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#HurricaneMaria DiscoverStMark @DiscoverStMark🔁 #HurricaneMaria bulletin insert from @PDACares pres-outlook.org
Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump🔁Thank you to the amazing men and women working tirelessly to bring relief to those in need. twitter.com
#HurricaneMaria CianD @CiAnDy3🔁 On Twitter, @IvankaTrump praised those helping #PuertoRico in the aftermath of #HurricaneMaria.
#HurricaneMaria ElSofritoDeTuFiesta @Donremi_🔁Time to take some action "Mr President" @realDonaldTrump #PuertoRico #USA #America #HurricaneMaria #Trump
U.S. Dept of Defense @DeptofDefense🔁Holding Close. Petty Officer 2nd Class Brandon Larnard carries a child off an in following . twitter.com
U.S. Dept of Defense @DeptofDefense🔁Evacuation Airlift. prepares victims inside a 🚁 for evacuation from following . twitter.com
Patricia Hagaman @Pghsheep🔁FYI --> is looking for temp workers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico to support relief efforts. (h/t: )
Jasmine Star 🌟✝❤✡ @Jasmine8137488🔁Thank you to the amazing men and women working tirelessly to bring relief to those in need.
Peter the Repeater @leepeter53🔁900 ft. USNS floating hospital ship has set sail 4 2 provide critical care in wake of

Josué Cardona @JosueACardona🔁Cell towers are running on generators in Puerto Rico but people keep stealing the fuel. 😐 #HurricaneMaria
Ana @CleverlyMe🔁#Verizon Foundation commits $1 Million to #PuertoRico in wake of devastating #HurricaneMaria vz.to #BetterMatters #AD
MOrtegaOIIIIIIIO🇵🇷 @morpr🔁 drives supplies from to for transport to .
emz @commonbitcch🔁One of my friends took this before and after picture of , one of our islands.
Heather @HeatherReadsRom🔁We knew DAYS ahead that was going to hit & hard. Aid should have been initiated then.
There is NO excuse.
gigi,CPC,HUC,MS,MA @dayzfan🔁Trying to make our voices heard today on w/ 🇵🇷❤️
JamesLee @lee3470🔁 Sending strength to our friends in Puerto Rico. #HurricaneMaria
R Smart @rsmart101🔁 with 6-101, , transport federal medical aides to areas affected by in
Big Duke 6 @big_duke_6🔁#Maryland pitches in. #PuertoRicoRelief @LarryHogan @MDNG #HurricaneMaria baltimore.cbslocal.com
Joern Huenteler @jhuenteler🔁Puerto Rico has gone dark in wake of . Could have prevented this? See new podcast for examples
Stealthy_Marine🇺🇸 @Stealthy_Marine🔁Libtards want 2b 's Katrina
but has sent MilitaryAid & already there

Sandra Rupp @ExecCareerCoach🔁Step 3: Medicines, Gas & Cell Car Chargers must be Distributed to island @RealDonaldTrump @ricardorossello @marcorubio #HurricaneMaria 🇵🇷📱🚚
Doni King of Nambia @donpmft🔁A functioning FM radio in my phone right now would be incredible since knocked out most cell towers here in Puerto Rico.
brad mabry @bradmabry🔁Millions affected by disasters like #HurricaneMaria + #Irma. @JY_LeDrian, @angealfa,@margotwallstrom will you pledge funds to rebuild lives?
Denean Paulik @QueenDenean🔁Another reason to ❤️ . Thanks for helping relief workers respond to in twitter.com
Ivonne Lozada @ilozr🔁We passed from being victims of #HurricaneMaria to victims of Trump's Federal Government #PuertoRicoSeLevanta #PuertoRicoRelief
Dark Robe Guy @MrHorrificYT🔁Let’s join in saving Puerto Rico from the devastation caused by
Ian C Mackenzie @IanCMackenzie🔁The US had a better response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, than it has had to the devastating effects of twitter.com in
Anthony Thomas @jua1313thomas🔁 #HurricaneMARIA may get a mention in the forecast after the ten o'clock news...stay tuned bbc.in Darren
Patricia Sadler @pesadler🔁Internists Urge President Trump to ‘Consider Taking Additional Actions’ to Help Puerto Rico
Ramón A. Rodríguez @Ramonrod🔁From space, we can identify likely damage from in Puerto Rico to help disaster response.
kieran nicholson @kierannicholson🔁. and partnering to send 91,200 cans of water to Puerto Rico in aftermath of
AolaniSmythe @AolaniSmythe🔁Thinking of those affected by the & . Join us in supporting recovery efforts:
Dave @TrainmanDave🔁WATCH LIVE: Trump said 'there's nothing left' in after : 'It's been wiped out'
Jeffrey Bush @JeffreyBush2🔁Would you like to support those affected by ? Check out the links below to find out how you can help
Robert P Fryer @rpfryer🔁All American Paratroopers arrived in supporting with PA support . Thoughts w/ those suffering
nyx 🍑 @dvrkdivine🔁If I had one wish, I'd wish that #HurricaneMaria never happened.
CurlytopCriss @Curlytopcriss🔁Now could the please focus on for 🇵🇷.

Henriette Houdini @Houdinithekitty🔁Please help us by donating to our Disaster Relief Fund to help our efforts for & other disasters:
Henriette Houdini @Houdinithekitty🔁BREAKING: ASPCA deploys disaster response team to help animals impacted by in St. Croix: bddy.me
Yuisa Gonzalez @YG_OGesq🔁 left in isolation from outside world after roads washed out by
liako @liakov🔁Relief efforts underway, thank you @USNavy facebook.com
#HurricaneMaria #Maria #Islands #DOMINICA #PuertoRicoStrong #Godbless
Team-LIBer8 @Team_LIBer8🔁We knew FIVE DAYS ahead that was going to hit & hard. Aid should have been initiated then.
NO excuse. twitter.com
Bernadette Smith @bernieq81🔁 Role 2 Afloat team intervention on Dominica saves a critically ill patient...BZ
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁One reason why poverty is on the rise is due to natural disasters. lost 200 percent of GDP after
NDPTC @DisasterCTR🔁 captured imagery of still dominating the northwest Atlantic. More images @
Sandra Arlene Shaver @Pledge2SaveThem🔁 💔💔💔Puerto Rico's stray dog packs all killed by hurrica nyp.st ne via @nypost #dogs #HurricaneMaria
Kassandra ter Beek @kamterbeek🔁 left massive devastation in & . Help provide urgent aid for children.


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