Bless Huskernation.
Nebraska Huskers @Huskers🔁"Nebraska is a very special place... I am proud to help build upon these Husker traditions.” -Bill Moos


Ofc Sean Vest BPD @OfcVest🔁To new AD Bill Moos, do us all a favor and bring back the real Herbie Husker and not some knock off another AD force d on us. Thanks
HuskersSRH @HuskersSRH🔁#Huskers #GBR Sharpe Praises A.D. Emphasis on ALL Husker Programs #SportsRoadhouse
Robot Ghost 🤖👻🔪 @badrobot68🔁Husker Du's "Sorry Somehow" will always give me feelings.
Troy Fry @TroyFry72🔁97 Husker team scored on every play. Defense never allowed a single yard. They were the Kim Jong Il of college football
College Fans @CollegeFanShop🔁Nebraska just isn't about football, we are passionate about our volleyball too! ref="" target="_blank">
3Q_Freedom @3Q_Freedom🔁Nebraska just isn't about football, we are passionate about our volleyball too! ref="" target="_blank">
Fros T Mug @husker_t🔁 Robert De Niro, Who Calls Trump ‘Low Life,’ Was Client Of Brothel Using Children. #ma4t
Mike Babcock @MDBabs🔁Tom Osborne said Husker fans may have been less impressed with his second game as coach, but he saw plenty to like.
LNS_GatorThrows @LNS_GatorThrows🔁Another multi sport athlete - comes from a Husker family. 3 sport stud - VB, BB, thrower. Be well rounded!
Kelly @M26Kelly🔁What the hell?
I guess… two massive fanbases. All them Husker fans who say they’ve quit never really do.
Eli Fried @elisfkc🔁@UCF_Football I want pictures &/or video #ChargeOn
DannyBoy @dlu_Husker🔁@claudiaalende Tryin to catch your beauty on all the sites . Very beautiful
DannyBoy @dlu_Husker🔁Most dominant player on the field @Bookie_44 is a straight savage. He has no limit 🌽🏈💯 #G BR
Nick Gregath @Husker_Nick🔁@julesdflrm Ground him!!!
Julie Florom @julesdflrm🔁@Husker_Nick My son is at Scheel’s and wants to buy an Oregon hoodie. What do I do?!?
🎃Kinky Petal🎃 @kinkypetal🔁 @Pat_Husker_Fan Lovely TY 🌸
Dustin @Dustin_Huber🔁Big time target announces his decision tonight. Be ready for it fans. This kid is legit, teammate of Thomas Allen ? ?🏼
Angie @atj1971🔁I miss my little Husker already. Guess I'll watch the game I dvd'd and look for us in the crowd. 😊
Husker Fan @Pat_Husker_Fan🔁@kinkypetal You are very welcome
Andrew Snyder @DrewSnidman🔁No clue. Point is hes what Husker fans want. Could be HC for 20 yrs. He represents more than the 90s, he knows Neb fo otball, wat it takes
Matt Borland @mattyiceborland🔁As a husker fan, I'm excited about the frost talk! Question I'm asked, would u hire or go after frost if he didn't p lay FB ?
Wayne Mortensen @wayneamortensen🔁Oh, so the next coach gets two years? Awesome! Then the one after that in one-and-done! I like where this is going—o nly Husker fans would promote that level of insanity.
🎃Kinky Petal🎃 @kinkypetal🔁@Pat_Husker_Fan Lovely TY 🌸
Elizabeth Phelps @nebhuskergma🔁It's easier for me, 2 sons. I just love these guys. Drew Brown's block & helmet throw..Fire. He was all N it. Good g uys give it all not 3/4
Univ. of Neb-Lincoln @UNLincoln🔁Husker faculty and staff, check your 📧 inbox for info on this year's #UnitedWay Campaign. #UNL
KCNI/KBBN Sports @KBBNsports🔁From : Where were those Husker fans during the 2nd half of Ohio State game? Buying Garth Brooks tickets
UncleSam 🇺🇸 @SamKurpgeweit🔁Husker Nation, who would you prefer?
Michael T. O'Connor @Mo81686🔁@huskermaniac @JackMitchellLNK That has to be the worst performance by a Husker team, EVER.
Niki @niki4nu🔁This would be perfect to bring snacks and drinks to volleyball, softball games, and while at Husker football games.
Groundshy @groundshy🔁@DaleFranks I saw Fondue Shit Fountain open for Husker Du at Bridgeport University 1985
Husker Hype @husker_hype🔁I am a father who has read negative things about my son & let me tell you it's infuriating. Best to take the high road but sometimes I didnt
Hashtag Targeting @rainbasin🔁@husker_hype Now that you mention it, did you tweet out a couple weeks ago that you got 280?
Christopher Mohr @CMohrATC🔁@CoachWallace30 If the Huskers score a touchdown, and there’s no “High Fives Husker Fans” posted on Twitter, did it actually happen?
Husker Hype @husker_hype🔁@rainbasin Ah you just noticed?!💁🏼‍♂️
Jake Dunworth @jdunworthmusic🔁amen, and it's not like the kids aren't trying and don't want to win. They are young and learning a new system. G ive it time.
Heath Biere @BiereHeath🔁Fun hypothetical from : we hire Frost, he still coaches the New Year's 6 Bowl Game, and we fill the stadium with Husker Red
Matt Reynoldson @Matt_Reynoldson🔁Extremely well done, well-thought out, well researched. The middle ground is becoming a growing reality for Husker f ans.
Hashtag Targeting @rainbasin🔁@husker_hype Well somebody got 280 characters....😒
B_Rose @btrain308🔁@tklim2430 @BMoore2416 if only Riley was a ex husker he could get more than 2 years
Elizabeth Phelps @nebhuskergma🔁Sometimes we have to be firm, don't we? All time faves are black & white checkerboard, love them so much. With an aqu a dress-Mom's kitchen!
Carol J. Woodard @CarolJWoodard🔁Very impressed by Bill Moos today. Humble and confident. Farmer. Football guy. I’m excited for the future of athletics.
Todd @tsmitty1206🔁To new AD Bill Moos, do us all a favor and bring back the real Herbie Husker and not some knock off another AD forced on us. Thanks
Husker Hype @husker_hype🔁It's ok to be frustrated w/ the Huskers right now but gotta keep it at that. I'm not a father but I could only imagin e what it would be like to hear/read negative things about my child.

At the end of the day these kids are all someone's son - gotta remember that. 👊🏽🔴

Mike'l Severe @MikelSevere🔁@Husker_Nick @UnCommonSense00 I have talked to a few of those guys the last few days, very unhappy but hopeful.
Nick Gregath @Husker_Nick🔁@UnCommonSense00 100% where do you think they all get these deals hammered out!?
R Kay @UnCommonSense00🔁@Husker_Nick 😎. I’m talking beyond Twitter. And if they play bingo, so too does our new AD, amirite? He was at Wazzu 69-72.
Robb Kubitschek @kubitschek_robb🔁@GregSmithHV @kayle_henderson @ESPNHOOKSY @Dustin_Huber @Husker_Nick Your a sharp guy.. shouldn’t come as a shock to ya😂
Husker Hype @husker_hype🔁I mean if you were the guy how would you feel if your date showed up in a nice dress with old white vans instead of h eels? I'd tell her we goin right back to your place to change the foot apparel or we ain't goin at all.
KFOR Radio @KFORRADIO🔁Medical reasons ends college volleyball career for former Waverly star.-KFOR Sports
Kayle Henderson @kayle_henderson🔁Oh this didn’t happen often lol. All the crazy stuff you say 🤣🤣
Greg Smith @GregSmithHV🔁@kayle_henderson @kubitschek_robb @ESPNHOOKSY @Dustin_Huber @Husker_Nick I need to savor this moment where everyone is in my boat!
Jeff Gambino @Husker_AustinTX🔁@huskerextra @HuskerExtraPG 2nd worst home loss in history.


This is rock bottom x3

Nick Gregath @Husker_Nick🔁Most of the 70/71 guys don’t have any idea what Twitter is 😂 trust you me that are pissed off during Tuesday bingo n ight tho.
Elizabeth Phelps @nebhuskergma🔁@husker_hype Next, the girls will have legwarmers with a skirt. Oh, the agony..
Jeff Gambino @Husker_AustinTX🔁11 STRAIGHT TD's allowed @ HOME..... AT HOME!! On hallowed Tom Osborne Field.... n prime time. That alone shud b grou nds for firing Riley🤬
Parker Gabriel @HuskerExtraPG🔁Husker Extra Mailbag via @HuskerExtraSip: Riley staff's curious personnel decisions; and predicting final five games
Husker Hype @husker_hype🔁Someone needs to let kids these days know that vans do not look good with slacks.
Robb Kubitschek @kubitschek_robb🔁@GregSmithHV @Husker_Nick @ESPNHOOKSY I’m with ya!
Greg Smith @GregSmithHV🔁Ehhhh slow your roll! There are other good coaches available and if you have any chance to hire the master, why hire the apprentice?
Robb Kubitschek @kubitschek_robb🔁@Husker_Nick @GregSmithHV @ESPNHOOKSY Hell.. if Moos doesn’t hire Frost we will be looking for a AD again!
Scott Lukowski @ScottLukowski🔁@joshtweeterson Due to some insanity, YOU are named Husker AD. Is the football program improving or regressing? What's Riley's future w/you?
Nick Gregath @Husker_Nick🔁@GregSmithHV @ESPNHOOKSY @kubitschek_robb I’m assuming that means you have been talking to the same people I have 😂
B_Rose @btrain308🔁@JohnSwedlund @NathanAHusker @huskerredpants @AdamSuttonGBR It's a 2 year process ask most husker fans ;)
Steven M. Sipple @HuskerExtraSip🔁Husker Extra Mailbag: Riley staff's curious personnel decisions; and predicting final five games
Jacob Tewes @FlyingLawyer🔁In his , drone expert Matt Waite will discuss how we can learn from history to integrate drones into everyday life.
Jeff Gambino @Husker_AustinTX🔁Daily/weekly PCs and practice reports in Nebraska/Lincoln average #30-50 reporters! More than any top tier sch. That' s a lot of pressure
Dustin @Dustin_Huber🔁@GregSmithHV @Husker_Nick @ESPNHOOKSY @kubitschek_robb Greg you're right on this
Greg Smith @GregSmithHV🔁Really though Miles just has to not completely tank right? All the spotlight on football so if he’s just ok, he stick s around.
Robb Kubitschek @kubitschek_robb🔁@ESPNHOOKSY @GregSmithHV @Dustin_Huber @Husker_Nick I’m siding with Greg!
Nick Gregath @Husker_Nick🔁Moos better hope the current one bc after he spends all the money on the new 🏈 coach I’m not sure what will be left for 🏀.😂
LabyModBot @LabyModBot🔁 hUSKER AND LABY
Dustin Simonsen @DirtyD1234🔁😂😂 he won't flip husker nation is his home away from home
Cornhuskers Spyder @HuskersSpyder🔁[Journal Star: Husker Extra] Big Ten basketball media poll returns, with Huskers in a familiar sp #Nebraska #Huskers
Nick Gregath @Husker_Nick🔁@linc11o Most, but if it means getting the program on track with a coach that will get it there then that’s fine.
Greg Smith @GregSmithHV🔁@Dustin_Huber @ESPNHOOKSY @kubitschek_robb @Husker_Nick Keeping it real
Dustin @Dustin_Huber🔁@GregSmithHV @ESPNHOOKSY @kubitschek_robb @Husker_Nick Greg always gotta hate. 🤦🏻‍♂️
HuskersSRH @HuskersSRH🔁 Husker Extra Mailbag: Riley staff's curious personnel decisions; and predicting…
Robb Kubitschek @kubitschek_robb🔁@GregSmithHV @ESPNHOOKSY @Husker_Nick LOL... I knew you would respond
Greg Smith @GregSmithHV🔁Who coaches them? Theres your answer. I’ll hang up and listen…😂
Bill Hooks @ESPNHOOKSY🔁@kubitschek_robb @GregSmithHV @Husker_Nick The roster looks like a Big 10 roster. I’d add a touch of adult juice to the Kool AID
station to station @jhoburgh🔁 3072 ALBUMS BONANZA
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2. Husker Du

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Cornhuskers Spyder @HuskersSpyder🔁[Journal Star: Husker Extra] Husker Extra Mailbag: Riley staff's curious personnel decisions; and #Nebraska #Huskers


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