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$toney Jones @StoneyCJones🔁#HurricaneIrmaAftermath

The leftovers went rotten.

Jelena M. Kandić @OsmehSaStavom🔁 The #FloridaKeys are in ruin!!!🙏
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath#HurricaneIrmaAftermath#HurricaneIrmaAftermath#HurricaneIrmaAftermath ActionNewsJax @ActionNewsJax🔁 A look at more of the #HurricaneIrmaAftermath in Yulee.
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath#HurricaneIrmaAftermath#HurricaneIrmaAftermath#HurricaneIrmaAftermath Cole Heath @ColeANjax🔁A look at more of the #HurricaneIrmaAftermath in Yulee.
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath Jezebel @jezebel3333🔁 Oh my, yes!!! 💯% true #HurricaneIrmaAftermath #Irmageddon2017
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath Jezebel @jezebel3333🔁 This sums up #hurricaneirma2017 #HurricaneIrmaAftermath #FLORIDAHURRICANE
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath EHS Sports Med @EtowahSportsMed🔁Week 5 practice plan pt. 2 #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath WNCN @WNCN🔁Fort Bragg soldiers deployed to #USVirginIslands to help after Irma wncn.tv #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Travel - State Dept @TravelGov🔁Arrive no later than 8:30am to airport in for evacuation flight for US citizens. More info below. twitter.com
Travel - State Dept @TravelGov🔁US citizens in the : Arrive at airport NO LATER THAN 9am for evacuation flight. twitter.com
Marco Rubio @marcorubio🔁#HurricaneIrmaAftermath in a series of tweets this A.M.: #SWFla had water&wind damage.Worried about low supplies at shelters . #Sayfie 1/5
Rosanna Scotto @rosannascotto🔁Thanks Mayor @BobBuckhorn for talking with us on #Gdny . All the best to @CityofTampa #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Alejandro Borges @fromalejo🔁 promotes South-South cooperation as expression of solidarity of developing countries
Црвене Беретке @XCrvene🔁Before and after . South Florida's city lights.. and lack of.
Julian Doster @jedoster🔁If you have power & internet, is closed but learning never closes

Canada 1st @WakeUpCanada1🔁Hillary Clinton was so sure of win she bought home next door for Secret Service. Be good 4 2
Jennifer Dwyer Lewis @2JenniferLewis🔁 Looking for local/legit places to donate to the Caribbean, Florida, etc. #HurricaneIrma #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Christine Roth @ccrothgale🔁#WednesdayWisdom #HurricaneIrmaAftermath Thanks to West! twitter.com
Mark Hall @MarkHall85🔁OPD : We won't stand for it if anyone tries to victimize our residents in
Chronohound @Cronohound🔁The aftermath of Irma in my neighborhood, not bad compared to other places twitter.com
Gareccor @gareccord🔁 my family. & I made it through the worst of sustained winds at 140 very limited cell service no power
Keith Demko @KeithDemko🔁Daily dose of inspiration: Berlin 's power utility sending crew to help with
AndyGerardGeoghegan @AndyGeoghegan🔁 When Mother Nature takes us on, we have no differences. #HurricaneIrmaAftermath #HandInHand
Katie Patchett @KatieKayPat🔁Thank you for taking care of our deputies!! #HurricaneIrmaAftermath #inthistogether twitter.com
RIKKI POYNTER @rikkipoynter🔁Looking for local/legit places to donate to the Caribbean, Florida, etc. #HurricaneIrma #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
BuyAmmo&BuyItOften @Sailing_J🔁Good! Full extent of the law.
#HurricaneIrmaAftermath #HurricaneJose #HurrcaneIrma #Hurricane #hurricaneimra #FEMA twitter.com
Katie Patchett @KatieKayPat🔁Thank you for your service! #hero #HurricaneIrmaAftermath twitter.com
Richard Ogley @rogley8🔁Remember, people still need help with and can help. Tweet, internets or txt for help. twitter.com
Pete from Florida @stpete2you🔁Still no power. Ginger and I are gathering branches and limbs before it gets too hot. 🔥 Such a helpful doggo! twitter.com
THEESPNHATER @theespnhater🔁#HurricaneIrmaAftermath my cousin in Atlanta just got power back yesterday this storm has done so much damage. 👎
Rosie Emery @RosieEmery🔁Help needed! #HurricaneIrmaAftermath Survivors in #Caribbean Fear They Will Be Forgotten After 'Apocalyptic' Storm nbcnews.com
Thunda Skyye @SKYYismylimit🔁People in my area still sitting in the dark.... my Lord. #blessed #mypowerstillon #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Akeem رشاد Brunson @ARBrunson🔁 Many of you are on the hunt for gas this morning. & I are right there with ya, live on
Karen @kazzamom74🔁@brianfink I just got home from work after 31 hours, slept 5, now headed back in...wait what was the question?? 😩😨 #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Chris Stewart @CStewartWPTV🔁Look at the sparks coming from this power pole just found in .

Be careful! twitter.com

DawnDLOLopez @DawnANjax🔁 Thanks to all the and emergency service personal that helped make my home liveable.
Hal Kitchings @halkitchings🔁"I didn't like the stuff that was in the refrigerator anyway, so we can do a re-do." ~Kevin Cash @RaysBaseball Coach #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
JessicaWINKNews @JessicaWINKNews🔁 Many of you are on the hunt for gas this morning. & I are right there with ya, live on twitter.com
Stephanie @Steph_Complains🔁I dont know which is worse. Sleeping on a couch or sleeping without ac. Wake up sweaty. Or wake up with a sore back. #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Fanteez850 @Fanteez3🔁Our thoughts and prayer are with everyone who's been effected by twitter.com
Novelist's Corner @NovelistsCorner🔁 Watch


Frost-Byte09 @Frost_Byte09🔁Love that people still have a sense of humour dealing with
Mariah Torres @marizzy12🔁 youtu.be
ACTUAL FOOTAGE OUTSIDE MY HOUSE FROM IRMAHURRICANE2017. #irma #Weather #nbc2 #HurricaneIrma #HurricaneIrmaAftermath
Regan Porter @wibwRegan🔁At 6AM: The latest on #HurricaneIrmaAftermath and how @wibw & @DillonsGrocery are teaming up to make it easy for you to help
Princecalen @Calen1Prince🔁 ❤️💙 +1 800 258 6000 People need your help. #HandInHand #HurricaneIrmaAftermath #HarveyRelief
Kirk Florida  @kirkflorida🔁First update on #palmbeachcounty #hurricane #irma #hurricaneirmaaftermath twitter.com
Jen Gassman @JenniferGassman🔁The tweets are great, covering is a story we are not reading about in the United States. twitter.com
Kei: Mom Life Vlogs @TheKeiToLife🔁I'm working on getting my vlog up today for #HurricaneIrma #HurricaneIrmaAftermath be patient y'all coz my inet/phone signal sketchy rn 😫
Eric Frederick @Eric_Frederick🔁Uh, yeah, that's a little high. #HurricaneIrmaAftermath newsobserver.com
Erica Levens @Studio1AErica🔁Seriously, I need a date with my pillow. #TodayShow #overnight #HurricaneIrmaAftermath


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